problems with ftp after update of windows 7 and windows xp

After updates windows 7 and windows xp (updated April 10, 2014) my computers give different errors with FTP, Explorer Windows and FileZilla transfer.
In windows 7 is resolved by uninstalling the updates. In Xp, no.
Any idea?

See the thread below for a possible solution:

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    seems I'm not the only one having problems with safari after update 9.3 cannot follow the links. Safari blocks. hope it gets fixed quickly. jaa shooting allows to follow the link, but the Web page is not out of good old days. any oher ideas?

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  • HP laptop - 15-r150nm: problem with wifi after update realtek adapter

    Hello! I've updated some drivers of HP customer service and then restarted computer. When it is on I couldn't use wifi. When I select the problems, it says: 1) "" Realtek 802.11B/G/N WIFI adapter RTL8723BE has some problems to the program control or hardware. "" (it is Croatian, so I tried to translate it for you)

    (2) "a network cable is not plugged in correctly or may be broken.

    What should I do, I have only this laptop and internet wifi, write this work? Thank you!

    Hi @frane53nja,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    This is a wonderful place to find answers and advice!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums.

    Learn how to post and more

    I understand that your laptop works OK and after updating drivers on reboot HP customer service, you have lost your wireless network. When you run the Windows troubleshooting tool, you received a message that there was a problem with the NIC due to recent hardware or software changes.

    Here is a link to HP PC - troubleshooting wireless network and Internet (Windows 8) that should help you.

    Before you perform a restore, as shown in the above troubleshooting steps, you can try this option.

    Go to the nursery of the device

    Click the network tab to expand the list.

    Right-click on the wireless network adapter and select roll back driver.

    Repeat this process for all types of adapters listed.

    While on this screen please check this definition also.

    Right click on the wireless adapter and choose Properties.

    Click the power management tab.  If "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is checked, please remove and click OK. Repeat this operation for all types of adapters listed.

    Please let me know the results.

    Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP! We want to help you as well as others who may encounter a similar problem as you. Please consider tagging the post in order to solve your problem as "accept as Solution" to help other members of the community!

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  • Problems with the last update of Windows - XP

    My office has recently installed a few days ago most recent Windows automatic updates. I have never had any problem with them until once they have been installed. Now, I am constantly the dreaded BSoD, and my computer not acting is not right. My tv tuner gel to my computer disconnected from the internet after a while to even my mouse not acting pointer is not right (he is not above windows, sometimes only behind them). The Blue Screen of Death appears for a split second, so I have absolutely no time to see what he says.

    The error report contains the following:
    C:\DOCUME~1\LPLINK~1\Locals~1\temp\WER6c8a.dir00\sysdata. XML

    The error signature:
    BCCode: 1000008e BCP1: C0000005 BCP2: 004D004E BCP3: 9EBD4B70
    BCP4: 00000000 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 3_0 product: 256_1

    When I look into the details, he said something about a device driver. But that doesn't help really since everything he ever said whenever I get a "serious mistake." I've done many analyses of virus/malware/spyware (even with the different products as well) and they all find nothing. Which brings me to the conclusion that the most recent updated Windows (23 or 24 November) is what caused my office these problems.

    If someone could help please shed some light on this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I also noticed that when my computer disconnects from the internet, I have to restart in order to regain access to the network. But when I try to restart, it refused to stop and freezes just my background image. I also have a laptop with XP Professional SP3 on it and I have absolutely no problem with him. It is only limited to my office.

    Legrand, I had the same problem and it was driving me crazy too. I tried everything and finally understood the November 25 or 26 update messed up my AVG anti-virus. I deleted via the control panel and did not have a freeze since! I hope you are using AVG, cause if you are, it's probably your answer too. I'll check back here soon to see if this helped you.

  • Is there a problem with the latest update of Windows for Vista (January 13, 2016).

    After installation of 10 updates by restarting, through phase II and restart again my display driver stopped working so there is nothing on the screen. The disc did something for about 20 minutes, but there is no signal on the screen (yellow light instead of green).

    I had to do a restore, but Windows guard eager to make the same update, leaving me in the same position with no display.

    What should I do?


    Microsoft gives sometimes you updates for the 3rd party hardware: graphics, network cards, etc.

    You should only get the latest drivers for them to real hardware manufacturer's website, as Microsoft normally does nor those have the most recent drivers available as Microsoft relies of the 3rd party hardware Manufactuer to provide.

    But unfortunately, the only way to know which is the update of the problem is to install them one by one, until you find the 'wrong' for your installation.

