Movie Maker problem: music stops and the screen goes black

Have loaded slides and music for Windows Live Movie Maker and I'm reviewing before creating the movie.  At one point, the music stops playing, but still slides.  If I stop and move the cursor over a photo and continue to play... no music will play and darkens the display great movie on the left.  Pictures always appear on the right.  Any thoughts?


Maybe it's a compatibility issue with the format of the music file.

The project plays correctly if you delete the file from music/s?

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    Here's a photo I hope this can help, if it please click on accepted solution or glory, but only if I helped.

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    See you soon.

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    Kind regards


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    uninstall all cc, clean by use the CC cleaning tool to resolve installation problems. CC, CS3 - CS6 and then restart your computer.

    If that solves the problem, install the application of cc, Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps desktop | CC free trial Adobe

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    original title: after I Log In, the screen goes black. Help me!!!

    Hi Kooper93,

    You can also try theclean boot to see if this is due to a program/process.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Try it to see if that helps

    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Click hardware and sound.
    3. Click on power options or change the energy saving settings.
    4. Click on thechange when the computer sleeps.  in the left side control panel. If you want the computer do not go to standby mode or turn off the screen, select never.

    You can even find in the link

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    When I turn on the computer of gateway, the machine starts and the initial window logo starts and runs for about five seconds.  Then the screen goes black instead of blue and stays black for about 10 seconds.  A 'Power SAVE MODE' appears.  The machine is dead to all orders.  I have to stop by pressing the off button.  I can turn back and the F10 key to get in Mode safe mode with networking.

    I tried to reinstall Windows XP original but it would erase my files.  I tried to restore the last good configuration also knowledge.  That did not work.

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    have a screen saver password photos.  As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black.  What can I do?

    I don't know what is causing this problem but would be
    suspicious, it is related to a corrupted or obsolete
    video driver.

    Might be interesting to try to reduce your graphics
    Hardware acceleration instructions
    in the following article.

    How to put in back of graphics hardware acceleration
    (scroll down to: "If you are using Windows 2000 or XP")

    If they improve the question, you should look for the
    site Web of MFG. your video card
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    site of the manufacturer of your computer.

    If you do not know the make and model of your
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    supplied with the computer.

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    And then press ENTER.

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    can restore your full acceleration.

    Good luck...

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    -Installing and re - install, it's what makes work - although I've still "hardware... use" unchecked.

Maybe you are looking for

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