connect a spex 1702 spectrometer via rs232

I'm trying to connect an old Spex 1702 spectrometer to our computer via RS232. I have a few vi downloaded from the HORIBA website that are supposed to work with this series. When I run the '' which is supposed to make the connection between the spec and the computer, all I get is the red error light. I am fairly new with Labview and know virtually nothing about RS232, help or suggestions on how to get this connection would be appreciated! Thank you


Former pilots used outdated serial drivers that won't work with the newer versions of LV

There might be newer versions of the drivers are circulating, but I ended up making my own versions of VISA rather than wait for the manufacturer.  Please note that this was a nightmare to migrate...


PS To install an older version of LV should also work if the OS is supported (LV 7.1?) and XP

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  • Communication between Labview and Acton spectrometer via USB or RS232

    I'm trying to communicate between a PC running XP and a spectrometer to Acton 2300i using Labview.  Windows recongizes the specification and assigns it to COM3 with the correct name.  Also, the software provided with the specification can communicate with him.  However, I was unable to communicate using VISA in Labview.  I downloaded the simple read and write example vi fromt the example finder and changed the entries at 9600 baud... but I am still unable to connect.  I also tried connecting via software of measurement and automation NOR, but getting the timeout error code.  I was able to connect using GPIB of Labview for another more old Acton Spec 500i but the onle new version connects via RS232 or USB.

    The problem was simply not having a return of carrage added at the end of my order.  Thank you for your help.

  • Reading from the sensor to LabView via rs232 or Subvi problem

    I'm quite new to LabView and not too experienced with instrument control so I was wondering if someone could help me to solve my problem?

    Currently, I'm using LabView 2011 and I'm trying to read pressure DualGauge of Pfeiffer (TPG 262) pressure sensor and display the readings of two pressure on LabView.  However, when I run my program, the pressure readings are not displayed - what is displayed are default 0.00 if same mBar pressure reading a reading of the display of the DualGauge probe.  To connect the sensor, I use a RS232 cable and have managed to find the device on my device manager, so I don't think that the connection is the problem (I've also seen the port appears in the Device Manager, when I connected the sensor via RS232 and USB in my computer).  I also use Subvi Pfeiffer in my code, and I suspect that the problem may be in there.

    Attached is my code and here are links to the manual of the DualGauge and the driver of the software LabView of Pfeiffer

    Double manual gauge - p. 23 and 68 are probably the only things related to the RS232 connection.

    DualGauge LabView driver - software Pfeiffer double gauge LabView driver 2009

    Any help is very appreciated!


    You have not tested really do anything. Devices and MAX Manager displays only the com port that you added to the computer. It does nothing to verify that an instrument is truly connected. You might have the wrong settings of com or the wrong type of cable serial (null-modem is required). I suggest that you start with program such as hyperterminal, PuTTY or MAX and try something simple. It seems that you will receive an acknowledgement returned by the instrument when a correct command is received. Make sure that this simple step that happens.

  • How to communicate via RS232?

    I am trying to program a sbRIO-9606 to communicate with a LCD for matrix orbital via RS232.  I have NI-VISA 5.4.1 with NI-VISA 5.4.1 on the sbRIO server software.  But I see no COM port to use to connect.  Is there other software that I need?  Or is there a resource where I can find some instructions about it?


    I also have need of the RT of NOR-Serial installed on the sbRIO 4.0.0.

  • DASYLab control via RS232


    I use dasylab to a small control. I would like to controll 3 adjustable transformers. The pc with the NI USB-6210 is near the transformer. Via RS232 I want to controll the processors of the control room. I have connected the two stand-alone (one near the processor) and the other in the control room with a cable RS232. Is it possible to use input RS232 dasylab for this effect? I'm just at the beginning of this project, and I appreciate all the information and advice you can give.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day


    For the RS232 string... we expect that the string must be delimited - for example, it ends with a. When you use the notation


    DASYLab will begin at the current location and put all the characters in the global chain number 1 (${STR_1} in other modules) until the \r (thecharacter). It does not put the delimited in the global chain.

    If you use the store in the chain, then catch it all on the line. If you need to anchor it better, use the string in quotes to search for a unique header before the $1

    "Single text" $1

    will interpret this line

    Single text can be stored in the global chain

    and store 'can be stored in the global chain' in the global chain 1. She anchors on the 'Unique' text and ends at the.

    For relaxation... use the pre/Post trigger... it's more reliable and outputs 0 or 5.

