Problems Audio L420


I am having some problems with my new L420. Specifically, I have problems with the integrated audio system. Generally, the output seems to work very well (for example watch videos, general windows sounds), but I had problems with some applications (e.g. Skype) where the speakers are recognized but don't quite work. However, a bigger problem is the microphone on board, who has never worked since day one.

I tried to change the sound settings in the control panel of Windows 7, and while the microphone is listed under recording devices, it does not all sounds. The Wizard "Configuration microphone", sound recorder and Skype all have the same question in the detection of the microphone input, sometimes accept that the microphone is, other times not, but never receive any sound.

-J' cut and it mutes in sound properties, using the Lenovo Communications and using keyboard shortcut keys.

-J' uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Realtek audio driver (on the Lenovo site).

-J' checked in the BIOS that the microphone is enabled (section 'Security' > "IO devices").

In addition, from time to time the speakers (under sound > playback devices) cannot be configured, saying 'Impossible to play tone' when tested. This problem is not always the case and is not easily replicated, but when this happens that it affects other Windows applications.

I hope that there is someone out there who can help me with this! Thanks in advance!

System information:

Lenovo L420

Windows 7 Home Premium

Core i5 - 2410M, 4 GB Ram

Integrated fingerprint reader, webcam, speakers, and microphone (apparently)

Hey Jackson,.

You can try this...

1 uninstall the latest audio drivers
2. let win7 install the generic audio drivers
3 test the audio and microphone with the generic drivers via windows sound and sound recorder.

If it works, then reinstall Skype and make Skype test call.

check and see if it works. If it's not; I suggest you get in contact with the technical support of Skype

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    The parameters must match your settings in the sound control panel in Windows.  Don't know if that's the problem.  Just a thought.

  • iPhone 4 s problem audio on iOS 9.3.2 when powered

    Hello community support.

    Im having a strange problem on my 4S running iOS 9.3.2 when under tension. When it is connected to the power of Google Maps as Apple begins to repeat and maps don't stop repeating a steering control when the speaker. In fact, it looks exactly like broken record. Usually only so he can stop is to unplug it from the power source. Sometimes it will stop smoking app but not usually. It's very annoying if I need to be connected while driving somewhere and using an application of cards. Also does the same thing in spotlight search when you use the audio search. There hung noise doesn't either stop unless it is unplugged. IM using an approved charger car BTW Apple and only Apple Chargers original in my home, same problem. It is now the second replacement phone warranty from Apple, the last one I exchanged for having exactly the same problem (it's less than months). I'm starting to think it's a problem of software bug now and not material. He does the error in some applications and not others like the music or other. Its only in applications that need to start and stop sound automatically. I tried all the normal stuff, hard reboot and delete Google Maps app and fooled with it. Im going to try a full restore before joining Apple store. If anyone has had the same issue and has a fix for this problem that would be greatly appreciated. I really want to have to waste time in Apple store just for them to give me another phone that will probably be the same question. I even went so far as to the update the phone to Beta software version 9.3.3 iOS but problem always manifested.

    Hello mojo design,.

    Thank you for being part of the community of Apple!

    It is my understanding that you are experiencing audio that repeats itself when using some applications.  That would certainly make using these applications an unpleasant experience.

    You need to isolate the problem in either a hardware problem or a software problem.  To do this, you'll want to restore as new iPhone when you go and restore your phone.  Since this will delete everything on the iPhone, remember to first create a backup. Backup instructions can be found here:

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    Once you have a backup, restore as new iPhone, follow these steps:

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    Don't forget to set up your device as a new device rather than restore the device from backup.  Once restored as new iPhone, adding all the other Apps, test the iPhone and see if the problem persists. If the audio is always repeat, this indicates a hardware problem and the best option would be to have the iPhone to be checked by a service provider authorized or at an Apple Retail Store.  You can find the closest looking here:

    Find locations.

    If the problem is more current, then go ahead and restore the backup using the same instructions:

    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore backups.

    This time, don't forget to use the restore of your device instructions.

    If the problem happens again, this seems to indicate that there is something load from the backup that is causing the problem.  If this happens, you will need to configure like new again and then install the applications you need on the phone, the test after each installation until you determine what App is causing the problem.

    See you soon!

  • P1C61EA #ABZ: problem Audio (driver?)

    Hi, yesterday I updated to W10 anniversary. After that, my PC has a lot of audio problems, include the bass too metallic. So after reading in this forum I've updated the driver (sp74867), but doesn't my audio control (F6 key on the keyboard) and the volume is too low. When I restart my laptop updated driver disappears, with the previous one, with all the problems.

    I also tried, without success, the Windows troubleshooting tool, but nothing.

    What can I do?

    Thanks to advice.



