remove the bluetooth droid device

support Bluetooth link does not cover the droid - can not know how to do this.

Thank you very much

From your home screen press Menu-> settings-> Wireless & networks-> Bluetooth settings. If Bluetooth is not enabled, tap Bluetooth. Then find the device you want to remove, tap and hold, then tap the pairing.

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  • Problem removing battery bluetooth / hidden devices / unpublished COM ports

    Having problem completely remove Toshiba Bluetooth stack / hidden devices / unpublished com ports

    I uninstalled Toshiba BT s/w...


    (1) peripheral BT Toshiba hidden appear again and I can not remove (get the error)

    (2) the COM ports occupied by Toshiba BT not out (so they cannot be used by another pile of BT) and always appear in the registry
    ex: friendly name Toshiba BT Port (COM4) always in the registry

    (3) these new com ports do NOT appear in Device Manager

    Thank you

    What COM ports are actually used (must be used) by your current system?

  • Unable to connect, detect, remove the bluetooth mouse

    I have a bluetooth mouse that appear in devices and printers, but I can't connect to it.

    That's what I tried.
    1. I tried to search (add a device) and the mouse discoverable/visible. Windows does not detect it.
    2. I removed the mouse devices and printers. Rebooted yet portable windows, then I tried step 1, do not judge.
    3. once I find the hardware changes in Device Manager, it automatically adds the mouse to devices and printers. I am not able to uninstall this mouse from my system.
    4. I've seen devices hidden in Device Manager and removed the mouse and all bluetooth HID, same enumerator Bluetooth devices. Then I rebooted. I tried the first step. Windows does not detect it. When I check for changes in the Device Manager it add the mouse again.
    I can't figure out how to remove this mouse. I think if can remove it from the registry or somewhere, I can add it again. Therefore, I am unable to remove it or connect.
    I've been using bluetooth during a period of long devices now. I know that for to connect/pair of the device, it must be visible. The mouse is also very well, I can connect to other systems, I can use it even with my cell phone.
    Other information that may be useful.
    Windows 7, Logitech v470
    Service Bluetooth starts automatically. under the local system account logon
    Bluetooth support service will start automatically, logon under the local system account.
    Enumerator Bluetooth is installed.
    I'm using icons improved in devices and printers

    Same problem with the same mouse. Found in some way, by using the system account Local indicates that the Bluetooth service is started, but it doesn't seem to work. I changed Local Service as a user to start the Service of Support of Bluetooth and there's. Everywhere it is documented to change the Local System account, and this does not work! Likewise, it does not detect my BB Phone! Now, all is well with the Local Service.

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

  • Remove the multiple VirtualBench device name

    Hello. There is a problem need advice.

    The PC had been link with some Virtuabench, and it remember its device name even if it had not been connetced. This causes the tech lab get confused and often choose the wrong device. Somethimes the Virtualbench had already been hook upward with testing circult. This will result to return the Virtualbench to verify nom_peripherique is not possible.

    Is there a way to remove the unwanted peripheral VirtualBench in the list?

    Thanks and greetings

    ZachHindes wrote:

    If the device is no longer connected, you can remove it by calling the 'delete device' API ( It should be in the range of VirtualBench under "utilities".

    Ugh, I broke the link, and I can't fix it.

  • Download images via the digital camera. the message on removable disk E saying its now safe to remove the mass storage device

    Cannot download pictures from my digital camera.  I've been able to do recently.  Happened several times, I tried the computer shows small icon at the bottom right it is now safe to remove the removable storage device E.  I recently changed my virus protection providers.  This could be the problem or is it a problem with my computer?

    Hi FrankieLastname,

    Check that the automatic run settings are correct:

    1. Click on the Start orb
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Select auto play

    You should see the card reader that you use for the Sandisk under devices. Select the action you want to take in the drop-down list.

  • DV7-4270us - how to remove the DVD/CD device

    I have dv7-4270us. I need the BlueRay/DVD-ROM is rebooted. HP has this link to remove the device:

    It's all wrong. Where can I find the correct instructions?

    Thank you

    Hi dhs13,

    Take a look at the maintenance and Service of Guide for your model:

    I think that the instructions to remove the optical drive are on page 58.


  • Remove the RAC storage device

    Hi Experts

    Please I need your help with this issue:

    Oracle 11 g Rac 2 two nodes with asmlib.

    Linux Oracle servers under 2.2 LMOS

    Our sysadmin sound gone, he doesn't work here more and I need to remove the 5 storage disk a two node RAC.

    I ve already done:

    1 - put the disks in a DiskGroup

    2 - remove the ASMLIB discs on both nodes.

    Now I need to remove these 5 disks of two nodes, we use no multipath.

    How can I achieve this without having to restart the server or the car?

    What information do you need about my setup?

    Thanks in advance



    Thank you for your answer, in fact, I ve already made activities yesterday.  I delete the partition for each disc, stop the CARS and servers, disconnect drives and join these discs of other CARS and I ve already create an another Diskgroup with those discs.

    Thank you


  • Remove the AutoPlay list devices

    When I moved to Vista I tried to install all my printers, scanners, etc.  I then found that HP has not released drivers for my scanner 5300C so I have to installed software.  However, it remains on my list of devices autoplay ina he's its forms - scanner, fax, etc.  So, when I plug my camera etc and I wonder what device autoplay I want them displayed.  I can find no way to remove them.  Do you know how?

    The foregoing involves registry changes!

    Read the info on the link above; It should be resolved.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Remove the applications on devices with touch 3D

    Could someone please be so kind as to examination of the difference of deleting/moving applications on phones with touch 3D?

    (To all those who might think games will: Yes, I really want to know the answer.)

