Ink Advantaje Deskjet 3545: printer does not detect the computer

When I try to scan something, the printer displays a message saying:

"No found computer."

Make sure that the printer software is installed on your computer, and that 'send to the computer' is enabled.

But it is set up correctly, and when I print from the computer via USB, it prints very well.


Update to improve performance of the printer HP Deskjet 3540 series firmware

Then try to run this.

HP printer install wizard for Windows

After that.

HP Print and Scan Doctor


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  • 4380 all-in-one printer does not detect the print cartridge

    My all-in-one printer (model 4380 vivera, bought in Switzerland) does not detect the print cartridges. I traded the color cartridge with that of another, older than I was and now everything is fine. I don't know when, this problem will arise again. The last time I was so frustrated that I bought another printer (HP 2050) which seems to work without problems. I have unplugged, replugged and clean the cartridges with filtered water. The problem may arise at any time. Help, please. Thank you.

    I'm sorry you have a problem with your ink not detected.

    The problem may be because the printer is of the Switzerland and the ink cartridges are NOT. The printer will only accept cartridges of the same region/country.

    For example, if you are in the United States and buy a printer and the cartridges come from GERMANY, he cannot read. Will suit most, but some of the contacts are different causing not well read the cartridge from the printer.

  • 3545 Deskjet ink advantage: my 3545 printer does not work

    I just brought my printer., after the installation, does it take almost an hour to print the page test, plus his watch this error code., I am not able to print additional pages, the scanner also does not work... can anyone please solve my problem

    Brand new? It is broken. Take it for a full refund or a replacement.

  • Advantage of ink HP Deskjet 4645: printer does not print not my PC.


    My printer is no pint of my PC but is printed the eprint Centre fairly easily. I tried several options of toubleshooting but it will not print from word or anything on the PC. As I set up the printer, I have had this problem. I use my printer to backup to my print jobs. I re-installed the printer in the hope of solving the problem, but in vain.

    I am ready to launch this pinter, can we please, please help.

    Thank you



    Try this firmware update.


  • My HP Deskjet 5740 printer does not recognize my new HP Photocartridge 348

    My HP Deskjet 5740 printer does not recognize my new HP Photocartridge 348. It is brand new, not expired, official but I only get black prints. I can't find anything useful on the HP support site. The printer is not set to only print in black.

    The cartridge goes in the slot for cartridges of blacks, there is no colourcartridge in the other location at this time. So either he needs a color cartridge to work together (but how to know I'm not only to print my photos with the colourcartridge and using the photocartridge as a black cartridge cheap?) or the printer believes that the photocartridge is just one other black ink cartridge.

    Any suggestions?

    The Photo cartridge has not all the colors, Photo black, cyan and light magenta.  It is used in conjunction with the color cartridge (which feeds the cyan, magenta and yellow) for photo printing.

    If you want to print in color, you will need a color cartridge.  The color cartridge can print in black (approximately) by itself, but the photo or black print cartridge cannot print without the color cartridge color.

  • Windows xp64 does not detect the printer hp laserjet p1102


    Windows XP Professional X 64 Edition Version 2003 is installed on my server.  It does not detect the printer HP Laser Jet P1102, it needs of Virtual Port USB 001.  When I connect my printer, Windows does not detect the printer.  I lost the CD for the printer.  When I try to install the printer with drivers downloaded HP, it gets sleep showing message "Connect your USB cable" when it is already connected.

    Also when I try to connect to the printer on my workstation, Windows XP Professional 32-bit Edition, it must be connected, but off, the sharing is lost with other workstations, even if I set the static IP for all.


    I suggest you post your query in the TechNet forum. Please post your question in the link for assistance below:

  • Does not detect the hdmi cable more (very specific scenario)

    Well then...

    Got a monitor 15-HD to hdmi cable and a mac laptop (13 in the retina).

    So when I got all that I put it all together and it worked. I left because there a little bit, everything is plugged in and did not return for some time, so my mac fell asleep at the time wherever I went. Disconnected everything to relax on the couch. I went back and all plugged together again except that now the mac does not detect the cable. Tried a bunch of things with it. Restart, unplug the unit, detection manually, etc...

    Since the monitor is used and recently purchased cable, I thought time to them to test first. Got a laptop PC and plugged into the cable. The monitor and cable worked.

    Tried to connect my mac to the TV with my ps4′s hdmi since I did that a lot before. Also works.

    The problem is literally the combination between the cable and the mac. Which is a problem since I got the reason was to serve as my mac.

    During my research, I saw that specifically leaving the connected hdmi where sleeps your laptop can spoil it supposed to be... I saw it one time so idk if it's true, but it happened to me... and no, it wasn't really a solution when I came across that. Tried Googling this specific problem, but did not meet anything since my problem seems so specific.

