z values on 3d-graphics


I was wondering what I can do for the z axis have visible values. The video is running OK but there is no value appear

on the z axis, only these zeros. Also the same thing happens on a graph of intensity connected to it. I would appreciate your help. Thank you!

Hi LambdaDigamma,

Are you sure that the z values are not being rounded up because of the display as a lower accuracy - IE 0.02 being rounded to 0.

If you right-click on the graphic bar and click on 'Properties of 3D-graphics', you can then Descent to the below tab and set the formatting options:

I hope this helps.

Tags: NI Hardware

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    I have a graphics property of waveform "minimum value", but the graph is not take the value that I gave him. He tends to zero, as well as the first two sliders that I put on the graph. The maximum value "will be" no problem, just like the second slider value. Everyone knows about this problem? Here's a screenshot...

    Is there a reason why my chart does not have what I have to say?

    Thank you

    Sometimes you may have problems if the new minimum is higher than the maximum of old.  Try to write at least again in another node in property after you set the maximum value

    Without seeing your VI and some parameters of the example, (old max and min) new max and min, it is otherwise difficult to say.

  • Masking of series that is null or 0 return values in the graphics in flash


    I'm creating a bar chart stacked with several (about 15-20 series) series and some of the series return null/0 values, but they are always displayed on the table... It is not visually appealing because several series of null in a stacked chart values overlap between them... is there a way I can add a condition somewhere to hide these series that return null/0 values and not display them on the graph?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!

    Would check you closely because I thought showed no null values? Values null are not displayed. I found this useful once.
    But in general it is visually unexpected when you, for example, a histogram 3D height zero bar. If you were made by hand, you leave a free space but omit the bar all together. I doubt that this can be done in a chart.

    They had to choose an interpretation. Zero average disappear or does it mean a zero graphic? I think that trace of zeros and nulls don't--what value would they draw?

    If actually nulls are not displayed, you can preprocess the data changing zeros to nulls before plotting. But be aware that the entire column will probably disappear if all data for a label entries are zero. I'm sure that's what I lived. Fine if you want to.

    In fact, I had several sets of data to draw: OC, given OO dat, data WR (3 sites, 4 points given per day) who well sort and I added a (0, null, null, null,) as a spacer between the columns of data.

    Maybe someone knows something that can help.

    Kind regards

  • value of Z graphic intensity slider


    I'm setting up an internship program XY scanning using a graph of intensity.  I have a slider to drag them around, which moves the steps of motor stepper XY; zooms, adjusts the colors in Z & 'contrast', etc.  I have data showing well.

    However, I can't figure out how to get the value of Z (so I can't display the legend of big cursor).  As you know in the legend of the cursor when you move a slider, the values of X Y and Z are given.

    Unable to find a property to the value of Z node...  It must be simple

    Thank you!


    Unless you are using custom axis compensates and increments, this is just the value of the 2D table and indexes for the position of the cursor, so the Board index should get what you want. If you use the axis scale custom update, you must apply the linear transformation between cursor x, the values y and corresponding table indices.

    In a better world, the index property of the cursor must indicate both indices of the 2D table and the method would work directly in cases where the axis of scale is customized. This is the reason for my old idea here, please vote for it!

  • Duplicate values in fast graphics

    I use prompt graphic for one of my graphics and when I run the Analyses with the graphic prompt from the drop it is picking up items in there. I don't know why this is happening. For ex: I a, b, c, d elements but quick drop-down chart me a, b, a, c, d, a, b, c and d, a, a some like this I wanted to is a, b, c, d. me please advice

    Thank you


    Hi Srinivas,

    If you create a calculated item several times in a table view, those who come in duplicate chart prompt.

  • Satellite Pro A30 - RAM to help to improve the graphic system

    I have a Toshiba Satellite PRO A30 and I recently went to a computer fair when I learned that I couldn't change the graphics because it is built in processor, but the guy told me I could use the RAM on my laptop (which is 1.2 GB) to improve the graphics up to 128 MB? is it true on this type of laptop, I looked everywhere on the net for how to do and say everything, it is to do so through the phoenixbios I have tried to do so but do not cause on my bios it doesn't gives not the possibility to change it, will I need an update for my bios?