    Try download and install the package of audio software on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite L755 - problem Audio/video using the WLAN connection


    Recently got a Toshiba L755 and have a problem with the playback audio & video since I got it.
    I've updated the latest drivers for the Conexant HD Audio card and it made no difference.

    Essentially during playback there are a sound intermittent distorted during playback mp3, video playback and online stream.

    I tried different programs and the same thing, however, when I have a LAN cable presents no problem - it's only when I'm connected to the wireless network.
    I have a netgear router which works fine.

    Can someone please tell me what might cause the wireless create this problem and how to fix?

    Thank you very much

    Strange you noticed this in battery mode and mode of AC adapter as well?
    Maybe a few Wlan signal interference can cause this

  • Satellite L755 - 1 1 PSK2YE - problem audio / sound

    Hi all

    I have a toshiba satellite L755 1 1 PSK2YE and same time he has a problem with audio - sound.

    The sound is ok for 3-5 minute after it shut down, after the resumption of 3-5 minutes, after 2-3 minutes.

    I have install all drive and OS (WINDOWS 7 and 10), but the problem is not solved.

    If I go to devices reading see attached Picture1 passing of the playback to the recording tab with a simple click of the mouse audio released a 10-30 seconds.

    reading tab mutual registration to RESUME audio playback devices

    can help me please.

    I have Toshiba L755-1 MB, PSK30E-04U006Y4... with Conexant Smartaudio HD, same audio problem. Its just cut randomly and turns back the same way as everyone else.

    I can turn it back on for a few minutes even if I go to sound options and just spent reading in recording tab without changing anything. I also tried everything from the pilot replacement windows 7 Ultimate update disable all improvements etc. everything works for a short time and that his cut back again.

    I like someone finally would come up with a solution for this big problem thanks to you all! I found MANY people having this piece of the issue there was no jet solutions.

    Here are two pages about this

    I tried everything nothing works, so please if anyone knows it please tell us magical solution.


  • Problem Audio Line Out HP Docking Station A7E36AA #ABB


    I have the Elitebook 8570p (Win7 Pro x 64) and the Docking Station A7E36AA # ABB

    I plugged my speakers with audio line out of the docking station, but the sounds of music 'flat', without no bass.

    I tried the same speakers with the line out of the elitebook directly and it works.

    I thought that the reason for this is the docking station.

    Yesterday I got from the docking i11X REPLACEMENT, plugged my speakers with its audio line out and got the same failure: his flat without bass.

    Same again: directly after my elitebook, all works.

    I reinstalled the audio driver from the hp supportpage & SP...

    but nothing changes.

    What else can be often cause this problem?

    I hope that there is an adequate solution.

    Best regards



    Thank you for your response.

    Your link refers to the same version of driver as my link (6.10.6435.0; 5.10.6435.0)

    But there is a statement:

    1. download and install the following SoftPaq:

    SoftPaq description

  • Driver problem audio dc7800 on the new version of vista


    Ive rebuilt a dc7800 with vista ultimate, Ive used the drivers from the HP site for audio, vista installs its own drivers automatically in a first time, Device Manager indicates that they work well, but no sound, so I get the driver for vista off HP site, those in Device Manager, install manually again, vista said they work they are not... If I try and just use the executable on HP website for vista drivers, I get a message saying my hardware is different from installing drivers Im for and installation will not be completed, I so try and add them manually with the *.inf in Device Manager, it adds this way, but they are just used to work...

    Ive has spent a lot of time on it, scoured the forums... Can anyone help? It should be a model of support for vista because it comes with vista enterprise... edition, so there must be a pilot on board sound somewhere for me

    Ive tried the audio drivers for all versions of vista provided on the download page of hp drivers, Ive also tried the xp drivers, Ive been to the realteks site and got the driver generic 29 MB for vista that suggest of some forums, what does not work too...

    Please can someone help?

    Right, Ive solved... FINALLY! If anyone else has this problem heres whats happened... The card Radeon HD 3450 what ive put in the willing dc7800 of an HD Audio Controller integrated into the jury! NA not yet realize that... then I disabled the system HD Audio integrated on the dc7800 and it works fine now! I was that combining HD Audio in the bios as my advice on sound and since I wanted to use that was the last thing I thought of deactivation... but disabling that so it uses the controller audio HD built on the Board now gives me perfect sound through the onboard sound... job done

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    I have audio problems with my brand new 900 of Yoga.

    I like everything else on the laptop but when I watch something on my computer audio has always been this noise of crackling CONSTANTLY that the speakers are going out or something. I have the audio a level 12 or 14 when this happens. I never put my noise level above 20. It is really annoying, especially since it's a brand new computer.

    I want to contact technical support, but this site is designed terribly I know even where there are a number of mail or telephone for support.

    Please, any help would be great.

    Thank you

    Hello somang2, welcome to the Forums and I'm sorry that you are having problems with your Yoga 900.

