Modem ADSL PIX501 and UK

Is it possible to interface a PIX 501 directly to a UK ADSL modem? If so is it an example of configuration available. Is he a PIX software release pre - req?

Hi Alan,

What you are trying to achieve is possible, if you have an IP address assigned by your ISP for the ADSL Modem interface (i.e. If an IP can be attributed to your ADSL modem, if not then router solution is the way to go) then what you need to do is configure the PIX with PAT (Port Address Translation), in this way all your home addresses will result in 1 public IP (ISP ADSL Modem IP) address. I assume that your facility would be something like this:


Here is an example in this example the PIX is directly connected to the ISP and the ISP assigns a unique public IP address for the PIX, which SHOULD be used on the external interface.

Here is the configuration that will allow the PIX to use the same IP address on the external interface using the address to make PAT for inside network devices.

(LAN( INSIDE_ROUTER( (inside_e1 PIX, PIX (outside_e0

PIX (config) # ip address outside

PIX (config) # ip inside address


PIX (config) # route outside 1

PIX (config) # the road inside 1


PIX (config) # global (1 external interface)

PIX (config) # nat (inside) 1 0 0

The foregoing, the nat command specifies that all internal addresses use the pool of addresses configured in the global order for pool 1. The corresponding overall command, but doesn't specify a pool of addresses, but done refers to the external interface. One of the advantages of this method are that if the ISP is not statically assign you the public address, but it uses DHCP to assign the address, you n t need to worry about what the address is assigned finally on the external interface as the parameter of the interface causes the PIX to use the address currently assigned, if it s assigned statically or dynamically.

Also, when you make changes (as above) do not forget to order 'clear xlate' and also command 'write the memory.

You can find useful the following URL:

I hope this helps your situation, let me know how you go.

Thank you - Jay

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    I just got a new modem (Arris SB6190) and now my Airport Extreme does not connect.  It worked fine with the previous modem (a rented one TWC).  Help!

    Always recommended to reset the airport back to settings by default and then set up again whenever you have a new modem or change your Internet Service provider.

    Turn off the new modem for at least 30 minutes. More is better.

    Perform a hard reset on the AirPort Extreme, then it turned off.

    Make sure that the Ethernet cable connects the modem to the "O" on the AirPort Extreme WAN port

    After the power of the modem 30 minutes down, turn on the modem and let it run for at least 5 minutes by itself.

    Then, turn on the airport and let it run a few minutes

    Set up AirPort Extreme again

    Important note... There are many reports of problems with the modem Arris SB and airports. Both are great products, but they do seem to work perfectly together for some users.

  • A Site VPN PIX501 and CISCO router

    Hello Experts,

    I have an at home test lab, I set up a site to site vpn using a router Cisco PIX501 and CISCO2691, for configurations, I have just a few links on the internet, because my background on VPN configuration is not too good, for the configuration of routers, I followed this link:


    and for configuring pIX I just use the VPN Wizard of pix. All confgurations but ping failed. Hope you can help me with this, don't know what to do here (troubleshooting).

    Joint here is the configuration of my router, topology, as well as the pix configuration. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mark,

    I went in the Config of the ASA

    I see that the dispensation of Nat is stil missing there

    Please add the following

    access-list allowed sheep ip

    inside NAT) 0 access-list sheep

    Then try it should work

    Thank you


  • PIX501 and ADSL modem - new

    I am using a DLInk ADSL modem in conjunction with a PIX501. The modem acts as a dhcp server provides an IP address of 192.168.0.x by which it can be configured initially and then the 'real' IP assigned by your ISP.

    While this works well with a PC does not work with a pix, (I think I infer correctly? -using the debug dhcpc) the pix will not accept a short-lived lease - see below.

    DHCP offer Message offered address:

    DHCP: Rental seconds: 10 dry renewal: 5 connect dry: 7

    DHCP: Server ID Option:

    DHCP: offer received from

    DHCP: offer a lower lease, min: 10. punt

    DHCP: offer not good enough. punt

    Is there a way to change the period of minimum rental required by the pix?

    You may need to upgrade to a version of the PIX OS, who does not have a limitation of minimum rental period. Please see the bug CSCdz09957.

  • WRT300N router with Modem ADSL AM200


    I searched this forum and found a few pieces of answers, but I'm still a little confused...

    At the moment, I have a Linksys WRT300N router, connected to the Internet via an ADSL Alcatel Speedtouch Home modem, on an ISDN line.

    As I no longer need ISDN, my network operator will be week next "downgrade" my ISDN line back to simple line RTC, that involves to change the separator of a model of ISDN a PSTN (made by the engineer of the operator) and also change the ISDN compatible ADSL modem a PSTN one.