    Hi Mark,

    Your information is basically correct. The SA30 uses RAM shared for its graphics chip, so in principle, you can specify which part of your main RAM that you want to use for this purpose. However, the ability to specify the RAM allocation is controlled by the BIOS, and if the manufacturer of the BIOS has chosen to preselect the value of RAM graphic, then, you will not be able to change it.

    I know that Phoenix BIOS allows the allocation of RAM to specify up to 128 MB (16, 32, 64 and 128 values) and it can also be defined in the properties display ("Advanced" tab), select the Frame Buffer and check which is entered for the value of the AMU.

    I think that the option in the BIOS is also called UMA and appears on the second page of the BIOS update, about half way down the screen.

    Kind regards

  • Read value request chart

    I've searched for this idea for a long time.

    Right now I use a manufacturing build .exe created in labview. I downloaded the .llb file to change the program to my goal, but I can't find a way to do as I want.

    Basically, this program measures and updates the data in a chart, I want to know the value of a specific point in this chart. I want to go with my cursor on this point see the value. But I can't find a way to do it in labview

    Is there a way to do what I want? Just as the cursor to go to the specific point and then read the value? The graphic can be found under 5015_measure with RS232.vi

    In the attachments you will find the .llb and a picture of a point that I want to read the value of.

    Thank you!

    I am not sure if you already have a cursor and are looking for a way to better control it or you want to add a mobile cursor to your chart, but if the second is your question:

    1. right click on the chart and go to the-> legend of slider check the visible items

    2. right click on the legend of cursor and add a cursor of your choice.

  • Graphic problem Dell Inspiron

    I have dell inspiron 17r 5721 i7-3517u 8 GB 1 TB Radeon hd8730m. Windows 7 Ultimate (first of all, I had 8 Win but I hate it like hell, so I send it there where it belongs - hell).

    Can anyone tell me is there a way to tell when my games using Radeon HD 8730 M instead of the Intel HD Graphics 4000? Because each game I played, the value of the graphics settings WAY TOO LOW for Radeon cards. For example the Sims 3 (not to mention it crashes without reason, whenever I play, it is not out of place I think that in this case). For example: resolution 1024 x 768 instead of 1600 x 900? Oh come on.

    Or how to PROPERLY use CCC and Intel graphic Panel so they would work together just as they should? I put but high performance for each game... I do not work. : /

    Then remember that I can use only drivers from dell support. I could not install new to (because I see dell support drivers are not the newest) site Web of AMD and Intel without problems as constant flashing screen, or simply because during the installation error has occurred and it has stopped working.

    HI, I had the same problem but I solved it...

    REALLY EASY!  (after 6 months: P)

    1. update the video drivers from the Dell (all VIDEO PILOTS) website

    http://www.Dell.com/support/drivers/UK/en/ukdhs1/ServiceTag/?s=BSD& ~ CK = mn

    2, install this the site of AMD ATI driver. (AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER)


    When you configure this new driver you get a new software with that tha name is:

    AMD game evolved... .use this program because this program to find your games on your PC and if you will be launched this program, games games will use a video automaticly ATI card... If you couldt see some of the games in that you have installed, you could find and add manually...   (link to image 2.)

    (you can together optimise settings "grapichs" with some games, and you can't some other games, but don't worry... ALL the GAMES you want started from this program work)

    a few pictures of the program:






    :)  ENJOY

  • Switchable AMD graphics card does not properly

    I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 3521:

    -Core i3 3227U with HD4000 Intel integrated graphics

    -AMD Radeon discrete graphics HD7670M

    Problem is switchable graphics do not seem to pass to Radeon on some games. They seem to work very well in Bioshock Infinite (medium setting is playable) or Borderlands 2 (FPS maxed out, decent), but in games like Assassins Creed 4 I get terrible FPS even on possible graphics configurations as low, and I know that my Radeon is capable of much more than that. Even Crysis 1, which must run on highest details with good FPS is playable through details.

    I did everything the internet has suggested (update day drivers, beta drivers, switchable graphics configuration, uninstall CCC, disabling Intel HD, etc.). I'm not a tech genius, but I know such things well enough to know that some of my games (if not all, to be honest) are not running on my graphics card discrete, despite the fact that they are programmed in the Maximum performance in the catalyst.

