Satellite L850 - charger / battery problems, not normal...

Hi all.

First post and all, I had a glance through to see if I can find my particular problem, and I don't think I can.

I posted this in another sub-forum, but then realized it's here... oops!

A L850. It will work fine on battery, but only supplies not the charger cable. Helpfully, a colleague also has an another L850 (I bought two together) so I can charge my battery of separately in his machine.

If I start the machine on a charged battery, it works fine. If you connect then the power adapter, the led is lit on the front of the machine, but it's clearly not load the machine works until the battery is flat and then turns off and will not turn on back until you charge the battery apart and put it back in.

Whenever the machine is powered, it also complains that the RTC battery is flat, and you will need to set the time in the BIOS. It is the coin cell CR2032 internally on the motherboard isn't?

what I don't understand, is that the unit understands clearly that the charger is plugged, as seers to say it is the battery. Except that it isn't, and is not to be unity. Œuvres battery for about 40 minutes of our days, after that, dead machine.

Any ideas? I suppose that there is something wrong with the internal charging circuit, but the fact that the LED lights up when it is plugged suggests otherwise...

Thanks for all the ideas.


More information on this type of bit. When it is plugged in, the icon on the screen says "Plugged in, charge", but battery icon animates not charging about 10 seconds, then stops, and battery is clearly not charge as % drops away slowly.

I found a Google one of them is the "remove all, hold for 30 seconds, reconnect power. This made no difference. I also found advice to uninstall the battery from the device manager driver software and allow it to re - install. This done, still no different.

I got the hard drive and in a USB enclosure to retrieve all my files and am doing the 'factory restore' option I think that this is a restore hard disk partition. This work is far away, but in my opinion, is still running on battery only, so do not know if this is going to end!

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  • Satellite L850 - weird noise problem (not events)


    I have a weird problem with my laptop. Since a few days, my laptop started to make a little noise from the base of the laptop.
    I care because during the day I don't even notice, but now (it's 05:00)
    Clearly, I hear a noise coming from the base.

    It has not happened before and I don't know what could be, because the strangest thing is that, according to Toshiba Health Monitor, fan is 0% (because I'm on mode eco and do nothing to do) and the CPU is at 48th. As you can imagine, my laptop is far from heating.

    Then, where this noise could come from?
    Now, I know that this isn't the ventilation openings, but something inside the laptop (maybe HARD drive?)

    And I'm confident in the vents because the vents start to operate when I load a movie or game, and when start knocking noise that I do not speak of persists.

    It's not embarrassing, because I have to be in complete silence to hear it. As I said, I don't notice the noise when it is diurnal, and I could live with it, but not knowing this noise source makes me a bit paranoid. I bought a month ago, so I don't think that I have to clean.

    Thank you.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to tell where the noise is coming so if you want to solve this problem I think you should bring to the nearest post of Toshiba and the guy there it should check. Guarantee is valid if repairs must be free.

    Can you tell us what part of your laptop is this noise?

  • Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Hello halik

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Purchased new and original Toshiba battery with the same part number (model number).

    New battery is recognized by the system?

  • Satellite L20-183 - battery will not charge

    For two days the Toshiba * Satellite L20-183 original * battery does not charge.
    The laptop * works on a/c * power, but its * battery is stuck * on 3%.

    You have an idea, what could be the problem?
    The laptop is almost three years, and the battery itself is rarely used (almost all the time),
    I can't imagine it's already ready for graveyeard.

    I run * BatteryMon test and these are the log information:

    Status: recharge
    Manufacturer: Toshiba
    Name of the device PA342OU-1BRS
    Serial number: n/a

    Time remaining (s) a/c power
    BatteryTemperature n/a
    N/a manufacturing date
    Type of use: Normal Opreation
    Rechargeable: Yes
    Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    Nominal capacity: 61920 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Full load: 51739 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Current capacity: 1555 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Alert levels: W: 1901 / l: 4320
    Critical bias: no
    Charge cycles: N/A
    Voltage Volt 0.00
    Rate charges 0 mW

    How old is your laptop and the battery?

