Pavilion g series 1257dx cmos battery location

Please help - battery cmos location on Pavilion g series 1257dx laptop?



See Page 61 of your & Maintenance Guide.

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  • Pavilion ze1000 cmos battery location.

    Hi all, can any kind person tell me where exactly the Cmos battery is located in a mobile Pavilion ZE1000, bought second-hand computer and battery is dead as his not keeping time. Re-place-the ladies, Ive no problems to open laptops. Thanks for your time. Michael.


    Please find the link given below for your model of laptop should be useful for you, see page 5.22.

    Maintenance and Service Guide

    Let us know how it goes!

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  • Pavilion zv5000: cmos battery location

    I recently did a clean install of win7 XP and since then have had to reset the boot sequence.  After some research, I realized that the cmos was not keeping date/time, etc.  After you start through the process of recovery of the win7 os works find.  I downloaded the manual but have not been able to positively locate the cmos under the keyboard battery.  My laptop is a HP Pavilion zv5000 or zv5260us.  I would like advice as to its location, if it is welded to the and is replaceable?

    Also, I would like to update the primary RAM of 256 to 1 GB.  The secondary was already running 1 GB.  Is this a possible upgrade?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    In fact, I used to own a very close model of one and can vouch that it can use 2 GB of DDR 800 SO - DIMM (first gen DDR). There is a slot under a door over there and the other is under the keyboard, which is not too difficult to remove it. Here is the Manual:


    I don't see anything in the manual about the RTC battery or its location which leads me to believe it is soldered to the motherboard.

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  • Satellite Pro A40: location of the CMOS battery?

    is anyone the location of the cmos battery on the a40 sat pro that I need to change it.
    The laptop is a few years old, so I hesitate to send to the dealer for him as will be fairly high costs!

    Thank you

    I put t know exactly the place of the RTC battery, but you should see if you Remover keyboard and lid.
    To remove the RTC battery you need to disconnect the cable from the connector PJ8490 on the system board RTC battery and then Peel the insulators and remove the RTC battery.

    But note: When replacing the RTC battery, be sure to use genuine battery or spare batteries allowed by Toshiba. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    PS: Just for the record: the RTC battery recharge takes about 8 hours

  • G7 Notebook Pavilion: main battery location

    Need to know where and how-replacement of a main battery of pavilion g7. Thank you


    Many people think that it is the battery CMOS (or RTC). But the CMOS battery will not give the error code 601. It is up to you, but if you want to know where the RTC battery, I can show you where

    And the part number: 637193-001

    You can buy in the shop part HP or

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion 13 x 360 convertible: convertible laptop CMOS battery HP 13 x 360

    We are working on 13 a friend x 360 laptop which has battery issues. We replaced the battery and still having problems with time remain up-to-date and slow start so assume it's the CMOS/RTC battery. The problem is, we can't find! We have removed the mobo and it simply isn't there. I can't find videos or manuals that correspond to this laptop specific. All show a very distinct CMOS battery.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hello the problem is that your computer model is not making the cmos battery, why not go, because does not manufactured goods.

    Service Manual:

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion DV7 - 1273cl CMOS battery replacement

    I am looking for a manual/directions to replace my CMOS battery and I can't find anything. Anyone know where I can get one? If not and I go out without instructions, do anyone know if this is a battery that I can just go out and get another battery or I should replace more than just the battery? The dough have soldered wires etc.?

    JD81JD wrote:

    I am looking for a manual/directions to replace my CMOS battery and I can't find anything. Anyone know where I can get one? If not and I go out without instructions, do anyone know if this is a battery that I can just go out and get another battery or I should replace more than just the battery? The dough have soldered wires etc.?


    You must take the RTC battery and the wire stuck on it, of the Board of Directors:

    Withdrawal of the real-time clock battery

    Before you start: follow all precautionswhen removing and replacing components.

    Remove the battery.

