Tecra S1 - HW Setup

Hi all

I have Win xp - sp2 in my Tecra S1. Recently the system has slowed down a lot. The Fn + F5 to switch the display does not work. In Toshiba Console when I try to open "Hardware settings", I get an error message "ended common Module.
What could be the problem? The end of the system blocks also frequently. All these seem to have begun after installation of SP2. Any solution please?

Thanks in advance


It is possible that some tools do not work properly after installing SP2. Common is a module that is very important for all Toshiba another tools. Please try to reinstall Comon modules. You can find it on the CD tools & utilities.

You can also download it from http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com. Under Support & Download there drivers download section. Select your laptop model and the series BONES, and you can find it.

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  • Tecra S3 XP Setup not find HARD drive even if the RAID drivers were included by F6 key

    I tried to install a normal XP (not recovery). But the installation program will not find my HARD drive even if I include the Toshiba RAID via F6 drivers.

    Any ideas?

    > I have decided to use nLite and added the raid driver but after several installations different combo, I'm done with the original problem which does not recognize my floppy USB drive after format

    If you have included the RAID driver using the nLite so I put t understand why you need the external USB floppy drive?
    Anyway, to my knowledge, not all USB FDD drives are compatible and it can happen that a non supported USB FDD drive will not recognize and so you would not be able to install the RAID floppy driver!

    But nLite is the key! Using the nLite you n t need the USB FDD drive!

  • Tecra A3x hangs at "Setup starts windows" during the XP installation

    Hi again
    I posted another thread on this laptop. This question was cured by adjusting the correct CPU.

    So, now everything seems fine. Everything seems to work except very well.
    During the installation of XP, the drivers all will charge them and then we get the text 'Setup starts windows' the lower left of the screen.
    It does not further, just sitting there.

    I googled this problem and read many old threads on the subject, I went to the Microsoft website too.
    So far I tried (on the basis of these old threads)

    Different installation discs
    Different memory
    Disable (in bios) that anything not reqd such as Lan
    Reset the default bios settings
    You press F5 when invited to press F6 for scsi drivers. From there, I tried different setting options.

    The current bios is 1.30, I understand there is a update available for 1.4 but it is a basic installation Win rather than back may be done without THAT installed XP.

    Suggestions for what the problem maybe?


    What version of Win XP you try? Win XP contains the SP3?
    Please include to the Win XP SP3 using a tool called nLite and then try to reinstall Win XP.

    AFAIK the Tecra A3x support a common IDE HDD so no driver RAID or SATA is necessary.

    You can also check the HDD of the Tecra.
    Use the tool called Drive Fitness Test to test the HARD drive

    Good luck

  • Customer password-Toshiba Tecra 9100 Setup


    I have an old Tecra 9100 and I need to access the configuration, I wrote to Toshiba Spain provide data on my computer and from there I was forwarded to a different email client and atencionn the truth is that, after nearly two months now, however, no one has contacted me!

    On the page to access this forum is reported that if the user is logged on the Club, among other things, will receive the password if necessary.

    I am really very disappointed with the service that it provides to its customers and Toshiba but I am about to buy a new one, I have serious doubts have emerged whether he should opt for a Toshiba.

    If anyone can help me write in Spanish, my post is [email protected] address



    Hello Siegen

    I am very interested to understand your problem and try to help but I really didn t understand your problem. Of course, my English isn't the best, but I hope you can clearly explain what you want to know about this old notebook.

    BIOS password has this oldie and now, you don't have access to it now?
    Is your laptop or you bought one?
    Here you can ask what you want and I'm sure that you can chat with other owners of Toshiba laptops on your problems.

    I have two of them and I am very satisfied. Support and customer service are on the high level. So I'm really interested about your problem and the reasons why you think that the service is not good for you.
    I mean, for each question, there must be a logical explanation.

    I am quite often here and you want to discuss with other people. If the last comment on the propaganda is somewhat strange to me.

  • Tecra A10 - Setup of BIOS password remotely

    I need to set the BIOS password on each machone on my network!

    Is it possible that I can do this via sccm remotley or something to save me going around each machine and do it manually?

    Thanks in advance


    To be honest I don't know if it will be possible to m.

    But as far as I know the Tecra A10 has of a pre-installed tool called: Toshiba security help.

