Wireless card no longer works on Equium l20-197


Initially, I posted the problem I have on the US site, I didn't know that there was a site for europe.
The long and short of it is my wireless card no longer works
Here are the details on the hyperlink below and solutions of attempts, none works so far


If someone can add something?

Thanks in advance



According to the post in the US forum, the WLan card is not visible in the device under network adapters Manager. Right?
You can see an unknown peripheral or Ethernet controller in Device Manager?

If so, then check this Toshiba HowTo identify the unknown device:
[How to identify an unknown device (e.g. LAN wireless module)? | http://forums.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/forums/Ann.jspa?annID=78]

If you don t have any unknown devices and if the WLan card still isn't in the list, then I guess the WiFi chip is defective.

In this case I recommend using a solution just as the use of external USB WLAN.

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  • my wireless card no longer works...

    randomly using my computer my card wireless NETWORK has stopped working. I checked, and for some reason any the pilot only are there no more. tried to reinstall that driver for my realtek wireless card, still did not work. site HP Web to find what drivers I might miss even tried, and it came with nothing. I cannot turn it on anyway, can't find it anywhere except my device manager and, even then, it gives me no details on this at all. I don't know what else to try, or why she would randomly doing this. I scanned for virus, nothing came. and I made sure the NETWORK card has been activated in all ways I might be able to turn it on.

    Electrical components sometimes must have all the food sources removed and reintroduced to work properly.  Try to perform a hard reset first, if this does not work then we will move on to the next step.

    To perform a hard reset

    • Shut down the computer by going to the menu start and select shut down. (If you have no display, hold the button for 5 seconds); (if the computer don't market, go to the next step)
    • Unplug the adapter from the laptop.
    • Remove the battery from the bottom of the laptop.  There will be a switch/battery eject button.
    • Wait at least 1 minute with all sources of power disconnected.
    • Reinsert the battery and reconnect the power adapter, and then try to turn on the laptop.
  • Satellite C660D - after update BIOS wireless card no longer works

    Yesterday I Tempro message asking me to do an update to the BIOS: 'bios-20120601184846. I did but it was not reinstalled the wireless driver, and since my computer can't find any wi - fi network. I still have a working ethernet connection.

    I tried several ways to fix it and nobody has succeeded:
    -J' installed the driver "slate-driver-s1081-win7-wlan-1005.31.1222.2011".
    -J' installed from the toshiba Web site, the driver "realtek_wlan_win7_2000016L_20110523".
    -J' tried a system restore, but he made a mistake and did not work

    How can - I'm restoring my wi - fi connection?
    Thanks for your help.

    Technical information:
    Model: Satellite C660D - 104 Ref: PSC1YE-00Q001FR serial number: 3B097607K
    Wi - fi card: Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC #2
    Windows 7 64 bit

    PS: Sorry if I don't speak very well, I'm not English.


    This means the card WLAN is not listed in Device Manager?
    Some unknown device is listed in Device Manager?

    To be honest, this issue is not known to me but if it please try to set the BIOS to default settings and check again.
    I put t know if this will help but you can back up all your data and install again recovery image to check if the same problem persists with the factory settings.

  • Wireless card doesn't work after Windows Update

    I have a Compaq Presario F730US with Vista. I have installed Windows Mobile Device Center on it, and the computer has stopped recognizing wireless card. Then, after trying to restore the original drivers and do several other things, I have done restore the computer originally installed at the factory.  The wireless worked well.  However, as soon as I updated all Microsoft Updates and before installing Windows Mobile Device, the wireless card no longer works again.  I restored the drivers, and it worked the first time.  Then a few other updates came through, and I can't get working again.  Any suggestions?  It's a Broadcom Wireless card. I saw that a gentleman has been upgraded for its presario to Windows 7 and had the same problem on another post and never had resolution.

    The normal rule is to never accept update from Windows update device driver.

    Always bring the manufacturer.


    Understanding Windows Update and Extras in Windows Vista at the link above.

    Change the Update Auto Update settings for ' check for updates but let me choose etc "> OK".

    When you take a look at pending updates, you can either download/install them one at the time, namely the update causing you problems.

    > or if you do not need an individual > right-click on > UAC prompt > hide it

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Equium L20-197 no longer works

    Can I invite you for a little help on this one.

    I received an Equium L20-197 that no longer works. Not having is not the chance to see never work I'm not sure on a number of things.

    It is totally dead, with the power supply connected there is no sign of life, no power, light nothing.

    I know there are a lot of things it could be.

    This is should it lights up while there is no battery connected, only the power supply plugged in?

    If she will be so at least I can pass a battery problem, yes the battery is perhaps still defective, but this would mean that the motherboard is probably us. If she must have a battery equipped, even a plate, then it could be the battery.