    How very happy I am with the Linksys gear I already, I went to a Modem of ADSL Linksys AM200 . On the box, it is mentioned, it can be connected to a PC or a router. However, all the indications in the manual I downloaded (I have not yet opened the box of ) refer to the right connection to a PC, including providing parameters PPPoE, DHCP configurations, etc...

    I don't need all that, like everything is already set up to a break-in of my WRT300N router. I'll be able to get the AM200 straight out of the box, simply it exchanges with the Alcatel Modem? Or will I need to configure it in a special way to disable all the stuff that I don't need in the modem (NAT, DHCP, PPPoE configuration,...)?

    In addition, I understand that the modem has an IP as standard. I will be able to access its trough of configuration interface of the router, which is as confured?

    I found it frustrating that the documentation did not provide some basic information about the connection of the modem to a router!

    I'm trying to understand in advance what I'm going to have to do, because once the line swiched to the PSTN, the Alcatel modem won't work any more, and I have no Internet before the new AM200 access, I get up and run...

    Any help will be appreciated!

    You need to replace your old Modem with the new one, if your ISP is a DSL then you must enter a few basic parameters and you'll be ready to go.

  • Modem ADSL for EA3500

    I have a router EA3500. I have ADSL service at our offices. Which modem (or product) Cisco doesn't recommend you leave will present services to broadband to the EA3500? I called Cisco and they said 'buy a X 3000'. I don't see the point of buying another modem/router to power the router EA3500! All I have to do is to present the EA3500 with the 'broadband '. Thank you... Peter.

    It is a good choice. Go with the X 3000 because it is already a router. If you already have an existing modem the EA3500 would be the 'guy' for you. But then to simplify the configuration, go with the combo instead. In this way, that you don't have to set up too many appliances.

  • Anyone having problems with the modem from Cox and Time Capsule


    Lately my internet falls down every day or every two days with Cox. I have reset the modem, the time capsule, the routers extreme apple, etc. shut down and restart my whole network. I called Cox every two days to refresh the modem.

    I heard that I may need to reconfigure my Time Capsule (acts as a router) to avoid this problem.

    No one knows what to do here?

    Thank you

    Please, try the following:

    Open the AirPort on your Mac utility (Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility)

    Click on the image of the time Capsule

    Click on edit in the window that appears

    Click on the Internet tab at the top of the next window

    Click the Internet Options button at the bottom of the window

    Make sure that the IPv6 configuration is set to Local link only

    Click on save, if you make changes, then click Update at the bottom right of the window

    When Cox fully implements IPv6 (they are not), you may be able to return to the automatic configuration.

  • RV042 with Modem ADSL installation

    We have to implement our DSL modem in Bridge mode to allow static IP of the router be seen on the outside for VPN configuration.  When we configure the modem in this mode, the router does not seem to offer a way to enter the user information and password; the internet connection does not work.   I don't know exactly what happens here... the router should do the login or the modem should it?  When the modem is configured as a bridge, I can connect to the internet via a computer connected directly to the modem (PPPoE) where the computer gives the user and password information.

    The router will do PPPoE.  In the configuration of the router tab, change the static to PPPoE.  If you have a static IP service, then use the static IP address instead.  The only available for configuration of VPN tunnel IP address will be assigned by PPPoE, or if you have a static service, he will be the one assigned to you.

  • Modem wireless Qosmio and Alcatel speedtouch

    I tried to connect my laptop Qosmio with wireless speedtouch (DSL) modem, using the normal cable, it works perfectly. When I try to connect to the wireless network, the computer detects the wireless network, but it gives a warning message shows that "something wrong with connectivity because of invalid IP address '.

    What is the solution?


    I quite agree. You should to check your router settings.

    Good bye

  • How can I dial a phone number using the land line, internal modem for PC and LabVIEW 8.2

    I'll start writing a LabVIEW 8.2.1 program what selector to a number using my Dell Inspiron, Windows XP. Any body have any idea how I can do? or better, so anyone with a loan of vi.

    I would appreciate your help

    Thanks in advance

    Composition of a phone

  • Switch Gigabit WRT610N issues [issues]

    Hi all!

    I have a WRT610N, a Modem ADSL Philips. and two computers (both using the Gigabit adapters)

    I connected the Modem ADSL Philips (with 100 Mbps switch) with the WRT610N (via the port of bridge) and everything works like a charm... I have Internet 24\7 without problem. The WRT610N does all the work and I'm 100% convinced.

    Go to the question of the gigabit switch...

    I plugged both the two (gigabit) computers on the 4port Gigabit switch and I have a problem. Sometimes there are disconnections (for milliseconds) and then the LAN is back on. And the other problem is that many times, one of the cards of the SCP "haircuts" 1000 Mbps to 100 Mbps through its own.

    I don't understand that... anyone having the same problem?

