Portege M200 won't start CD-Rom USB

I tried used, pressing C, changing the Bios and F12 boot boot from CD-Rom. None doesn't seem to work, if anyone has any other suggestions I would be grateful.



Unfortunately I can't help you much about it because I do not have this Portege but I found interesting news on the Portege M200 and support for recovery disks:

The Portege M200 supports the recovery through the BIOS (by pressing 'C') with the USB 2.0 card and PCMCIA (16-bit and Cardbus).
Readers and following (USB, PCMCIA) controllers have been tested successfully:

one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
(b) Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi drive, SN: 5362870112
(c) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a PC Card (16 bit) card, cable II, PCMCIA, Rev.043.242, SN: 18496 043 3999 0343 01093
(d) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a CardBus cable II, MAP of BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The drive used in conjunction with the Contoller PCMCIA or USB is not so important due to the fact that the driver in the BIOS should allow the controller first.
There is a generic CD-ROM drive implemented in the BIOS for the connected player.

Tested with:
Toshiba, PX1054E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 151192845
Card CardBus, cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The "PC Card controller Mode" settings in the BIOS has been 'Automatic Selection '.
This means that you have nothing to change in the BIOS, because it is the default value.

It could happen, to connect the power supply in certain circumstances, for example:
Battery is charged too less.
The PCMCIA supplies unless energy location.

If a player is used with a built in battery, please always connect an appropriate adapter.

For the recovery of USB 2.0, 2 following drives have been tested successfully:
one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
(b) Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi drive, SN: 5362870112
(c) Plextor PX-W4824 TU, USB 2.0 CD - RW drive

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  • Re: Portege M200: need to start Win XP boot disk

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a boot floppy to boot XP tablet edition disc 2005 on my Portege M200.
    If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.


    You must initialize disc?
    I wonder why you need this disc?

    I think you don t know a fact. The diskette of starting in not necessary but you need a compatible CD/DVD player if you want to start from the CD or DVD.

    The Portege M200 supports the recovery through the BIOS (by pressing 'C') with the USB 2.0 card and PCMCIA (16-bit and Cardbus).

    _Following and controllers (USB, PCMCIA) can be used: _
    one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    (b) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2 USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive, SN: 5362870112
    (c) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST SN: 3431490096 with a PC card (16 bit), cable, PCMCIA Card, Rev.043.242, SN: 18496 043 3999 0343 01093
    (d) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST SN: 3431490096 with CardBus, cable II, CARDBUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

    The setting of 'PC Card Controller Mode' in the BIOS should be 'Automatic Selection '.
    This means that you have nothing to change in the BIOS, because it is the default value.

  • Portege M200 does not start

    I have a Toshiba Portege M200 with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition. When I turn on the computer, I get the following message is displayed:

    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - MOF: Exit Intel Boot Agent
    Insert system disk in drive.
    Press a key when you are ready.

    When I insert the recovery and Applications/drivers DVD Portege M200 Series, the same message will reappear.

    What is my next step?

    Thank you.

    This message appears only if the safe portable couldn t of the other sources and tries to boot from LAN.

    The question is; Why the Portege M200 doesn't boot from the HARD drive?
    In my opinion, there are two possibilities; There is no OS on the HARD drive or the HARD drive died.

    I think that this should be checked first

  • Portege M200: How to start the installation of the OS?

    I have a m200 and going in all directions, I don't think I'm technical enough to solve this problem, even with assistance.

    I want a reset/install, but obviously I need a compatible external drive for what I can not afford.

    I want to start on a SD card, I heard that I could do. Just copy the files from recovery dvd on the SD card?

    Can I get another copy if I lost mine?

    Well, to install the OS on this disc, you will need a compatible player (as mentioned)
    Of course, the device supports the SD card startup BUT to use it, use the Toshiba SD Boot Utility memory which is preinstalled on your image.

    This utility creates start-up just on the SD card files to boot into DOS mode.
    It s a similar on a startup MS-DOS disk.

    As you can see you can not use the SD card to install the OS: (unfortunately

  • Tablet WON'T start from any USB drive to the UEFI format unless it has the installer of Windows 8!