    The point is that, after a long period of use of each battery stops the functionality.

    My battery in the laptop of 5 years is not working too.
    I could replace it, but I use the old good classic as a desk for laptop and it s still connected to the power adapter so I put t need a new battery.

    However, if you want you could test whether a new battery will help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite X 200-battery will not charge


    I have a Satellite X 200 for 2.5 years now, and now that my I just noticed that my battery will also charge the driving battery is not on. I turned off the computer and opened it again and I noticed the battery led turns on for like 3 seconds then goes back again.
    Is this a vista problem, a problem of battery or motherboard?

    Because with the ca on the laptop works very well. Any ideas how to make sure that if it a battery issue?

    Thank you

    Hi blackmodjo,

    What happens if you connect the AC/DC adapter, while the laptop is turned off? The battery will be charged or not?

    If this isn't the case, it seems to be a malfunction of the battery. It s already 2.5 years that you wrote and the battery can be charged only up to 500 times. After that, it must be replaced.

    New battery should t be so expensive. Just ask a service provider allowed in your country, and guys will help you to get a new one.

  • Satellite Pro L10 battery did not reach full charge

    On my Satellite Pro L10 battery only reaches 85% charge if leave all night. Is this likely to be a problem with the supply power, circuits inside the computer or charge the battery?

    I need to know the best place to start to spend money!

    Some experience that may or may not apply to:
    -Battery system is around 2.5 years
    -The battery lasts about 1 to 1.5 hrs that seems fair considering his age and his level of violence (left connected permanently and not recycled periodically)
    -Very recently would not pass, with or without the power adapter connected. Solved by removing AC, then the battery, running on AC, then turn off and reinsert the battery. Everything now works on battery or AC.
    -Over problem, system has been itself decommissioned at random. Since the resolution of the problem of market it was not randomly turned off itself, YET!

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


    HM, sounds to me like a hardware problem. But the problem is to understand where exactly the error, if you have the following options:

    * Contact a service partner chartered for a hardwarecheckup and an accurate diagnosis of your machine ([])
    * You can buy a new battery (since it could be the battery, I guess)
    * You can sell this machine on ebay and buy a new one :)

    Hope I could give you some new and fresh ideas. There is almost no other options or solutions, the it s so your choice.


  • Satellite L655-13V - battery does not charge

    I have laptop Satellite L655-13V and the battery does not charge while I plugged the AC/DC adapter.
    and give me this status: "plugged in, not charging."
    And when I connect the battery only work on computer, and when I connect the AC/DC adapter only without battery the computer works also.

    But when I connect the battery and plugged to the AC/DC battery adapter not charging and give me this status: "plugged in, does not support".

    Please, help me to overcome this problem.


    Leave the AC adapter plugged into the laptop for a longer period of time.
    In many cases, the battery may not start to demand immediately, as his deeply discharged.
    In this case the adapter must be connected to the laptop for a long period of precharge the battery, then the battery should start loading as usual.

  • Satellite L850-E8S - shutdown problems

    Hello everyone

    I bought Toshiba Satellite L850-E8S with Windows 8.0 (for a single language) preinstalled in October 2013. At the moment I can't get stop normally.

    Question: * pressing Shutdown (stop) of charms goes up "Windows is shutting down" and after that the screen turns off but power light is lit and the fan keeps operate.* I stop it by pressing the power button, I really want to quit smoking. (Once I didn't notice that and put the laptop in a bag for a few hours and it of a miracle that no equipment would have been burnt, despite the laptop was hot like the Sun) * the problem started after a month of use, and I didn't think her yet.*

    First of all, I thought that the case concerns him * hybrid Shutdown in the Win8. I have visited many forums dedicated for hybrid stop, proven fruitless discussions. *! AND! I had the same problem on my laptop with a slight difference - loading Win7 and Linux * the monitor stays on (with the lights and the fan on either). *
    Moreover, I also saw a BSOD after a day I bought the laptop. This problem concerned Realtek Audio driver and SRS Premium sound. As I understood the question is drivers conflict. Right now I have no installed Audio SRS premium and see no BSOD, but Realtek audio driver is not stable: the sound either begins to work in a few minutes after starting windows or it does'nt work at all.

