Pure motorcycle tipped radio SMS

I'm a little frustrated on Lollipop 5.1.1. Motorcycle assistance disappeared and easy allows you to have the text read audio in my car and at home have disappeared! I tried everything to get the SMS to be read on my car stereo Bluetooth and nothing seems to work. The function "Downtime", buried deep in the menu "Sound & notification" is also frustrating.

Bring a new version of allocation of motorcycle, car, House and sleep meetings were all available.

Someone at - he heard of fixes to this problem?


You go into the App motorcycle and look in the settings? I went there and saw everything you've asked to this application.

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  • quick question on pure/style

    Hi, I live in Jordan (Middle East) and waiting for a few months now, I turned down a purchase for the style/Pure motorcycle link X 6 and an iphone for this phone if I'm dying

    My question is that I know that the pure comes out tomorrow and the only difference between pure and the style is pure sells in the United States only, but is what means it can only take a SIM card we or not, because as I said, I live in Jordan and I use Zain.

    TL; DR if I buy the pure Moto X from amazon tomorrow I'll be able to put my of Zain SIM card in it?

    Thanks a bunch

    Just to reinforce the point of AlphaDog - we encourage never buy a product for use permanently in another country, because he will not qualify for warranty support. Buy for your country in your country.

    Support bands vary depending on the carrier that's where I would start.

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    Sorry - my bad. I re-read your original post (correctly this time!) and would like to change my advice...

    If you are a beginner in flash then I don't think you need to worry about having additional modules - they become handy once you start to do more complex things.

    FYI: the flash debugger player is used for flex development (you don't need it for pure flash tips), the player activeX for IE and the player plugin is for mozilla browsers (firefox, chrome, etc.)

  • Motorcycle 2nd Gen face speaker tips.

    We know that front to second generation of Motorola devices stereo speakers are very good. There is something that you do not know it.small dust particles can accumulate in the ditch of speakers. Clean your speaker at least 2 times a week with smooth thin dry brushes. Keep away from water as it

    It is only the tip of the maintenance.

  • Motorcycle g dual sim, sending SMS to another

    I use bike g dual sim. However, if I keep the two active sim two sims texting between them, saying that my sim card has been changed, it may be due to volleys of blah blah blah and keep my balance of two sim runs. How to stop this absurd behavior of my motorcycle g. thank you

    U might have an anti thief app installed and it might be is confused with both the sim card. Try to run the phone on safe mode to see if it stops or uninstall the anti thief app and check again.

  • Pure SKU custom

    I'm looking to design my own bike X Pure, but I would like to use it with the radio of the Republic. If I make a Moto X Pure with the manufacturer of motorcycle online and order it, what will be the SKU? Wireless Republic said that it must be XT1575.

    The only version sold in the United States is the XT1575.

  • Radio frequency for associated relay Netatmo Thermostat change

    I have been told by Netatmo to change my Thermostat Netatmo associated relay Radio frequency as there seems to be problems with interference causing the relay to stop working. Can someone tell how can I do that. Thank you very much!

    In airport utility, go to the wireless tab... from options wireless at the bottom of this page and then you will see the wireless channels

    I put the 5 GHz channel because she was using a channel in Australia which is BAD.

    Personally, I doubt that this will fix your problem... It is more likely caused by too wireless signal around you and the TC as a poor place.

    Use simple... No, apple names recommended... anyway, no spaces and pure alphanumeric characters and also pure alphanumeric passwords.

  • Cannot start a new conversation with relay of sms on the Mac or iPad.

    Very strange problem and I have tried seemingly everything. SMS relay works fine on all my Apple devices. I can send and receive messages either SMS or iMessage. However, I can't start a NEW conversation with relay. I can only answer to the conversations that are already started. (does not matter if I started or the other party)

    When I want to send texts to my boyfriend who doesn't have an active conversation in the list of messages I have to text him to my main iPhone (that the relay is activated on) and after that the convo appears right in messages on mac, the other my iPhone and my iPad, and I can continue to send messages from any device.

    I tried to close off the coast of relay and allows once again. Restart the phone. Restart the mac. Disabling iMessage on the iPhone. Ensure that all devices are on the same wifi network. A lot of things that shouldn't matter...