    This tool can be used for the parameters the user BIOS, disk HARD password user password or fingerprint fingerprint authentication.

    Perhaps it would be possible to have access to this tool by using Active Directory.

    You are doing the thing about this idea?

  • Tecra A3-184: enter hibernation mode Setup?

    I have a little problem with my Tecra A3-184. If I make sure my cell phone and I turn on again then I can not enter to set up and boot from the CD, the floppy drive and etc. In this case, Windows Xp starts without any problem. I have two A3-184. Could you tell me, it of ok, or is - this defect?


    If you want to get into the BIOS or boot from CD, FDD, the laptop must be in the boot mode. This means that your laptop can boot t if it uses a sleep mode or hibernation mode.
    In this case, the unit is ok.

  • Problems re-setup wireless on Tecra 9100

    Just this laptop was a gift about two years ago... didn't have a cd of Tosh with him... friends is no longer had it. Finally came to the point where she needed a reconstruction and thus kill in the xp disc has the downloaded set jolly I thought has all the drivers of the Tosh support site, but even when specifically install the driver wireless for this model, it does not seem to install as the rest of the drivers and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I know that this laptop supports wireless as it worked to rebuild them.

    The small yellow light for the wireless, but remains yellow and there is a device not recognized in my device manager...


    Thanks guys,.



    Have you tried to install the WLan driver right?

    The Toshiba driver page provides Wlan drivers for Agere, Toshiba and Cisco Wlan cards.
    In my view, this problem is simply to choose wrong driver.

    At the bottom of the unit, you should find the tag that provides information about the integrated wireless network card.

    Take a look at the label and you should find the right card Wlan factory.

  • Tecra S4 does not detect the SSD drive

    Hello together,

    I try to install a Samsung SSD 840 Pro to install in my Tecra S4. But when I try to install Windows 7, there is no detected SSD.

    What can I do that Windows detects the SSD drive?

    With greetings


    You must add the SATA/RAID driver.
    Download from here:

    Now, go to the BIOS and on the 3rd page of the BIOS, you can change the RAID settings to * 1RAID-0. *.
    Eventually, you will need to enter the password 1234 + and then press on + ENTER +.
    Now boot from the Windows 7 installation disc.
    Select "Custom Installation.
    Connect the USB where the RAID driver files

    Regarding the selection of the target (SSD drive isn't visible yet) disk, select "Load Driver" and navigate to the USB key, where is the folder with the drivers. Setup for Win 7 now allows you to select a memory stick USB attached.

    Confirm and after that we should include a list of available devices (SOLID-STATE drive)

  • Tecra W50-A-118 - no Fn - F2 after ECO Utility update

    Recentrly that I've updated (via the Service Station) to ECO Utility After that, the opportunity to spend eating with Fn - F2 patterns has disapperead FlashCards completely. I'm more able to switch with Fn - F2 power management.

    I also downloaded the utility Setup 3.0.1 ECO directly from the Toshiba support pages and manually reinstalled once more, no change.

    How can I return Fn - F2?
    Thank you.

    Toshiba Tecra W50-A-118, PT640E-06T03TCZ
    Windows 10 Pro (Windows 7 update)

    After the upgrade of the system Win 10, you must also update the drivers to the compatible version Windows 10...

    The drivers are located on this page:

  • Issue when installing fresh Windows XP on Tecra 9000

    I have a Tecra 9000 running Linux.

    I would like to install windows XP but the Setup CD I charge readers and then crashes to windows is the loading screen. I have no recovery disks or driver for this computer as I bought it used. and I don't know why he struggled.

    The SN for the unit is Z1086914G ST900-0.
    I have read forums about similar problems and think it might be the chipset driver for the HARD disk.

    I can't find a driver for nowhere so I can't try this line of thinking.

    Anyone has any ideas.


    As I remember the Tecra 9000 does not support RAID or SATA controller that would require RAID or SATA drivers, so I put t think that your problem is related to the missing driver

    Have you tried to install Win XP SP2 from container?
    Are you sure that the HARD drive is OK? I think you should check the HARD disk for some problems initially.

  • After the installation of Office 2003, Word hangs on a Tecra A3


    On my Toshiba Tecra A3 (1.86 GHz Pentium, 1 GB RAM) I had until yesterday Office 2000 it emits the ideal way.
    Now, I installed Office 2003 and I am unable to work with Word.

