Secuencial copy job on ix2?


Is it possible to program an ix2 copy tasks so that they execute in sequence?

Currently, I copy several jobs scheduled to run every day at pre-defined but hours does the ammout of information to copy can vary the time required for backup, so I would like to know if there is a way to perform the task of next copy when one ends.

Kind regards


Hi Carlos,

There is no option to run tasks in the order copy, only on a timed program. You can perform several tasks to copy at the same time however so you can try to plan their share and if two or more copy jobs on the knees, it shouldn't slow down the device too.

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  • Database under Windows 32 bit copy job


    We have a situation where we have to copy a database from one server to another 450GB. Both are 32-bit windows system.

    Tried to use Robocopy and it keeps fail with resource not available error that there is enough space in the disk. The problem is with the memory.

    Can anyone suggest a solution? If no other solution is available, we plan to perform a tape backup and restore it on the new server. But there are practical difficulties in the present.

    If anyone has a better idea or option please let me know. Appreciate your help

    Thank you

    If Commander total is not helping, then another way would attempt to check the zip or rar file to get smaller.

  • Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 how automatically save everything on the NAS to my external HARD drive?

    Hey, I have a WD 3 TB my book around the pose I want to connect to my IX2-200 and use the external hard drive to automatically back up everything that's stored on my NAS.

    How can I do this?

    Thank you.

    Not sure wheter ix2 is able to work with > 2 TB is spread over its USB ports, but normally you would create a copy job that contains "all directories".

    If your ix2 doesn't detect your USB, try to repartition your drive USB-2 to + 1 TB

  • Rsync for lenovo ix2 with ssh public key

    Dear Lenovo,

    Bought your ix2.

    And I would like to use as a backup device on another place.

    So I have a linux sever rsyncing to the ix2.

    Cron in order to synchronize the files I need, I want to add the public key in the authorized keys file.

    However, this doesn't seem to be possible.

    When you enable the rsync rsync user Protocol, but he has a home directory: / pools/A/A0

    to which he has no right to write a file of authorized keys.

    This is NOT very practical.

    Try to synchronize the other way around, through a copy on the ix2 job, is also not an option, because it will then try to copy the entire tree, without being able to clarify what I need to copy

    It would be possible to

    (1) add a home directory for the user rsync in which to store the file authorized_keys

    (2) add the Taks copy module options, to specify what to copy? for example *.db / only the content of the directory, no subdirectories?

    (3) give me another solution to this challenge?


    Do you have a restart of the ix2.

    This reveals another challenge: at each reboot the rsync home dir is deleted

    However, as a result of new steps 1-4

    then enter the key:

    SSH-copy-id - i /root/.ssh/ rsync@nasip

    Now it works!

  • HP m225dw pro: two-sided copy of hp m225dw and scan

    Hello guys,.

    I just bought a HP Pro m225dw and I decided on this printer because I found in the description, it supports automatic two-sided printing/copying/scanning.

    Yesterday I got so excited at first, but then I was disappointed, because I was not able to scan/copy automatically on both sides.

    I followed the exact steps of the Manual:

    Copy on both sides automatically 1. Loading original documents into the tray with the first page up and leading the top of the page. 2 adjust the paper guides to fit the size of the document. 3. open the settings menu to copy: ● LCD control panel: on the product control panel, press the copy settings. Control panel touch ●: from the home screen on the product control panel, tap the copy button and then press the button.4 of settings. Select duplex. 5. use the arrows to scroll through the options and then select the appropriate option. 6. start the copy job: ● LCD control panel: press the Start button. ● touch control panel: Tap Start copy

    But on my touch screen I have only two choices - 1 to 1 or 1-sided to 2 sides.  I don't have a duplex option, as he claims.

    Help, please. I'm doing something wrong? Help, please!

    Hello prichindelu,

    Sorry for any inconvinience, these highlights are bad and the printer does not offer this feature.

    I sent a request to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information on your part so please look for a private message from a contact HP identified.

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of the Forum, private messages you can discover this here

    Kind regards


  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8620: is it possible to enlarge an image when copying

    I need help of HP OfficeJet Pro 8620, enlarge a small picture when printing so that the image on the copy will be larger.


    Yes, you can customize copy jobs using the various settings available in the printer control panel. In the menu copy, tap the symbol of the wheel or the settings and change the settings you want. Note: By using the resize option.

    Kind regards.

  • IX4 - 300 d - cannot copy files between actions or the ext disk. USB

    Hi forum!

    I can't work for the life of me how to move files between the shares on the NAS. I can access my computer fine actions. I have a USB HARD drive connected to the front USB port and I want to copy some files from the HARD drive to a shared folder on the NAS, but when I'm in the content browser that I have no option to copy, and there is no functionality of drag - move. That I going nuts or something blatantly obvious lack?

    I want to copy data from USB directly as it is a few TB of data and copying on the LAN will take ages. It's going to be a regular thing, but I can't really put in place a copy job, because it is not the same type of data or file locations every time.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    Hello MattDobson,

    You will need to map the actions:

    And move the data in this way, the Ext HDD will appear as its own share, but can be mapped as others.

    The content in the UI Viewer is not designed to move data.

    You can find documentation and downloads for the ix4 - 300 d here:, 1193/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ0MDUyNTY3OS9zaWQvZWNDc...