  • Apple will never allow iPhone users to connect to their Apple TV via Bluetooth, and the remote app?

    I am frustrated because I know that the iPhone can connect to any Apple TV via Bluetooth to "auto set-up" but when it comes to linking in general, apple specifically denies this functionality to users.  I would use this feature because I use my AppleTV for travelI obtained and I would make a transfer to wi - Fi password. I can access Wi - Fi without needing to put distance with me.

    Download the Remote by Apple app on your phone.

  • I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

    I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

    I put in place already to extend the wifi of my modem still connected to the modem via ethernet cable.

    Now I want to be considered on the floor and use it to extend the wifi without ethernet cable

    The AirPort Extreme can extend only wireless signal from another router from Apple, so if you want to take the AirPort Extreme on the floor and extend wireless signal, you will need another airport connected to your modem by Ethernet cable router to produce the wireless signal that will extend the extreme on the floor.

    Another way of saying the same thing would be to say that if you want to extend wireless using a router from Apple, you'll need two of them do... because AirPort Extreme is not compatible with a third-party modem or modem/router for this purpose.

  • How to contact Compax3 via RS232

    "We have a driver/Compax3 servo controller and need to communicate to via RS232 and the orders of the" object "(e.g."o680.5"retrieves the current position." However, I was unable to get the controller to really transform our engine. Someone has he done that before could provide examples of code?

    LV 2009 SP 1

    Windows XP

    You should still be able to read and write objects while it is configured as a T30, but you would need to write a program of IEC which reacts to changes in your variables.  I just did a project with a positioning more comms, and it was some time ago.  My HMI would send '2O 1901.1 =' to define a position and ' $2O 6103CR "to move to the position.  Note the space, and the Czech Republic is a carriage return.  Unfortunately, Parker US doesn't have much experience with the communcations for this product, and the documentation is poor.  You can call technical support of Parker in California.  Rich Rittis would be your best bet to get answers on it.

  • Connect my - rio to PC via network router


    I wonder if I can connect my rio to the PC (without adding wireless network card to the computer) through my network router. In other words, if I connect my rio for the network wireless router and the PC is connected to the same network via ethernet, can I control my-rio (send/receive commands) through the internet?

    Thank you.

    In a typical sceanrio, LAN and WIFI are bridged and part of the same subnet. There is no functional difference, and there is no routing involved.

    Once the routing is involved. that is, if two devices are on different subnets, there may be complications. First, he need to distiguish between plain old routing and NAT routing (as typically found in consumer devices).

    For a classic routing (assuming that all intermediate routers have routing tables appropriate), the only question here is the firewall. The routers neeed to allow traffic and endpoints (your windows computer and the MyRIO) must allow connections from other subnets. Most often, they only allow local connections by default for security reasons.

    For NAT routing, the LAN subnet is invisible to the public internet. The entire network has only (usually) a public IP address. The NAT router performs the tracking of a NAT table that remembers the local IP address of outging requests (for example if you surf the web) and therefore knows where the incoming responses sent from the internet, modify the headers of packets and pushing them to the side LAN. This only works for connections initiated from the local network ougting. If the connection is from the outside, all that is visible is the public IP address of the router. In order to run a service on a computer on the local network, the router needs to know about it. This is what port forwarding rules are everything. In general, you must manually configure the router, but some special applcations can also create automatic transfer rules (whether by the router via an ALG, or by the customer via UPNP).

    In short, you need to deal with two problems:

    • Make sure that the packages can find their way to the destination (routing, nat, etc.)
    • Verify that packets are allowed to make this trip (firewall policies).

    Can you ping the MyRIO? What is the IP address of the MyRIO?

  • want to connect to hp JO 6800 via wifi to my laptop with a wifi router. is this possible?

    want to connect to hp JO 6800 via wifi to my laptop with a wifi router. is this possible?


    Yes you can, you can configure it for your printer:

    Please follow the instructions in the following book:

    Good luck.

  • Unable to connect to the NAS network via a wired connection?

