LAN is not recognizing my Ethernet cable

Hey everyone, I have problems with my Local network setting on my computer recognizing that there is an ethernet cable connected.

I run a Toshiba Satellite A210 with Windows Vista and a D-Link Wireless G router.  The router is not the issue, because I ran each diagnosis than i've got, and I have a tough line of work running on another computer.  The ethernet cable I use is too new out of the box.

When I plug my ethernet cable into the laptop, nothing lights up and it does not recognize it existing.  The pilot, he points to what is a Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and not its own driver ethernet.  Is there a generic driver I can install that will recognize my ethernet port?  Help!



The WiFi configuration runs on the router and the computer? Have you checked for a firmware
Update for the router? You have to check the router on other computers? Have you checked the
computer on all other routers? Tried another cable?

The material could be at fault. If nothing works, you can disable the NETWORK interface integrated into the BIOS
and/or the Manager of devices and use an out board NIC USB is not that expensive.


Try these methods:

Control Panel - network - write down of the brand and the model of the Wifi - double click top - tab of the driver - write
version - click the driver update (cannot do something that MS is far behind the pilots of certification). Then
Right click on the Wifi device and UNINSTALL - Reboot - it will refresh the driver stack.

Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

Download - SAVE - go where you put it - right click – RUN AS ADMIN.

You can download several at once however restart after the installation of each of them.

After watching the system manufacturer, you can check the manufacturer of the device an even newer version. (The
manufacturer of system become your backup policies).

Repeat for network (NIC) card and is a good time to get the other updated drivers as Vista like
updated drivers.

I would also turn off auto update for the drivers. If the updates Windows suggests a just HIDE as they
are almost always old, and you can search drivers manually as needed.

How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx


Check with Toshiba support, their drivers online (update or reinstall) and their forums
for problems known.

Toshiba - Forums

Toshiba - Contacts

Toshiba - drivers - access your model

Toshiba - Support

I hope this helps.
Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    I have a desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s5623w with Windows 7 64 - bit o/s.  This computer connects to the network via a Belkin 54g router that connected to the Internet by cable.  All of a sudden I can't access to the Internet (cable) and get a message that I need to connect the Ethernet cable.  The cable is connected and the LED will Flash next to the Jack at the back of the computer ethernet.  I even tried to connect directly to the reception by cable without success.  I have connected to my Belkin Wireless with a new cable, still nothing.

    Anyone have any suggestions, short he shooting?

    Hello james9285,

    You can also check out the link below on the Site of Hp Support:

    Here are a few basic things that you should check if you get flashing link lights what activity see the:

    1.) check that you have found an IP address after you have connected the ethernet cable:

    (Enter the command line and run ipconfig)

    2.) while in the command ping loopback line

    (This will verify that your card is able to communicate)

    3.) check that the driver does not work correctly:
    (Right click "Computer", click on manage and check on the network tab, if you see the driver Ethernet)

    If the wireless connects successfully as directed by your computer to perform the following acts:

    1.) Ping a site command line:

    (Enter the command line and ping

    If these steps are followed and you managed a communication & there is no problem of driver, that contacts your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they will be able to provide support remotely.

    (Please contact me if you have more questions, I'm not an employee of HP, but I am willing to help!)

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    Please click on 'Accept as Solution' if my help has solved your problem. ----------]

    Ezekiel Henson

  • Re: Laptop not recognized on Ethernet to the router


    I have a similar problem with an old book.

    -Laptop: Asus l3d
    -Equipped with a card: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
    -OS: Ubuntu server 14.04
    -Router: Netgear DGND3700v2 Firmware Version

    -Laptop computer with the static IP.
    -Router with dhcp disabled.


    The liaison between NB and Netgear ethernet works for some time. Exactly, the Netgear does not recognize the cable, plugged into the ethernet port on the router (called internal switch) of the ethernet of Brunswick.

    I'll try to explain it in a few steps:

    STEP 1: With everything well adjusted and connected the cable. If I start the NB and the router, the result is no connection, no ping and LED light for the no router port.
    Note: to the page web of the management of the router, I read that 4 ports (LAN1, 2, 3, 4) are not used.

    ... but...

    STEP 2: Now, with everything working, I play with one of the two ends of the cable (any of the two). Slowly, I Plug and unplug the cable into the ethernet port, a few times until the router port light. BRAVO! NB and Netgear are connected. There is a ping. All works until the next reboot of Netgear or NB
    Note: to the page web of the management of the router, I read that a port is used.

