OfficeJet Pro 8500: new ink cartridges does not

I have a HP Officejet Pro 8500.  It's probably 2 or 3 years.  He says not what 8500, but I think it was
a diagnosis 'as model A909a.  My level of printing showed that the black ink cartridge must be replaced.  I knew too because what should have been print black was printing a red light faded.  I replaced the black cartridge with a HP product, but it is always print red and get more faded.  Any ideas what could be the problem?  Thank you!

UPDATE!  Good news!  Somehow I discovered that I needed to update the software. I think it could have been through the option "Scan Doctor".  When I tried to install the software on your computer it wouldn't.  But I went directly to the HP software download site, informed my hardware information and that worked!  I downloaded and installed the updated software and that fixed my problem of black ink cartridge.  I'm so happy and proud of myself!


I found the solution for me!

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  • HP Officejet Pro L7500 cyan ink cartridge does not print

    My Officejet Pro L7500 has been used for several years without any problems printing.  Recently, my documents printed blue display order.  I replaced the cyan cartridge, and made sure all cartridges have plenty of ink.  I ran the printer to clean the heads, align the cartridges, test print, etc..  Blue ink just doesn't appear.  I also removed the cyan cartridge, blew some air in ink consumption and succeeded him.  The printer gives message that there is a problem.  Is there a solution?

    This means that you need a new printhead cyan/black. This youtube show you how to replace the printhead. The print heads are usually sold where get you the cartridges.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500: New color cartridges do not work

    I have the model A909a. It was working fine until I replaced the old ink cartridges. Since I put in the new, black works well enough, the magenta works occasionally and work of yellow or cyan at all. They are not expired. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions. Align the print heads not on either. I ran the function of print head cleaning, print head alignment function and calibration. Nothing works. The color ink levels are declining, but I certainly don't know where he's going.

    I hope you can help.


    As you have tried cleaning print head, the question could be the print head.

    You may need to replace the printhead (cyan/magenta or yellow/black)

    Click HERE to check what printhead needs to be replaced.

    Buy print HEAD connect to

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless - ink cartridges

    I have had this unit for about two years. Use it mainly for scanning, not a lot of printing.

    After about four months, after printing next to nothing with him, I had to replace all four cartridges. Not one, but he had to have all four. All four ran empty cartridges at the same time.

    About eight months later, ditto.

    About eight months later, ditto.

    And now, about eight or nine months later, once again.

    I don't use it enough to empty one of the ink cartridges in this period of time, much less than each of them.

    What is happening on that he needs new ink cartridges so often?

    It is absolutely impossible that all four ink cartridges would go dry at the same time - four times. Is something wrong with the printer?

    Windows XP. The cartridges were all HP.

    Thank you.

    Hi stevewest26,

    If you leave the printer turned on 24/7 the printer will do a printer maintenance to avoid the cartridges get clogged. During the maintenance of the printer it use some of the ink in all 4 cartridges to properly initiate the print heads and keep the printer in good working order for you when you want to print. It is best to let the printer on so that he could complete the period maintence of this way you don't end up throwing the printheads due to jets of a bite. If you are not using this printer to print you may consider a scanjet do your scans. I hope that explains why you see the cartridges being exhausted.

  • OfficeJet pro 8500 a910a: ink cartridge change any help

    I changed all the ink cartridges in my printer except the magenta, and she will still not print the test correctly.  How the test for a bad print head?

    Error message, "faullty or incompatible printer cartridge.  Replacement cartridge with cartridge hp authorized but the printer does not print.  Error message just for rehearsals.     Tried to close all night, connectors disconnected, but still get the error msg.  What to do next? Someone out there have this pproblem, how fix you it?

  • Office Jet Pro 8500 black ink cartridge will not print

    black ink does not print and alignment fails.  I cleaned the printheads through all the levels.  The colors print perfectly but black will not print.  I have reset the printer, run test pages, but still no black ink and unity trys to align, but fails.  The unit is no longer in warranty.

    Hi mariajw,

    Thank you for your answer!

    What I would recommend to do at the moment is to please call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Best regards!

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 has: the printer does not

    Got a message on the control panel may not print, replace the depleted ink cartridge (magenta) to resume printing.  Nothing changed when I replaced the magenta cartridge.  I replaced it once again without change.  I keep getting the same message and therefore impossible to print.

    Hello @dejen and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    If I understand your message that you are having problems with your cartridge.  I would like to help!

    I recommend to start by removing the printer ink cartridges and reset the power supply.  Unplug the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug back in the printer. Make sure that you connect the printer directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to bypass any surge protector or power bar.

    Then, I recommend following the steps in this document:

    A "ink cartridge appears to be missing or corrupt" control panel displays error on the printer

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • New ink cartridge does not print red

    I replaced the ink cartridge and it won't print any red color, all other work


    Contact the manufacturer of the printer

  • Branch HP4500 black new ink cartridge does not work

    I have the HP Officejet 4500 series printer. When I repaled branch HP 901 black cartridge is new, the alignment page went without black, undetected illustrated message text. I went through all the step to check the ink level, to clean the print head, troubleshooting... .but was frustrated. The b & w document print at all. Please advice. Thank you very much.

    What is the warranty ends on the day on the cartridge? (AAAA/MM/JJ) If it is under warranty I had advice contact our telephone support HP...