    Just try to work through step-by-step.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hi mate,

    hehe, looks like a technician is here. :) It s a very good idea to do it step by step because every good techno acts like you. So I do, and it has helped me several times.

    Regarding your question: the battery must not be connected to start the machine, so if the machine start-up even won´t just with connected AC then you can be sure that there is a serious hardware problem.

    In this case, you can remove all (disk, CDROM, etc.) and try again. You can also share the adapter of the ca and the RAM. Thus, if the won´t still machine starts, then contact an ASP (Authorized Service Partner) and ask for a review of health/repair of equipment. It would be the last resort.

    Here´s a link to find the nearest ASP in your country:


    Greetings and good luck

  • Equium L20-197 - wireless connection problems

    Have an old Toshiba laptop Equium L20 - 197, running windows XP Home Edition.

    It contains an Atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter.

    The problem I have is that it will connect to my BT home hub (and says that the connection is excellent), but does not connect to any Web site.

    I added a USB 802.11 wireless adapter g to see if I can get a connection there, and it works very well (even if it is interesting only by using the wireless utility Ralink that comes with it - when I tried with the automatic Windows Wireless Configuration, I had the same problem as before - no internet connection - switched back to the Ralink utility and it works fien again).

    Internal wireless adapter worked fine, but now do not - any suggestion welcome.

    Thank you very much


    PS I went to Device Manager and check the updates of pilot, but he told me that he found nothing better than the used version of the driver!


    There may be some conflicts between internal WLan card and the new external 802.11 g Wireless USB adapter.

    If not, you should check the configuration of the Atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter.
    In the Device Manager-> card WLan-> properties-> Advanced tab, you can change the WLAN standard 802. 11 (A B G) on the same which is used by the router.

    If the router uses 802.11 G can change this in the Wlan settings too!
    Also check the channel. I put the channel on my router and the wireless network card to 11.

    You can also try to connect to the router without using a WLan encryption. Of course, this should be done only for the test.

    Las, but not the least, update the driver WLan:

  • Satellite 2410-404: mini pc card no longer works


    I have a Satellite 2410-404 with mini pc installed wireless lan card, allowing to work perfectly - up to a few days ago, I installed a pcmcia by levelone wireless network card, just to check if it worked. This was the case, and so I uninstalled the card and the software that came with it. But now my toshiba mini wlan card no longer works! It is actually recognized and installed by the system and shown as being active - but I do not get a connection to wifi even when there is certainly one around. I can't even bring up the list of WLAN networks available (win xp) that normally you can even if there's no matter what available wlan.

    I checked the registry and found several remaining entries by levelone... but dare not change or delete since I'm not an expert at all regarding registry stuff. Another thing that bothers me is that when I uninstall the mini pc card and let windows reinstall, it shows as "3 wireless" or even "WiFi 4", which seems to allude to some "connection 2" still occupied by some zombie levelone wireless.

    I would appreciate any help on this matter,


    Hi Rainer

    As you can see all the software, after removing, let a few entries in the registry. In my opinion, you should remove the list of Device Manager wireless card and wireless connections. Restart the device and the wireless card should be recognized and installed again.

    The wireless connection you can configure with option of windows. If you use another client to the wireless Wi - Fi disable windows configuration.

  • Equium L20-197: possibility to buy a battery with a longer life?

    I have an Equium L20-197, which doesn't have a battery life of 1.5 hours outside. It is possible of bu a different battery with more of the lasting power, as it is useless has wireless if it keeps having to be plugged.

    I hope someone can help.


    First he must know that the life expectancy of the batteries depends on the use of the laptop.
    Secondly I know this laptop came with a standard battery of 2000mAh.

    On the Toshiba page under Option & accessories I found a compatible battery pack 8, 4300mAh reference: PA3420U-1BRS

    This battery should support a longer lifecycle like the 2000mAh battery.

    By the way; These batteries, you can buy the ASP in your country

  • Satellite A210-1AP - video card no longer works play Call Of Duty 4


    I have problems with my video card.
    When I was playing call of duty 4 5 minutes from my video card stops work and the restart of the screen.

    Then he said: your video card no longer works and the problem solved.
    My graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600.

    > Then he said: your video card no longer works and the problem solved.
    And? It works now?

    Eventually the driver graphic hanging and that's why you have received this message.
    It is also possible that the temperature of the GPU was too high and therefore the message appeared.
    The COC 4 needs a lot of material resources and everything should run with maximum performance! Therefore, there are more high heat dissipation and this can lead to problems of graphics card.