    Hello! I've done many tutorials online, which none have worked. Here's my question:

    I am trying to install Windows 7 on my shelf (I have on an another USB drivers). However, I plug it into the dock the Tablet and turn it on and go into the BIOS, and that's where. But when I try to boot from it, the screen flashes and it goes back to the boot in the BIOS. With the help of Rufus, I tried all combinations (TPG for UEFI, MBR computers for UEFI computers, etc.) and none of them work! To test if the USB was defective, I loaded an iso image 8.1 install 64-bit Windows on the drive, and to my surprise, it started from the drive and started the Setup program! I can't start the Windows 7 installation. I tested the stick in my laptop UEFI and it starts very well! What I am doing wrong? Will this work? probably not, but I am bit agitated-e-f (see below)

    1 start from a Windows 8.1 Installation USB key, but by replacing all other files on the disk with the Windows 7 installation version so it force install Windows 7 instead of 8

    System Specs:

    Intel Atom Z3735F @ 1.33 GHZ (Turbo boost up to 1.83 GHz)

    2 GB RAM DDR3

    EEMC Samsung 32 GB Flash storage module

    BIOS: Version 2.16.1242 Aptio Setup utility

    Interesting thing is that in the BIOS, it is said that to enable secure boot (did not you or off), CSM must be disabled. I guess it is, but I can't find where to turn them back on. Site Web de American Megatrend will not let you submit a support ticket, unless you are in a company :|

    Thank you!


    I can certainly understand your concern. As it is a problem with the BIOS of the computer, and the preceding troubleshooting steps provided by the Support engineer do not work, I suggest you contact the manufacturer.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

  • Portege M200 - Toshiba start screen appears and then nothing

    My Portege M200 does not start.

    Turn it on and toshiba start screen appears and remains like that. Nothing works (or F2 to enter the BIOS)

    Any ideas?


    To me, it looks like hat it is a certain hardware for computers problem stops at the screen of the Toshiba BIOS...

    It's really hard to say what could be the reason

    First of all, you must follow the instructions in this article and maybe it helps:
    [What steps must be followed if your Toshiba laptop does not start? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=21]

  • My Portege M200 starts very slowly

    A week ago, my computer decided to go slow on me, it took five minutes to load upwards from when I walk, I thought that I could easily solve this problem using windows restore and go before that this was the case. (it happened after I defragmented my hard drive which was strange)

    Restore did not work and now some of the programs do not work as tablet pc Input Panel.
    Some drivers have gone haywire, my external floppy drive and CD - RW will not work now, (the cd is an ide to usb in an external case)

    I have a portege m200.

    is their anyway I can fix it these things?

    I want to reset the entire computer sing condition factory recovery CD but it won't start my Player external CD and i cant aford another.


    Well, if you want to retrieve the device you so you need a supported and compatible Toshiba external drive. Not all external drives are supported and work correctly.
    The Portege M200 supports the recovery through the BIOS (by pressing 'C') with the USB 2.0 card and PCMCIA (16-bit and Cardbus).
    As far as I know the discs, you can use:
    Toshiba PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive,
    Toshiba PX1055E-1NST (16-bit) PC Card Reader, cable II, PCMCIA

    Well, if you have n t not one so you can contact Toshiba. It should be possible to install the OS.

  • Portege M200: Start-up of the SD in HDD external

    "M200 Recovery using the floppy disk or SD card
    Posted the: August 15, 2005 10:36
    I am posting this in the hope that it will help other people seeking to use the CD/DVD recovery, but without a bootable CD. I want to thank the Toshiba of TabletPCBuzz.com forum


    for the inspiration of how it was done.

    1. you'll need a floppy drive or an SD card over any type of CD player. If your M200 is not working properly, you must also have access to another computer to prepare the floppy.

    2. you will need to download a software: IsoBuster
    and WinImage
    or similar programs.

    3. put the CD of recovery in any computer and start IsoBuster. Click on Bootable CD on the left and then on the right you should see a file .img size 1.41 MB on the right. On my CD, it's called harness Boot Record.img. Right-click on it and extract the file. Close IsoBuster

    4. open WinImage and then file/open the .img file. This will be your disk with all the drivers on CD you need to boot. The disc, ensure that the floppy A: use is checked then Disk-write disc. Close WinImage

    5. connect the floppy and CD drives to your M200 and boot from the floppy. It will take time to find the CD, but it will and you will eventually get the recovery screen.

    That's all! If do not have a floppy drive, but have an SD card and a work M200 then Toshiba SD card program will put the .img on the SD card file and you can then start from there.

    There is a good chance that this method works for other Toshiba laptops, but I can't verify this"
    (author stephem)

    This works!

    What I want to know is, is it possible to somehow initialization of the SD card and instead of the CD player, it finds my external ide drive hard USB and boot off the windows on that?