    To contact support, or click the 'Support' link at the top of the page, just scroll down and click on the link 'Contact us' in the support section.

    You will be redirected in Lenovo's Support pages. Probably the fastest option would be to have a hotline to trigger a repair under warranty service. If you choose the 900 Yoga and provide your serial number through the product support page, you should see the support options such as "call me", 'submit a service request' and 'cat '.

  • problem audio g 500 laptop for watching movies

    I have a problem with my laptop suddenly happened.
    Unfortunately, when I see a movie at the following error is displayed.

    My Control Panel - sound - gone. Photos below.

    Whenever I turn on the laptop, if I was disabled be enabled or disabled if you have not been active.
    Please guide me.

    Win7 home premume - graphic of the atm.


    Uninstall one telling Conexant Smart Audio HD

    The other is for the HDMI so just be there

    After you have uninstalled the conexant, download and install the file I linked above


    Solid Cruver

  • Upgrading to Windows XP problems audio dv4 1125nr

    I have a computer hp laptop dv4 1125nr delivered pre-installed with Windows Vista, I downgraded to Windows XP Pro, I have everything well... except for the audio driver.

    I know allot of those that have come down to XP have this problem and allocate people have understood how to get the audio working... Well I can't understand it! Ive looked all over in the HP Forums trying to figure out, I tried to use Devcon... nothing works

    I have install the MS UAA for SP3... because I have SP3... and after I installed... it says that it detected a new hardware... as it should be, right?

    and I realize that I have all of a sudden I have audio... and in a post on the forums of hp, it says to go to Device Manager and update driver UAA High Definition Audio Bus or something like that... Well the only thing that there is no "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC"... everything works fine... until I restart... then he says that there is no audio device... but if I go to control panel and go to add or remove programs... IDT Audio is here.

    Ive tried to use Devcon to fix this usse... but I just can't understand... nothings working...

    If someone can show me how to get my audio working step by step... that would be great!

    Once again, my lapop is a hp dv4 1125nr with Windows XP Pro Sp3

    Did you update to the latest version of the BIOS ? Some have reported that solved audio problem.

  • Acer E5 problem audio hdmi 571G

    Please tell me why when I connect to a TV with an HDMI cable, I have the video signal, but not his!

    I have the latest driver update(video,audio,all)!

    In (audio) playback devices, Digital Audio (HDMI) (not connected) gray apear and I can ' t change anything! "

    The cable is good because works(video+audio) with another laptop and even TV!

    Help, please! I'm updating the bios, installing and reinstalling drivers... nothing works...

    the last things to try, if you haven't tried to alread:

    Uninstall the Intel drivers and check if the HDMI reading is always there and check if it works

    Uninstall the nvidia drivers and check if the HDMI reading is always there and check if it works

    She has some problem of drivers, but without the cell phone in the hands, it is very difficult to restrict the question.

  • Problems audio HDMI - Aspire V Nitro

    Hi all:

    I have a problem with my laptop Aspire V Nitro. I have a Sony amp that I use to listen to the radio and play music. I have 2 speakers and a subwoofer connected to the amplifier. When I play the radio on the amplifier or when I connect an HDMI android Tablet and play music, the speakers and subwoofer working great. When I connect my laptop via HDMI cable, only labour speakers, subwoofer is off. I tried to update the audio drivers, etc, etc, but without success.

    ¿Any idea what's wrong?

    Thank you and best regards,


    Right click on the speaker near the clock icon and the date, choose playback devices, click on HDMI and click on configure, you are able to put the 2.1?

    If this is not the case, check on the options of the Intel VGA drivers.

    I think HDMI is streaming a pure audio (stereo) 2.0 for the subwoofer is not involved, or you should check some settings of your amplifier to activate the subwoofer even without the active secondary channel streaming.

    Please check if your Intel VGA driver is the latest available on the Acer support Web site:

  • Drive problem audio unistall...!


    I have a problem in my audio device
    first of all I don't know my name of the motherboard or audio card type
    I tried many software but none worked and I got this

    When I try to uninstall until I there have to do restart
    but no use

    a help

    You must install the drivers for your sound card. Bring:

    1. site of the device mftr. ; OR
    2. site of the card mother mftr. If the material is on board; OR
    3. website of the OEM manufacturer for your specific machine if you have a PC OEM (HP, Dell, Sony, etc.).

    Read the installation instructions on the Web site where you get the drivers.

    To find out what hardware is in your computer:

    1. read all documentation that you got when you purchased the computer.
    2. If the computer is OEM, access the site Web of the OEM for your specific model machine and look at the specs (you'll be there to get the drivers anyway)
    3. download, install and run a program of inventory of the free system like Belarc Advisor or System Information for Windows. - Belarc Advisor - System Information for Windows
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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