Powerbank vs power outlet

What is the best iPhone, powerbank or taken charge current? When I received my powerbank Anker is no longer charge my phone into the power outlet. will be the regular use of the battery of the iPhone powerbank damage?

No, a quality powerbank won't hurt the phone. There is a little advantage to use a powerbank; This means that you regularly recharge the power, which is good for her. The downside is the fact that it is not energy efficient. Load is not 100% effective, so you will use more total energy first load the powerbank, and then use it to charge the phone.

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  • When I change the battery on a power outlet, Firefox is empty, I close firefox, the "do you want to close" box is empty, too.

    I can't change current alternative to battery without incident. When I change the battery on a power outlet, Firefox blinks several times then turns off. To close the browser, I click on the 'X', which fortunately remains, and that the box "you want to close" is empty also. I hit enter and Firefox closes. I reopen and select restore previous... and I can continue. Just something I've ever known, do not know how to fix it. Sometimes, if I reduce the browser (""-"") at the top right before plugging in my diet, I can work around this problem. Sometimes he waits until I have maximize the browser, and again, it flashes and turns off anyway.

    Hello numberonejason, this is perhaps a problem with hardware acceleration. try updating your graphic driver, or in the case where this does not resolve the problem, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > General.

  • my mac is the display of the comment... No backups for 13 days.  Connect to a power outlet while your backup disk is available.

    My Mac is the display of the comment... No backups for 13 days.  Connect to a power outlet while your backup disk is available.  For my time Machine control, everything seems to be saved.

    Time Machine also creates temporary copies on your internal drive when the backup drive is not available. So you can see the 'temporary' backups on your internal drive.

    I recommend that you connect your external drive and your power adapter and let make a permanent copy - ones on your internal drive are subject to deletion if space is short.

    By now he may need to do a 'deep traversal' which can take some time.

  • Computer hangs when you insert the adapter into the power outlet

    my computer working properly, when I plug the adapter to the power outlet the screen freezes no key work. What can I do? Please help me. I buy the new adapter "nt also works. my computer is toshiba is my Windows vista Home premium


    The question you posted would be better suited in the Toshiba forums. View the query in the Toshiba forums for assistance.


    Also get in touch with the manufacturer and get the material under test.

    Hope that helps.

  • Photosmart ePrint c410 lights when plugged into power outlets

    I bought a Photosmart printer c410 to connect my iPad with AirPrint. It would not install when it is plugged into my ups, so hp recommended I have install plugged into a different wall jack instead. I did it and it installed fine. Then I went to the inverter and it worked fine for about a month - until today. The printer has been cut (suspended), so I turned it off. It will not turn on. He just did a sort of cycle, followed by chimes and then sitting there, no lights - nothing. I'm reminded of installation problems, so I unplugged and moved to a direct outlet:-NOTHING.

    So I called hp and got Mitch. He was extremely helpful and had another printer on its way at the time, wherever we were finished.

    Then I decided to move the printer in our kitchen and try the printer on our island. Presto... the thing came right to the top, like a champ. So I called back to hp and canceled the replacement printer, because I didn't want to ship back to them that looked like it was working. Knowing that I didn't have the printer in our kitchen, I decided to try a different power outlet that might work. I tried every point of sale in the den and one in the dining room. They all did not work. I unhooked the printer in my basement and connected to the Jack down here. Yes!

    I have to be able to run this printer from a power outlet normal on the ground floor of my house.

    Someone at - he heard of this? I would return the printer?

    It turns out that HP had already sent a replacement printer.  What service!  I had the new printer, followed the very simple instructions and installed.  Works like a charm.  Original is packed and ready to go back to HP.  It is definitely a logic of power sophisticated on the motherboard of this printer.  A new comes straight up into a wall outlet.  I'll definitely keep it out of my UPS.

  • Satellite P200-1IE: battery goes down even if connected power outlet

    Hope someone can give me some good advice here as an urgent decision to make about my P200-2 - week old 1IE, under Vista Home Premium, I bought the Portugal where I live. I was told that I have 15 days to return the machine to the store if I am not satisfied, then I must act quickly.

    Background info: I have not yet downloaded SP1 updates or drivers or bios on the Toshiba site. That once the machine has been run on battery (accidentally when the power was off) - he ran down, beep and a time that I realized and turned on the power, is it charged normally. The machine works very well, and then last night a strange problem occurred.

    The machine was left unattended and ends by closes. When it has been restarted the battery alert was a sound signal. My husband na? A´t realize that it was, and close again the machine. When I got to watch it I noticed that even though the power light was there was no light to the battery, or orange or blue, nothing.

    I turned on and checked the battery which was about 20%, but that the power supply has been connected to the taskbar icon energy showed that the battery was not charging in fact it unloaded quickly at a minimum. I stop the machine, then the battery light orange came for about 5 minutes, then went out again. Play with this problem, try to troubleshoot gave strange and unpredictable results i.e.

