Satellite L670 - unable to connect to my 802.11n WLAN router


I have a new Satellite L670 with Windows 7 Home Premium. With this laptop I can connect to my network 802.11 g WLAN. Everything works very well. Now I wanted to connect to my 802.11n wlan (router: linksys wrt610n) but it does not work. Laptop can't see the network (ssid) and it does not work if I entered the ssid manually too. The network works with my mac mini perfectly if it is not a failure of the 802.11n.

I have updated all drivers from the laptop, all the updates that are installed under windows and I tested the driver broadcom broadcom itself (once the driver from toshiba Web site and the other driver from broadcom site) but nothing works. Laptop can't see the ssid and a manual configuration do not work too.

Can someone help me pls?

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What Satellite L675 you exactly and what WLAN card there?

On the Web from Toshiba site, I saw some L675 models they support project t N n

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    I am trying to connect to the bluetooth on my Satellite L670. The driver is downloaded but it not to finalize the installation. He's always asking to connect to the laptop computer, a bluetooth device.
    This laptop have bluetooth? If this isn't the case, I can use a USB bluetooth (all?) to connect a bluetooth device.

    Thank you for your support


    > This laptop have bluetooth?
    What model of L670 you have exactly?

    You can check the specifications of the laptop on the official page of Toshiba.

  • ENVY 4500: Unable to connect to my 802.11n network.

    I have an Apple airport base station, set at 2.4 GHz.

    When it is set to use "802.11n (802.» 11 b/g compatible)"the printer connects without a problem.

    Airport report it the connection as 'PHY b/g mode.

    But I prefer to use "802.11n only. When I do, the printer will not connect to the network.

    Network test results indicate parameters - no. filtering FAIL. but the airport has no MAC filtering.

    The Printer Setup Wizard indicates my 802.11n network only, but does not connect to it.

    The specification, the printer is 802.11 b/g/n.

    How to connect to 802.11n only

    I solved this by logging in to the Web interface of the printer via the USB port and change the interface 802.11, an advanced option.

    Uncheck the box "in use of 802.11 network infrastructure using the behavior of b/g.

  • How to install 802.11n WLAN driver

    802.11n WLAN driver, how to install

    Hi Adrien,.
    Thanks for posting your query to the Microsoft Community. Sorry for the delay in responding. Could you please give us some more information so that we may be able to help? What version of the Windows operating system is installed?

    Network adapter drivers are usually downloaded from the manufacturer's Web site. Please visit the manufacturer's Web site, choose the correct model number and operating system and download the drivers and install right. If you experience problems after installing the drivers, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

    Additional information:
    How can I troubleshoot network card?

    Thank you.

  • Driver for Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini Card

    Have your Studio 540 desktop provided with Windows VISTA. I then updated to Windows 7 64-bit. The 5G band worked until the death of my old router.

    I bought a new Western Digital N600 dual-band router. The problem I have is that my PC does not record the band of 5G, only 2. 4 g. NIC card driver dates back to 2008 (Dell) and the manufacturer (Broadcom) transmits the responsibility of Dell. Won't even talk about it.

    My iPAD recognizes 5G so I know the router is OK.

    Anyone know how to get the last driver W7 for this card? I don't see how to get it from Dell.

    It is better to just go and buy a new NIC card?

    Thank you, Bob

    Hi Bob,

    Windows 7 drivers for Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini:

    Click on the link, select the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

    Check to see if that helps and response.

  • Where to find a driver for 802.11n wlan download

    attempt to sync TV (Samsung) using the Wiselink for my laptop but cannot find the 802.11n wlan driver download.

    You would get the device from the device manufacturer (the WLAN adapter).

  • Satellite L670 loses internet connection

    Hello, since a few days my laptop loses its internet connection when I move a few meters or put me behind a window. In this case, I am sitting the router to 2 meters maximum. The power of wireless transmission is very good according to the screen, but there is no access. If I go back inside and once again, I have Internet.

