I need a driver, and the Toolbox for Canon i-sensys MF 4450 printer.

Original title: Canon i-SENSYS MF4450 I need a driver, and the Toolbox for Canon i-sensys MF 4450 printer. It was fine when I used windows xp in my old computer. But now when I bought a new one, who have Windows 8 (x 64), I don't know what to do.  Pl

DWM.exe has stopped working...

Hello!I installed Windows 8 Pro (x 64) on my ASUS X54HY... But whenever I leave the laptop without the use (about 2-3 min) it says this: "dwm.exe has stopped working". Nothin' ' get to the laptop but it bothers me a lot! I need someone help here... T

IncrediMail and windows 8

I installed Incredimail 2.5 on my new computer which has Windows 8.  It will not run and it's incompatible.  What can I do? [Moved from comments]

How to use the messaging app in Windows 8?

Original title :-2147023450 How can I connect messenging?

HP Deskjet F4435 comaptibility with Windows 8

Original title: HP Deskjet F4435 I have the disc but bought it a year ago and never got around to install on the computer.  Now when I try, I get an error message that it is for windows 7 and I have 8 and it is not compatible.  What can I do to fix t

VPN selections do not appear in the sidebar of setting

Last month, when I go to the right in the sidebar and click settings and then click the icon for my router, nothing happens. I can't my vpn setting options to select one and connect. I have to reboot for it to start working, and sometimes I do that m

Turn on DEP for all programs or Just essiential

OK, I have windows 8 and my processor supports hardware (Data Execution Prevention) adj. I sorta understand the concept of DEP however not enough to know whether it should be enabled for all programs or all necessary programs or since my processor ha

Google chrome opening as an application separate from the workstation

I recently got a new Dell with window 8. Immediately, I downloaded google chrome because it is my favorite browser. Now, whenever I click on it, it takes me on the desk and opens a separate, application which turns off listening to music, etc. Any id

Windows 8 explorer.exe crash - ntdll

Hello I'm having issues where explorer.exe crashes.  This occurs while I'm doing something that uses explorer.exe, such as moving files or folders to open.  However, if a file is opened and slowed, explorer.exe will tend to hang.  I don't know if tha

5 years - super fast machine with a SSD hard drive!

My laptop: Dell Studio, 2.5 Ghz, 4 GB RAM double heart + SSD hard drive WOW... my machine is super fast! Start the system and be usable... about 10 or so seconds Ooh... Wow! This beats my Macbook Pro Core i7 8 GB of RAM 2012 (quadruple-heart I think)

Game App immediately closes

My game soft does not work properly it immediately closes please help

Install the Audible Manager.

Original title: program programs application Applications compatibility I want to install Audible Manager from on my computer which runs Windows8. It is apparently inconsistent. How can I solve this problem? Help!

Install windows on old laptop Got 8 new replacement battery-sector not work problem

Hi all! I have an old laptop Vaio VGN-SR130E. A few months back, I installed windows 8 on it. Microsoft compatibility check approved. Everything was working fine until yesterday, I installed a new spare battery (former it was is unloaded in minutes).

Logitech F710 does not work when I play a game

Eng: It should work in a test with Test Device Logich. But when I play a game, it does not work. NL: Hij zou het doen, apparantely testfunctie. Maar het lukt me niet om of muisfunctie; of aanwijzer (handje) you moving. Original title: Logitech F710,.

When listening to the music of Grooveshark, the sound turns off after a minute.

When listening to the music of Grooveshark, the sound turns off after a minute.  Must press the key or the mouse to re-activate.  I turned off the screen saver.  Cut off.  Grooveshark said that they have no control over that, but the operating system

ease of access on the keyboard of the screen does not work?

My easy access on the keyboard of the screen does not work. I have easy access to the centre and left click on the keyboard of the screen then nothing. I double click, then nothing. I'm using a head pointer and live the clicker. I can access the touc

hearts of iron iii tfh can initiate on windows 8

Ive installed hearts of iron iii their hour of glory and it does not work on windows 8 it worked on windows 7 and xp, but not on windows 8 can someone help me? It starts shows a loading map screen sprites come an error...

Auto repair

My laptop (Sony Vaio e series) said auto repair, then it says 'auto repair couldn't fix your PC. It then gives me the options to stop or advanced options. I don't have the cd or cd to repair everything. Also, I can't use cmd to do anything because I

Hyper-V and other

Bought ASUS CM6870 with window 8. I added the 8 PRO window. I don't have a Local account with administrator right. I activated the winter V. I activated the virtualization in the UEFI bios. I tried running COREINFO - v but I don't get an administrato

How do you get the keys f1 - f12 on an asus with windows 8 work?

I have an Asus laptop with windows preinstalled 8 and when I try to use my keys f1 - f12 for shortcuts, none of them work. Except when I press the f3 key, which displays the image of a key board with a setting sun on it, which I guess means obscuring
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