    The program hangs on each file that contains a single piece of simple photo or clip art. I can't believe it. A re-setup of Word did not help. Now, I installed again in parallel Word 2000 and it works flawless.

    THX if someone can give an opinion

    Antonio Giarrusso


    You must perform a new installation of Office 2003.
    First remove all files and the former software office 2000 registry keys and then perform a new installation.
    After the installation of Microsoft Office 2003 Download all patches and updates on the Microsoft site.
    The use of the CCleaner is very useful, because this tool checks the programs and the entries in the registry for certain shortcomings

  • Tecra A10 - dual boot XP and Windows 7

    Can I set up my Tecra A10 Windows 7 from dual boot with XP?

    I created a partition on the HARD drive. When I try to start my load of CIP 2 ser XP I can almost the first Setup screen then bomb out with a message saying to continue would be detrimental to my installation of Windows 7.

    Any ideas. Bobg


    Of course, you can do a system dual boot with both operating systems. But before you change anything on the HARD drive partitions you create the Toshiba Recovery disk if you didn t it yet. With this record, you can restore the factory settings every time.

    Generally if you have installed Windows 7 first of all you need to create a new partition for Windows XP. You can install XP on this partition and you need to change the boot sector using EasyBCD or another tool.

    In your case, I would ask Google you'll find hundreds of tutorials how to make a system dual-boot. ;)

  • Tecra M2 - how to get work touchpad?


    Problems to get the touchpad to work on my Tecra M2. I downloaded and implemented the version ALPS Pointing-device Driver V6.0.303.4 for Windows XP, restarted my computer, and then the utility double pointing device. Nothing works.

    The launch of the detailed settings window buttons and start the easy setup wizard are not enabled after that I click on the icon for the device of Toshiba double score.

    I can't believe that he can be such a hassle to put in place a touchpad, when on other laptops, they work right out of the box.



    Try the driver for the touchpad for Tecra M3

    There is a newer version.

    I think that the pilot is missing, and therefore the touchpad does not work.
    The unknown device in Device Manager confirms my hypothesis

  • Tecra M9-136 - BSOD during Vista SP2 update

    Tecra M9-136 asked this morning to upgrade to the Vista SP2 and in the process the BSOD 0x0000007E arrived. Restarted in Mode safe and continuous Setup and then finally reported that the update failed - and came back to SP1. It took most of the morning.

    It will start in Safe Mode, but on a start normal, Vista SP1 gets through fingerprint recognition and then fails with the same BSOD (there is regarding the display of the desktop).

    The laptop has BIOS 1.80 level. I tried in safe mode to install 1.90 but he told me that the battery has insufficient charge and the AC adapter is not attached. Both wrong.

    Stuck - need advice. Could this be a hard failure? Can't see how I can update whatever it is if it's a soft fault.
    Thank you

    Have you tried to make back the OS to an earlier time before the SP2 installation started?
    You can do it in safe mode.

  • Tecra R10 - 10J: BIOS update abandoned "this computer is not supported.


    My laptop is a Tecra R10 - 10J PartNumber PTRB1E-00D002FR, 1.40 BIOS version 11/13/2008.

    I recently bought and installed two modules of 4 GB RAM (8 GB). Enter the BIOS setup, I found 8 GB. Windows 7 64 bit also detects the 8 GB, but uses only 3.80! MemTest and diagnosis of CPU - Z are good for all of the 8 GB. I went from RAM modules from one location to another, but nothing has changed. If I replace a module of 4GB by a 2 GB memory, Windows 7 uses 5.80 is going well. Same result as any module of memory of 4 GB or slot I use.

    I suppose that problem comes from the BIOS. The 1.40 version does not support memory mapped IO functionality.

    So I followed the instructions on "http://fr.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/?download_drivers_bios.jsp?" to find the last good package to update BIOS for Tecra R10 - 10J. I downloaded and ran the BIOS310?. exe, but received the error message "this computer is not supported"?

    Can someone tell me how to upgrade my BIOS or did someone has a better idea to activate the full 8 GB of RAM support?

    Thank you for all!

    Axel Limousin


    You must install the VAP (value added package) or if this package is already installed, you must reinstall/upgrade to update it.

    Disable the Antivirus software and disable things of security such as firewalls etc.

    Hope that you're lucky...

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