    Fast forward to the next day and tried again now that both had little respite between them. Plugged into the HDMI and my laptop starts fading and return to a black screen. The screen would go black usually and so the laptop screen and the monitor would appear once again. sauf_que this time that there not, he just kept it and the monitor has not changed (Yes) it's). Not wanting to let him do that too long I unplugged and tried a different port with an adapter, I have also, since I did 3 holes I could use this for might as well try them all again. But unfortunately, I don't have it trigger anything again. So I went through another round of troubleshooting to try to make it work, but here I am, trying to see if anyone else has had this problem and solved. I am back to wait another day I guess and just hope. If not idk what to do, except maybe to get another cable? I don't know if this would solve it well.

    Hello Kaida W,.

    Thank you for reaching out to the Apple of community support. I'll do everything I can to help you get your monitor works as expected. Our first step would be to restore your System Management Controller (SMC) that allows to manage systems of different material on your Mac. This article will guide you through reset:

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.

    Try it and tell us how it goes. The entire community is here to help.

    Best regards-

  • HP Support Assistant on my laptop or desktop does not detect the other machine.

    HP Support Assistant on my desktop or my laptop does not detect the other machine.  They are both on the same network.  Both are HP machines. Both are running Windows 10.  Is normal.  I would like to kind of monitor my desktop with my laptop when I'm away from home.


    The behavior you describe is normal - the HP Support Assistant is a program "per computer", in other words, each program HPSA lies and keeps track of just a computer on which the program is installed.

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  • Qosmio F10: Driver Installation does not detect the wireless network card

    I wonder if anyone can help before I phone supported again. My motherboard is dead and ASP replaced and recovered my laptop qosmio F10. Since having back, my wireless card did not work.

    Windows detects a "network controller" whenever it starts and gives me the opportunity to install it. I tried to install it by navigating in the 'tools and utilities' records CD rom for folders and subfolders of "Wireless network driver" and it still does not detect the card.

    I also tried to install using the cd rom web gui and selected the 'Pilot wireless network' link and then tried to install it. It opens a dos command prompt and try to install but comes up with the error "failed installation.

    I ran the customer service and they told me to run the qosmio recovery/then recovery of product/recovery of qosmio and again...

    I still don't the card wireless not yet installed. This happened to someone else?

    I tried already shot the drivers from the web, but with no luck... If a representative of customer service with the help of good technical knowledge that would be great, or if someone has encountered the problem too and he had fixed to the give me some advice...

    Thank you very much



    you see the card wireless as an unknown device in Device Manager? If this is not the case, perhaps that the card was not properly installed after replacing the motherboard.

    Sorry I have no other idea.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio G50 does not detect the connected Bluetooth devices

    The qosmio g 50 (windows vista ultimate) detects more devices via bluetooth
    Until two days ago, I pointed out quietly via bluetooth mouse. And then, do not know what is success does not detect any more.

    I did a test to see if it could depend on the PC or the mouse.

    I took the phone with bluetooth, I turned and qosmio, is not detect the phone.
    And the phone does not detect the qosmio via bluetooth.

    What checks can I make on the qosmio while ' I detect devices via bluetooth?

    Tank you


    BT has been successfully activated on tis G50?
    Have you used the FN + F8 key secret to switch on the BlueTooth?

    Please check if the FN key works correctly, otherwise, go to the button start-> all programs-> Toshiba-> Flash Cards Support utility and restart the software.

  • Airport utility in windows 10 detect but wireless internet does not detect the hard disk, how to do?

    Airport utility in windows 10 does not detect the hard disk, how to?, the Office detect wireless internet no hard drive.

    What hard drive? It of a time capsule, or is it a drive connected to an airport extreme?

    What model number is the most convenient airport?

    Any plugged into USB drive must be formatted FAT32 (no other type of FAT as exFAT) or HFS +, IE standard Apple format.

    In addition, not all drives are recognized.

    The internal drive of the TC must be recognized, but there could be problems as well according to the age.

  • IdeaPad Y500 does not detect the camera

    Hello everyone!

    I had my Y500 for about 1.5 years and I can't use the camera more. The computer does not detect the camera and when I downloaded and installed the camera software the computer shows me "no approperiate driver to install! I tried to uninstall the camera driver and reinstall it again, but it's the same problem.

    I would appreciate a quick response

    The problem was with the camera and the camera cable. I sent my computer to
    Lenovo and they fixed.

  • error message indicates that the new 450 turbo label printer does not support the type of paper 119

    error message indicates that the new 450 turbo label printer does not support the type of paper 119

    Contact the society of the printer.  There is nothing that Microsoft or Windows, can do to force the printer to accept a type of paper, though it says it will not accept it.

  • X 220 does not detect the wwan card

    My X 220 does not detect the wwan card ("WWAN MSC PRTSWWAN RDY FUL" in the parts list). No section of modem in Device Manager, without any question related to the wwan card. Please someone help me, how to make my OS (Win 7 Pro x 64) can detect the wwan card?

    1.17 BIOS can detect, it worked normally.

  • Computer does not detect the pci card

    I have a dell dimension 4550 pc, with windows xp professional service pack 3.

    I connect to a card its pci in one of the pci slots empty of the motherboard, but when I start the computer the system does not detect the new card.

    What can I do to make the computer detect the new card?

    Thank you

    It is not clear what part to uninstall the drivers and install the good? So what if Windows installs the drivers? Uninstall them, do not restart and install the good. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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