    -unplugged and re plugged the power supply at the end of the machine and then no lights came, not even the power sector led.
    -is turned off and turned back on the power at the end of the plug and the sector and battery (orange) lights came on.
    -battery charge indicator is out after 10 minutes.
    -unplugged and reconnected the power to the machine again and this time the sector and battery lights came on - even once, they came out after about 10 minutes.
    -power the computer on. The power icon showed about 25% power. Not powered down the new machine - no lights at all.
    -entretienavec and re-connected turns on power to the machine again and this time and battery charging sector came and stayed on.
    -After about 2 hours, the battery light showed charged (turns blue) and so I unplugged the power socket and left for this morning.

    As I suspected, this morning the battery power was 100%. Everything seems normal (except the battery light is released briefly on starting the machine, which is maybe normal and I just never paid attention to the front). I unplugged the power supply and let it run on the battery for about 10 minutes (this is plan is Equilibrado which I believe is balanced). I then reconnected power and loaded back up to 100% as you can imagine.

    Sorry for the long description, but even if all is well, now strange problems yesterday let me feel that there is a potentially serious problem within the machine. Has anyone encountered anything like this before and what do you think I should please?


    It s a long and very strange history.

    My first idea was a battery issue but to be honest it is really not easy to say why this problem occurred, it would also be possible that this would cause to loses connection

    I think you should visit you laptop dealer and eventually you could substitute other P200.

  • A charger Apple Watch is directly usable on a 240 v power outlet?

    I'm going to Germany in a few days and wonder if my Apple Watch can be charged by connecting directly the charger USB to an outlet of 240v. do I need to use a transformer to get the tension down to 120V on the side of the USB?

    Thank you


    Yes it can - you don't need a transformer. The adapter can be used in several output 120V and 240V.

  • Satellite A300 - restarts when I plug it into a power outlet

    Hi guys this seems to be the place to ask this question,
    My laptop is Satellite A300

    When I connect the adapter it restarts all of a sudden, if I stay on the battery, it is fine if I am running Windows and plug power will be locked up and restart. It starts so that plugged either, unless it is in safe mode. With the power of the battery (with power adapter) machine works without any problem.

    The problem (reboot) occurs when I connect to the AC adapter. I have change the power supply and tested. Remove the battery and tested. In addition, reformat and reinstall Vista and BIOS update.

    But the problem is still there, please can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    Hi icebunny,.

    Do you use an original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or a 3rd party one? This would explain why the computer restarts. Probably he doesn't use the correct specifications for voltage or intensity thus restarting the laptop.
    Did you check the characteristics of the AC/DC adapter? The lower side of your laptop, you can check which adapter AC/DC (e.g. 19V 4, 3 a) is necessary.

    Can you charge the battery when the laptop is turned off?

    At the moment I think that it s mainboard malfunction and that would mean that he must replace :(

  • W540 - necessary grounded power outlet?

    Hi all

    I think buy the Lenovo Thinkpad W540, but I got a doubt about it before making a purchase.

    Virtually none of the outlets in my house are grounded. The manual of my previous laptop has noted a plug grounding for laptop work properly. (To do otherwise would break the laptop, he said.) It is, of course, very limiting for me. So this brings me to the question... The Lenovo Thinkpad W540 also requires me to use grounded intakes or the laptop works perfectly without a release to land, and no y at - it no risk in doing this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Should work fine. You can hear some buzzing in the headphones output however.

  • what it means if the power LED flashes red, that I am plugged into the power outlet

    help what is a flashing red light on average power

    Yes, the batteries in laptops are like any other rechargeable battery, they have a life cycle. Since the bits of information so far, it sounds as if you do not want to replace the battery. You can see what is essentially a stack to the page linked below:

    How to replace your laptop battery

    What I would say has visited support site for the manufacturer of your laptop; using your specific model name/number search for laptops support page. You should be able to get some type of documentation that will explain the flashing red light. Also get the specifications for the battery of your specific model (see technical data). Though on checking support site for the manufacturer to see if they have their own forums, if so you may be able to find details about the light, and what is involved in the specific battery in your laptop.

    Computer manufacturers

    Kind regards

  • HP mini 311 power outlet problem

    When I need to recharge my HPMini311, I have a terrible time keeping the decision-making load current, and the little light will usually disappear until I find another job, usually standing my Tablet open on its side. Any solution other than having the power jack has changed?


    Doesn't look good.

    You need to remove the keyboard, WIFI, palmrest then the motherboard.

    The Jack is on the underside of the motherboard.

    Not easy, but it can be done.

    I'm sorry.


  • My photosmart 7520 used power on except if I disconnect & re-connect-the on the power outlet (Re - Set)

    If I turn off my new HP 7520 AIO, it lights again unless that I unplug it from the power supply, wait 30-60 seconds and plug it back.

    It will then normally lights. Y at - it an update of firmware for this, or should I return it to the retailer from which I bought from?


    Thanks for you advice, but I had made all these checks and still had the same problem.

    I finally found an end of year message last of a member who had the same problem as me.

    They had the same controls and evenually found that feeding was defective.