    1. Loosen the six screws Phillips P1 in captivity which fix the accessory cover to the bottom of the laptop.
    2. Use your finger or a flat blade tool to lift the edge of the cover of the accessory and remove it.
    3. Unplug the cable from the system board RTC battery.
    4. At the same time press the clip that keeps the RTC battery at the base, slide the RTC battery forward. The RTC battery is also attached to the motherboard with double-sided tape.

    The real-time clock battery change

    1. Slide the RTC battery in the clip integrated into base housing.
    2. Reconnect the cable to RTC battery to the system board.
    3. The accessory cover on the housing of the base of the toes.
    4. Tighten the 6 Phillips head screw P1 in captivity.

    Kind regards

  • Pavilion dv6 2170 clock problem after replacing the CMOS battery

    Hello world. Sorry for my bad likely English

    OK, so the problem started since I changed my laptop CMOS battery. and to be honest it wasn't whit any problem the clock when I replaced it but I if this may be the cause of another problem that later I figuered what the problem was because of the RAM.

    in any case, I changed the Rams and this problem has been resolved. I just set the clock of the BIOS and rebooted the system. After awhile I figuered that windows clock is not fair. I restarted again and saw the BIOS clock. It has been reset for 2009! even when the laptop battery and power supply are attached the BIOS and windows continues to change clock! I even changed my windows and I replaced the CMOS battery with the former, but nothing helped. It seems really strange, but I don't think it's maybe a hardware problem there a driver or something for the CMOS battery... need your help! Thank you!

    You mentioned that the BIOS has been reset for 2009? This means that there is a problem with the current or any leak and the BIOS has been "reset" back at the root of the plant. I'm afraid you have shorted something when you changed the battery not be grounded.

    Worst case is that there is physical damage to your motherboard and there is nothing you can do about it, probably broken a capacitor - who cannot hold a charge to prevent the reset of the BIOS clock.

    However, you can try this.

    Completely, unplug your computer, remove the laptop battery, etc... Then browse 'Guide' your computer for the "hard physical reset" for your CMOS. I don't know what it's like on a laptop, I only did it on desktop with riders. Be sure to follow the directions precisely.

    -Make sure you are properly grounded. touch the metal parts that is grouned before touching anything on your computer.
    -the hard reset should be done for at least 30 seconds, this ensures that the power is completely served the system. Then you can set this back.

    Try this a couple of times, first without removing the CMOS battery and 2nd time after remove CMOS battery and placing it in.

    Good luck.

    BTW, you can also try running without your new memories (if there is more than 1 stick, try them separately). In fact, I would probably try first before doing a hard reset CMOS. The reason why I didn't say earlier, it's because I have assumed that you already tried this.

  • Pavilion a305w: Pavilion a305w Cmos battery replacement

    I am trying to replace the cmos battery, but I can't seem to find the battery on my motherboard.  Where else might?

    The a305w was a special Walmart around 2003.  There are 2 motherboards. See this link.   Button battery to sit.

  • HP G6 series: what change the CMOS battery buy for my HP G6 Series?

    I need to replace my CMOS battery. My laptop is a HP G6. When I search the product number sometimes like a G6-1b60us. One new replacement CMOS battery I see listed on eBay are for HP G6-2000. This CMOS battery works for my HP?  I see those listed that are for HP G6-1000, but they are all used. Is this the one I need to buy? Thank you very much.


    You asked for the CMOS battery. But the 601 error indicates that this is the MAIN battery that powers your machine. Now, pull, get the part # and order one for your laptop. But before that, you can test according to the following instructions.

    Windows 7:

    Windows 8 and 8.1

    Case of failure, you need to buy the new battery.

    Kind regards.

  • Portege A100 - where is the CMOS battery?

    Can someone tell me where the CMOS battery is located in a Portege A100, please?

    Thank you in advance.


    Why, you want to know where is the CMOS battery? You want to exchange it?

