On Satellite A60 Pro BIOS recovery procedure?

Hello after updating of the procedure of flash, computer power not on. (only 3 seconds)
Bios recovery how?
Sorry for my English.
Thank you for your help.

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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I m afraid BIOS is screwed up, and you will not be able to recover.

On this forum I found an interesting thread - http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=54395

Check it out. Maybe this will help. If not I'm afraid you need professional m help with it.

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    Black's screen/no post problem.

    What is the keyboard shortcut or the CORRECT for the bios recovery procedure?

    Everyone made a SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER?

    Me he fixed, SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER

    Thanks for your help

  • satellite a60 upgrate bios 1.9 b fail

    Hi everyone and especially for the people of toshiba'
    I have a toshiba satellite a60 psa (60th) and during the bios update 1.9 b, my bios crashed between installation 1/2, and now I'm desperately really distressed. My last version was 1.9 and worked very well. I have the opportunity to re write the Bios, but I can't find the 1st version. Please answer soon.

    Hello Viorel

    As far as know it of not possible to downgrade the BIOS. If the device has a newer version of the BIOS, you can t install the old version. In addition if you damaged the ROM because of the wrong BIOS update procedure, you will need to contact Toshiba partner.
    Unfortunately, only the ASP can install the BIOS again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60: Need a recovery CD

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A60-682 (PSA60E), and two weeks ago the HD crashed.
    Unfortunately I lost the recovery CD and I can't rebuild the OS (Windows XP Home Edition) and drivers.
    I asked the authorized Toshiba Service partner, but they told me that the recovery for my Satellite A60 CD is no longer available.
    There are only 2 solution:
    (a) buy a new CD of Windows XP with Microsoft license and install the drivers (download from the Toshiba site)
    (b) a copy of the recovery CD for Satellite A60 of another user who has this model of laptop.

    Could someone help me? Could someone send me a copy of the recovery CD?

    Thanks in advance


    I agree with Irian. The Toshiba should always have the recovery CD.
    Visit this link:

    You will find all service partners.

  • Replace HARD drive by another on the Satellite A60 Pro?

    Hello world!

    I was wondering if I could replace my hard drive (4K 40) on my TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A60, if so, please tell me how.

    Thank you!


    AFAIK removed some covers if you want to change the HARD drive. Sorry, I don t find any detailed instruction how to replace the hard drive. I recommend you ask the service partner for details.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60-106 BIOS update Boot failure causes

    Hi, last night I tried to upgrade the BIOS on my PSA60E satellite to the latest version.

    It seems to have failed because I can no longer turn the machine, the lights come on and the player clicks a couple of times before she turned off her car, this process takes about 2 seconds. That this problem occurred immediately after upgrading the BIOS I guess that the 2 are related.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to my next step?

    Thanks in advance Pete.


    Well, if it s not possible to start unit after update BIOS procedure it seems that you have damaged module ROM. In this case, it is not possible to do something.
    In my opinion the best way is to contact the service partner. Only the ASP can handle the problem :(

    Good bye

  • East - Satellite A60 Pro supports Direct3D?

    Satellite Pro A60 does support direct3d? The latest display driver is very old - 11/08/04.


    I think so. You already have all the Direct3D tests?

  • Is it possible to install minPCI WLAN on Satellite A60 Pro


    I have a Satellite Pro A60 which was purchased for me around 2002/03. [Satellite Pro Model A60EN number PSA65E] I have always used the net via a USB dongle, which is really annoying and often unrealible. So I was wondering if there are any Wireless internal PCI cards that will be compatible with the laptop?

    I know that I have not already installed, and where the switch for Wi - Fi should be is just a piece of plastic covering a hole.

    Please help me!

    Thank you


    Hi Craig

    I'll try to clarify some things:
    To my knowledge, some of the Satellite Pro A60 machines are scalable WLan and others not!
    I think that your laptop is not Wi - Fi scalable because there is no such thing as your antenna switch on the side of the laptop.
    > and where the switch for Wi - Fi should be is just a piece of plastic covering a hole

    In my opinion, there are only two ways to use the WiFi network on this laptop. You will use the same USB WLan stick, or you buy a PCMCIA WLan card that is compatible with your location.
    But these cards are more expensive and USB sticks.

