WiFi 802 1704 1.1... is not work after activation of the window of udating to 8.1, but showing an icon of a red cross on the icon of the adopter. When troubleshoted showed that the wifi compatibility is turned off

What should do?


To activate the wifi you press F2 or FN + F2. You can also go to the mobility Center in Control Panel to turn on the wifi as well.

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  • my wireless does not work. error message is "the wireless capability is turned off" How can I trun it o

    How can I activate my wireless capability? I have an acer aspire one

    Depending on the model, they could be a rocker on the front of the tiny switch, it can be enabled/disabled using Fn + F3, or it must be enabled in the network and sharing Center.

  • Keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS Session host

    When you connect to the RDS through the access portal or app keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS session host. Offline authentication works very well, past will guide you to the RDS host, then when you try to reset your password, the keyboard does not work.

    Has anyone else had that... ?

    Options (some better than others!) are:

    1. move all MS applications seamless

    2. have an application named "Reset your password" (or similar) which uses MS Seamless.then you can leave other applications, as they are

    3 disable authentication carried forward and implemented our service reset password instead so people reset their password before can connect you.

    4. use the full desktop instead of transparent

  • print DigitalPersona finger scanning does not work after you install the recommended updates

    My impression of digitalpersona finger scanning does not work after you install the updates recommended on my dell Vista


    1. do you have an error message?
    2. are you referring to the print scan hardware or software scan print that was supplied with the device?

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to update the software DigitalPersona from the link below https://www.digitalpersona.com/support/downloads/

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    Why the highlighting of text in a PDF document does not work after you save the file

    What application you use to highlight?

  • Re: Portege R500: controller button does not work after you install the update

    After you have installed the latest version of Toshiba Value added Package, the two buttons (toshiba assist, and backlight power) do not work properly: they open instead a window of Firefox.

    I guess there is something to configure in the section "Optimizing" Toshiba Assist.
    When I open the program "Toshiba buttons functions" (sorry for the puny, Spanish translation, it is called: "functions of Toshiba botones") all entries are empty and I have to enter the Url of the program supposed to turn off the backlight of the screen of my LCD...
    I have no idea where to find this executable.

    Can someone help me?

    Why you n t use the OS restore option?
    The operating system supports the option of system restore and this helps to put the system in the previous point.

    Check, maybe it helps to get the old version of the Toshiba Package Value added.

  • HP Notebook: Wifi and Audio does not work after update of the 10 victory

    I updated the OS to win 8.1 to 10 and it was somthly, but after this recent update to win 10 all at once the wifi has ceased to recognize all the networks around it... also the audio has stopped working. I tried the two troubleshooting and found the audio starts to work after you troubleshoot but wifi does not work. This happens everytime I turn on my laptop, and whenever I have to solve an audio driver to fix it but the wifi doesn't work every time... Please help... I also tried to update the drivers of these two, but he said that the drivers are updated every time... Please let me know if anyone can guide me through this problem...

    Hey @Riken_HP,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! This is a great place to find solutions and help our community!

    I understand that you are having problems with the wifi on your HP laptop. I'd be happy to help you.

    What is the exact model of your laptop? If you do not know who will find it here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

    The following pages are useful for troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems.
    Troubleshooting wireless network and Internet (Windows 10)

    In addition, you can watch the the power management of your wireless adapter:
    Turn off the power to the adapter:
    1. open Device Manager. (Win Key + R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)
    2. expand the network adapters.
    3. right click on the Ethernet adapter / wireless, and then click Properties.
    4. click on the power management tab.
    5 remove the check mark next to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    6. click on OK.
    7 test cycle.

    Forget a network (Windows 10)
    Forget wireless network profiles in Windows 10

    Reset TCP/IP on your PC:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without the quotes and press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    It can also help to reset the Winsock Catalog:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes, and then press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
    1. download the drivers from here, but do not run them again.
    2. go to your Start menu/screen and type Device Manager.
    3. expand network adapters.
    4. right click on the wireless adapter and choose uninstall.
    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
    6. restart your PC and test.