    Thank you.


    I hope after a long time, you will end your problem. Compatible for your M200 Portege are:

    (1) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    (2) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive,
    (3) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), with a PC Card (16-bit), II, PCMCIA, cable
    (4) Toshiba PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), with a BUS of the CardBus CARD, cable II

    When you install recovery image remember that this external device has enough power. I recommend to use the external power supply AC for ODD (if available).

    I also found some information, you can use:
    one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    (b) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive

    I hope that you will find on which is the best for you.

    Good luck!

  • Bootable USB-CD/DVD drive need for Portege M200

    I couldn't find any list with bootable USB-CD-& DVD-ROM-drive for Portege M200.
    No boot on USB drive. Some change to the boot of other USB devices?

    Sorry for my English


    Please check this thread:

    Horwath user posted a link to the Toshiba document that gives all the information on the CD/DVD bootable USB drives.

    In addition, you can buy a compatible USB WEIRD of the ASP from Toshiba

  • Portege M200 upgraded from 1 GB to 3 GB of memory - pc does not start


    I bought a Toshiba M200 with 1 GB of memory. I had a problem with slow applications and freezing so I decided to add 2 GB more RAM.
    The dealer where I bought my laptop said it's max capacity is up to 4GB. I would just ask if it's true?

    Another is, what could be the reason why it will not start if it can be upgraded to up to 4GB? I need a BIOS update, or is it the RAM, I bought that has the compatibility issue.
    Another point while the 2 GB that I bought works perfectly when it is inserted, but when it is inserted as the 1 GB of RAM, this is the time where my laptop won't boot.

    The two are Kingston KVR667D2S5. Don't know if that would help.

    Thanks in advance!

    You posted in the category of satellites. Are you sure that your laptop is a laptop satellite model.
    Please, check the label on the underside and we post the exact model name and model number.

    BTW: If you have Portege M200 it can be upgraded up to 2 GB only.

  • Cannot start Portege M200 from SD card


    I recently bought a used Portege M200 and I'm unable to install an operating system.

    The situation: I got the laptop with a trial version basis of win XP Home Edition I couldn't use. It would not boot from external dvd player usb I bought, so I installed a linux system hd with the laptop from a friend, then install via this machine (this method does not work with windows however).

    After reading many articles from those who have encountered the same problem, I decided to go and trying to boot from an sd card, which offers various possibilities to install windows.
    I tried a lot of things, but still could not boot from sd.
    I use an SD card of 2 GB Panasonic class 4.

    -Toshiba sd-utilities (AFAIK) only work on toshiba windows machines, so that they are of no use to me
    -People say that place an image of a boot on the SD disk, naming $tosfd000.vfd or $tosfd00.vfd (tried both) would make the case, but no.
    -When switching to FDD-> HARD drive boot order->... or using the third option in the toshiba start screen green led beside the card reader will Flash once, but then directly boot linux from the HARD drive.

    Specifications: Toshiba Portege M200, 2 GHz, bios is ACPI v.3.01 (which is a little confusing because the version the most recent that I found for the portege is 1.8)
    If someone messed up the bios in installig a version that is not compatible with my laptop?

    any help much appreciated!


    really strange case, but one of the first suggestions would be to try another SD card because it is possible that the card is not recognized correctly.
    A good idea would be to try some transcend cards... but just try another card and give a feedback if it worked.
    It would be really interesting if it works...

    See you soon

  • New hard drive installed on Portege M200 but does not start

    I upgraded the hard drive in my Portege M200 from 4 GB to 80 GB using Parted Magic to clone the original disc. Cloning complete successfully, but instead of starting with the new drive, the M200 simply display a blinking cursor when turned on. Any help is very appreciated.

    TIA, update


    Maybe you can try one of the below to solve your problem:

    BUT! ALWAYS keep a backup!

    Boot the system with a flexible BACK (with fdisk.exe inside) to restore the MBR by typing


    This works even on a SATA drive. Start alternative all Win2k or XP installation CD, go to the console command and issure of recovery


    See you soon


  • Not enough power USB on Portege M200?

    Whenever I try on my Portege m200 portable USB devices, they do not work as long as they operate in a mode powered by bus, for example without external power. I wonder if the Portege does not offer enough USB power for some devices.

