Memory upgrade - Dell R710 with 1 GB DIMM


My server before in the memory modules Ram 1 GB

A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 B6 B5 B4 A6 A5 A4

I'm looking to fill all of the empty boxes with modules of 1 GB but when I did it an error of memory and does not start. I looked in the BIOS and the memory configuration is set to optimized (it does allow me to change that). It has also two CPU - FYI

Thank you




Unfortunately with UDIMM installed on the server, it is currently overexploited. This is due to the restriction of this population of DIMMs for UDIMM memory and quad-rows DIMM is two by way. So the 3rd dimm per channel will not be supported when you use the UNIQUE access.

Let me know if this helps answer the question.

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  • Sizes of mixed memory in Dell R710 to reach speeds of 1333 mhz and 800 mhz

    We have some Dell R710 which was originally ordered with 48 GB in a configuration of 1333 mhz 12x4Go (RDIMMS). We ordered 6 sticks of memory of 4 GB 1333 mhz additional to complete all 18 banks for a total of 72 GB.  The speed of the memory, then decreased to running at 800 mhz.  We had immediately complaints on the performance in some of our mission critical VM (terminal Server and SQL DBs servers), so we have VMotion their due on a R710 still on the original 12x4Go config clocked at 1333 mhz and complaints went.  I spoke with pre-sales both Dell and after-sales technical support and they confirm that filling all 18 banks decreases speed to 800 mhz, but I get conflicting reports which must be running 12 banks (which is configured as 2 of the 3 banks available in each 6 channels) at 1 066 mhz now which is not. Still, both say that my best option is to return the modules to 4 GB bought recently and also pull the original 12x4Go modules and replace them all by 12x8Go 96GB and should operate at 1333 mhz.  It is really more memory I need and almost three times that I have already budgeted and spent on extra 4 GB of purchase sticks.

    The other option, you said I could do, as well as that of my question is to mix 6x4Go and 6X8Go, up to 72 GB.  I see also that is a configuration of memory available on the Dell Web site during the construction a R710, and he said 1333 mhz as well.  Technical support before and after had these things to say, and it makes me a little nervous because this isn't an absolute 'you'll be fine:

    prior support guy:

    "Everything I read or say confirms that it is perfectly fine to mix the modules in sizes too long as modules within each channel are the same size." I think it can be recommended by most to ensure the consistency of the size but as I said before that we have in our new server system configurations to be cited with mixed sizes what makes me even more confident that is you went this route you would be fine and little or no experience in performance decline. »

    support after guy:

    "Regarding your new question on the use of 6 DIMM 4 GB mixed with 8 GB for a total of 72 GB, which is not an optimum configuration, but I don't think you should really meet a lot of problems with it."  I mentioned before that if you mix speeds, it will downclock fastest at the speed of slow DIMM DIMMS, so certainly would advise against mixing speeds. Regarding the size, the only thing you might encounter as it is booting, you can hear this isn't an optimal configuration, but it should detect any memory and be able to make use of this.  Don't think there is really a performance reached unless you're missing speeds.  «Also, don't forget to reflect your configuration across all channels, if you do not want all of the 4 GB and 8 GB in the same configuration such that put all 8 GB in slots 1/2/3, then put the 4 GB DIMMs in 4/5/6 on both machines slot A and B.»

    So the real question is - if it is not a "optimal" configuration, which makes it means the actual performance of my vSphere servers?  All done and they have problems?

    Thank you


    How about using 8x8GB sticks for each host? You'd get to 64 GB each... I'd like to see if Dell will allow you to trade in the memory, you do not have to purchase new memory inside the host... Or look for another provider of memory which will provide you with the correct memory at a better price.

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  • maximum number of cores on esxi dell r710 with Xeon E5520 HT

    I intend to buy a dell r710.

    This system will have 2 system physics quad core and HT technology.

    Intel® Xeon® E5520 2.26 Ghz, 8 M Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT

    It will have 8 cores with two Hyperthreaded by heart.

    The free esxi version is limited to 6 cores per socket.

    A hyperthreading is considered as a physical core for this limit under license?

    After this discussion, it seems that a HT is handled by the same esx 3 licenses and esx2, which is HT does not count against the limit of 6 basic license. & ObjectType = 2 & objectid = 1238132

    Is this true?


    It is my understanding as well. HT is not considered part of the license that you can always turn it off. Not necessarily, you cannot disable a Core.

    Best regards

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  • Upgrade a R710 with SAS 6/ir with a PERC

    I have a situation to come and advice/suggestions would be appreciated...

