BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry ID - unable to access the Web Login site

I have problems logging into App World on the Web site. When I click on loggin it brings me to the BlackBerry ID url that shows the site cannot be displayed or problem loading page due to the connection has expired.

I tried to go through the site ID BlackBerry (BlackBerry - BlackBerry ID) and App World Store (BlackBerry App World - home page), but I still have this problem. I have tried different browsers (IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) but no luck.

App World works very well on my BlackBerry but unable to loggin on the Web portal.

I tried to contact RIM via Twitter but had no solutions of their own.

* Update
I contacted the RIM through my wireless support and discovered his works at their end. I contacted my friend and he was able to connect to the site. There must be something with my ISP connection.

* Update 2

I contacted my ISP and they said that they can access the login page of the App World. I tried my VPN connection and it works. I still don't understand why I can't access it without VPN

I need to know what prevents it from my computer. Well, I'm done.

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    You can try using the beta version of firefox mobile?

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