Satellite A300 will not get before the start screen

Hi all

had a problem with a laptop A300 about 2 to 2.5 years old. I just installed windows 7 prof and it worked fine for about 3 days and then all of a sudden it blocked start.

He gets to the toshiba start screen and then reboots. He doesn't even try to start windows. You can go into the bios and make changes, etc., you can not press f8 to load in safe mode, only it does not even come to that.
You can press f12 and raise the start menu and try to boot from the CD but this new fact not work and it just restarts again

I don't know how else to troubleshoot it. I don't think it's a motherboard problem can you enter the bios.
It could be a HARD drive problem, but then I thought it would have gave you a warning message of any (no available boot device) and you can see the HARD drive in the bios and would have thought that it would have started at least on a CD.

The only things I can think about are drive problem HARD for the problem RAM or motherboard problem.
I think install win 7 to 3 days there is just a huge coincidence?

Any help would be great. Thank you


Hi hitenkacha,

Hmm... Which is really strange, if the laptop restarts after the Toshiba start screen but it doesn t happen if you go into the BIOS or boot menu...
So, if you go into the BIOS and wait a few minutes, he doesn t restart?

Yet one thing would be interesting to know: what happens if you try to boot from the recovery disk Toshiba? Generally, it should still possible to boot from this drive if it s ok.

Check this box!

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    Thank you.


    Which is usually caused by a corrupt BIOS. You can clear the CMOS. Sometimes, but not always, which solves the problem.

    It is of the card mother reference web page.

    Look for the clear instructions of the CMOS. The instructions do not specify this, but it is best to remove the RTC battery before performing the clear procedure of CMOS.

    While the RTC battery is out and the PC unplugged, press and hold the power switch of the PC for about 15 seconds. When you replace the RTC dough the + must be facing upwards.

    Best regards


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    I think I found the answer. I searched through the posts here & found someone else with the same question a few months ago.
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    Hi Dale,

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome. Then pin Google chrome for the splash screen.

    Follow these steps to uninstall the game.

    a. press the Windows key + X , and then select Control Panel.

    b. Select uninstall a program

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    Now, go back and go through the article to know how to pin to the start screen.

    Has Joust applications, Web sites and more at the beginning

    Let us know the results.

  • Satellite M40 does not load before the BIOS screen

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    That left me completely baffled as what to do.

    Apparently, it could be repaired by removing the cables on my CMOS battery?

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    Thank you xx

    Hi Dec,

    Blue scroll bars indicate that the Wondiows operating system is loaded from the hard drive. If this process hangs while loading, then it is likely that the hard drive itself is defetive or else the files that are being loaded are corrupt and cannot be loaded.

    Interfere with the CMOS chip will not fix this problem because the BIOS has already been loaded at this point.

    If you have access to a bootable CD/DVD (such as Norton Disk Doctor) then I siggest you boot from it and running a scan of your hard drive. Alternatively you can try reinstalling your operating system of the Toshiba recovery CD but it won't replace your own data on your hard drive.


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    Hi Brad,

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall?

    If this also fails, please create a new account administrator user on your computer. Log on with this new user and trying to install Muse. Please let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards


  • Does not load before the Welcome screen

    I get to the sign in screen on vista and I put my password and sign in however it will not load past the loading screen.


    What would you say if try you it in safe mode? It will allow you to open a session?

    To access safe mode, press F8 just after the screen logo POST or original system manufacturer and before Windows starts to load. This should give you a boot menu where you can select.

    If you are able to log on successfully in safe mode, you can start the troubleshooting steps described here:

    If you are not able to connect to any account in safe mode, including the default administrator, please post back with some information about how and when this problem started.

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • E260 will not go past the opening screen

    I got my 260 E for about a year and later that yesterday I went to turn it on, but it remains on the logon screen. Enter mode 'sleep', but I can't listen to music or find out anything because it will not go beyond the opening screen. The second of 10-15 soft reset I tried a hundred times, but it does not work.

    If remove/insert the battery did not work, the next step would be to format the drive.  You can also try to update the firmware.  I hope that you have a model v1.  What does say on the back of the drive?  Do you see a blue Sansa logo on the splash screen?  If so, you have a model v2 with no recovery mode.

    Assuming you have a v1 with the recovery mode:

    1. Turn off the player.
    2. Slide the key lock (to headphone jack).
    3. Press and hold the RECORD when connecting to the PC.
    4. Output RECORD when the "Welcome to recovery mode" message on the LCD s drive.
    5. Open my computer/Windows explore and see if you can find a new "16 MB - FORMAT" labeled removable flash drive
    6. Right-click on 16 MB-FORMAT and select new folder.
    7. Name the new folder "sansa.fmt" (without the quotes).
    8. Use the remove safely icon in the system tray.
    9. HOLD reset in the unlocked position.
    10. Disconnect the player from the PC.

    The player must, by seeing the folder sansa.fmt in the root directory of the drive, proceed to format itself.  Pay attention to any error/success message see you.  If all goes well, it will tell the full format and then to restart.


