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I'm currently setting up a VDI solution and using vWorkspace as the broker for connections.   Did anyone seen any good technical document that can give me some advice and maybe to bypass some of the traps

Any help would be great

Thank you, John

Hi John,.

You can find useful information in the Guide of best practices of vWorkspace, published here http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/virtualization/vworkspace/m/vworkspace-downloads/20438378

If you have more specific questions, then post them here and we will do our best to help.

Thank you


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  • Time to slow logon for Vworkspace VDi

    Hi team,

    I have installation of Vworkspace 8.0MR1 and currenlty have WIn7 32 Bit Image master. I have pool VDi 100 cloud.

    I am facing logn slow time. each user takes almost 90 to 120 seconds to open a session.

    I also disblaed NLA in Master image/Hyper-2012R2 host. Is everyone to the same kind of issue.please share the findings.

    Delighted thanks.

    It is a known issue with 8.0MR1.

    There is a fix that resolves this problem, support can help you determine which fix applies to your installation.

  • vWorkspace 8 - VDI Windows 7 "Error cannot connect to the server '.


    We are soon about to begin the deployment of our vWorkspace VDI solution. We have Windows 7 Client s connection to Win 7 Pro 32 Bit VM on Hyper-V.

    Sometimes when the user intiates a connection to the desktop of Windows 7 VDI published the vWorkspace Client launch and are trying to connect, and then an error will be presented "Error cannot connect to the server. We do not understand all the time and it is random.

    Go it is addressed urgently as it's going to cause some major headaches with our users.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Cool, thanks Dan.

    I'll find the case of Mike and send the info from there.

  • VWorkspace in AWS

    Has anyone tried to run VWorkspace in AWS?

    Are there plans for VWorkspace VDI in the clouds like AWS?


    vWorkspace support Microsoft Azure

  • How to unlock (HUMINT-alt-end) on Apple MAC

    Some of our customers use MAC connector to connect to our vWorkspace VDI environment.

    A screen saver that locks the screen after a few minutes, we have the installation program.

    On a windows PC, the user can press CTRL-ALT-END to unlock the screen.

    However, on MAC without the key END users cannot exit from this screen to unlock.

    We tried different combinations, but nothing seems to work.

    Any idea?

    I met the same problem. I work with a MacBook Air. What worked for me was the combination fn control-alt/option + DELETE. Hope this helps someone of you!

  • Remote shadowing / Assistance when the user logged in...


    Is there a way I can connect to a VDI machine that is already used by a user for purposes of troubleshooting and technical support?

    Currently we use Remote Desktop Centeral in and manage these workstations, but once we introduce vWorkspace (VDI), we no longer have this feature and I want to avoid installing Desktop Agent Central on the VDI Machine...

    I wonder if vWorkspace have workaround / plans to introduce a new feature for this issue?

    Thank you


    In the vWorkspace Management Console, right click on "Locations" and then click RDP connections

    Check the box 'enable remote RDP administration control '.

    Now navigate to the computer group. Right-click on the computer that you want to help, and then select

    Remote control | Remote assistance

    Not sure if they fixed it again where you can control the machine or if it is still seen only. Which was recorded as an enhancement request.

    Thank you, Andrew.

  • IEAK error when connect to VDI Desktop in vWorkspace 8


    as a previous mistake of kerberos ticket post I do several tests in order to implement vWorkspace 8.

    When I connect to VDI desktop (without kerberos, or with the initial only, not SSO) pops up an error IEAK. Sorry for the attached screenshoot and some descriptions are in Spanish

    The guest operating system is company Win 7 SP1 with the latest patches, active RDP8 and Explorer 9. Guest operating system is Spanish localized.

    Detailed description:

    Firma con problemas:

    Number del problema evento: BEX

    Application number: rundll32.exe_iedkcs32.dll

    Application version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Marca of tiempo of the application: 4a5bc637

    Number del modulo con errores: PNMicSrv.dll_unloaded

    Version del modulo con errores:

    Tiempo del modulo Marca con errores: 513eb9a9

    Exception offset: 7502d6a1

    Exception code: c0000005

    Exception data: 00000008

    Led operating system version: 6.1.7601.