    I think this question can anybody answer here because it s only a user to user forum. Never saw here authorized technicians or anyone from Toshiba.

    Regarding your question, you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can answer any technical questions and also to exchange the battery for you. ;)

  • Satellite A50 cmos battery replacement

    Hi, does anyone know the bios battery where satellite A50 series? mine need to replace soon.

    Hi Chang

    Replacing the CMOS battery on laptops is not as easy as on the desktop. If you want to do it alone you have to disassemble the laptop and you should not do if you have no experience with it. Before do you it alone, please contact your local dealer or service and ask how much the replacement costs.

    Believe me, that a small mistake may be responsible that unity don t start anymore, and then you can have a real problem. If you want to do it alone and at your own risk poster again.

  • Try to find information about the HP Pavilion DV6000 series

    Anyone know why it is so incredibly difficult to find information on the HP website about the series HP Pavilion DV6000 of computers, and where I can find if it still exists?  I have found information on other sites that indicate enough although this computer of fixation for a sis friend hopeless and I am inclined to agree with what I've seen so far, but I can't find the lists of computers that are supposed to exist indicating which computers are supposedly devastated with this 'hopeless problem', it is currently impossible for me to confirm the verdict.  I prefer finally reach my own conclusions using as much information that I can possibly understand rather than simply using opinions limited to some people, and that is why I would be very happy for any information you could give me on this issue.

    The system in question is HP Pavilion DV6000 series with a specific model of DV6405US number and the system shows that it is well powered food, but when you press the power button, the only thing that happens is that the battery light flashes three times and then absolutely nothing.  If I try the system on battery only, I get no response whatsoever, and I get same answer on AC power only.  I only get the flash answer three with AC and battery connected, and that's the only answer I got from the system.  This answer will repeat as many times as I press the power button.  I tried unplugging all sources of energy and don't let the rest of the system for an hour, by pressing the power button for about a minute, reconnect the power supply and I still get no results whatsoever, unless I have reinstall the battery.  At that point, he returned to simply give me only the three flashes of light battery.

    I don't know of a list of anywhere that gives all of the models affected by the Nvidia gpu failure, but I can tell you that the DV6405US has the Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 , which is well understood. Models with this gpu have been included in a regulation by Nvidia that include spare laptops. Unfortunately, the deadline under the regulations is long expired.

    Several members have used the service of repair HERE and reported excellent results. And before you ask_no, I am not affiliated in any way with this service. I simply have viable options for owners to post this problem and have seen its results. One of my personal friends even recently used his service and was very happy.

  • Departure of superelevation for the S5 - 1140d HP Pavilion Slimline series but has 5 amberlight with beeps

    HP Pavilion Slimline series S5 - 1140d

    Windows 7

    No error message.
    Has been changing my CPU to a new location, after move when I tried, the monitor shows nothing, but the cpu fan is running, however, the light to the central unit began with blue, then changes to light amber with beeps for 5 times followed by a pause and then the beep and light orange continues for 5 times again. I tried out the RAM and putting the back but it's still the same. Someone has an idea is coz the materials have been damaged or loose? My CPU is probably 11 months + old you.

    CN, welcome to the forum.

    I suggest start by checking all the connections inside and out of the case.  It could be as simple as a loose connection.

    The beeps are called the BIOS beep codes.  Here's a guide to help you diagnose the problem:

    There is a section at the bottom of the page that lists the Beep Codes for different brands of BIOS.

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  • HP/compact D530 desktop: Recplacing CMOS battery for HP/Compaq D530 desktop


    I have three, exactly the same thing, computers to Office HP/Compaq D530. The CMOS battery needs to be replaced on all three.

    Problem is that I don't know where on the motherboard is the battery. It's a motherboard very small size. It seems to be under something, but before I take the computer hand (I'm not a geek), it might be a good idea to know exactly where to look.

    Thank you!


    RojanNL, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a manual for your count:

    It shows the location of the CMOS battery.

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