Why Apple asked my device pin code

When I got there for repair?


joern01 wrote:

When I got there for repair?

Do you mean your password to unlock your phone?

So, I guess that they could take a look at your phone and see what the issue is, since what they cannot do when the phone is always locked.

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    Finally, I fixed all my problems.


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    SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE was inside the BlackBerry Simulator ever on the phone.

    Download the DevicePin:

    Use this 'Tutorial' https://developer.blackberry.com/developer/android/apisupport/creating_push-enabled_android_apps.htm... But download the GCM.jar with the Manager software development kit. To do this click "Obsolate" below and you will find the 'Google Cloud messaging for Android Library'. Put it in your make libs folder right click-> Add as library and put "compile files('libs/gcm.jar')' in your build.gradle

    If you now use the following code, you get the devicepin:

    GCMRegistrar.checkDevice(this);GCMRegistrar.checkManifest(this);GCMRegistrar.register(this, SENDER_ID); String regId = GCMRegistrar.getRegistrationId(this);
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    Hi Nancy, there.

    Looks like you are trying to update your iTunes billing information, but he continues to ask you for a credit card security code, you have more. You may be able to change the option to zero rather than use the "Use your Mac or PC" section of this article:

    Modify or delete your Apple ID payment information

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    You may need to reach out to our iTunes support staff directly if you cannot get a resolution with these resources:

    the iTunes Store support

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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    Consult the manual for your backup battery.  There should be a switch or a button to activate the phone load.  It should not be left in charge mode all the time because the phone thinks it has unlimited power when charging, so disabled several energy-saving features (like display sleep, closing a connection Wi - Fi when he sleeps).

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    I have 3 blackberry 8520.9790 devices & device BB10 Alpha. But my profile shows only a PIN devices. How to enter PIN code for all my devices

    Simply enter the extra PIN on another line in your profile.

    ALSO: You have your phone number listed on your 'My Mobile provider' or the carrier. Put your phone number on the internet on these public forums for the world to see, is not wise. To change this, at the top of this page, click my settings > personal profile > personal information and in the entrance of the block of type 'Carrier' the name of your mobile operator.

  • Why open the cover on my iPad Air is more directly shows the PIN code screen


    After installing iOS 10, when I opened my iPad original air cover (with magnet) I suddenly need to do something extra to access the unlock PIN code screen. I used to be able to enter my PIN to unlock immediately.

    It's really annoying, that I almost never use the home button on my iPad, simply open the lid is allowed to enter the PIN to unlock and start to use the iPad. Now, I have to first press the home button, it means an additional gesture.

    Y at - it an option to go back to the old behavior again? I really don't like it.

    Kind regards



    Some things have moved go in display & its right brightness settings

    The screen lock / unlock.

    See you soon


  • Phone keeps asking for another phone code

    I bought a new 6 iPhone more and once I had updated IOS I was able to save my old iPhone 5 via the iCloud.    Now, I get a 'monitoring' in the settings.  Who says -

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    Click on this and my phone asking my password Apple ID. I enter this and then the phone asks me my access code.  I enter this and then my phone gives me this message.

    "Enter the access code for the other iPhone."

    ' Access to your account is protected by the access code for "Marc iPhone5.  Your password is encrypted and cannot be read by Apple. »

    I have enter my password for my iPhone5 and get a message saying "Incorrect password. Enter the access code for your phone.  (I entered access code is certainly correct and id the same password I use for my iPad). I have enter my password again once and get the same message.  If I get it a 3rd time I got a warning and must start from the beginning again.

    There is an option to enter a code from a different device, so I choose my iPad and enter the code.   When I return to the parameters of the follow-up flag is still there and I'm right to the beginning.  I did a reboot, but the follow-up flag is still there.

    Looks like the two-step verification on your Apple ID. He doesn't want your lock screen code. When you configure the two-step verification, you sign up to one or more approved devices. A trusted device is a device that you control who can receive verification using a SMS 4-digit codes or find my iPhone. If you don't get this code, you can try to disable the two-step verification.

    • Sign in to your Apple ID account page.
    • In the Security section, click on change.
    • Click on disable two-step verification.
    • Create new security questions and check your date of birth. You will receive an e-mail confirming that the two-step verification of your identifier Apple is turned off.

    Frequently asked questions about the audit in two steps for Apple ID - Apple Support

  • IPod Classic 7 G 160 GB ' there was a problem installing this hardware: Apple iPod USB Device ".

    I have recently (June 2014) bought a brand new Ipod Classic 7 G 160 GB Model A1238.

    Whenever I connect via USB to a PC running XP SP3 and Itunes V10.0.7.2 it is always treated as if it were a new connection, i.e. "new hardware found". After trying to install it, it says so "cannot install this hardware" and "there was a problem installing this hardware: Apple iPod USB Device."
    I have also a 2009 16 GB Ipod Nano 4 G model 1285 and this is recognized by the PC whenever it is connected through the USB port itself.
    I connected the Ipod Classic 7 G to a laptop running Vista and Itunes V10.0.7.2 where the Ipod is recognized and installed.