    Test an ethernet connection:
    Not call explanation. Test if the problem persists on a wired connection to the adapter hardware troubleshooting wireless can be directed to the appropriate areas.

    Test another connection:
    Many people excluded their home network as a problem if another device working on the same network. Networking is not as simple as that. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to exclude the settings for this device until the laptop has been tested on another network.

    Please hold me.

    By pressing the Thumbs Up button below, you can always say thank you!

    See you soon.

  • HP Pavilion DV6: Wifi does not work after re-installation of Windows 7

    I recently had to format my drive and reinstall Windows 7, but after reinstalling, nothing really works.  USB is not recognized, Wifi is not working, etc...

    I realized that all new drivers need to be downloaded, but I can't find the original driver disc and it is difficult to download them without being able to go online.   I could find and install a driver for the network card ' Intel Centrino advanced n + WiMax 6150.  I can see that the driver is installed and up to date, but it is still not discover all networks and during troubleshooting, it says that no hardware installed.

    At this point I think maybe it's a hardware problem, but the wifi worked very well until I resett everything.  Anyone know what I can do?  Are there additional drivers, I need for the network card start work.

    Thank you

    Here is the link to the latest version of the driver for this card.

    A first or second on the list according to bit W7 version you have installed.


  • HP dv6-6c10us: HP dv6-6c10us Broadcom 802.11n wireless adapter does not work after windows 10 installed

    I have a laptop HP dv6-6c10us with a Broadcom 802.11n wireless adapter.  It worked fine on Win 7.  When I upgraded to win 10, it has stopped working.  The driver has not been updated since 06/02/13.

    Until the driver is updated by Broadcom or HP, this computer is now a desktop computer.

    Any suggestions on how to get the adapter wireless on Windows 10?

    I recommend you to go back and do a system restore to a point before started to install the automatic updates, and where worked the wireless.

    Then download this tool that stops updates to install automatically.


    Hide all of them and then install one by one until you find the one that is to destroy the wireless connection.

    When you have found the culprit just hide it again and it will not be installed.

    You can create a system restore point each time you install an update.

    Tedious, but you should get where you want to be.

  • Time Machine does not work after update of the Sierra

    The time function machine my Mackbook Air 2011 stopped working... it has not been saved since update for Sierra, it only take screenshots every hour, it will perform a backup is no longer on my external HD as before.

    There is no problem with the way it is implemented or the hard drive, it's me that my iMac is working perfectly since the update for Sierra and it's backup via the time machine on the same hard disk.

    It is a hard drive and put in place I was in use for about 5 years with no problems.

    Also since the update for Sierra I noticed that my MacBook Air gets hot and the fans go wild, although there was nothing or performance other than the system is auto.

    I lost the use of my built in camera after the update to El Capitan, and now I've lost the use of time machine... I was wondering if I should go back to Yosemite that everything worked well then!... is this possible?

    Thanks for any help with this!

    Update:-just so you know, time machine is to find the back up ok drive (external hard drive), it then goes to "preparing backup" and that's all, he remains in this preparation save the scene for centuries, after a while it just stops and it is saved all... nothing!

    Also noticed when I checked in Time Machine full backup I have before update for Sierra disappeared, he disappeared, been deleted... I don't know what is happening with it!

    Overall since the update for Sierra my MacBook Air did not work properly, in addition to all that Safari does not load, just to get the wheel spinning, and now (with the demise of my old back ups) it seems I can't go back to a previous state.

    My Mackbook Air took it!... the last update took the camera and really Sierra in... material not compatible with all new software, none of the new features work on my iMac or MacBook Air (only Siri), so a useless upgrade for me really, wish I didn't!

  • Satellite P850-30W - the fan does not work after returning from the mode "Eve"

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P850 30W with bios 1.90.

    Sometimes the fan does not work at all after back mode standby on windows 7.
    What happened twice (perhaps several times without knowing me), and Ive had the computers for a month.

    Normally the fan starts to run when the CPU gets more than 50 degrees celsius and stops less than 50 celisus...