    I have a R710 with 6 x 3.5 inches disks chassis and populated with 6 disks (2 x 136GB and 4 x 300 GB) SAS
    The server was poorly specified before buying and bought with a SAS6/ir controller

    The server is an Exchange area.
    Operating system is on C:, which is a RAID-1 using the 2 x 136 GB SAS drives
    Data on D: which is a RAID 1 using 2 of the 300 GB drives
    The other 2 players are sitting doing nothing as the SAS 6/ir can support 2 virtual disks and only RAID 0 or RAID-1

    The problem is the volume of data is closer to capacity and I really need to use the replacement disks.
    After reviewing several options, it seems to me that the only viable solution is to get a PERC H700 and import foreign VDs but I read that import a SAS 6/ir VD containing a Windows operating system in a PERC H700 is not possible/supported.
    I believe important to the volume of data would be ok and then I could use RAID level migration and online capacity expansion to add replacement discs and convert RAID-1, RAID-5, air-conditioned and with minimal downtime.

    If importing an OS disk is a non-runner, is a server to rebuild the only option or miss me something?
    For example, can I run a SAS 6/ir beside a H700 leaving the BONES on the SAS 6/ir and leaving the H700 handle data?  If so, how it works in what concerns the installation of the additional card in elevators and wiring to the speakers?

    As I said, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    "BSOD with the STOP 7b junior Boot Device."

    This is because they use different drivers and the drivers loaded in Windows for the 6/iR do not talk to the H700.

    What you might try is to boot to Windows on the SAS6/iR, with the H700 inserted (but not connected to anything), let Windows detect the device to load the drivers for it, then try to readers the PERC.

  • Reference Dell r710 with Perc 6 / i

    Hi all, I'm new and I have a question / an interesting situation.

    I work at a place that has a side job and other corresponding testing of all 100% server hardware.  No not the internet key equipment and we can not use Dell openmanage, I know: (.)  Sometimes our side test was "played" with so that it becomes a bit different and we need to match the side work again.  So to make them the same as we want to be able to shoot one of the servers work drives RAID 1 it pop in the test part and rebuild tests disks RAID 1 hard sides.

    I tried this and it's not well.  I'm looking for the best way to do it?  You cannot use either of imaging software.  :(

    When I tried this, I pulled on all sides of tests of hard drives and fallen into one of the RAID1s on the side work.  Then I said yes to "import foreign disks" then I booted into the operating system and fell in one of the tests sides other readers thinking he would rebuild it, but it didn't.  I guess it's because it was still part of the former RAID1 VDs?  in any case, I then rebooted the testing server, deleted the old disks hard foreign config thinking the controller THEN let me rebuild on it, but still NOT!  I'll have to 'replace' the hard drive.  What I am doing wrong?  Is there a good way to do it?

    Thank you!!!


    Disks using as as a replacement for a "backup" was never part of its design, but the process of moving the disks to a new controller is fully supported:

    1. CTRL-R start
    2. Remove the VD
    3. Power off
    4. Remove the old disks
    5. Insert the new drive
    6. Power on
    7. IMPORT the foreign configuration
    8. Insert the drive to rebuild... HOT!
    9. CTRL-R start
    10. CLEAR foreign config
    11. Assign the drive as a hot spare to begin to rebuild

    Curious to know your limits - no OMSA, no imaging software?

  • Additional disk on Dell R710 with PERC 6i controller

    I want to add an additional drive to an existing 5 RAID.  Can I do this without destroying the data?  If so, what is the procedure.

    Thank you

    You must CLEAR the foreign configuration on the first disc (storage, PERC, Information/Configuration, foreign/Clear in list dropdown controller). After compensation, it will show as a LOAN.

  • Possibility to upgrade memory R710 with 16 GB module

    Hi, I need help for upgrade with the module of 16 GB for my R710

    My R710 is already filled with memory module 32 GB of config (G484D) - DUAL IN - LINE MEMORY MODULE..., 4 G, 1066, 2RX4X72, 8, 240, REGULATION

    I can improve it with (A5008568) - 16GB 2Rx4 RDIMMS ECC 1333 MHz LV below optimizer mode configuration? Please suggest.

    In this way with this 16 GB modules if I be mixed with module 4 GB 1066 mhz previous cumulative total memory perfomance down to 1066 mhz? logic which is not suggested


    I propose to upgrade all R710 with (A5008568) - 16GB 2Rx4 RDIMMS ECC 1333 MHz LV... Certainly, I hope that it will work well with my server with processors E5520 and would also work with existing (G484D) - MEMORY MODULE... 4G, 1066, 2RX4X72

    It should work with the 4 GB DIMMs in 7/8. I edited a couple of my posts to clarify certain limits with the rank of quad DIMMS and the CPU 1.35v. I added two notes stating that grade quad DIMMS will operate at 800 MHz when filled 2 per channel, and 1066 MHz speed limitation for the CPU 1.35v to apply the dual rank DIMMS or higher when filled with a minimum of 2 per channel. As part of our conversation I do not think that it you confused, but I wanted to clarify information for future readers.