  • Satellite A210-171 bios update procedure?

    Good afternoon.

    First post for me and it's like the title says, really.

    The procedure on the support pages ([http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9502M10000R01.htm]) does not appear to cover my case. I downloaded the package to update the bios twice now, but although method 1 seems closest to you, there is that there is no file "BIOS" (Windows batch file) (BIOS.bat). in the package. I'm a little confused and reluctant to move forward without knowing exactly what to do, only too aware of the consequences of being wrong!

    All boards who are authorities on what to do would be welcome.

    Thank you.

    You try to install this update the BIOS?

  • Satellite P10-304 and recovery procedure

    Hi all
    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite P10-304, the problem is that I can't plant recover, it does not boot up to windows xp, so I need to recover it, in any case. When I put in the recovery of 1/2 disc it works fine. recovery comes to ask...

    '1... recover the entire hard disk.
    2... mode Recovery expert
    3... exit ".

    I choose the number one, once I kicked a a similar scree comes up saying...

    The contents of the hard drive should be removed
    1... Cotuninue
    2 Cancel... ".

    Yet once I press number one to continue. Now once I have this button the screen goes black and a message reading...

    ' GDISK (E) no Suck disk fixed - 1.
    GDISK (E) No. suck fixed disk - 1"

    Teh screen turns off again and toshiba screen flashes for less than a second and goes off again, with the words

    "!!!!! ERROR!

    Press a key to continue. "

    Once I press any key, the screen remains black with this message now on the monitor.

    "Date: Fri Aug 1 12:51:36 2005.
    Number of error: (11030)
    Message: Invalid Destination drive

    "[PgUp] / [PgDn] [ESC].

    Once I Press esc, this screen comes up and it's been I can't go any further.

    X:\ >

    X:\ >

    It comes to have I'm stuck and can't get that much. I do not think that when recover what it is supposed to go that far, but there is, y at - it another way to reset the laptop may be a reset button on one of the panels under somewere I'm missing or batch should be thrown in the trash. Any help would be greatly appreciated and well thanks. A response as soon as possible would be great, thanks in advance.


    I am sorry to say that it resembles a discarded HARD drive.

    You can boot from a floppy drive and see the HARD drive at all. If you can, then I suggest trying to format the drive in this way and then tries again.

    If this isn't the case, then you should get a new drive.

  • Satellite A60-120 BIOS access

    This summer, my A60 blocked at the end of a USB data transfer. The only way to do something is to turn the laptop off. After, I looked to restart the computer and... nothing. On the screen, I can read in touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA. My first idea is to enter the configuration to see if something is wrong, but I can't find the right sequence. What is this sequence? ESC, F2, F1, F12? Please can you tell me the right.
    After that, I put the HARD drive in a USB adapter and I tested it on another computer. I could see all the partitions and the data files on the HARD drive. I placed the TOSHIBA DVD in Notepad to restore the system, and the disk is detected by the drive but will not start.
    Can you send me the information to restart my computer?
    Thanks in advance.


    When you start the laptop in the lower part of the screen is usually shown info how to enter the BIOS settings. We show just for a few seconds. If I remember correctly, you must use the ESC button to enter the BIOS settings. Just after starting the appliance press the ESC key and I keep t down. After that, you must use the F1 button.

    I put t know exactly what happens with your laptop but if I understood you from the HARD drive is not properly recognized by the system. Am I wrong?

    In my opinion, you must copy all your data to the other PC (in external HARD disk).

    When you put HARD return drive make sure that the HARD drive is in good place.

  • Satellite A60 - Fried Bios

    Hello friends,
    Have only just signed up here so forgive me if im not at the speed about how it all works here.
    A few days earlier, I fried my bios in the A60, and he usually see the same signs of life now.
    I read a post of PEWIT.
    He was able to source a new chip and place it on a decision he had ridden to the Board of Directors, he says.
    Pewit, if you read this post, how are want to put me in the right direction to get these two items of small size, but large needs?
    I had a discussion with my boyfriend down to my store local pc here in albury NSW Australia, and he put me on the idea of having someone to remove the chip on the Board and have a hold placed on the map. So, what I have to do, is get my hands on a writer of the eeprom and using the old chip blurred, write a new bios.
    Even if, ultimately, id rather a new chip.

