Why the unwanted code (div/link64_adl_tabid/number) is added in text editor (ckEditor, WordPress, etc.)?

Recently, I noticed that when I work in WordPress, or by using a text editor in line, or technical support anywhere, I'm hidden code added at the bottom of the text box:



I downloaded the extension of all professionals of Downloader which is on your list and it indeed contains the code to create and read this div with the id "link64_adl_tabid" (in link64_adl_overlay.js, one of its component files).

That should not affect a textarea field basis, given that the code adds to the body of the document. In a rich text box, however, you change a small independent document, so it makes sense that he gets injected into the Visual Editor.

The author of the add-on could probably fix this by adding only not the div to a document which is contentEditable has. But I do not recommend trying to fix the extension yourself.

Could you try to disable it and test again? You can do this on the page modules. Either:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + a
  • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

In the left column, click Extensions. Then, when in doubt, turn off.

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  • I bought Photoshop CS6 Extended (education edition) for Mac. Now ik want to install on my macbook (new). I have the product code and serial number. I get an error code: can be a fake copy. How can I install this program?

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    Hugo please turn off your email signature.

    If your serial number is registered as being valid in establishing http://www.adobe.com/ then I recommend getting a new copy the installation files.  You can find details on how to locate your serial number to find your serial number fast - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/find-serial-number.html.

    To download a new copy of the installation of the files see please Download produced CS6.

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    As mentioned more high CC is not based on the serial number, if you are asked to use the serial number there is a problem in it.

    Please contact Adobe technical support to get it resolved, if it is not resolved, you can go for cancellation of CC.

    Contact the customer service



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    Runtime error '-2147024891 (80070005) '.
    Access is denied

    I've been reading about problems with msxml and Windows 7 but cannot figure out what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have.

    p.s. I suspect that the file in the C:\windows\system32 directory msxml might hae been overwritten with an older version during the installion. Can someone tell me how to find out?


    Please post your question on VBA to Visual basic for Applications Forum MSDN.


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    it solved!

    You must reset the value linespacing in code after you put text, as follows:

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    Label.Text = "" Hello World ""
    my_fmt.letterSpacing = 1
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    It is simple rgb2monochrome that I implemented in C code algorithm and code LabVIEW. I have not now why the C code is 4 times faster.

    In the code C transfer tables with pointers so I'm working on a given memory area. I thought that LabVIEW can be slower, because it creates unnecessary copies of berries. I tried to solve this problem with Structure elements instead and value reference data but no effect.

    I also tried to change the tunnels in the shift registers in some places (read in optimizing LabVIEW Embedded Applications). I changed options in the execution of the subVIs properties and I created EXE application to see if it will be faster. Unfortunately I can not yet reduce the difference time of execution.

    I know that my algorithm can be better optimized, but this isn't the main problem. Now the two algorithm are implemented in the same way (you can check in cpp file) when it should have a similar execution times. I think I made a mistake in the LabVIEW code, maybe something with memory management?

    And I know more... Maybe nothing wrong with LabVIEW code but something too good in C code ? It is 64 b library, implementation of usual way without forcing the parallelism. Moreover I brand performance in the thread of UI in COLD LAKE. But perhaps nevertheless CPU manages this function with multi hearts? I have 4 cores then the difference in execution time would be good . But it's impossible, right?

    I know that the notice that LabVIEW is sometimes slow, but approximately 15%, not 4 times. So I had to make a mistake... Anyone know what kind of ?

    Kind regards

    Well, here are a few things that make faster LabVIEW code, there are other improvements that could be made, but I would need to do several tests to see if they are better based on your input data.  First of all, I would like to enforce the VI Inline, not subroutine.  Also, I'd work with arrays of data instead of scalar values.  Also, you know the number of rows and columns because it is the size of the array, why keep this information?  Oh and if you are working with curls you can try parallel for loops to work on more than one processor at a time.

    And also, I'm not sure that all this work is in any way necessary.  If you have a double and turn it into a U8, it will be 255 If the value was greater than that to start with.  Attached is an updated release with several possible options to try.