    Here is what I tried:
    (1) Freecom FS 50 - a slimline dvd burner comes with 2 usb cables. According to Freecom they will be powered by usb simply by adding the power of 2 usb ports. Result: The drive is not yet seen in my m200. Using of external power supply, the drive works by usb as expected.
    (2) pinnacle PCTV 200e - external dvb - t receiver. Is recognized, but produces errors in any receiver software I've tried. However working on the FUSi Lifebook S series.

    Can anyone confirm the waekness of USB ports? Suggestions or tweaks plus a train external powered usb hub?


    The USB ports provide 500mA. It is a standard USB. If the external USB devices need more power than USB ports allow in most cases the external power supply is required.
    You can also try plugging the USB hub with an external power supply, then connect the external USB devices to the USB hub.

    In addition, you can try to change the settings in the properties of the USB root hub.
    Go to the device manager select USB hub root, select properties and go to the power management tab.
    Here, you can disable the option: "allow the computer to turn off this device?

  • If my printer USB cable is connected, my computer won't start?

    If the printer is on and the USB port connected.  The computer won't start.  If I turn on the laptop with the USB plugged in and as it starts and then turn on the printer, everything works fine.  Almost ok.  I think I should be able to leave the printer on all the time as I do at work.  Then when I start the computer, the printer is ready.  Every other printer I've ever had worked this way.  Any suggestions?

    Maybe the printer looks like a hard drive (some printers have card readers that make them look like a disk) and the computer attempts to boot from the USB drive instead of the hard drive?  It would be a modification of the settings in the BIOS

    'Teething problems of a PC with a connected external USB drive.

    Another article I found...  Not sure I can add much further than.

    "USB device does not initialize at startup or Windows XP no longer meets the start or stop"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/830957 >


  • Portege M200 - bought on Ebay and frustration comes


    I m new here and I want to ask for a warm welcome. I purchased a M200 on Ebay and he received two days before. The M200 hasn t had a DVD player and I have no recovery CD or software for my Toshiba. I have a Toshiba external slimline PCMIA CD-ROM, but more of him later.

    I found a lot of information based on this topic, but really nothing has worked for me, that article why I ask my questions here. So far, I'll tell you what I tried...

    I bought VISTA Home Premium and want to install on my M200.

    On my M200 FreeDOS short.

    I tried:

    1. use my USB drive as a floppy using a HP tool that simulates a USB drive as a disc of floppy (FDD). I ve a copy all the contents of the Vista DVD for my USB. Then I ran the BIOS on the M200, select FDD as first boot option, but nothing happens, it still start FreeDOS.

    What I'm doing wrong, Boot USB (diskette) works on the M200?

    2. as there is an external Toshiba CD Player included in my M200, I thought the first installation of a Windows XP disk. In the first period the player seems to not work, but after some time, it worked and I put my Windows XP on it. He loaded the disc, and the typical blue screen for the start-up of the plant came. But after a few seconds he stopped and said "could not read the data xxxxxx.xx, error 7. I tried two more times and same error appeared, only that it was another file that could not be read, and another error number.

    I read and I don't know if it's true:

    I have red somewhere that I can only install Windows XP which was used on the recovery CD from Toshiba (that the CD was not included in my M200). So I can't use for OS install the recovery CD and any other normal XP CD?

    Or is there an error with my external CD drive? Currently, it doesn't work again...


    I have red the following link to install Vista on M200 by a PXE server:


    and this one


    The first link says I can go point 13 of the second link:

    Umbrella and that's what bothers me. They tell me. Turn on your Toshiba M200 and press F2 to select the network. I press F2, but nothing happens, I see the Toshiba logo but nothing happens... If I press on enter, then come back to FreeDOS...

    Also on the second link, I tried to start from the point 1. But in point 5, the word:

    Unzip the contents of "BFD package full v1.0.7.zip" in a temporary directory. Open a command prompt and navigate to the temporary folder. Run the command "bfd msnet" in order to create the startup disk.

    I don't have a floppy drive. They tell me to run bfd.msnet from the command. Cmd.exe command is? If Yes, what should I type in to get bfd.msnet run?

    I knew that installation would be very difficult and I kindly ask for personal assistance. If you can speak German, it would be nice to answer in German.

    Up to now



    As you can see in this thread, you can install Vista on the Portege m200 and it works fine:

    The point is you need a PCMCIA compatible CD/DVD drive to boot from the Vista DVD.

    This thread will show you how to install OS without using the external CD/DVD drive:

    It describes the procedure for Portege R100, but it should also works on an M200

    Good luck

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