    Should what drivers I replace to make sure that my setup is correct? Either way, I also found that the Control Panel, the network card freezes from time to time if I try to change the configuration.

    The laptop my wife works correctly in all cases.

    Modellname Satellite L670
    Serial number 9A572922K
    BS-Version Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 6.1.7601
    BIOS Version 2.30
    Processor Intel (r) Core i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53 GHz
    4096MB RAM Arbeitsspeicher

    Something like that shouldn't happen.
    Do you use original pre-installed BONES you have gotten with this laptop?

    According to tender specifications that there card Broadcom BCM94313 WLAN indoors. Try to install the latest driver from

  • Satellite L670-1EC - low connection speed WiFi - only 65Mbit/s


    How can I rotate at high speed on my wifi draft n card? My TV connection to the router with speed 130Mbit/s.
    What is happening with the wifi card in ouer L670? In the specification is 802.11b/g/n, but it doesn't work!
    Where is the map? To achieve this card there is no coverage under the laptop.

    Kind regards


    The card supports the standard 802.11 b, G or N but 802.11 N is also 2.4 Ghz as explained here:

    Not able to use the 5 GHz on the wireless network card in the standard WiFi "n".

    802. 11 G 54 Mbps reached 20 Mbit/s and 802. 11 b with 20 Mbps to 10 Mbps

    802.11 N dual band (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) with 300 Mbps reached about 70 to 100 Mbps, but since only 2.4 Ghz is free, the bandwidth is lower (about 60-70Mbi/s)

  • Satellite L650 - unable to connect to the public network (has no valid IP address)


    Toshiba satellite L650 laptop computer (with windows 7 64-bit), I bought two days back and I'm unable to connect to the public network. Sometimes, it must be connected to the public network and after a few minutes it disconnects. I get the message "wireless network doesn't have a valid IP configuration him."

    I have visited many forums and did everything, but of no use.

    1. people with disabilities the tcp/ip V6 of the registry.
    2. the DHCP is enabled. With the help of the automatic IP (DHCP)
    3. also tried with a static IP configuration.
    4. uninstalled the antivirus provided with laptop computer (Norton).
    5 disabled the windows firewall.
    6. restored to factory settings.

    I called Toshiba Tech support as well and they have suggested that it may be a problem of H/W but I don't think that so that it can be hardware problem because sometimes he must be connected to the public network. Now I'm left with no option except return the laptop to Toshiba (I'm less interested in this because I know that sending laptop for replacement will be more frustrating).

    Can someone please give some other suggestions for this problem?


    Can you connect to your home WIFI router correctly?

    If you have problems with the public network connection, you should ask the owner of these networks. Usually, there is always a contact, you can ask if you have any problems with the connection.

    What you can try is updated WLAN driver from Toshiba's official website:

    If it doesn't work, ask the person contact I mentioned.

  • Satellite C650 - unable to connect to message

    I have my Satellite C650 connection problems to my home network.

    At least tries to connect to the network I get an unable to connect to the message, if I leave the phone alone for 15 minutes it usually will have connected when I
    Come back.
    I have also 2 other machines which connect without problems, one of them is a Satellite earlier.

    I tried the network troubleshooter who wants that I reset the router, I tried, but it makes no difference.
    I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas.

    Hi ralwat,

    Interesting, but what operating system, do you?

    I put also t know what the problem is exactly, but you should check if there is a newer version of the WLAN driver on the official website of Toshiba. The problem is maybe a problem of driver driver update would be useful:

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L850 - unable to connect to certain websites msn/microsoft/ebay etc


    I have a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 which is set up to my belkin wireless router.
    I can connect to Web sites such as tesco/asda/facebook etc etc but for some reason cant get on the likes of msn/microsoft/ebay etc.

    Any ideas what the problem might be or how to fix?

    Im not very good with computers please respond in terms of base if possible

    Thank you very much

    Have you tested this using different internet browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, or Chrome?

  • Satellite A210-171 - unable to connect to any access point or router

    Hello. I don't know that this is the right forum. Not something I do normally but since I am desperate to solve this problem, I'll give it a shot.