    You can download the Storage Manager Lenovo via the link above, and which should help you to map actions.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600-COPY Question

    How to copy a page 2 faces on a page?  In other words, 2 face 2 face...


    Please specify the exact printer model:

    The HP Officejet Pro 8600 (N911a) do not provide duplex ADF to scan a two-sided original, but only print double-sided.

    The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus (N911g) / Premium (N911n) however do not provide this feature.

    If your product is the Plus or Premium models, follow the steps below:

    In the main menu printer, click the copy.

    Double as original copy / 2 sides 2 sides and perform the copy job.

    Kind regards


  • HP Photosmart 7510 eAIO - print but can not "copy".

    Hello!  Just got my new HP Photosmart 7510 e all-in One put in place last weekend.  I had no problem with set up - has worked like a charm.  Documents (e.g. Word) print from the computer very well, but we had trouble to print a PDF of the Turbo tax... seemed to work after selecting 'print picture' - but now I can't do a simple copy job.  I placed the document on the glass, closed the lid and selected 'black' and for 10 minutes now, the display shows "from copy' and he has been rotating and turns with no other movement in the machine.  Why is it is taken so long and will be my copy ever get out?  Help...

    Try to restart the printer and see if that helps

  • Copy of Office Pro 8500 has in draft mode

    Every time I manually copy the default values of print quality on the 'normal' even though I have the quality of the printer set to "draft". How can I get quality printing default copy of "project"?

    Hello johncabellmoore.

    I want to help solve this problem for you. After pressing the copy button, click settings in the lower left corner of the screen. When the settings open, click quality, change project. Then use the triangle 'down' on the right side of the screen and scroll down to the bottom and "set as new defaults". Then click on 'yes '. This saves your settings for all future copy jobs. I hope this helps.

  • OfficeJet 6700: Copy to printer change affecting

    How can I change the setting to 2 sides 1 side?


    Sorry for the bad reading your description.

    Since the printer, Copen, click on click on the copy settings button.

    Select two-sided and set it as Original 1-sides: 1 side.

    Click on the set as new default values and confirm, then go back and finish the copy job.

    Your pritner will now copy 1 sided by default.


  • hp6700 not copy or scan

    HP6700 used to print, copy and scan.  Now it only prints.  I run Win7 64 bit OS.  Printer using a wireless connection.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, update the firmware and run HP Print and Scan doctor.  Still no luck.  Doctor scan gives message "scanning driver is unable to communicate with the product."  I disconnect and reconnect the printer, rebooting, no luck.

    When I launch analysis console printer, I get the message on computer, "communication scanner cannot be established.  I tried to scan as a PDF and JPG... same result.  I tried to scan to USB... endless loop.

    When I try to copy from the console, I don't receive any message.  Justs printer is located in the loop displaying "copy preparation.

    WIA is started.  RPC is started.  Hardware detection kernel is started.  I ran the update... everything is up-to-date.

    I tried scanning with firewall and McAfee firewall disabled... same result.

    I'm out of ideas.

    I assume by 'printer console' you mean that the control panel with the LCD screen on the printer? If the copy fails, it would mean that the problem is at the printer, has nothing to do with the computer, or the network or usb, because in a copy job, none of that is involved. The common element in the scanning and copying is the scanner, check so first to scan, when you start copying or scanning, see the lights come on and moving through the glass? If this isn't the case, the scanner is dead or a cable may be loose.

  • Unable to make a copy of the HP Photosmart D110a

    When I try to make a copy, directly on the printer, I get only a blank page with no ink on this subject. Copy jobs black, the color or the economy. I can print wireless from a Web site and telephone.

    Solved, simply by changing the black ink cartridge; Although it shows does not completely empty.

  • Problem copying with HP Designjet T2300 PostScript CN728A

    Someone at - it an idea on why when the printer above comes out "sleep" mode, trying to copy anything the printer will produce a block of black ink A3 size.

    If you stop the copy job, perform a new analysis the document it prints normally.  It seems what happens when coming out of sleep mode.

    Ideas everyone.  Firware is to date.

    Image attached as an example.

    Hello tomsocr

    The HP Designjet printer product series is commercial printers and it's HP consumer forums. As such it is there not a lot of users familiar with printers Designjet (hardware or software). I suggest you post in the HP Business Support forum for a better chance to find a solution.

    You will find the Designjet Commercial Council here.

  • Copy of cold VM - old snapshot back?

    Hi all

    I have the problem that after a cold copy a virtual machine to a new hard drive for the computer virtual, is a former State.

    Here are the details.

    I powered my vm´s and my esx

    Installed a new hard drive in my nas

    powered by the esxi host and added the new hard disk as a data store

    I copied a virtual machine of the old data store to the new, this copy job has been done at the level of the bone, my nfs server.

    changed the vm settings, remove 1) old hdd 2) added the hard drive from the new data store

    powered on virtual machine

    After I checked if everything works, I realized that my vm has old data mybe a year I m lack dns zones which where set up there or more than 12 months.

    can anyone tell me my mistake? and how do I get my old data back?

    I don't remember that I did for this virtual machine snapshots.



    I guess this is the part of the vmx file that I need to change, right?

    scsi0:0. FileName = ' / vmfs/volumes/0d1d8431-87d719b0/Suse11.1/Suse11.1.vmdk '.

    Yes. Assuming that it is the entry that you got to choose the vmdk in the user interface, you need to only replace the vmdk with Suse11.1 - 000002.vmdk


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