    I use Cat5E cables (today I bought two cables Cat6 to test...). Is there a problem using Cat5E cables for Gigabit speeds?

    also, can someone tell me if the Modem ADSL Philips will be bottleneck of the switch? (As I said I plugged into the WAN (bridge) of the Linksys WRT610N, and not in a LAN port port... so I think that I will have no reason of bottlenecks?)

    I thank very you much for your time...!

    Tried the Cat.6 cables I bought... Seems that the cables made their work. I could have solved the problem.

    My 2 PC working at 1000Mbps without interruption for hours now.

    I think that the problem is resolved.

    (I will let you know if someone has the same problem with me..)

    EDIT : that's all! Cable Cat.6 worked like a charm, no hic - ups more on my LAN... Two computers running on 1 Gbps smooooth! hope this will help other people having this problem...!

  • RV180W PPPoE does not connect

    I am located in the United Kingdom that uses PPoA for ADSL broadband. I use a Modem ADSL2 of DrayTek Vigor120 to act as a bridge ADSL and PPoA to PPPoE converter. It passes the requirement of authentication ADSL (and subsequent single IP address) to the Cisco Small Business RV180W sitting behind the Draytek.

    However, the RV180 (Firmware Version may not be the PPPoE connection.

    I tested the modem, adsl username and password by creating a PPPoE interface on my computer and that connect directly on the modem of Draytek. The computer receives the expected IP address and I can ping remote public IPs.

    I entered the username and password in the profile of PPPoE,

    Type of authentication: CHAP (confirmed by ISP, but I also tried all other options in case where).

    Type of connection: stay tuned.

    MTU size: 1400 (also tried by default, which worked OK on the interface of the computer).

    MAC address Source: Use Default (I have used successfully to modem/router so a 'fixed' MAC address is not necessary).

    The status display shows Information fair, WAN as "not yet connected.

    The ISP sees no attempt authentication to their end.

    Is their anyway I can get a text list of parameters of all recreational vehicles? I wonder if the name of the PPPoE profile or other information is passed through to the Draytek, as well as the user name and password - Draytek require that NO other communication gets transmitted to it during the authentication step. It's the only thing I can think of.

    It there's not much feedback by default to debug otherwise (or is there something that I missed for debugging?).

    Thanks for all the ideas!

    Hi David, thank you for using our forum, my name is Johnnatan I left the community of support to small businesses. I will be more that happy to help with your configuration, I noticed that Don t you have the latest firmware, the latest version is the you can download here , so I recommend you, update your firmware by following these steps. Also, I advise to create a backup of your configuration. http://www6.nohold.NET/CiscoSB/Loginr.aspx?login=1&PID=2&app=search&VW=1&articleid=1958

    When the router has completed the process of updating, please perform a factory reset, then load your backup and verify if works now.

    I hope you find this answer useful,

    "* Please mark the issue as response or write it down so others can benefit from.


    Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

    Support of Cisco network engineer.

  • WRT54GS2 and Siemens ADSL modem - give up Internet connection

    I have a problem with the internet connection. I have a Win98 Office connected directly to a DSL - SIEMENS Speetstream 4100 modem. This connection works well.

    I had a (old school, blue and black) WRT54G wireless router connected to it which enabled me to use my laptop Windows XP Home. I upgraded the router to a WRT54GS2 so now I lose the internet connection every minute or so while connected through that. The connection between the modem and the router goes down, not connecting to desktop (wireless) or the laptop. And if I switch to the direct connection through modem, I get a solid and reliable connection to the Internet.

    Is there a problem with the ADSL of SIEMENS modem and the Linksys router plays well together?

    I tried ipconfig/release and / renew on my laptop and desktop, I disabled all computers, modem or router and put power back in the right order: Modem, router, desktop and laptop.

    Here is the output of the ipconfig/all command, when my laptop is connected directly via the ADSL modem:

    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...: ALIENUS_AES
    Primary Dns suffix...:
    Node... type: broadcast
    Active... IP routing: No.
    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    Description...: Realtek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Eth
    ernet NIC
    Physical address.... : 00-0F-B0-74-0F-FB
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    ... The IP address:
    ... Subnet mask:
    ... Default gateway. :
    DHCP server...:
    DNS servers...:
    Lease obtained...: Friday, November 20, 2009 13:23:03

    End of the lease...: Friday, November 20, 2009 13:33:03

    Ethernet card 2 wireless network connection:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Broadcom 802. 11b / g WLAN
    Physical address.... : 00-90-4B-F3-5E-D6
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    IP address...:
    ... Subnet mask:
    ... Default gateway. :
    DHCP server...:
    DNS servers...:
    Lease obtained...: Friday, November 20, 2009 13:03:43

    End of the lease...: Saturday, November 21, 2009 01:03:43

    Why the new WRT54GS2 loses internet connectivity when a direct connection through modem loses no connectivity and the former was reliable?