    So I bought a Toshiba Satellite A210-171 nearly a year ago. It has a built-in wireless driver.

    The problem is, however, I can't seem to connect to any access point or router. What I end up getting most of the time are so a message saying that I am connected but with limited connectivity which means I can't access the internet. At other times, the network in range will appear in my network list, (with a signal strength excellent), but once I have select a message appears saying that the connection attempt has failed. And at other times my laptop detects the network connection and functions smoothly.

    I do not understand of course. So if someone could explain to me why my laptop selects and selects Wireless connections, that it connects and how I can solve this problem, I would be grateful!

    Thanks in advance

    Have you tried to update the driver on your laptop?
    Check the Toshiba site for an update: > support & downloads-download drivers online

    And if you are already on this site check for a BIOS update.

  • Re: Satellite L300D - unable to connect via WiFi network

    Any help please? -I just L300D with Vista professional.
    Crossed troubleshooting but still unable to connect via the wireless network - no probs with other laptops.

    When going through "Toshiba assist" message arrives "this wireless network device is disabled.

    Please activate the device"- button wireless is activated with light yellow?

    any ideas?

    Are you sure that the laptop wireless switch is on?
    Look in the Device Manager. Maybe it's the wireless network card disabled. So activate it.

    Also try an update of the WLAN driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site:

  • Satellite L350 - unable to connect via a WLAN

    New to this lark of thread

    You just bought a L350
    I have managed to connect to the Internet via a cable, but am unable to connect via wifi.
    WiFi is turned on. He finds my BT Home Hub but when I connect, it just says: it's impossible.

    Help, please

    Have you checked the Wifi device in Device Manager? The driver is properly installed?

    Try turning off your firewall, which could block the Wifi connection.

    Also try to press Fn + F9 to toggle wireless devices

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8-1111: Deffective Network Connection (802.11n WLAN Broadcom adapter) - defective or software hardware

    I lost my network connection and I don't know where to go to fix it. If anyone has an idea where ho to continue, I have tried so many stage already that I am at a loss... Help

    My computer semi regularly acted by the loss of my internet on a whim. Basically, it can detect WIFI, no problem, shows the strongest signal for her also. just tells me that it cannot connect to WIFI when I try (even if he can ask me the password and can tell if I use one bad)

    I can't reprocude the question

    No significant changes to my computer because the issues started happening.

    Simple steps:

    -Recovery (before the first event) system does not alter

    -Router and modem are not the issue

    -Could you find not updated driver anywhere (even though this does not mean that they do not exist, but having only no internet with the pc makes it particularly tricky - also HP does not provide the )

    -Power management wasn't the question

    -J' tried forget network the many times this problem has occurred. He has not fixed it.

    Additional troubleshooting showed:

    -Reset the Winsock Catalog did not resolve the question more than once (emplying he did the first time I did).

    -Reset of TCP/IP, that does not solve the issue more far.

    My WIRELESS card is a Broadcom 802.11n

    Finally, the only thing that I can see (although I can easily miss something obvious) is my reinstallation of an old printer inkjet EPSON Workforce 545, which I am connected to my WIFI and my PC via USB (why I used wifi since I got cable?...) I do not know) a few days later, people who use the same network reported the act more as usual but I have not noticed anything on my end.

    -J' have been disconnected from the network to the printer and stopped using it.

    -J' found evidence of his feature wirless allgedly interfere with other devices here (search for entitled Review "bought two units for corn or work")

    -Usage guide also mentioned the possibility of non-zero of the interferingwith printer wireless (end of p.328) other devices:


    Edit 12/04/2016

    I ended up having to do a factory reset on my computer for unrelated reasons. To reconnect the original WLAN card, I don't have to use the USB adapter that I bought to solve my problem.

    Factory reset works if fails everything else! Solution without after all!


    Well I'm really ideas, I have revised the HOW2 and he is shown below, just in case it helps.

Maybe you are looking for