    Let us know if there are problems with the upgrade.

    Thank you

  • HP ENVY Notebook m6-1105dx: question to DDR3L DDR3 memory upgrade

    I have a laptop of HP ENVY m6-1105dx.

    I would like to upgrade from 1.5V to DDR3L 1.35v DDR3.

    Is this possible without damage to my laptop?

    Thank you


    The upgrades only to memory that can be made to your laptop is installation of memory modules that are guaranteed compatible by a manufacturer of memory.

    Your laptop is not like a mother gaming for a desktop computer. You are limited to the settings "protect me from myself" available in your BIOS. You cannot change the tension of memory to allow the motherboard to accept other modules of memory. Installation of memory with others that the specifications published by HP or other than guaranteed compatible memory modules will probably reward you with no experience to have fun a non laptop startup.

    That said, I recommend you do a search on google for HP ENVY m6-1105dx memory upgrade. Stick with well-known brands to avoid surprises.

  • Dell R710 and ESXi 4.1 NIC issue.

    Please bare with me, I'm a newbe with vMware.

    My question is this:

    Got a new Dell R710 with Broadcom BCM5709 quad. Install ESXi 4.1 CD. Then, I created a virtual machine and install Win Server 2008 R2 64 bit.

    In vSphere Client under configuration-> network-> properties (per virtual switch)-> network-> adapter details maps I see the Broadcom adapter. But in Windows in the Device Manager the NIC comes as Intel PRO/1000MT.

    This is the expected behavior? ESXi support a pilot intel virtual any? or must we show Broadcom NIC.

    If this is not the expected behavior, please suggest a solution.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the community,

    what you see is expected and in design. ESX mask the real hardware and presents a virtual hardware to virtual machines. In this way, you are able to move the virtual machine across different hosts and even VMware Workstation, player,... without a lot of changes.


  • Dell PowerEdge T610 (memory upgrade)

    I bought Dell 16 GB certified replacement Memory Module for select Dell - 2Rx4 1333 MHz RDIMMS LV systems

    Currently, I have 8 GB of RAM (1 GB on every slot machines). After I installed this new memory and restart the server, it shows invalid memory configuration. So, I changed the memory setting in BIOS 'Advanced ECC' to 'optimize memory '. But it detects more than my current speed of the memory is 8 GB. Is there something wrong with the configuration of the memory? I tried to re - establish the new RAM.

    Help, please. Thank you.


    Your memory configuration is not valid because the channel memory CH0, is not balanced with channels CH1 & CH2. Refer to the schematic illustration below:

    In order to balance the memory on these channels, we should have memory DIMM in:

    A1, A2 & A3 = B1, B2 & B3 in addition also A4, A5 & A6 is B4, B5 & B6. That's why CH0, CH1 & CH2 memory modules must be identical for the performance and optimal memory configuration. Depending on the upgrade amount of memory you are looking for, you can buy 1 more 16 GB DIMMS and then fill in slots A1 B1 & offer a total capacity of 32 GB. This will provide more flexibility for future memory upgrade

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Reference Dell R710 - Configuration of memory

    Hi all

    I'm sure I'm missing something, but I read the two technical papers about memory configuration in the Dell R710.

    I have a server that currently has 48GB stated as follows

    A1 - 4 GB

    A4 - 4 GB

    A2 - 4 GB

    A5 - 4 GB

    A3 - 4 GB

    A6 - 4 GB

    (It then returned on the b-side)

    According to the BIOS it's set to "optimized."

    Now I have sticks of 2x16GB I wanted to install, the only way that I could operate without the whine of BIOS was to install as follows:

    A2 - 16 GB

    A5 - 4 GB

    A8 - 4 GB

    (Duplicated on b-side)

    Giving 72 GB.

    As I read the manual, I should be able to mix the sizes of memory for "optimized" as long I have spend from A1 to A9 and so I have an another 6x4Go sticks left, I want to install.

    My logic is that I can fill with A1 to A9, mixing the 16 GB, however when I try I get the error on the A1/A2/A3 needing to be the same?

    Am I missing something simple? I am unable to make changes in the BIOS, the memory is all of the same type (bought from Dell)


    The question that you are running in is due to the R710 need 3 memory channels to match.  Each game nine media is organized in three channels with three supports memory per channel. As shown below, each processor has 3 channels of memory, allowing only a single channel to the need to match, or filled.  So, with only having a couple of 16 GB DIMMs, you are only able to fill a channel on each side. What I would say is the addition of a couple more 16 GB DIMMS fill A1, A2, B1, B2 with them, and then place the 4 GB in A4, A5, A7, A8, as well as B4, B5, B7 and B8. This gives you two channels on each side, as well as 96 GB of memory.