    Thanks in advance.

    Your ADSL modem is in Bridge mode. He made the PPPoE connection and then transmits the IP addresses, etc. via DHCP on the connected device. Several people seem to have problems with these modems and different routers.

    I suggest you to that you reconfigure the ADSL modem in full bridge mode (i.e. the modem really works as a simple modem and does not connect to the internet itself). Full bridge mode, you should be able to configure your router with PPPoE and connect directly to the internet. This should work better.

    If the ADSL modem is smart enough it can automatically switch in full bridge mode if you configure the router for PPPoE.

    You should see the difference in the DNS servers that got the router. Half-bridge mode modem ADSL seems to assign its own IP as DNS server address. If you connect directly to your ISP, you should see the IP addresses of the DNS servers of your ISP.

  • The most convenient airport and Arris CM820 modem drop connection

    I have Airport Extreme 6 Gen and a few months back from a 'new' Arris CM820 Time Warner Cable modem. Since then, I did have slowly and dropped connection problems a day - mostly in the evening so that streaming on Apple TV and Roku, and navigation devices on the MacBook Air and iPads at the same time. Each time, I do unplug it, wait 30 seconds and plug back in and it's good for a while. But it happens almost every day. I have been emailing and talking by phone with a representative from Apple support for a few weeks (had a record of the case), then she disappeared on me. I've updated firmware (v 7.7.7). Have also tried using a 5 G network as an alternative - but there is no help. Anyone else having these issues with the 'new' modems THAT TWC sends?

    If you have already tested the modem, try to choose a time when you can turn off the AirPort router and connect your Mac directly to the modem for a day or two to try things like that.

    Alternatively, you can of course call TWC support and have them check the line and the modem, but you already know that they will say that "things seem good to here" and that "the problem must be another device, like your router. .. even though things worked very well before receiving the 'new' modem.

    If the MacBook Air listed in your slogan is the only Mac you have, then you will need a lightning Apple Ethernet adapter to perform this test.   Maid in Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - Apple

    If connection problems continue when you have the Mac connected directly to the modem, the modem would then become a strong suspect.  This is possible.  But, it is also possible that the connection remains stable throughout your test... and if it's the result, TWC has strong arguments to say that their service and the modem are working well.

    Until then, you really don't know if you have a modem problem, a problem of the airport, or as can sometimes be the case... a modem - router compatibility issue. In such cases, the modem out OK and airport does as well, and each manufacturer blames the other for the problem.

    Please post on your 'test' results in the next few days.

  • Problems with AirPort Extreme and Qwest Modem/Router.

    I have a Qwest ActionTec 1000 DSL VDSL2 gateway and want to disable the functions of router wireless and those through direct AirPort Extreme. I know that in the Modem I have to disable the functions of addressing and turn them in the AirPort Extreme to avoid address conflicts, but what are the settings I need to change in both devices? And what is "A Transparent bridging" on the side of the modem?

    But what are the settings I need to change in both devices?

    Sorry, we can't help on the settings for the modem/router, because it would be a question of Qwest as to if this is even possible and if so, if Qwest will support this type of installation. Sometimes the ISP lock modem/router settings, and although it seems as if you can change the basic configuration of the unit, you can really.

    Yes, it is possible that another user of Qwest has done with the same modem/router you have and an AirPort Extreme... and may know the answer... but the chances of the person who holds this information also to see this post are slightly above zero. But, I guess it's possible.

    If the modem/router can be configured to operate only as a simple modem, then the next step would be to get your Mac connected directly to the modem to test the connection in this way. If Qwest is going to help you, they will do it no doubt with your Mac connected directly to the "modem" as well.

    Once you know the exact details of the PPPoE authentication to establish a connection, these parameters can be transferred to the AirPort Extreme and removed from your Mac. To do this, you reset the AirPort Extreme back to default and then put settings in place again. The installer should detect the PPPoE connection and then ask for your login information.  After this, the correct settings apply to AirPort Extreme during the installation.  You can still use the same wireless network name and password you used before if you wish, or set up a new network name and password.

    PPPoE on the routers of the airport, at least in my experience, was not a reliable way to connect when I tried this in the past, but you don't really know how well... or even if... it will work until try you it. Unless you really want the airport to distribute IP addresses to devices on your network, things would be a lot more simple if you went ahead and used the modem/router "such what" and then let the airport works in Bridge Mode to transfer information in connection with network devices.

    When you have the modem/router converted to act as a simple modem and made a successful connection using your Mac connected directly to the "modem", post back and we can help with the configuration of the AirPort Extreme if you need more advice.

Maybe you are looking for