    You can do a system restore to get back until it has been installed (which is NOT the best way to remove an update) or follow this method:

    'Remove an update'

    When you have found the issue of update of the list of updates which is presented > then right click on the update problem > select Hide update > and it will not be available to you once again

    "How to hide or show an update of Windows Vista"


    Here's how to change the update settings, if you think it is necessary to:

    "Understanding Windows Update and Extras in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Or the other of these two update settings will give you the chance to see what you want to install through Windows updates;

    Download updates but let me choose whether to install them - if you select this option, Windows will download the updates on your computer, but not install them automatically. If you want to install updates, then you must install them manually. You should only select this option if you have a reason to not install updates automatically. Only advanced users should use this option.

    Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them - if you select this option, you'll be alerted when there are new updates available for download and install. You can then choose to download and install the updates that you want. This option should really be reserved for people who know exactly which updates they need, or those who have little access to the Internet.

    But remember you normally only have problems with hardware 3rd party drivers. Other updates are to improve the Performance and security of your system

    See you soon.

  • problem with verification of updates of windows, code 8024402f error how to fix?

    When I check the windows updates, it informs that "there is problem updates windows update" error 8024402F code, please help me

    Hello with this error
    On the page says update recent updates check says NEVER
    There is hope
    I will paste
    If the error 8024402f
    And on your update page wrote
    These latest control upgrade NEVER says
    There is hope
    You can try this. It's now all 48 hours because I found a possible solution to this day of 5 on 5 computers using Windows 7 64-bit and 3 of 4 with Vista have been fixed.
    I'll paste most of the information abit of a story.note should be on your page to update under control more recent for update said NEVER so then maybe hope.

    I had this problem as well and tried many recommendations, but none apparently worked. On the update box on my computer has recently tried update was NEVER.
    So if you have this perhaps it will work for you I tried a certain path with all have the same apparent result with error 8024402F coming.
    It is a such crazy crazy world that we live (murphies law seems to be in control.)
    Do the opposite which is logical
    First define your update affecting NEVER RECEIVE UPDATES, then UNCHECK the two boxes below if they are checked (a topic everyone can update,) and the other to be informed of the available updates. (That one a box Monte are you shore you want to not be notified etc..)
    NOW USING MURPHIES LAW leave all settings for example being NOTHING of WORK SHOULD
    After update, search for new updates after the first batch.
    Then the settings can be set back to normal for example receive updates automatically, check the other two boxes.
    Like you, I have Windows 7 64 bit.
    I had additional information in the event of no success, but appears that this first part works well

  • Problems with scrolling after update

    IM currently using the BlueJ ide and after updating to the new system / update (macOS Sierra) there is significant lag / jitter when scrolling. This problem only occurs when you use the scrolling with two fingers with the touch pad. When I use a mouse / or click the scroll bar on the side, it seems to go well. Not sure if there is a problem with BlueJ or the new OS. Would be very interested for some suggestions on how to fix this very annoying problem. (Using a Macbook pro 13, 2015).

    Thanks a lot to all the answers

    The obvious question would be if you see the problem of scrolling in Mac OS standard applications such as Mail, Notes and Safari.

    If this isn't the case, it is likely BlueJ.

  • Problem with Safari, after update

    I use a MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5 - and after the last update, I have problems with Safari (version 9.1). Some Web pages I visit every day is more responsible (I get the message that the page needs to be recharged because she failed the first time, but this does not work then either). This problem started just after the last update. Does anyone else have this problem? What I have to go back to the previous version or can I fix this problem?

    If you have problems to open Web pages, take a look at these techniques proposed by Apple of troubleshooting.

    Go to the Safari menu (at the top right of your screen next to the Apple icon), choose 'Quit Safari'

    Press the "Shift" key and while holding this button on your unique keyboard, click the icon of Safari on your Dock.

    Open Safari - Preferences - Privacy - data to remove any Web site.

    Open the menu to go with the Option (Alt) key - library - key locate Safari folder and place it on your desktop. Restart your Mac, open Safari and delete the file from your desktop.

    Also, try the following steps:

    Restart your Mac.

    Try to start:

    -Stop your Mac

    -Wait until your computer turns off and after that press the power button

    -Just after you hear the startup tone, press in and hold the SHIFT key

    -Release the SHIFT key when you see a gray Apple sign and the progress under this sign bar

    -Once your Mac boot, restart dhcpd as you usually do.

    If this does not help, follow the instructions below:

    -Stop your Mac

    -Wait until your computer turns off and after that press the power button

    -Just after you hear the startup tone, press in and hold the SHIFT key

    -Release the SHIFT key when you see a gray Apple sign and the progress under this sign bar

    -Once you see office, start a scan Disk Utility to detect and repair file system errors (remember to choose your primary hard drive)

    -Click on the disc to check, then, if requested to solve the problems on the repair disk

    -After that click on verify disk permissions, and then click Repair disk permissions

    -Once the process is complete, stop your Mac and turn it on again after 30 seconds

    I hope this helps!

  • problem with validation after downgrading to windows 10 back to windows 7.