    I tried running Prime95 when this fan-this occurs and the time of the computer got dangerously high (near 100 degrees)! the fan did not start at all
    .. .This error could damage the laptop potentinally...
    to get the fan turns once again I have to restart windows

    anyone experienced this?
    I guess that the fix would be to never use standby... or toshiba needs to fix it with an update of the bios.

    > Sometimes the fan does not work at all after back mode standby on windows 7.
    > What has happened twice (perhaps several times without knowing me), and Ive had the computers for a month.

    You said it's happened twice and only sometimes done this means that above all the fans are working well?
    In this case, this would mean that it of difficult to reproduce this problem, but you might be right: maybe a BIOS update would help solve this problem permanently

    I found some discussions on the stand-by mode and fan activity and in most cases, the update of the BIOS was the key.

  • Laptop does not work after you remove the virus win32/winfixer

    Original title: win32/winfixer

    I had cleaned up my n cell phone it's a bad virus win32/winfixer and now my laptop does not work because I deleted it and also my big computer will not work right there problem downloading it says it needs to microsoft.net1.1sp1 ep, but it does not load become crazy pls help me...


    1. what exactly happens when you start on the desktop?

    2. you get any error message?

    3. is your laptop work fine in safe mode?

    4. What are you trying to download?

    5. How are you trying to download?

    6. What is the full error message do you get?

    7. don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

    I suggest you to see link below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: How to fix a computer that does not start.


    More information: Advanced Troubleshooting for General startup problems in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308041

    Hope this information is useful.

  • TouchEvent in Listfield does not work after scrolling in the storm.


    My problem is that I have a 250 size listfield, which I add to a verticalfieldmanager1, this verticalfieldmanager1 is added to an another verticalfieldmanager2, then verticalfieldmanager2 is added to horizontalfieldmanager then horizontalfieldmanager is added to the screen.

    By default, I have to display index 220 (to achieve this, I'll focus on the listfield), so when I key to select other items in the list it is not selecting (Touch event does not work). It is to select only the element that has focus.

    I am owner event touch listfield. Could someone please help me in this regard.


    I am happy to share that I found a solution for the problem I had.

    Post here as it may help someone. I used the TouchEvent.getX () & TouchEvent.getY)

    directly which solved my problem, previously I was using () TouchEvent.getGlobalX & TouchEvent.getGlobalY ().

    Once again thank you.

  • USB does not work after you install the utility on Satellite A200 Intel chipsets

    I installed Win XP Pro SP2 on my Satellite A200-1SM and everything was ok until I installed Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility version (recent ones on the site of download of Toshiba; before this step all USB dev. worked properly), after all my USB devices wouldn't work. I had my windows up-to-date with updates from Microsoft, but that has not changed a thing.

    I use Vista once again, but still want to work one day at the XP operating system.

    Please help me if you can.

    Like the previous user said, the chipset must be installed as first pilot
    In addition, it seems that this laptop supports the Intel® GM965 + ICH8M Intel chip.
    It would be advisable to check the version of the Intel page directly

    Hey Buddy

  • Photosmart C6380 all-in-one: HP Solution Center does not work after update to the last version of Windows 10

    Printer worked flawlessly after upgrade to Windows 10. But with the last update, I can't scan more by HP Solution Center. I tried HP doctor and then remove and reinstall the software suite full, ensuring I have the latest drivers, but it still does not work. HP Solution Center is installed on my pc, I can even click on it and then it opens (briefly) and then closes, there is no way I can use the features. [However, doctor of HP, I could do an analysis of test and that worked, so there is nothing wrong with it.] Help...


    Microsoft has since released a new update for this problem.

    Fix solution:

    Please download and install the following update KB3133431 from Microsoft:


    Note This update is available through Windows Update only. (Updates )  must be lit)

    1. Click the Start button, select 'Settings' and select 'Making day & security'
    2. Under "Windows Update", select "Advanced Options".
    3. Under "Choose how updates are installed," select "automatic (recommended) in the drop-down list in the menu drop-down."

    Hope that helps.

    Please click the "accept as solution" if it helped to solve your problem and "Bravo Thumbs up" as an encouragement

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