    I got in touch with the retailer where I purchased my printer and they replaced my power supply. Food and my printer now works as it should.

  • Power outlet


    I use the library has to verify if a token is expired and it works.

    #include 'extendables/extendables.jsx'
    var http = require('http');
    var url = 'http://foo.fr/mod_traffiq/getContributionModel.php?LOGIN=rhanot&CX_TOKEN=f7e240216f592fca71658caa560f910f&OP=FT'
    var response = http.get(url);
    //  response: 35;token connexion expired

    I want to use le Socket object but it does'nt work

    var reply = "";
    var conn = new Socket;
    if (conn.open ('foo.fr:80')) {
        var result = conn.write ('GET /mod_traffiq/getContributionModel.php?LOGIN=rhanot&CX_TOKEN=f7e240216f592fca71658caa560f910f&OP=FT HTTP/1.1\n\n');
        reply = conn.read(999999);
        var close = conn.close();
    // response: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

    Thanks for your help



    Yes, just add a newline (\n) before the host

  • mini iPad Watch Flash then plugged into 240v outlet but power guard falling %. What could be the cause of this?

    My question is General, my girlfriend overseas has my mini iPad 1st gen... it must have the last update, but I'm not sure that the wifi is bad enough, that some applications does not yet update 100%. Anyway, is his problem, and I can see it on find-my-phone app... When you plug the iPad it shows the symbol with the lightning, but the % of power is not on the rise, more often she gets, especially if it is used. She uses the system load of 5 watts. I bought a charger wall 12 watts for her, but she won't get it for a few weeks. The voltage is 220-240. I wonder if she can be a dirty plug in the iPad itself or can the points of tension also be a problem, they are known to have brown-outs, so that little said that power is incompatible. Sometimes at night it gets a load complete another time it's half are charged.  I'll add other devices using the same power source is fully charged. We used apple cords and after walking both strings have the same question. or it shows it is charging but decreases or it does not show only be charged at all. We will only on the symbol with the lightning to discern whether it is supported or not, but some other posts, I read that may not be a good indicator as she is in charge State.  Quite frustrating, any advice would be helpful!

    I'll have him get the socket cleaned today to see if that helps... Next step will replace the decision-making load inside the iPad, I'm really trying to avoid this, it is almost 3 years, so maybe that's the problem as well.

    Howdy there Wildmain,

    It sounds like the mini iPad GFs constantly recharges on its own even with different cables. There could be a variety of factors here, so I would use the next section of the following article to help you troubleshoot it or whether it may be necessary to service on the device:

    Recharge your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    If your device doesn't load or loads slowly

    If you have very low battery and you plug in the power, a black screen or with a red battery may appear for a few minutes. Charge your device for half an hour. If it still doesn't load, follow these steps:

    1. Check your charge cable and USB damagedadapter *, such as rupture or bent pins. Do not use damaged accessories.
    2. Remove all debris from the charge on the bottom of your device socket, then firmly plug your cable to charge your device. If the port of loading is damaged, your device probably need service.
    3. To a power outlet wall, search for closed connections between your charge cable, USB adapter and outlet or try another outlet. For a computer, verify that it is not in mode 'sleep', then try every USB port on the computer.
    4. Restart your iOS device. If your device does not illuminate or still does not, know what to do.

    * If you are not sure if an accessory is damaged, take it to an Apple Store or the provider of services authorized Apple for evaluation or Contact the Apple Support.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Speaker power cable

    I bought a new HP desktop computer and I try to move my speakers through him.  My speakers have a green Jack, who moved to the green port, but they also have a purple power outlet which went into a power port purple on the back of my old Packard Bell computer.  My new HP desktop does not have a port for the power plug purple and I don't know where to plug them.  For now, I have the Green Plug plugged into my HP desktop computer new and taking purple power plugged into my old desktop computer!  Thank you


    E HP configuration (Beats Audio) jack), to the best of my knowledge, is the norm. I also have a sound card of high-end Soundblaster (SB) with the same (similar) jack configuration. I use a Bose speaker with a subwoofer system. Speakers attach to the audio output jack of subwoofer. A cable that connects the audio output jack of the PC connects to an audio jack on the subwoofer. The subwoofer supplies the speakers and the subwoofer to a power outlet.

    Since diamond speakers have been connected to your Packard Bell PC as you described, I see no possible way that you will be able to connect to the speakers in the HP PC you bought. There seems to be no way to power the Diamond of the PC HP or any PC speakers, I have used over the past ten years.

    BTW, I had a sort of PB in 1996. VERY exclusive.



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    Greetings, Whenever I do a reformat, when I get to the step of optimization, I'm very tempted to turn off Internet Explorer and XPS Viewer (in the Turn Windows features On or Off section of the program manager).  However, they both say a warning that

  • Lightroom CC crashes when importing DNG conversion

    All a few times LR crashes my whole computer after importation and I think that during the conversion to DNG. It is not every time, so I don't know what is happening. I copy as DNG on import from my SD card, I turned off to generate intelligent insig