    I know people have been suffering from this, but I would like to know if someone has solved this problem, or if I have any chance to get my laptop to work correctly, after 3 months of looking for a solution.

    It would actually be great, if I could just value my switchable graphics fixed rather than dynamic and just use my Radeon, but I can't, because my BIOS does not give me the option to choose. I mind as Dell support, if I was located in the United States, but since I'm not--I can't either. Help! PLEASE?

    Check with the Publisher of the games that do not work - some may not support switching graphics adapters require an update or upgrade to work.

    You try to run some demanding games on very, very low end hardware - which can be a problem as well.  It is simply not a game system - it can do quite well with the multimedia work, but this is just much too low end for the games you want to run - particularly given the low CPU you have.

  • Satellite X 200 - 21W, need a 32-bit driver for nVidia GeForce 8700 M GT


    I need a Vista 32 bit driver for my GeForce 8700 M GT. The toshiba driver is too old for Gears of War. The game requires at least the pilot 163.44. Anyone have any idea where I can get one?

    Thank you to

    Hello guys

    You can do what you want, but be careful with all these drivers Toshiba is not approved. As you know cell phones must be cooled properly and it there a lot of other factors is responsible for this. Toshiba sets different values and parameters of the graphics card itself and I heard that by the use of some third party drivers, these values can be changed and not only temporarily.

    The changed values in the graphics card BIOS may result with permanent running cooling fan, high temperature graphics card, and so on. Very interesting, is that there is no chance of getting the original values, even after the installation of operating system with supplied recovery media.

    I hope that something like this will not happen to you and you can use your laptop as before, but in my opinion you should think twice before using the drivers not approved by laptop manufacturers.

  • Performance of slow game on Satellite Pro C660 - 2 7

    So my slow running on C660 - 2 7 games my graphics card is ATI mobility radeon hd 5470.

    Can I do something? I tried the canyourunit site that says if you can or can not and on Assassin's creed said revelations that I can run but once ingame it goes really slow



    You can try to change the game settings: for example the value down the graphic details.
    You can also try to increase the memory of the computer s.

    But beware: the game performance is dependent on s laptop equipment.
    Even if you are able to run the game, this does not mean that you will get the best game performance that you know

  • How to increase memory GPU on Satellite C55 - A - 1 HL

    Is someone can please tell me how I allocate more memory for the video graphics integrated on a Satellite C55 - A - 1 HL?

    I have 16 GB of memory installed.

    Thank you

    The graphics control driver this process automatically... is not possible to change the value of the graphics memory manually.

  • Satelite C670-1DW: how to increase shared memory?

    How to increase shared memory for display from 64 MB to 512 MB?


    It is not possible.
    You cannot change the value manually the graphic card driver controls cela and it changes automatically.
    In addition, your laptop supports an internal graphics Intel HD (HM55) card and this chip is not really suitable for the game.

  • Long blue line of the axis on the display of the Satellite A100-207

    Hi guys

    During the few days a thin blue line appeared in the center of the screen-it disappears and reappears on the change of the angle of the screen of the laptop open. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause and possible solutions?

    See you soon


    There is a very simple method to find out what might be wrong.
    Connect the laptop to an external monitor and see if the same thin blue line appears on the second monitor.

    If the same line will be available on the external monitor, I assume that there is something wrong with the cell phones of the GPU (graphics chip).
    This could be a case value because the graphics card is attached to the motherboard and the entire motherboard must be replaced to solve this problem.

    But if the line does not appear on the second monitor or there is a problem with the LCD itself, or with a small part as FL-ups for example.

    In any case, it seems to be a hardware problem, and in this case he must contact the ASP!
    Try to contact the technician and ask for later handling.

    Good luck

  • Reset chart

    Hello, I have the following code in labview and I would like to reset the values of the graphics when the code is run again.

    I did it with a historical data on values equal to 0, but the graph is rested, after the first iteration of the while loop, so I'm lossing the first value in the graph, because the first value represented is the second.

    How could I solve this problem?

    Thank you

    If you just do this:

    It should work better, if there is no dependence between the while loop and the property nodes that reset your LabVIEW graphics history can 'decide' to do that ever he wants first of all, if there is a dependency (a thread for example) this will force LabVIEW to run the property first node, then the loop.

    Hope this helps

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