    Oh and another improvement, why are you even unbundling the data in Unbundle_imageCPU1.vi?  Why not work with this table 2D-Red Green Blue?  I realize that even VI is called in LabVIEW code options both C but with LabVIEW just deal with other data could make faster together.  In particular, in view of the fact that regroup you after you're done anyway.

  • I got the redemption code... now what?

    I bought the card Photoshop CS6 schoolgirl and her teacher a day there, and now I'm stuck. I got the redemption code and serial number. It just stops there. .... What now? There is nothing explaining what to do next. For more than 24 hours I got the code and nothing has changed. I should get a prompt to download but I don't get it. Is this normal? I spent a good $390 on it and I would rather not waste it.

    JBoss1995 you're looking for the installation of Photoshop CS6 files?  If so, you can download the software from http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-product-downloads.html.

  • Why the result of the SQL query is not displayed in the HTML text box?


    Under query result appears in home > workshop SQL > SQL commands.

    Select t.nom
    of pm_task t
    where: P5_Project_id = t.project_id
    and: P5_task_id = t.id

    But when the same code is run through EditRegion of HTML text box > region definition > sources > Source region, the result is not displayed.
    Why is this so, and what is the solution?

    Thank you

    You need a report from the region for this ;) A region of HTML is to display a static text or page items.

    Denes Kubicek

  • In one of the inDesign tutorials instructor pulls up what looks like an application bar that contains among other things a text editor to cut and paste the copy into the inDesign project.  That is a feature of inDesign, and how is it accessible?

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    I just upgrade my iPhone 6 to 10.0.2. In the home screen, you asked me to provide my phone number to register in the system of validation in 2 steps. However, + 82 (South Korea) is not on your scrolling list.


    Hey aramkim80,

    I see from your post that you are not able to enter the country code for the South Korea when setting up for your Apple ID security two-step verification of your Apple ID as much as possible is always a good thing, so I understand your concern.

    Take a look at this article: frequently asked questions about two steps checking of Apple ID. This article presents a list of countries is available in two-step verification. I do not see the Korea of the South on the list of countries currently supported, it's why you're not able to do this.

    Hope that answered this question for you.

    See you soon.

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    I used the gate 2 years with my number + 849xxxxxxx

    Today I turn off validation of 2 steps to config something, so I tried to reactivate it.

    Then, I realized that Apple updated the list of country code, and this is totally wrong with the Viet Nam.

    It is + 848 (Viet Nam) instead of + 84 (Viet Nam) as before.

    + 848 is a new type of phone number here in the Viet Nam, many people here still use the old kind of number like me (+ 849), not the + 848. That's why I can't re - activate 2 validation of steps again.

    My friends also had the same problem as mine. I think that Apple should give the country code option to + 84 (Viet Nam), not the + 848 (Viet Nam) as soon as POSSIBLE, now that my account is not protected because of this error.

    Thank you.

    I totally agree with you.

    I have not even worse, I can't receive the verification Code when loging itunesconnect.apple.com, so I can't download the new version of my application.

    I hope that Apple will fix it as soon as POSSIBLE.

  • I have a valid license for Windows XP key code, so why the system tells me it is not currently active or real?

    Windows has no

    I had to spend my PC this morning. Moving it, I decided to implement a new network card. When I reconnected it all the cables, I plugged my USB mouse on another USB port where it had been plugged in before. The computer is more than 7 years old and I've never had a problem with the front Windows Validation. I have a valid license for Windows XP key code, so why the system tells me it is not currently active or real?

    When Windows checks to see if you have moved your copy of Windows to "another computer", among other things, that his focus on the identification of several strands of material in the computer to see if they are different than when Windows was first installed.  I do not remember the list for now, but I remember that the network card is one of the pieces - and IIRC it is 'valuable' higher than others to reach the conclusion.

    You probably other elements has changed over the past seven years and now Windows has decided to have a "new" computer  Assuming that you haven't changed the motherboard - if you had, you would have had this issue at the time wherever you did--your installation is still legal.  Reactivate using your original license key. It should work online, but you will need to call the number that appears in the error message from re - validate.

Maybe you are looking for

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