    My windows 7 has been posted before I did the update. What should I do now? Before, I decided to go back to windows 7, I was in the process (at the suggestion of Microsoft) update my windows 10 driver.  I stopped when I saw that they were demanding money.  It was one of these "30 days offers free trial."  After that I spent in windows 7 I checked my download folder and found 2 configuration files for windows 10 drivers.  I deleted those. Shortly after that I have got a saying my Windows 7 must be validated.  I did and it showed the my windows 7 is not legitimate... did that three times and he still come as my windows 7 could not be validated.  Now I can't make any updates.

    Thank you



    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    The problem description, I understand that you have downgraded your PC for windows 7 and now you got thie message. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I suggest you refer to the suggestion given by Andre Da Costa in the mentioned link:

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  • ENVY 7640 printer all-in-one: problem software printer after updating to Windows 10

    After updating Windows 10, my HP ENVY 7640 all-in-one printing software does not open.  A dialog box appears asking if I want to install a new program.  How can I get the software of the printer to open?

    Once you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, you upgrade your printer for Windows 10?

    Go here...

    Download and install the drivers and full software.

  • Problem with Adobe After Effects on Windows 8.1 PRO CS6

    Hi Adobe Systems, guys, I would like to know when the error will be the solution presented Adobe After Effects CS6 (Latin American Spanish Version) running Windows 8.1 PRO and get the following error message.


    I tried the most recent update available 11.0.3 but does not correct the problem. I wonder when will be ready the solution car with Illustrator CS6 also was the same but with the solution described in this page, has been resolved perfectly.

    Thank you command prompt as we need urgent help to to use the software in his Spanish version as was purchased. Thank you

    Here you go:


    "After Effects CS6 (11.0.4) updated: bug fixes for rendering 3D traced the beam engine and Spanish version on Windows.

  • Problems with fonts after upgrade to Windows 10

    After the upgrade to Windows 10. Some of the police are white with black outlines makes it difficult to read a few pages. I refreshed and reinstalled firefox and it's still there. I disabled and deleted all the addons and it's always the case.

    Both pis. My only solution is to delete the font cache. Restart the PC and uncheck the allow the Web Sites to choose their own and simply used the Arial font. I can read very well now. For some reason any double check the last option is by default the text to look like that. Does not occur in Google Chorme then Yes.

  • Problems with videodriver after update BIOS on my SP4600

    I did a bios update and installed win 2000 on my satellite pro 4600...
    He was working before the bios update, also with win 2000.
    When I installed the video driver, my laptop didn't work anymore. With safe mode I ve uninstalled the video driver, and the system worked again, but only with 16 colors.
    Is there someone who has recognized this and has a solution for this problem?
    Help please, if possible in Dutch!

    (Sorry for the bad English)

    Kind regards


    Hello, Arthur

    It's very strange question. It's really not known drivers me the BIOS update can do some influence on some installed.

    Have you tried to install the Toshiba established the Toshiba download page driver version?

  • problems with wifi after update? anyone?

    I use A953, just updated to build mils2_u6_4.1 - 22, the system version is: 64.1.22.S953. Retail.en.DE

    So far, I like the update, looks cool, like the animation of the screen-go-to-sleep

    But, my WiFi is not working properly, there are just a couple of the available networks and mine is excluded...

    Has anyone of another expirience of something similar?


    Thanks in advance,


    What I read somewhere else (may be exceeded), is some wifi router to use an automatic selection of chanel. By some users when the chanel 13 is used there is a problem. When they choose the beach (..-12) the problem disappeared. This problem seems to occur with some AVM fritzbox

  • Satellite P300D - problem with reboot after update the HARD drive


    I have laptop Satellite P300D - 12 c and recently, I put a new hard drive, the Seagate momentus 7200 RPM 2.5 "500 GB. It works well, but I have a strange problem; normally when I reboot the laptop when it will close something sounds, in the figurative sense I could say "something moves" for a bit in the DVD - ROM drive and shuts down and then restarts.

    Now, when the reboot happens to the part of the dvd - rom drive, I described above it stucks there... "something is happening" on the dvd - rom drive as trying to permanently access a dvd or something and he does the same thing until I force it to shut down by pressing the appropriate button. It happens once in two attempts to restart.

    Does anyone have a solution or a tip or something? If you do not understand something to tell me,

    Thank you very much


    I agree with Akuma. Maybe the drive is loose and so you should try re-allocation of places there.
    Maybe it works

    And updated the BIOS, you can find the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Good luck and give us feedback! :)

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  • Dell 570 printer?

    Hello Am someone help install a new printer: Canon Pixma MP280. Everything goes fine until I try and set the default printer / get the pc to recognize the model - it will not. Dell 570 shows only MP270 when you ask to update its printers; It does not