    A few tips here after a reset of the iPhone?

    Also note that my iPhone is running iOS 10 beta 2 now, BUT I had this problem for some time. Long before I had the beta version.

    Well, that's disappointing...

  • How to export Contact using the vCard and SMS to the non-iPhone user


    so I just tried to share a contact, using Messages, from another phone (non-iPhone) and I expect Messages to send a vCard using SMS to other mobile phone, but instead the iPhone said: "failed to send Message."  Text messages normal sending very well (with the Green bubbles).

    I followed the 7 steps listed at this link: http://www.iphoneheat.com/2013/01/how-to-send-contact-card-vcard-from-iphone-ipa d-ipod-touch /, but it did not work.

        1. Launch the Contacts application from the home screen of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
        2. Search for the contact you want to share and tap the name;
        3. When you contact details, scroll to the bottom and press the button Share contact ;
        4. Choose the option Message ;
        5. The vCard contact will be automatically inserted into an empty message.
        6. Now simply select the recipient you want to send the contact card to the field to the message.
        7. Click on send. That's all!

    If anyone knows how it's supposed to be done with the latest iOS - to send contact information to another phone (non-iphone) by SMS?

    Well, I figured that out, and it relates to this discussion of the Apple forum:

    Why should I mobile data market to send/receive MMS?

    According to my cellular provider (Fido, Canada), the decision to send vCards and picture Messages to cellular data radio was conducted by mobile phone manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, etc.), but it's probably a standard now that cellular providers design their networks (although I could believe the reverse had happened).

    Fortunately, even if I use the connection 'data' Fido that they don't consider it as data, but as the e-mail... which is good for my boyfriend who is also using Fido, because is not a data plan but can now receive vCards (and picture messages) via MMS when it allows its cellular data (radio).

    But the real question is why was decided to send a business card on the data network and not on the SMS network, as it is just text (such as a comma-delimited file).  And if the vCard happened to contain non-text byte then why they wouldn't just UUENCODE (or MIME) the vCard if there no text fields so that it could be sent via SMS?

    Oh, wait... Search..., Wikipedia watch looks like what a card and its ALL TEXT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCard#vCard_4.0

    And very little text too.

    If anyone knows why Apple does not send vCards via SMS (or why LG/Samsung either)?

    Why I care, well of curiosity, of course, but also because if we could do more over the cellular transmitter voice/sms, so maybe we could turn cellular data more often, which would save on energy consumption (I guess), reduce the heat our phones get and to reduce our exposure to the EM radiation have some of the disabled (c.f. Bluetooth WiFi wireless transmitters (, data transmitters and cell phones cellular voice/sms).

    Let's hope that someone out there knows.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I also understood why so many of my friends use Whatsapp and WiFi to send text messages instead of using the network of suppliers of cells, the standard e-mail application in Android (and iOS when you message for a non-Apple device) will not send messages (SMS/MMS) via WiFi.

  • SMS messages "not delivered".

    I am looking for previous discussions and haven't seen much on this particular issue. My wife 6 IPhone (9.3.1) can not send (or apparently receive) SMS text messages.  iMessages work very well.  I confirmed that SMS messaging is enabled in the settings of course.  She took him to the AT & T store and they tried to change the card SIM, but that did not help at all (and for some reason, pretty much completely reset the phone settings).  They suggested that it might be a hardware problem... ?  Is there a separate or similar SMS radio chip?  Any ideas as anything else, we can try or check?  Thank you.

    Non - SMS is generally a problem of carrier and if iMessage works ok then the phone seems to be good

    It may be the SIM card at all - maybe it's the account on the backend setting

    This is a recent development? Has anything changed your side you know?

  • C114nr stream 13: stream 13 What kind of speaker/mic jack? 4 conductor plug, tip and first ring = audio off 2nd pic

    4-wire plug,
    Tip and first ring = audio off peak
    2nd ring = mass
    Sleeve = input microphone

    Use the Note book please?

    I got everthing work!  The interface had hung and all is well. It's easy to dig for amateur RADIO (as seen on Ebay)

    and works between computer and radio to send digital messages. Similar to "cat".

    The problem is resolved. Thank you very much!