    Even if the PC States that there is a problem installing the Ipod, it still appears in Itunes and I can download music to it and disconnect by using safe mode disconnect.

    PC XP SP3 - Ipod Classic
    I watched "Device Manager" under "Drives", the Ipod Classic is listed as an "Apple Ipod USB Device", but has an exclanation score against it.

    Right-click on the 'Apple Ipod USB Device' properties and the "Volumes" tab it shows the drive with the exact name and the size of the data, by clicking on the properties of "Driver" tab it says 'Unknown' driver provider, driver Date and Driver Version as being "not available". By clicking on the "Driver Details" properties, it shows a driver file-

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\PartMgr.sys, File Version 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp080413-2108).

    Under "Device Manager" USB controllers, there is an entry for "Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver" and a "USb Mass Storage Device"

    The 'Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver' lists two drivers:
    C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\usbaapl.sys and

    The "USB Mass Storage Device" list a driver:
    C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\USBSTOR. SYS

    PC XP SP3 - Ipod Nano

    I repeated the steps above with the Ipod Nano, connected to the PC and the driver provider is presented as Microsoft with the driver as 07/01/01 Date and Version of the driver as 5.1.2535.0.
    In the "Driver Details" properties, it shows TWO driver files:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\disk.sys AND meanings
    At the same time with the Version of the file 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp080413-2108).

    The 'Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver' and "USB Mass Storage Device" are the same as for the Ipod Classic.

    I followed the procedure to remove Itunes and even the update to Itunes to V11.2.2 nothing works.

    I am aware that the system is also that XP can now be updated.

    So, why not not Windows Installer Ipod Classic and why the disk.sys driver does not appear

    According to the details of the pilot?

    Is the 7 G Ipod Classic not compatible with XP SP3?

    Yes it is compatible with XP SP3.

    Try asking in the forums of Apple iPod:


  • Windows is uninstalling the device. Code 21. Device_IPod

    Original title:


    Using Windows 7.  I am able to install my ipod, but it disappears as soon as I click on it.  In my devices & printer folder, is to show a problem with the ipod.  Universal Serial Bus controllers.  When I click it, the message is that windows is uninstalling the device.  Code 21.  Why this is happening and what settings should I change.  Device is connected to Port_ #0003.Hub_ #0008.


    Code 21

    Windows removes this device. (Code 21)

    Recommended resolution

    This error means that Windows is trying to remove the device. However, the device has not yet been completely deleted. Here are some things you can try to solve this problem.

    • Wait a few seconds and press the F5 key to refresh the display of the Device Manager .
    • If this does not resolve the problem, restart your computer. Click Start, click shut down, and then select restart in the Shut down Windows dialog box to restart the computer.

    You can try to uninstall the iPod from the Device Manager, restart the computer, and connect the iPod. It should automatically detect and install the drivers for it. Check if it works.

    If the steps above fail, please contact the Apple support team for help.

    It will be useful.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to enter my PIN code?

    I just changed on my brand new 9000 "BOLD". The first thing I'm being prompted to enter is to enter my PIN code in 3 tests. I have 2 left.

    I guess that's the PIN that came with the BB and not the SIM card pin, right? (1)

    I'm new to BB and unfamiliar with the keyboard. My main concern is to know how to switch between letters and numbers? (2)

    There is a '123' in the upper right corner of the screen, which I think shows the num lock mode. According to the "Getting Started Guide" by pressing the 'alt' should turn on lock num - but not on my BB mode, at least not not before entering the PIN code.

    How can I get the unit off NumLock mode? (3)

    .. and when I get out of lock mode number, which must be pressed to enter a number, the 'alt' or the 'sym '? (4)

    Press the 'alt' or 'sym' must be held down while pressing the number key or does it just to push first? (5)

    Thanx, Jesper

    Hey. Thanks for the reply.

    I understand it now, but I got a SIM card locked in the process :-)

    First, it was of course the SIM card pin code and not the BB pin code which is asked to enter. The misfortune is that you can't control your device at all until you enter the right pin only 3 attempts. This means that you need to understand how the use of the aerodrome of keys works on this neverseen before keyboard the first time you use it. There is no help, and you don't see what you write, because it is simply displayed as *. In addition to that, you sit down with this new cool device and you're really impatient. It took me 10 minutes to lock the card!

    5 minutes later with another sim card, I learned that I had to just press the [sym] open a graphics pad with which easily enter you the digital PIN using the trackball.

    I wish that this was mentioned in the "Start Guide".

    Cheers, Jesper

  • Why Apple doesn't just before any deliverables iMessages phone number to your e-mail address when deregistration of your number?

    I removed my number iMessage ten days ago and iMessage group conversations are not get delivered to me.

    This page explains this may take a few hours, but that is clearly not the case.


    Why not ask for a forwarding address?


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