    ID of regional config: 3082

    Additional information 1: 0a9e

    Additional information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Additional information 3: 0a9e

    Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    LEA nuestra declaracion privacy online:


    I have the same problem. I opened a folder with support and they are studying.

    Meanwhile, I have found a workaround. It seems that the problem is related to pnmicsrv.dll for vworkspace versions superior to 7,6 GA at least the question seemed to us after application of a patch for this version and it reappeared after upgrade to v8. In both cases I solved it replaces the pnmicsrv.dll file in our model with the dll version 7.6 of GA

  • Remote assistance with vWorkspace 8.0 MR1 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 with Windows 7 Enterprise VDI (RDP8)

    We have a new VDI environment with the new Version of v 8.0 MR1 Workspace and real fixes. The connection Broker and the Hyper-V hosts running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with real fixes. The VDI Clients are configured with Windows 7 Enterprise and RDP8. Unfortunately, we are not able to use by the broker for connections Remote Assistance?  We received the Error Message:

    The following error occurred during the occultation session 2 on the server...

    This function is not supported on this system. (120)

    I found the link: http://documents.software.dell.com/doc78042 or


    But this article has no recommendation for Windows Server R2 Standard 2012

    Any help, I would be grateful.

    THX in advance


    This question is not met at the time of the request

    I created a Blog post to allow other servers to 2012r2 2012r2 of remote assistance.

    However, it is not possible to use 2012r2 to help a win7 server remotely. It is simply not supported by MS and there is nothing we can do.

    If you can create a server 2008r2 to run the Management Console, you will be able to assist distance Win7 VDIs from here.

  • vWorkspace Linux VDI


    Its a little complicated setup, but I'm working on creating a 50 virtual Linux desktops for a class of college on Hyper-V. I created the computer group (new computer group > other/physical) where I placed the CentOS linux. These machines are 6.6 CentOS, I installed xRDP and I use the VDE 7.7. All work of CDS as expected, but my question is is it possible to suspend the machines if they are not used to conserve resources because under this type of group properties 'Energy savings' is grayed out? It seems that energy savings are enabled only for Windows computers group. Is it possible to generate scripts suspend the virtual machine, until someone is trying to access?

    I have 2 servers three gateways Hyper V, 2 x connection brokers, x RDP.


    You should be able to create the Group of Linux as a desktop computer HyperV group rather than an 'other/physical', this should allow you to then define energy savings.

    Let us know if it works?

    Thank you


  • VWorkspace Reporting and licensing


    I'm trying to find out how many people have connected to VDI over a certain period. It comes to the current report. Manager, it will use to determine how many licenses we need and what is the use (Sessions, licenses). For the moment, I know people are connected, but I don't know how to put together the date.

    Another question is if I go to the Management Console > license file I see 0 In Use licenses even though people are connected. Is this supposed to show the use of the current license?

    Hello Dejan,

    I suggest to study further why it shows 0 licenses and has nothing to do with M & D. M & d works correctly, you farm should behave properly first. You receive error popups when you access licenses screen? 0 sessions/licenses may indicate a malfunction of the broker for connections. For starters, you can check if the quest Connection Broker, database management and the registry services are running. Broker listed in the GPMC vWorkspace, rentals, location 1, list of connection brokers?

  • vWorkspace 8.6.1 connector self-configuring config.xml

    We have just upgraded to the server vWorkspace v8.6.1. When we used 8.0.1, we had connectors 8.0.1 windows that would automatically get "'vworkspace.somedomain/config.xml ' and automatically configure the VDI settings clients." I've updated the client to v8.6.309.4062 and this time I'm just introduced to enter 'Web site or e-mail address' in the text box. Here, at the University, we loved this feature because it that VDI has been automatically configured and students do not have to enter the URL. Who feature has been removed from this version?


    I believe it has been deleted, but several alternatives have been introduced.

    I know that the reg key to set the path always exists HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Provision Networks\Provision - Client\AutoConnectURL IT and still works with this version of vWorkspace.

    This is a string value that contains the path to your broker (if you use the new connector management functionality) or to your file config.xml if you use the old style.

    With the new direction of connector, the intention was to make it easier for new users. Everything they need to do is go to a (properly configured) Web site and it will install the connector for them and configure it automatically.