  • Can I set up a "permanent group" in contacts for SMS group or by e-mail?

    Can I set up a "permanent group" in contacts for SMS group or by e-mail?

    We need a lot more information to give you special help. Tell us step by step in detail what your actions are.

    Tell us a story

    -with a beginning, middle and end. We need to figure out what you know and that you have lived.

    If this problem is new, tell us what immediately preceded its appearance - add software, upgrade or update? New equipment?

    Quoted by of Apple  'how to write a good question.

    To help other members in answering your question, give as much detail as possible.

    • Include your name (peripheral) product and specifications such as the speed of the processor, memory and storage capacity. Please do not include your serial number, IMEI, MEID or any other personal information.
    • Provide the version of your operating system and the relevant applications numbers, e.g. "OS X 10.4.11" or "Safari 4.1.3.
    • Describe the problem and include all the Details on what seems to make it.
    • The list of troubleshooting steps you have already tried, or temporary corrections that you discovered.

    For a detailed 'coaching', please see usage tips , help us help you on these forums and wrote an effective communities of Apple Support question

    "Keep it short and Simple"-take your time... but be thorough - CCC

  • Can't listen to the radio online streaming with Windows Media Player

    Online Radio Web sites that use Windows Media Player - opens the player in a new window, but instead of buffering, said he plays but not output / sound. Certainly not security/pop up/firewall issue. Windows Media Player works fine CD playback, etc.


    then, you definitely have a machine which both sound and you can establish a Internet. I think that it s a problem of pure mediaplayer (softwareproblem).

    You have the following options:
    1. reinstall your mediaplayer or update.
    2. install another software mediaplayer like winamp or some other jukebox
    3. .. no other options

    Give some feedback, then maybe I can help you with your problem. ;)

    See you soon

  • Satellite A355 NXP FM Tuner v. 1.9 Radio Echo after Vista SP2

    I installed the Windows Vista SP2.

    Now, when I run the utility of Tuner FM NXP v.1.9, radio starts playing after a few seconds of "stuttering". Then, the audio is "echo". In other words, I hear two liable - 2 seconds late on the first. I can't describe the matter other than an 'echo '. This made the radio almost ineffective.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? I tried to disable MS Windows Indexing. I see no obvious problem. No other changes have been made. This occurred immediately after the installation of Windows Vista SP 2.

    Any tips?

    Windows Vista SP 2 (x 64)
    Tuner FM utility 1.9

    Thank you.

    > Has anyone else encountered this problem? I tried to disable MS Windows Indexing. I see no obvious problem. No other changes have been made. This occurred immediately after the installation of Windows Vista SP 2.

    I think you're the first person who has posted it here in the forum.
    I looked for similar topics but I found nothing.

    If you have noticed this after the Vista SP2 so I guess it has something to do with the new MS. patches Maybe there is a problem of compatibility between some patches and the pilot.
    But have you tried reinstalling the driver?
    If this is not the case to do this and check what's happening

  • How to use the Motorola Flipside radio tuner?

    I am comtemplating the upgrade on the other side. The card lists a radio tuner, but the only way that the phone could access radio is via subscription AT & T Radio. The phone has a radio tuner, but I find no where to find. Help, please.

    I used the FM tuner for about ten minutes, try yesterday and I come on the phone with AT & T to double control without subscription started and the representative confirmed that he was not.

    The app is quite primitive for FM radio, but the reception was great (I was out). I wish they had a separate application for the tuner. It is too easy to hit one of the choices which requires a subscription.

    The tuner works only with wired headphones. I think the tuner uses headphones as antenna wires. This could be why the tuner does not work in the store, no support for any output unless a wired headset.

    You can check on your line to a subscription in the AT & T system by going to att.con/db. Enter your phone number and they send you an SMS with a verification code to enter into your browser and you can see and manage all subscriptions on this line.

    In addition, if you get the phone into an AT & T corporate store or best Buy you can exchange the phone within the first 30 days. I had to do it once and it worked great for me on. (Check the terms of the present).

    I'm a volunteer. The MotoXprt tag means that I spend too much time here. The views expressed in my posts are mine. I am owner of a Backflip and now use a setback. If my opinion doesn't have any sense - ignore it!

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