  • iPod will work with my Equium L20-197

    I have a problem with my wife, Equium L20-197 in XP, when you try to sync with an ipod shuffle (gen2). Will not mount on my computer, is not detected by itunes, but is present in Device Manager but the report he needs a driver to operate properly.

    I ran windows update and use the latest version of itunes and everything seems to be up to date. I know that the ipod works correctly because it works fine with my desktop (also XP) computer and also with my mac at work. Can someone please advise on what I have checked for updates and patches and am any other ideas other than buying a different brand of laptop!


    It seems that it is a question of iPod and not question of notebooks;
    Please check this discussion iPod in the other forum
    http://forums.ipodlounge.com/showthread.php?t=54039&pp=15&highlight=Windows+any more

    I recommend you to unplug the iPod. Then update the Win XP to the State!
    You must use Microsoft update page to install really all the patches and fixes. Notes; you have to restart the computer several times to get all patches installed.

    Check this solution XP:

    In addition, you can see the Intel page for the update of the software of the chipset.

    By the way; If anyone could have problems using iPod with Vista pelase visit this knowledge of MS:


  • Keyboard and wireless mouse no longer works

    my keyboard is msi star type ES500W. Computer... top of wind msi ZE2010. After changing the batteries in the keyboard and mouse wireless, they no longer work. The computer says that they are beautiful, but they don't work! I'm not computer savy so please talk to me as tho I'm in kindergarten. Thank you

    Hi Louise,.

    1. you receive messages or error codes?

    2. did you of recent changes on the system?

    3. what version of Windows are you using?

    Perform the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Try to connect the keyboard and mouse to any other computer / or any other port and check if it works very well.

    Method 2:

    You can try to run the hardware troubleshooter and check if it helps.

    Convenience hardware store


    Method 3:

    You can also try to update the drivers for the keyboard and mouse.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Update drivers: recommended links


    Method 4:

    You can also try to synchronize the device with the receiver again. Then try to reinsert the batteries. Also, look for the interference of signal from nearby electronic devices.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Your wireless card has stopped working properly.

    Often, I receive this message "problem reports and solution:
    A problem with your wireless network card

    Your wireless card has stopped working properly.
    There is a network adapter that allows your computer to connect to a wireless network.
    To find out if a version update of your wireless network card is available, contact the manufacturer of your device or computer.

    Even if I get this message that I am able to connect to wireless internet. I checked on the DELL website, and according to them, I have the driver for my Inspiron 1520 then I would like to know how I can stop this annoying message that appear all the time? Is there an updated driver that I don't know?
    The problem refers to my Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card (Driver version

    I would be grateful for any advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi dtw1970,

    While I was researching online error message met that it is a known issue on dell computers and there are a few steps available in the dell Web site.

    Check the link and try the steps mentioned below.

    You can also try posting your query in the Dell Community, see the link below.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Microsoft wireless mouse no longer works on Inspiron 8200

    Our Microsoft Wireless mouse no longer works on our Inspiron 8200. We have a red light on the mouse so it's on and we just changed the battery in the mouse. The computer no longer recognizes the mouse. Before his stoppage of work completely computer did not come out of standby/hibernation mode correctly. He had to press the power button rather than wake up it with the mouse.

    Now that I have attached a wired mouse, he wakes up as it should with the movement of the mouse or a key.

    Do you by chance have a solution that I can download?

    Thank you.


  • Need driver sound XP Equium L20-197

    Hello world

    I have audio problem and I can not solve this problem, I've tired several times.
    I downloaded the Toshiba.com sound card driver (conexant audio driver) but I do not see the volume control panel when I click on the small icon of teskbar also my microphone does not work.

    My model of laptop TOSHIBA EQUIUM L20-197

    any help will be appreciated, thanks


    Are you sure that need the sound driver?
    Maybe some settings are not enabled in the--> sound & audio devices Control Panel
    If you want to get the volume control in the taskbar then you must activate this in sound & audio devices-> Volume tab-> check the option called icon volume space in the taskbar

    However, the audio driver may be downloaded here:

    Best regards

Maybe you are looking for


    Hello: Had to install the new HD and Windows7 64-bit o/s in a HP G62 - 358 (Prod #X6950UA) CA.  But the without wire is not recognized and I can not find the drivers for the controller network - Hdwr I.D. PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8171 & SUBSYS_1467103C & R

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  • Moshcam went app

    Moshcam app is no longer available? I tried to reset the TV and checked for an update. still no Moshcam.

  • I may be a driver for hp psc 1355?

    I may be a driver for hp psc 1355?

  • HP Laserjet CP1518ni - want to use wireless

    Good afternoon! I got the HP Laserjet CP 1518ni for several years and have only used connected to a Dell desktop computer in all the time I got it.  I now have a laptop of Dell to the additional address and I want to allow all computers, iphones, and