    STEP 3: While all the work normally. If I unplug the cable and I connect again, making this action at normal speed, the connection does not work as STEP 1. The only way to have a working link is to repeat the procedure in STEP 2.


    I did a lot of testing, for example:
    -test NB, but work very well with other routers, AP NB, switch.
    -test the router, but the work of Netgear very well with the other PC.
    -change the cable.
    -on the NB to update the drivers.
    -on the NB, disabling auto-negotiation and manual setting.

    I think that in my case, the problem is the internal switch of the router. But it is a hypothesis.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hello Salvatore111

    Product Netgear do not officially support Linux so it could be just a strange problem with the drivers on the NB does not speak with the router.


  • Changed a WPA encryption. Office connect not wireless, ethernet cable.

    Recently changed encryption wi - fi WEP to WPA, existing home wireless network. Change of wireless connectivity for laptop computer and printer is fine, but the Office will not connect wireless, ethernet cable.

    To your XP computer's wireless adapter supports WPA?  Many as these old maps that were made before that WPA has fully adopted as a protocol.  There are also various types of WPA, not all compatible with each other.

  • Airport Extreme Ethernet not recognized

    I recently bought an Airport Extreme (bought summer 2016) and have laid a cable cat5e (100 feet) across my house, so I can connect through ethernet when I want a faster connection. The airport is located behind a modem 2Wire (UVerse) but acts as a router.

    When I got the cable along the floor boards, it worked fine. I raised it through our basement (under floor) and it no longer works. I checked the cable with a LAN Tester and it passed. I also ran it directly from the UVerse for the MacBook and worked well. I would like to run from the airport, however, not the Uverse modem.

    Can anyone suggest why she might have stopped working? (I tested the ports on the airport with other ethernet cables, and they are operational, as is the ethernet on my MacBook port).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it's driving me crazy.

    You affected pairs...?

    Even though the MB worked have you actually checked that it worked at full speed?

    See this post for nearly identical problem... and why pairs are so important.

  • Said airport Time Capsule LAN Ethernet cables disconnected, but they are all connected

    We have a Time Capsule airport 2nd generation connected to a Comcast Modem for Internet service. Our network is suddenly saying that the LAN Ethernet does not work because a cable is unplugged. However, I checked all the cables and connections. I disconnected all devices and then only plugged my Mac a to. A continuous Wi - Fi connection to work but not the Ethernet LAN. I tried to use another LAN cable. He also said that a cable is unplugged. We need the Ethernet LAN to access high-speed Internet and I tried everything and can not operate. The Ethernet LAN has been upward and years of work. If the Capsule or the Comcast Modem was defective, we would not have Wi - Fi access to the Internet, but we do. Material preferences network has always been implemented are configured automatically. However, the speed is now empty display instead of speed. If I change the settings to manually set up the material, I am still unable to set the speed manually, because when I try to select the up-down arrows next to the speed, nothing happens. It's as if the speed setting has been disabled. It's so frustrating. And I have no idea how to fix this.

    If you have not already completed a power cycle full of your network, now would be a good time to do this.

    Turning off all network devices in any order you want

    Wait a minute

    Turn on the modem first and leave 2-3 minutes, he managed by itself

    Switch on the device connected to the modem and leaves turn a good minute

    Keep power devices one at a time about a minute out until the entire network is back

    Check the network

  • Can not connect Equium M70 to the Internet via an Ethernet cable

    I have recently install wide telewest broadband via the installation disc. I used the provided ethernet cable. During installation, I received an error message stating that it could not connect due to various problems.
    After a long discussion with the customer service and try several solutions over the phone we wouldn't always get connection using the ethernet cable.
    Telewest has also provided a USB cable so I was told to remove the ethernet connection and plug in the USB. The connection has been made instantly.

    Has been informed by the technical support of Telewest, that I had a problem ethernet on the laptop. This could be correct, or maybe it was an ethernet cable from the spleen.
    Any suggestions? My laptop is only four months.


    It is not easy to believe that the network adapter does not work on your laptop. What is the status of LAN in Device Manager? When the cable is connected is the assets of orange or green led or not? Try also to start ConfigFree tool. Under the physician connectivity tab, you can see their actual situation and if there is a problem of communication it will be shown here.

    If there is any attempt of trying to test it on another network (perhaps in your company).
    You can also contact your dealer and allow it to check the device. It can be done in the store and may not take a lot of time.

  • I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

    I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

    I put in place already to extend the wifi of my modem still connected to the modem via ethernet cable.