    If you don't want to use this option, you can either 1, use the URL of automatic connection mentioned above. 2, teach them the URL to download the config 3, create a DNS entry to use the E-mail address configuration option.

    Thank you, Andrew.

  • Where do we support Skype Lync & VDI...?

    I just wonder, it's against the Dell-to-End infrastructure solution...? In my case, Yes, it is. We signed a three-year contract with Dell for our entire infrastructure... Networks, servers, Firewalls, storage, ThinClients & vWorkspace Solution. Also, we are currently negotiating a project of Unified Communication with the software Dell in Dubai and Bahrain. Given that we have just finished the implementation vWorkspace and users started using VDI on vWorkspace heavily, and honestly, they are very happy with the product and its simplicity... At the time where I finished to roll out VDI to the mix of 300 + customers between in queue and Persistent students, professors, staff, etc. etc. The pilot of Lync / Skype for business will start and 98%, Dell will win the project for this implementation.

    So I was reading this article https://support.software.dell.com/vworkspace/kb/187157 in relation to Lync and plugin support VDI, I really shocked me and I wonder what this problem may be solved...? Go back to laptops and desktops physical :)

    His shame to built a strategy and at the end of the completion, you discover that some items are not better fit.

    Kind regards


    Hello Hussain,

    We support the Microsoft Lync 2013 for VDI vWorkspace plugin, but the limitation of it is it doesn't work with Office 365. This is a limitation of the plugin rather than vWorkspace MS.

    However, if you run your own server, Lync 2013 then you can use this feature.

  • Windows Mobile Device Center does not not with vWorkspace

    That we conduct vWorkspace 8.6 on the connector of Ubuntu.  Our VDI is Windows 7 Pro.

    USB redirection works because I can plug my USB and it it will redirect to the VDI and I can see my files.  When I anchor a MC1000 it will show as "Symbol USB Sync" in the devices section not specified in devices and printers.  When I open WMDC he is not recognized and does not connect to the device.  I also tried a MC9190 and have the same result.

    Has anyone tried this before with positive results?


    In the Linux connector it is an Auto-Share checkbox, make sure that you enable this option and it will recognize the USB inside VDI VM HR.

    I use the same method, but with purely custom Linux VDI endpoint devices. Enabling the option to Auto-Share it recognizes the USB with no problems.

    Kind regards


  • vWorkspace AppPortal Desktop Integration does not start


    I'm trying to accomplish to publish applications published to the user's desktop / Start Menu on their VDI machines. Inside of a VDI machine, I installed bit vasclient32 and during the installation I checked the box, automatically integrated with Desktop, unfortunately it didn't happen at all. Even the search for AppPortal Desktop Integration inside the VMs VDI but I nothing shows up.

    Any help to accomplish this please?

    Kind regards


    I solved this requirement by the presence of an AppPortal must be installed on the Machine of VDI model as

    • Office of Integrated Mode
    • Do the AppPortal in starting the Machine of model VDI
    • Configure the Connector Configuration in vWorkspace to use the Cache Mode of credentials. (So this will allow the user at the time where as it connected to a Machine of VDI, the AppPortal will launch and ask the interior/exterior configuration.) When the user selects the inside it will automatically connect to the Farm vWorkspace
    • Configure the connector - Office integrated to allow the shortcut on Client
      • Desktop
      • Start menu
      • Start menu / program
    • In each managed Application - under user experience, integrated - Office check you select where the shortcut is available.
      • Desktop
      • Start menu
      • Start menu / program
    • Under the user experience - Select window maximize use vWorkspace transparent window Mode

    The idea of this to provide a flawless application to any user especially in the office shared. I do not know this is the way correct to do so, or not, but most important it works which will allow me to reduce the number of VMs of office persistent I need for each user having different types of applications.

    It may be useful to others, any point or suggestion / recommendation, please feel free to add.

    Kind regards

  • Error when you try to remove VDIs

    We have upgraded to 8.5 vWorkspace last week and I noticed that when we go to remove a VDI, we get the error below

    Anyone else had this... ?

    Hi Dan,.

    This issue is usually caused by permissions.

    Broker servers must be members of the local Administrators group on the servers HyperV.

    They would normally get added in by default in order to verify that you don't have a group policy "Small groups" which is to remove them.

    Thank you, Andrew.

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