  • New ink cartridges do not work

    I inherited a printer HP Deskjet 3070, which has already been used. I bought new ink cartridges, but when trying to install these has received the error message that I need to use the cartridges of the establishment to assess the ink levels and once this is done can change for the new cartridges.

    Unfortunately, the printer cartridges comes with do not seem to be setting up those and now the printer accept the original or the new.

    Does anyone know how I can go forward - it doesn't seem to be any problem with the printer?

    Hi @LorieB,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that your new ink cartridges do not work with your HP Deskjet 3070. I'm happy to help with this problem!

    I would like to recommend please call our telephone support to the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Good luck!

  • OfficeJet Pro K850 - ink cartridge does not print

    My K850 printer is not printing cyan. According to the Toolbox of the K850, cartridge series cyan was 75%, and the health of the print head has been fair. The cyan cartridge was beyond its expiration date I replaced it. The new cartridge does not better than the old cartridge print. Before I spend another $40.00 + did someone has something to suggest?

    Although the cleaning of the print head has helped a little, it did not help, so I bought a new cyan print head. When I installed the new print head, the printer automatically aligned to the printhead and now cyan works very well. Unfortunately, the alignment process pointed out flaws in magenta and Yellow Printhead. Now everytime that I print anything the printer goes through a continuous systematic alignment printhead to try to correct the magenta and Yellow Printhead, waste of paper and ink, until I cancel all print jobs. New cleaning of the printheads and the contacts did not help. In the end, no matter what is the status of print head in the tool box, replacing the print heads is the only solution that worked.

  • OfficeJet HP 5510 all-in-One - door locked - ink cartridge does not open.

    Windows XP Service Pak 3, HP 5510 Officejet, printer, USB connection.

    Won't let me open the ink cartridge door.  So, I can not install new ink cartridges.   It started about 3 weeks after I deleted some other software.   When I touch the door to open it, I get this flashing Error Message - "Door open, door close print cartridge."   (but door is not open, it is locked closed).   .   Printer will print documents correct, my problem is that I can't load new ink cartridges.  I could probably force and break on it to open it, but am afraid my printer does not work after that.  I love it and want to continue using it.

    Three times, on different occasions, I crossed the steps on your website to reset the printer.  They did not solve it.  I opened the back of the printer and looked for any paper jams and tips or debri.   I took can air and exploded all over where I could, but nothing came out.  I don't have a paper jam, when this started.

    Is there a code pin or something to get out, the door somewhere?

    If I force rotating door and breaks, the printer works?

    Problem started on December 14, 2010.

    Thank you

    Hello Oldlady10,

    The 5510 JO has a Center door that goes through the top on both sides. It is possible that the door warped a bit in the middle and create a barrier that will not the door opens without a lot of strength.

    Solution: Hold the door with both hands as you open the door, then take both thumbs and press down on the top of the door to repel the distorted area and then lift the pen access door.

  • OfficeJet 5740: New genuine cartridge does not work

    I just bought a new ink a few hours there are the target. I played the installation video and proceeded to the installation of the new ink cartridge. Once I had finished the following pop-up came, "remove and install the specified cartridge, ensuring that it is completely installed, and then tap ok." I pulled out and put it back several times and still does not. I even reinstalled the old ink cartridge to see if it was something I was doing. It installed fine. Help, please!

    Thank you

    Hi, sorry to hear you're having this problem with your new HP power. If you still receive the message after several attempts of insertion of the new supply try to clean the electric contacts following the instructions of Solution 3 in this document support.

    If this does not resolve the issue try reset the printer (Solution 6 in the same document) and if this does not solve it yet take the offer to return to the store and get it replaced.


  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 A910: Selected folder is not writable

    I got this message only when you try to scan in PDF format.  Select JPEG that works.  File is not protected, and I tried several locations.  PDF has worked in the past.

    Hi alhurley,

    Thanks for joining the forums of HP Support for a solution to your problem of scanning.

    I understand that you use a HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one printer with a computer Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and wen you were trying to scan in PDF you received a message that says that the "selected folder is not writable. I would like to help with that.

    What you're probably dealing with is a permissions problem with the folder selected when you try to save the scan. I visited the communities of Apple Support and found a possible solution, click here to visit this page.

    Someone else found that they had to create a new folder to save the scans at because the older folder was left by an upgrade of Mac OS X.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g: My printer is not wireless...

    Hello! I tried for three days to get my printer to print something. For some reason, my HP Officejet Pro 8500 all-in-One a909g is not printing.

    I tried to update the drivers to see if that was the problem, but for some reason that my printer is not connected to my HP laptop wireless. The connection for some reason any broke. Whenever I go to enter the WPA code (which is correct and yes I put it in place for WPA and WPA2 not) it keeps refusing to connect to my laptop.

    If someone could help me please, it is something that I really need for my studies and we just replace the ink and Printhead and cannot afford to replace really. Thank you!

    Thank you to try the Wireless Setup Wizard.
    Seems strange that the printer is not able to connect to the home network.

    If your printer is close to the router, you can connect using an Ethernet (Lan) cable.

    You will still need to install the printer software when you do this so that the drivers are properly configured i.e. non-plug-and-play.

    Hope that helps!

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