Kingston HyperX Plug n Play 8 GB Kit 2133 MHz DDR3 PC3-1700 Non - ECC CL12

H all,.

I need to known 2133 MHz can support T420s, T430s i5 and i7?

Thank you


Kingston HyperX Plug n Play 8 GB Kit 2133 MHz DDR3 PC3-1700 Non - ECC CL12 laptop SODIMM laptop memory KHX21S12P1K2/8

Supported RAM speed (memory Intel Xtreme or XMP profile) for the T430 is 2133 MHz, for the T420s 1866 MHz is the Max (XMP).

Although the Ivy Bridge memory controller is able to manage memory running up to 2800 MHz, it wil probably never run that high on a Thinkpad, I am not aware of all the profiles, at this speed which are supported.

The Core I5 and Core I7 processors manage Intel XMP profiles.

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    Thanks in advance.

    Do you see the HARD drive in the disk management?
    Control Panel-administrative tools-online-online disk management computer management online

    Another way is that reinstall you the chipset driver. Look at the Toshiba site to download and choose the right one.

    Look for yellow exclamation marks Device Manager.

    Let me know, what you're doing.

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    Installation of the keyboard and USB mouse driver can cause problems, then remove both drivers. They work very well using the standard mouse and keyboard drivers.

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    The modem is designed to work with Vista, my computer can recognize the model, but he finds no driver, so I can't use it. I'm sure that the two devices work properly because I use them on my desktop which has Windows as an operating system.

    Can you help me please?
    Thank you


    Do you really think that Vista has obtained all the necessary drivers? I mean, you will need to install the driver files when Vista could not find anything. That's just logic and no mistake. It s more a mistake of thinking. :)

    So, go on the Web site of the manufacturer of your hardware "plug-n-play", download the drivers for Vista, install them and be happy with "plug-n-play" when you attach your devices.

    Welcome them

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-499 with chipset Intel 945 PM and with 1 GB of RAM at 533 Mhz (this is the memory that came by default when it was purchased). I want to upgrade the memory to 4 GB 667 MHz and I saw two Kingston hyperx 2 GB DDR2 - 667 PC2 - 5300 CL4 (KHX5300S2LLK2 / 4G).

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    Did someone knows or has had experience with this combination? I don't want to spend the money to have to sell it later.


    Theoretically, you can also use the Kingston HyperX modules. They are very similar to the normal Kingston modules, but they are a little faster. Certain times are may be lower, but this should t be a problem because it will be set automatically from the BIOS.

    A good friend of me always is the HyperX modules for its notebooks and there has never been a problem.
    In the worst cases the modules don't work, that you can bring it back to the computer store and ask Kingston normal modules.

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    The driver for any optical drive is provided by Windows, then you should just connect the new device, but it can sometimes avoid problems by doing this as follows.

    Hold down the Windows key and press R.  In the run box, type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER.  Expand the DVD/CD = ROM readers, made existing right click the device and choose uninstall.

    Once completed, stop the laptop and made the new optical drive.

    When you start Windows, then, give it a few minutes to load completely and you should find the new drive is running.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Follow the link... install Agilient IO libraries


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