    If the format does not work, the next step is to try to update the firmware.  Go to the correct sticky message and download the firmware for your region .24A (assuming that he is a player of v1).  Drag and drop the embedded .mi4 and ROM files of archive of the firmware in the root directory of the 16 MB-FORMAT drive.  Make sure that the files end up in the root directory and not in a subdirectory.  Unplug and restart the player as before.

  • Absent voice memo to the homescreen on IPhone SE there is no 'utility' or 'extras' anywhere; folder Siri is voice memo, but can not get to the home screen? How to apply for voice memo on the homescreen?

    Absent voice memo to the homescreen on IPhone SE there is no 'utility' or 'extras' anywhere; folder Siri is voice memo, but can not get to the home screen? How to apply for voice memo on the homescreen?

    Try going into settings > general > reset > reset home screen presentation.

  • Satellite L500 will not load beyond the screen "Welcome".


    My Toshiba Satellite L500 laptop will not load beyond the screen "Welcome". The right slider thing keeps going around and around, but won't on my desk.

    Last night, he went into a temporary profile and he got a message saying "another profile cannot load at this time please try again later".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    The error message is not known to me and also looking in google didn t get advice.
    Maybe your Windows operating system is confusing upward.

    Have you tried to boot Win 7 in safe mode?
    Try this. Restart your laptop, press the F8 key.
    In advanced startup options, select the option called Mode without failure.

    If the laptop does not start Safe Mode, try the last good known Configuration option.

    If this n t help, try to fix my computer. Here, you can choose between different settings.
    Who could solve that problem is HARD drive recovery that helps you define the notebook to factory settings. But it also means that your disk should be formatted!

    So be aware of this!

  • Satellite A300 - does not connect to the secure network to WPA

    Help please... new Toshiba Satellite A300 - running XP Professional with atheros AR9281 (driver wireless network adapter will not connect to the secure networks, WAP, but seems to be fine with the WEP and non secure networks?

    I can connect to my WAP secured network using LAN cable and also if I use an external Netgear wireless adapter, so the problem is probably with this adapter or driver. I updated the bios and tried update driver, but no luck. Current driver is (I believe) more up to date?

    Would be grateful for your help.

    Thank you.

    On the Toshiba site is a newer version of the driver available (
    Then I would try the new driver.

    Consult the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

  • Sony A57 will not get past the screen saying written on the memory card has not been completed correctly

    He put in service, took a couple of pictures, he started acting funny then it poped a message written on the memory card was not completed correctly, if you press on enter it goes to the next screen. Press ENTER again it goes back to the first screen. Someone has an idea

    Thank you, a new memory card sets, I was worried cause I couldn't get to the menu screen. If other people have this happen, say that you can't in front of screens to reformat, a new sd card should do the trick

  • Problem installing windows 7. It will not go beyond the Welcome screen.

    Hello people,

    Good so I recently bought an SDS and trying to do a clean install of windows 7 but it doesn't let me get past the Welcome screen. Before even the colored balls appear and it just hangs there. I am really frustrated and tried a few things but nothing I try seems to work.

    Any help would be so appreciated!

    Hello a tad noob.

    It shows the SSD at all? I would check to see that it is indeed to be picked up by the BIOS, and if not, check the cables.
    Sometimes, the Windows installation can chuck a fit when it detects a disk with a sector of boot/MBR not valid and won't install it. To resolve this problem, you can try the following
    1. start Windows 7 disc.
    2. when the Welcome screen is displayed on the Windows installation, press SHIFT + F10, which will display a command prompt.
    3 type 'diskpart' (without the quotes) and press ENTER.
    4 Type "list disk" and press ENTER.
    5. If all goes well, you can see your SSD in the list. You should see a number identifier. Now type "select disk X" (where X is the number of your SSD) and press ENTER.
    6. type 'clean' and press ENTER. He will write an empty MBR, YOU WILL LOSE ANY DATA ON THE SSD if you had anything on it.
    I hope that one of these tips helps you:
    suggestion of technocrat.

    Let us know if that helps.


  • Vista will not go past the login screen.

    Recently, I added 2 user accounts for my children.  When I restarted windows would load the login screen, it would go no further.  I click on any of the newspaper in the icons or the icon close / restart and they apear highlighted, but nothing happens.  CTRl ALT DEL does not work either.  I've tired of loading in safe mode and may still not exceed this screen.  I tried restoring the sytem using F11 and select System Restore, and once again, I get to the login screen and will not move any further.

    If the system restore does not work, do a startup repair, boot from the disk Installation of Windows Vista genuine (or one that you can borrow from someone) or a recovery disc.  Here is the procedure:  You may need to change the BIOS to do first the CD drive in the boot sequence to boot from the CD.  To do this, hold the screen that tells you the key F to push to enter the menu start or start of installation.  Push it quickly. Make the changes, save your work and exit.  Put the CD in the drive and reboot.  When you are prompted, press any key to boot from the CD.

    If you do not have a disc, you can make a bootable recovery disk by using with burning software like: and, of course, a blank CD.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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