    Let me know if this helps answer your question.

  • Memory upgrade module HP Split x 2 (with current 4 gb) 8 GB


    I recently bought a HP Split x 2, Core i3, (actually I had this laptop for three months), and it works like a charm with Windows 8.1.

    However, after a while I decided to install VirtualBox with Ubuntu and that was when I noticed how Windows 8.1 consumes memory in a way very hungry.

    The laptop comes with 4 GB and I was amazed that I have only 1.5 GB of RAM left.

    This is different with Windows 7 (which optimizes the RAM a lot better).

    I don't want to downgrade my OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 and it's completely out of the question that I paid for Windows 8.1 Professional edition, so I want to upgrade my laptop with a 8 GB RAM.

    I managed to open Notepad to do some work on the way in which the memory locations (Yes, it took some guts there are two small screws that are hidden under the two rubber and the top cover as mainly attached with hinges that carefully, I managed to lose with a flat screwdriver, until I got the cover without braking it.)  ( :-)  )

    Now: The laptop comes with a memory of 4 GB regular 1600 DD3RL CL11 | PC3L - 12800S of brand a - DATA (curiously this isn't HP).  But overall, I noticed it's DD3RL and NOT of DDR3 (I read on the Internet, it's different on the voltage / power that uses as DD3RL consumes much less - mind my very basic technical knowledge)

    Here in my country there are few places that sell this specialized module memory (i.e.: DD3RL), and I want to know if I can just go ahead and buy DDR3 that they sell a lot.  This laptop is compatible?  Are there bottlenecks of the Mayor / performance / or any hungings on my laptop if I buy and install memory regular module?

    Please advice.  I want to quickly buy and upgrade my laptop.

    And finally, if there are 1 module 16 GB or more, it is possible to install a larger memory?  Is there memory limits that manages this laptop?


    Simply, thay may NOT work. HP may use the RAM by other vendors such as Hyundai, Samsung... I don't see Kingston. I know that Dell uses also special RAM (not even name) on their machines. You can use the following tools to check:

    and buy the right one.

    Kind regards.

  • Dell PowerEdge R710 with windows server 2003 R2 is not start windows in normal mode.

    Hi Sir,

    Dell PowerEdge R710 with windows server 2003 R2 is not start windows in normal mode after upgrading the RAM to 64 GB.

    Arrangement of RAM is made 4 our 16 GB of RAM on 2 channels. I get no error message about the RAM configuration. It is booting in safe mode but not start in normal mode, his hanging during windows startup.

    Please give me guide to solve this problem.

    I thank & regards

    Ramanantsoa D

    Thanks for the reply.

    My version of windows is 32-bit Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2.

    Although I have not tried switching/EAP, I will try that and get back to you.

    And again something I have an idea of the installation of windows server 2008 R2 Standard version on this server, it will support? Please let me know Chris.

    Thank you.

  • Question by PE R710 memory upgrade configuration.

    Hello team,

    We currently have 18 x 8 GB of memory on our server.

    We decided that we will upgrade the server with more memory. We think of this scenario:

    • leave 12 x 8 GB
    • Add 6 x 16 GB

    This should give us 192 GB of memory.

    This configuration of memory will work?

    Thank you all, sincerely.


    This will work as long as none of the DIMMs are quad ranked. This is due to the limitation that you can use only 2 of the 3 DIMMS per channel when they are class quad. Now so that these to work, you will need to place the bars 16 GB in white tabs slots DIMM, then the 12 8 GB DIMMS into the slots of the black tabs. That should allow you to work.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Population of memory R710 with SR & DR


    I have R710 with two processor E5530 and DIMM slots:

    DR 4x2Gb

    8x2Go SR

    How to complete correctly?

    now I have bad config with

    A1 - a2 + b1 - b2 - DR

    A6 - a3 + b3 - b6 - SR

    Thank you very much


    The question that you are running is with memory channel. Although SR & DR mix dimms is supported, you must always match the layout of dimm through the memory channels. As seen below, the channels cover 3 DIMMs per processor groups.

    You have only 4 bars of DR DIMM, you wouldn't be able to fill in all three channels by hand. What I suggest is that you place the DIMM DR bars in slots, in that you have, so A1, A2, B1 and B2. With the modules DIMM SR if you place in A4, A5, A7, A8, B4, B5, B7 and B8. That should allow the server to operate correctly.

    Let me know how it goes.

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