software password methods (and keychain)

I try to refine my use of passwords on my different computers and I wonder if someone wouldn't mind offering their expertise in a repair tutorial.

the problem is that I have safari on a laptop and a desktop computer, and these are connected via icloud. I also have an iphone. no doubt all these are connected to the same (?) I guess that KEYCHAIN that stores passwords for things like Web sites and credit cards and autocompleting of personal information.

then I also have the 1Pass for mac software.

I tend to store passwords in the 1Pass software but also click to confirm the storage of the passwords in the keychain. However, I do not understand how it works, or if they are related or completely independent or what.

for example, if I pay for something online Keychain nicely stores my credit card data.

If I connect to a site Web plugin safari 1Pass stores well my login information

However, I keep a backup of my passwords in the software of taking notes that I seem to need it often (for example when the password in 1Pass does not work for some reason any). also, here are the passwords but not exceptionally safe passwords generated by an algorithm. I would switch to more secure passwords, but I can't understand how it worked.

1 1Pass doesn't seem to enter password in ANY Web site I have access, so sometimes I have to ACCESS the database and FIND the Web site and then manually enter the information.

2 1Pass does not seem to automatically enter the date in a website on the IPHONE when in safari (I guess that there is no plugin IOS?) so in this case, when I land on a page that I need to do something with - I need to BACK out of safari, enter 1Pass, FIND THE WEB site, then navigate to the Web site through the 1Pass app and then try to connect to the site. It is a major pain.

3 /if/ a password does not work in 1Pass and /if/ does not save the password manually in the note-taking software, what would I? I guess I reset the password via the Web site and enter the new password in 1Pass.

4 how the KEYCHAIN interface with all this? It even works or somehow, it works in the background? done only passwords autocomplete KEYCHAIN and connections in safari or he asks a guest to do this? If I do not get a command prompt to add a Keychain password can I add it myself?

5. what happens in the workflow above when I use someone else's phone because my battery died or if I have to use someone else's computer? I guess I could connect my iCloud account if it is computer confidence of a friend and get access to the safari via Keychain passwords? I would do that on another iPhone? I mean, I couldn't do it on someone else non-iphone I could? and how do I enter 1Pass when not to use one of my devices?

6. give the #5 question, it seems almost vital to keep a list of passwords in the note-taking software that is independent of the software (1Pass or Keychain). is it possible to export this information in an easily accessible document that I keep with me or print?

Thank you


Given that most of your questions related to 1Password, I suggest to take a look at his support page here.

4 Keychain can provide auto-complete for usernames and passwords in safari, it could also before entering a username and password. If you delete the text entered, it will give the list a list of usernames under the name of user and password text field. When you have a valid password field, Keychain should see the a key symbol to the right in the text field, clicking on it will bring down a list of names of users and saved passwords.

• You can add the password yourself.

5. When you connect to a device with your account Keychain will be disabled by default and will ask you to turn it on in settings. Or even require that you select to use iCloud Keychain during the implementation of a device. And to turn it on, you need to provide confirmation on another verified device, or type a security code, or both depending on your security settings. More on this in the FAQ here. Don't forget, the keychain is a service from Apple and will not run on non-Apple operating systems.

6. keep your passwords on a document saved and synchronized accessible via internet is a security risk and is not recommended. However, if you want the notes that can be synchronized and accessible from the internet, Apple built in Notes app serves this purpose. Set a password to lock your notes slightly sensitive data such as numbers of national identification and emails can also protect from prying eyes. However, it is highly preferable to avoid storing sensitive data such as passwords in this application.

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      • KB23393 How to check the model number and the version of the BlackBerry device software on a BlackBerry smartphone
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    • Also consider this information as you choose your BB OS package:
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    Apparently, you have defined a master password at one point. The password protects passwords that Thunderbird remembered.
    You can reset the password. More information in this article.

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    The other two browsers I reinstalled without any problem. But Firefox is my main browser and I'm afraid of losing all my information.

    Is it possible to restore without losing my passwords, settings and especially favorite?

    You can check if the Firefox profile folder is always present.

    If that's the case then Firefox will automatically detect its presence and use.

    You should regularly make a backup of your personal data stored in the Firefox profile folder in order to avoid a potential loss in case of problems.

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    In this case, try 48683801

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Since yesterday, I can't use my laptop...
    When I turn it on, it ask for my password as usual... but when I get back the password and hit enter, I ask the password over and over again...
    I'm sure my password is just btw
    How can I solve this problem?... Thank you

    [email protected]

    Welcome to the HP Forums . One-stop shop for all kinds of solutions, tips and settings for your questions/problems.

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    Password problem. Is this fair?

    I will definitely help you.

    I recommend you follow steps from the link below.

    Let me know if this helped


    Happy to help you. I work for HP

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