    Hi all

    I have 2 network NAS. They are both a Bay D-Link ShareCenter 2. One is full of media I use for streaming and the other is used to keep backups of my computers and some software. Both of the NAS are configured in RAID mirror. They both worked fine when I got them almost a year ago, they are mapped to letters pilot Y and Z. 2 days when I logged my office a popup notification came to say.
    "cannot reconnect to all network drives, click here to check the status of your network drives."
    so I checked it status and he said they were offline. I restarted my computer and both the NAS, but it made no difference. Then I tried to disconnect the drives, but when I try to reconnect to them I get this error;
    "Windows cannot access \\\Volume_1\Joe, check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there could be a problem with your network. In an attempt to identify and solve network problems, click on diagnose. »
    When I click to diagnose it is unable to find a default.
    The next thing I did was disable my Ethernet card and connect to my network with my WiFi adapter. Then I tried to re - map the NAS is connected via the wireless. This time he allowed me to map them and they seem to work as usual via the wireless connection, but it is rather slow on the wireless.
    Then I disconnected my WiFi connection and reactivated my Ethernet card. When I tried to open the NAS I get this error message;

    "An error occurred while reconnecting Z: to \\\Volume_1\Joe, Microsoft Windows network: the local device name is already in use." This connection has not been restored. »

    A friend told me that this error was because the drive letter is used by a USB storage device or remembered from a previous session, and to remedy, I should run these 2 commands CMD;
    NET use * / Delete Yes
    NET use / persistent: no
    After you run the two orders, nothing has been changed still the same problem. I also I have no USB storage device so it may be that.
    The next thing I tried was to ping both the NAS, I did this on Ethernet and WiFi connections, and both times I return a normal response both to the NAS.
    I defrosted then to restore an image from my Office I made around a week ago and I know that I don't have this problem at the time. The image I did was with Acronis. When I started on the CD of Acronis support, I discovered that Acronis software could connect both the NAS on my desktop Ethernet. After restoring I still have the same problem.
    Now, there's 1 thing I noticed, my laptop can still connect to both WiFi and Ethernet NAS with all the problems. I also have an android phone, and who can connect both of the NAS via a WiFi connection.
    1 last thing you to know is I can always get to the configuration of the NAS so pages I visit it local address in a web browser. I also ran a factory reset both the NAS and then re-applied my own settings. This does not solve the problem, and more that turning March my routers.
    Please can someone help me solve this problem. I'm running a Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit operating system. If you need more information on my system spec or how I have my setup of home network please let me know.
    Thank you Joe.

    This problem has now been fixed.

    For some reason any my AVG firewall had defrosted on its own to block access to the features as well as to define its self to disable the file and printer sharing of files on the NAS share.
    So a small trick to my firewall and everything works as it should.
    Thank you Joe.
  • I have an old hard drive with Adobe Photoshop 7 on this subject, I connected it to my computer via usb, when I try to load it says 'Can not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information' I paid for this program and I know

    I have an old hard drive with Adobe Photoshop 7 on this subject, I connected it to my computer via usb, when I try to load it says 'Can not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information' I paid for this progra

    It is a product obsolette, the server can activate it no more.

    You can use CS2 error: "Activation Server unavailable". CS2, Acrobat 7, Audition 3 downloads & serial number are given.



  • Cannot connect DW CC or CC14 via FTP

    Help, all of a sudden I can't connect DW CC or CC14 via FTP

    Nothing has changed at the end

    Quick, what is the solution? I'm on deadline!Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.54.45 AM.png

    No, it was a question of GoDaddy my end was very good

    Finally back up

  • How to connect furness controls FCO510 micromanometre to the PC via RS232

    Hi all

    I'm a newbie in the use of Labview and no product NOR for the recording of data. I'm currently under research to collect data in real time to a Furness Controls FCO510 micromanometre for analysis of a pipe of annular diffuser used in gas turbine exhaust gas. I followed the manual to the user provided by the company but received no results. Initially, I tried Hyperterminal, and Labview, failing both times to receive any entry up the gauge at all. In addition, I'm not able to recover all the data from the micromanometre.

    Can someone give me advice or guide me as to what should I do to solve this problem.

    Thank you.

    I found the solution. As stated I need a cable null modem with the handshake. So I did an on connecting in the following way:

    FCO510 PC                     







    all other pins left intact.

    Thanks to your help guys!

  • Office communication target RT PC with host via RS232


    I use the computer as target RT. I want to run a standalone program on target RT for her turns. The goal of the RT is connected to the FPGA through the ethernet port. So I want to communicate with the host PC via the serial interface RS232 to send/receive data as the ethernet communication is not possible. The target RT PC desktop is compatible with RS232 communication with host and simultaneously with the FPGA target? If so, is there a protocol for this communication?

    I use LabVIEW 2012 and RT moudule.

    Thanking in advance.


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