    Now I want to be considered on the floor and use it to extend the wifi without ethernet cable

    The AirPort Extreme can extend only wireless signal from another router from Apple, so if you want to take the AirPort Extreme on the floor and extend wireless signal, you will need another airport connected to your modem by Ethernet cable router to produce the wireless signal that will extend the extreme on the floor.

    Another way of saying the same thing would be to say that if you want to extend wireless using a router from Apple, you'll need two of them do... because AirPort Extreme is not compatible with a third-party modem or modem/router for this purpose.

  • Changed to Comcast modem / gateway of the infinite. Ethernet cable lights are at both ends, but yellow light flashes on the airport. Diagnosis says not connected, but I have internet service. How to return to the GREEN?

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    Whenever you change your network hardware, it's always a good idea to carry out a new round of full power to all your devices. Check out the following Tip of an airport users for more details. Please post back your results.

  • I just bought an Airport Extreme and try to put in place.  I have Fios cable with a router.  I can not get anything except a blinking orange light.  After reading the instructions, it seems that the problem with the ethernet cable but I

    Must not exceed the flashing orange light.  have tried three ethernet cables to the Fios router.  All thoughts

    What extreme version do you have?

    Test the cables connecting the airport to your Mac with them and see if the ethernet works on Mac. Green connectivity light should go... If it fails, then the AE died.

    Please do a factory reset, then try again.

    Sometimes Mac airport utility works well... If you have the preference or iphone ipad, download and use iOS version airport utility and try it for configuration... It is much less awkward.

  • Using an Airport Express to listen to music - ethernet cable or not?

    My wife - who bought me an Airport Express 802.11n Wi - Fi for Christmas - was reassured in a certified store to which he would have a wireless connection to my existing wifi to stream spotify on my stereo, but I could not set up like that. According to Apple's Support, the Airport Express must be connected to a modem via an ethernet cable to work, which totally contradicts the advice she was given. This will not work for me - the stereo is in a completely different room for the modem.

    Who is right?

    I can't find clear indications on the web.

    Thank you very much.

    A "modem" , it's just that... a device that connects to the service of your Internet service provider to another router with a wireless Ethernet cable. "modem" does not any signal wireless... only an Ethernet signal.

    A ' modem/router ' or the 'bridge' is a device that combines the functions of a modem and router wireless in one package. It provides a signal of wireless network for other wireless devices can connect to the Internet wirelessly.  The modem/router or gateway also provides several Ethernet ports... usually 3 or 4... for devices to connect in this way as an option.

    An AirPort Express can only connect to a modem using a wired Ethernet cable connection.

    An AirPort Express can connect to a modem/router or Gateway using either a wired Ethernet connection or a wireless connection.

    Who is right?

    It all depends on if you have a modem... .or you have a modem/router, also called a gateway.

    If you do not know what you... then post back with the number of brand and model of the device that you call your modem... and we will try to find what it is you have.

  • HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC: Ethernet card is not recognized

    Hello HP Nation,.

    Product number: WA6834A #BA

    -My computer sometimes connects to Ethernet, but most of the time it even will not recognize that I have an ethernet cable is plugged. Looking at my devices, there is no device listed for ethernet connections.
    (Attached picture shows my device manager to show something that I do not recognize under "Other devices", I'm not sure if it is my ENet adapter or not, as well as showing there be no ethernet adapter)

    Recent changes to the computer:
    I recently updated my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS.

    I tried the things:
    AlterNet router Ethernet cable/Port; Result = both cables and Ports worked successfully when connecting to another PC
    Troubleshooting troubleshooting windows network connection issues. Result = showed no available connection other than Wi - fi

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Try the Realtek 8111C directly from Realtek a second site in the list:

  • cell data cable is not recognized

    Trying to download pictures from my cell phone (Sam-sung Gravity 3), but my data cable is not recognized by my table.


    1. the other USB devices work properly?

    2. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    If other USB devices are working properly, then I suggest you to contact Samsung for more support.

    Otherwise, try this troubleshooting and check if it helps:

    For Windows7:

    For Windows vista, try this fixit:

    It will be useful.

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    My laptop does not work on a wireless connection that I have to use the yellow Ethernet cable to use internet.

    I followed the instructions on my laptop on how to connect to broadband and I even called the company from whom get connection but they could n, t help me. I need help! I want to use my wireless laptop and how do I do it?

    Hi Hn_668,

    See the articles below and check if it helps.

    How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP Service Pack 2

    In Windows network connection issues

    To set up automatic wireless network configuration

    5 steps: how to set up your network wireless home

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