    First of all, I wish really that someone to help me with the shutdown problem. All tips are welcome.


    Check it please, change the settings described and try to turn off your computer is turned on on a regular basis.

    It works for you?

  • Satellite P300-172 battery problems


    Hope you all had a good Christmas and can hopefully help out me.

    I bought a laptop P300-172 awhile back.
    Now, even after the sinking of a large number of power settings, the battery life was poor.

    So I ordered a replacement from ebay (part 3rd battery) the battery is identical to the Toshiba battery in everyway of course the only difference is there was not an a toshiba.

    in any case, when the battery arrived I plugged it and the battery LED came on to show that he was charging, when I booted up my laptop (with vista) windows showed that there was no battery connected, I thought strange. But I did back and let it load, after an hour or two charging orange led started flashing which it never did.

    Still, I booted up vista and windows showed there is no battery connected. I have contcated the seller and assumes that the battery was faulty, as chance would have, he repaid the article and I went back to the normal toshiba battery.

    I had another battery, ordered through work and that is identical in every way, once again, except that it was another 3rd party battery and which does exactly the same thing.

    Can anyone help?

    I've updated to the latest version of the BIOS (3.9) and have tried many steps as leaving the laptop without the battery for 30 minutes and then insert the battery. update the bios.

    Well that's about all I can think and have read through the forums.

    I appreciate may give any information you guys! Sorry for the long message.

    If I were you I wouldn't assume more battery problems and return the phone to the place of purchase, if you can.

    The problem is out of your control, as you have tried multiple batteries. Just give him place of purchase to watch. Then less grief for you.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite Pro A120 battery problem

    Hi all

    I have a portable Satellite Pro A120 and is a battery problem a month ago.
    The battery is not new, but recently changed, 6 months ago.
    Until a few weeks ago, it lasted about 2 hours when full load, until this time
    suddenly dropped 30-40 minutes.
    In addition, sometimes the power of the laptop turns off when it's a few extra vibrations,
    for example, if I put it on a table without the maximum protection.
    In some cases, these, is not possible to turn on the laptop, unless I have remove the battery and put it back in place.

    I initially though that there was a problem with the battery or the battery contacts, but they seem ok.
    I tried to unload it in my laboratory of the company with a power resistance: resistance absorbed 1A continuously for more than 3 hours. As the specification 4400mAh battery, I would say that the battery is ok.

    Is it possible that I have a problem with the battery inside the pc management circuit?
    The battery stress test above seems to show that the charging process is ok. So the problem might be with
    the provision of monitor or battery power.
    Someone at - it experience of similar problems and maybe a solution.
    Or perhaps a work around? As excluding the battery monitoring and auto turn off

    Thanks in advance

    > Is it possible I have a problem with the battery inside the pc management circuit?
    Perhaps, but that's just a guess only a cellphone technician may provide an exactly the answer to this question.

    > Furthermore, sometimes the power of the laptop turns off when it's some additional vibration.
    for example, if I put it on a table without the maximum protection.
    In some cases, these, is not possible to turn on the laptop, unless I have remove the battery and put it back in place.

    It is very strange, I want to say if the contacts of the battery and the battery would be ok, this symptom shouldn't its sounds strange for me, so maybe that's the key why battery don't not lasts more than 30-40 min

    However, I think you should try a new battery before checking the motherboard.

  • Toshiba Satellite L850 - display driver problem

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1j9, (PSKG8E-02D00KCE), in collaboration with i7-3630QM and an AMD Radeon HD M 7670.

    The problem is, I'm not able to install the AMD display driver. When I try to install the software and drivers this problem appears:

    The first time that I was using Win 10. I did the update to win 10 about a month ago and everything was ok until 4 days ago. I was working with my laptop with an external screen connected by HDMI and all of a sudden the screen started to Flash some green lines with a black background (something like you can see in the video).

    I saw on the internet that some people have problems making the update to wion10, I have installed new Windows 8 to see if has something related to win10 but the problem persists.