    Take care friends



    I wouldn t is advised to remove all chips or something like that by yourself.
    Firstly you can t remember that the ROM BIOS chip is dead.
    Secondly it s possibly that can damage other things on the motherboard.

    On the Web from Toshiba site you will find a database with ASP worldwide.
    _eu http://eu.Computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/generic_content.jsp?service=eu&ID=Support_Homepage

    I recommend you ask the technicians to check the computer laptop and if necessary replace the dead part.

  • Message 'Unfair Machine' on Satellite M60 during the recovery procedure


    I would be very grateful if someone could offer me a solution or a Board with reinstalling Windows from the Toshiba product recovery DVD. After obtaining the motherboard on my Toshiba M60 (code PSM60A-0C7OOD) replaced I get the machine wrong message when I try to reinstall Windows.

    I read through the threads of the DMI was updated, but after trying to start the boot CD, I got the error message saying that 'no id of corresponding platform was found' and so am not able to do work. I don't know if it's because the Toshiba M60 is not supported by the dmi updates...

    I noticed that, in the Information System, the model of the system is listed as 0000000000000000000. Have I reason to think that this is the problem and if I could change that for the correct model number of product recovery DVD will work correctly.

    Thank you very much, Mike.

    Hello Mike

    I'm no expert, but as far as I know, a BAD MACHINE message will appear if the string DMI and the label on the image n t game. In my opinion, you should contact the service again and let write them DMI information. Obviously they forget.

  • The Acer Aspire BIOS recovery procedure

    I ran BIOS update program accidentally in my Acer Aspire desktop on windows 10 PC, the program began suddenly and run in the DOS window, then it crashes before finishing, don't know what stage was when crashed on the BSOD, which needed PC to restart to the no reboot No Acer logo, black screen and PC beeps a long short beeps, tried to boot from USB but as long as the screen is black, I can't do anything, only to become recurring beeps.

    You don't know how to recover the BIOS, if someone had this problem with the BIOS and manage to recover the BIOS, I very much appreciate their help on what to do.

    Thank you

    Hi, thanks for the information and the link that I found very useful and informative, to find the good BIOS I couldn't find the option to select the operating system, the operating system is required to download the drivers only. I don't know how to deal with that and if the OS is or is not required when BIOS downloding.

    I also found some information in the user manual on the version of the BIOS and how to recover the BIOS on page 25 failure, but it is unclear what BIOS to use the original during the expedition or the latest version or the other between two release dates?

    What is meant by the wrong BIOS is specific, bad model, or an incorrect date?

    Thank you.

    I look forward to hear from you.

  • Satellite A60 Pro is not booting


    I hope someone here can help you. I know that this laptop is old ages, but it's the only one my aunt and she would that he repaired if possible.

    Basically, the question is this.
    You can start the laptop, all the normal lights light up and the screen with the Toshiba logo and 4 icons at the bottom and then... nothing.

    He's sitting there for centuries, showing the logo and nothing more.
    You can turn it off by holding the power button down and turn it back on again, same thing.
    I did this without the disc without the optical drive and HARD. No difference.

    The worst part, without a keyboard input seems to be accepted. I help ESC, F1 and F12 on separate occasions but no change - goes to the screen of tosh, no other movement.

    HARD drive and optical drive turn up, as in they make noise and you can feel their displacement.

    I'm at a loss and need help please!



    If the laptop is unable to pass the Toshiba start screen, then this would mean that a serious hardware problem has been detected.
    During the startup process, POST (power on self-test) is running (for the POST, you see the Toshiba start screen) and the material is checked. If that fails, the laptop would not boot the system.

    I guess something is wrong with the motherboard. You can see the modules of memory, but in the case where the modules are ok, the mobo may be the troublemaker.

Maybe you are looking for