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NI-CAN, error 0xbff620ad

I am currently working on an application of "feedforward" soft real-time in which a USB of NI-CAN interface is used as a sniffer of CAN frames. The idea is to read frames as fast as possible (~ 50 Hz ncReadMulti call) in order to apply a correction (

NI-CAN Bus Monitor still works, but no examples of LabVIEW

I have a USB-8473 on a PC running Windows XP I'm trying to monitor transmissions CAN go to an external device. No matter what settings I select in the Measurent Explorer & Automation, the bus monitor never miss a message and is completely error-free.

Frequency of logging data SCC-68

How fast can I enjoy data acquisition.  I took 4 analog inputs and carving to ASCII via LabView SignalExpress. I keep getting buffer overflow errors saying that the sampling period is too short.  I am currently 20 Ms. How short can I do?  It seems a

Get started building a SHIELD

Hi all In short, I myself built a reactor that can simulate the car exhaust, including disturbances and exhaust temperatures.  We usually use it to run FTP cycles that have been conducted on the real engines.  We take the engine data and create the s

2009 connected voltage SignalExpress have no individual timestamps

I discovered after having spent some time collecting data that, when I saved a log of data in the form of text, it does NOT give to the individual timestamps for values.  Instead, it reports timestamp entry as a line separated at intervals.  This mak

Smaller data logs

I use SignalExpress, full version, with a cDAQ9174 3.5.0, 9205 and 9217. The temperature data are 1 sample/s.  The tension strings are 1000/s.  I use the DC function on data V and which seems to be of 10 samples/s.  I also monitor the AC RMS voltage

The second image lost in CAN communication when use card NI PCI-CAN/XS2

I recently had a problem on CAN communication. I need commmunicate a Cluster with CAN BUS, baud rate is 500 Kbps, the BOX is card NI PCI-CAN/XS2. The operating system is Windows XP. normally, the PC send a Cluster command, then reread a frame of data

Generate analog output with the software "Timing" on 6009

I see that the 6009 does not support the synchronization of the internal clock.  We need to generate an analogue waveform which changes very slowly, it performs a cycle every 10-20 minutes. I saw an old post on the use of calendar software, but can n

UDS RoutineControl VI a/d converters

Hello Experts, I use an a/d converters for the automation of the diagonositc of our ECU, I implemented byID read data, write data by ID and a lot more. But geeting a problem in the implementation of Routine inspections. Even if VI that gives no error

Rocking after close file trigger

I'm new to Labview. I have an application requires alternating relaxation and ready signal, if a trigger input channel reach a fixed level, trigger will have the value True and ready will be set to False; then the system will record data on disk (in

9235 & cable length

Dear all I intend to use 8xNI 9235 module SG cDAQ-9172 chassis. Can someone advice me 1. What is the length of cable max gauge constraint that can be supported. I have a rough estimate that it can run up to 100 meters all about 2. If you use Signal E

has no success of body to toggel Port0 and Port1 aboard MCB2300 using LV for the ARMS?

I'm trying to toggel the GPIO (Port0, Port1) on the evaluation package of MCB2300 with LPC2378 uController aboard by using LV8.6. These two ports seems to have no programmable features with the help of 2 Ports NV., 3 and Port4 work well. If any body

.ldf Blackfin bf537 custom Board questions

Hi all: I designed a Board that is customized for the BF537.  I connect using the emulator JTAG USB of Analog Devices.  I am able to connect to the Council in VisualDSP and program it with the code example (turn on the SPI, echoes another what is rec

How to add offsets to string

My detector said initial offset of 10mV without any input. Now, if I want to reset the signal to 0mV so that I don't see the offset and the entrance once my detector detects the signal for the same channel. any ideas?

Luminaire 3s 8962. Cannot use the GPIO C pins as a source of disruption.

I'm trying to use GPIO C-5 as the source of interruption to run a vi and get this error Building target "LabVIEW".compilation of ARM_irq.c..... \Drivers\Interrupt\ARM_irq.c(313): error: #20: identifier 'LM3Sxxxx_GPIOCHandlerP' is not definedTarget no

run the ARMS when turned on

Hi all When I download a VI in my lm3S8962 advice, it will run as long as it is connected to the PC. If I disconnect from the PC, turn off the Board running on it, without connecting to the PC, it does not. Is there a way to let the VI run automatica

examples of LabVIEW ARM code

Hello I am new to Labview ARM I used an ek-lm3s8962 Keil Committee. I would like to know if there are a few tutorials and code examples on communications with devices: How to write you SD card? How to use CAN, SPI, I2C and UART? How to use the OLED?

signal express crash

I have this problem for more than a year that it was working fine, now, comes crashing at startup. I use Windows XP SP3. The sound of error like this: "LabVIEW SignalExpress has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconven

Error in the compiler/bug "PDACluster"... »

Hello world I met a strange compilation error when I tried to build the following program for the target LM3S1968 (ARM MCU). If I try to compile it: I get this error: Building target "LabVIEW".compilation of RTX_Config.c......compilation of RLARM_CCG

4462 PCI gain is editable on the fly in VB 2005 express?

Hello My current setup of chanil comes from shape:myTask.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel (physicalChannelComboBox.Text, "", _)AITerminalConfiguration.Differential, Convert.ToDouble (minimumValueNumeric.Value) _Convert.ToDouble (maximumValueNumeric.Va