    I tried to install the intel CPU, a graphics 4000HD Intel GPU, but may not use it as a main GPU. I had this problem: "this device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) »

    I need help please to understand what I can do to solve this problem. I took a peek on the internet and so far, I found a solution that could solve my problem.

    Thanks for your help.


    any solution?

    Does anyone know if toshiba will make an update of the bios where I can change the graphics card? AMD to Intel...

  • Satellite L850-13 q can not write DVD


    Recently, I tried to write several DVDs without success. It's a problem that took place several days ago, out of the blue, since a certain time has passed since I finally wrote a DVD. I've tried several brands of DVD, so the DVD are not the problem. I also used several DVD writing programs (Ashampoo, Nero, ImgBurn), none of them worked. I don't get any errors during the process of writing, in fact, everything works as it is supposed to. In addition, the surface of the disc is clearly written.

    But when I insert the DVD, Windows is considered as a blank DVD. I use Windows 8 (the script used to work perfectly before, also under Windows 8) and I am very sure that no harmful changes to the operating system has occurred, since I also did a clean installation of Windows, the result of Scripture being the same.

    DVD player satellite L850-13 q (TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208AB)


    Have you checked DVD burned on some other PC? Are all recognized as blank discs?
    What is with the CD? Have you noticed the same problem with burning data on CD empty?

    It's really strange question, and it's not easy to say what can be the problem. If I understand you just the same problem persists with the installation of operating system clean (factory settings), right?

  • Re: Satellite L850 - BIOS update problem


    I have problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKDLA-0C900R). When upgrading the BIOS to 6.1, there was windows pop up with error

    "Flash process will end!
    Current platform have secure start capability, it must provide the location of storage interface IHSI NV.
    Please contact BIOS OEM enginner to add functionality... »

    I pressed OK on this error and it upgraded the BIOS, but now I can't change any option in the BIOS, I can get into the BIOS settings and can see BIOS options but it does allow me to change a

    for example if I want to change the boot order, I can go into the BIOS and can see boot order but cannot change or select one of the options

    I use Win7 64 bit

    What should I do?
    Help, please...

    If I m remembering well updates to BIOS version 6 is designed for Win8.
    If it is not necessary to don t change anything.

    You have problems with your machine?

  • Satellite L850-150: Webcam does not work

    Hello world!

    First of all, sorry for my English not good enough. I'm from the Spain and I bought a laptop Satellite L850-150 less last year.

    The problem is that I have not tried the webcam so far, and when I did, it does not work!
    When I used the webcam application, it is said: "it is impossible to start the webcam. Check the camera and restart the application or computer.

    I reinstalled the driver for the webcam, but it does not work still... you have any idea or solution? Thank you


    What is the status of the webcam in Device Manager?
    Webcam is properly recognized?

    The webcam can be enabled and disabled in the BIOS.
    That's why I recommend you to check the BIOS settings.
    BIOS-> Advanced-> Configuration-> webcam system

    If his permit and if the webcam is properly recognized in Device Manager, I think that you must uninstall webcam once more.
    Then you must clean the registry using some tools like e.g. CCLeaner. It is a freeware software. By using this software you can remove some temporal files and can repair and clean the system registry.

    After this short cleaning procedure, restart the computer again, download the latest webcam software of the Toshiba page and install again. Reboot once more and then try to stars of the webcam.

  • Satellite Pro L20 keyboard problems not fixed by the update of the BIOS


    When I type in MS Word or another application, certain characters are not displayed. This problem is known.
    I followed the recommendation of the TOSHIBA BIOS V1.30 for PSL25E update. Unfortunatey, it does not help.
    I would be gateful to any Advisor.

    Thank you

    Hi Olbur

    I didn't find any official document on this subject, as you say, known issue. Can you please send a link?

    I have the Satellite L20 and there is not much difference for Satellite Pro L20 and I have no such problems, but I'm interesting about this. The L20 keyboard is not the best one, but all the characters are not displayed correctly. Maybe you type fast. ;)

Maybe you are looking for