    To remove an application, as you certainly know, you press the icon of the app for a few seconds until it starts to shake, then press 'x' for the app. The problem on iPhones with 3D Touch, is that if you push too hard, it could be interpreted as a touch of strength, which would call shortcuts to the application rather than enter editing mode. The trick is just to press lightly if your phone has Touch 3D.

  • remove the usb storage device

    I use the safely remove hardware in the taskbar before you remove a USB flash memory.  When I plug in my pc doesn't recognize not unless I restart the computer, is there a way to bypass restarting my computer to recognize memory flash usb again, Ed

    You are welcome.

    Please click "Propose as answer" on this page so that this thread can be closed.

    K M JAI Support general (INDIA)

  • Remove the android ReadyCLOUD devices

    I added Readynas to ReadyCloud and then I change HARD drive again. After a new installation system, I added new Readynas to ReadyCloud.
    How to disassemble the another first for ReadyCLOUD android? Via www interface is no problem.

    Hi n_damian,

    I sent you a suggestion to try. Check your PM Inbox.

  • Computer stops after removing the hardware device.

    Original title: closure of the problem

    Once I am done using bluetooth and easy then disable the bluetooth in my laptop sony vaio, my laptop keeps. It is stuck on the "shutting down" screen and stays just like that. In this case only everytym I use the bluetooth.s


    Thanks for asking! If I understand correctly, you have a problem with the computer to close after removing the Bluetooth device.

    Before I continue, I would like to collect some personal information.

    1. Were there of the last changes made to the system before the show?
    2. You get the error message?
    3. The question is limited to specific device?

    Method 1:

    Follow the link to perform a clean boot check, if it helps.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Note: Once you are done with the boot, follow step 7 in the link to your computer in normal mode.

    Method 2:

    Follow this update of the driver update Bluetooth drivers. Check if it helps.

    Answer with the results, I would be happy to help you further.

  • Satellite M40-145 needs more start after removing the BT to start

    Hello people,

    I am wrinting this post because I think that this version of Bluetooth stack probably has an incompatibility with my toshiba m40 - 145 PSM40E - Windows Xp

    I always remove the Bluetooth Managment (TosBtMng.exe) windows Startup, and now if I do that, I have problems when I'm back from sleep mode. Sometimes, I need to wait more than a minute or two to access the windows. While wainting my monitor stays off and my hard drive is flashing.

    Because I still put TosBtMng.exe to start windows my recovery is ok...

    Do you think this is normal?

    Hey nokai

    Toshiba Bluetooth site and you'll find piles of BT to download

  • How to install the Bluetooth Module for Tecra S1

    I have an old model S1 - PT831E-1DCEE-GR - and you want to install a Bluetooth (PA3121U-1BTM model?), but where should it be mounted?

    Kind regards



    I think that on the Tecra S1 Bluetooth is optional.
    So on some laptops the BT has been installed on some not but I think that it should be possible to upgrade the unit with the BT module. (I hope ;))

    To my knowledge, the BT module must be installed in the place under the keyboard.
    But if you have no experience in these procedures you should t remove or install anything!

    The BT card must be placed above the keyboard area.
    To remove or to install the Bluetooth card, you must:
    1. remove the two white flat head screws.
    2 unplug the cable to antenna with the tweezers.
    3. disconnect the cards-SUMI (flat cables) on the system board.
    4 (remove the Bluetooth card) or (install the Bluetooth card)

    Be careful. But as I said above, usually it should be installed by a technician because the guys have more experience... you know

  • Bluetooth peripheral device driver not found.

    I have a laptop of Lenovo G 570 with professional Windows installed series. I am trying to pair my Bluetooth headset with my laptop, but I can't do it. It says on the troubleshooting, the Bluetooth peripheral device driver not found. Kindly help!


    Check with Lenovo support, their drivers and documentation online and ask in their forum
    on known problems. Also check with the manufacturer of the helmet.

    Support from Lenovo and downloads

    Lenovo forums


    Hardware devices not detected or does not work - a Mr Fixit

    Add a BlueTooth device to your computer

    Set up a Bluetooth compatible device

    The problems with Bluetooth devices

    How to set up a Bluetooth connection

    The Bluetooth item in Control Panel on a Windows Vista SP2 computer does not
    as expected when you click on the element - for Windows 7 this check manually

    If you need drivers try the support site for the manufacturer of your system and/or the site of the manufacturer of the real device.

    BluetoothView is a small utility that runs in the background and monitor the activity of Bluetooth technology
    devices around you. For each detected Bluetooth device, it displays the following information:
    The device name, address Bluetooth, Major Device Type, minor device Type, first detection time,
    Last detection time and more. BluetoothView can also warn when a new Bluetooth device
    is detected, by displaying a balloon in your bar tasks or playing a little beep. -FREE

    BluetoothCL is a small console application that transforms all differential of bluetooth devices detected in
    the standard output. For each Bluetooth device, the following information is displayed: MAC
    Address, name, Major Device Type, minor device Type and possibly the name of the company of
    the device (if the external file of MAC addresses - oui.txt is provided) - FREE

    BluetoothLogView is a small utility that monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices around you,
    and shows a log of Bluetooth devices in the main window. Each time that a new Bluetooth
    device coming to your area and when the unit comes out of your area, a new journal line is added with
    the following information: device name, time of the event, address, Type of event ("peripheral
    Arrival' or 'Device left'), Type of aircraft and the company that created the device. BluetoothLog-
    View you can also specify a description for each device (according to its MAC address)
    that appears in the column "Description". -FREE


    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device

    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer

    Add a Bluetooth device or other wireless or network device: frequently asked questions


    More information of possible interest to some:

    What is a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) network?

    Connect to a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) network

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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