Channel scan does not.

Hi all

I am a string "a, b: c - d» A little need is to get a, b, c and d strings separately using "channel scan". I tried the format string "%s, % s: %s s. But the analysis of string does not work. string 1 = a, b: c - d; Channel 2, channel 3, Channel 4 are empty. I also have an error.

Is there any format string format should I follow for a, b, c and d correctly from scan chain.

Kind regards

Abd Word S


Hi Khalifa,

If you have a single character such as 'a' and 'b' and so on, then he works with a fixed field of 1 size. Otherwise, you can work with the replacement string and splits the string with the "worksheet to function array string.


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    Also, please take a look through this guide wireless. The printer keeps Wi-Fi connection.

    Hope this fixes your problem and have a great day!

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    Hello James,.

    Welcome to the community of Sony.

    What is the model # of the TV?

    You can locate the model # of the TV from this link.

    You can try the steps mentioned on the underside of the base article of knowledge:

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    Kind regards


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    Nobody likes Macs.

    When you open the settings of the utility Scan IJ, there are 3 tabs at the top. The first tab is settings when the analysis is started from the computer, the second tab is for setting when the analysis is started from the control panel. Make sure that you change the destination folder to 'Save to PC (self)' on the second tab!

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    I have re-installed a series HP Photosmart C3100 all in One printer/scanner on a new PC with Windows 7-64 bit. Downloaded the latest version of the software including a patch (CPE_SCAN_DESTINATION_UPDATE_hpcom_001_003) without apparent difficulty. Print and copy of work but the Scan does not work. Downloaded the diagnostic utility, HPSDU and executed. HPSDU crosses the first five steps and hangs up on HP Scanner Twain, Message says scanner does not respond, the device and the computer to restart. Have done this several times with the same result.

    This printer and scanner worked fine on old Vista PC. Any ideas?

    I did a complete uninstall of all the HP software and reinstalled. I don't have reinstall the patch. Scanner works now!

  • HP Scan does not work on Photosmart 6510

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    Paul sent me the log files, and from there, we followed the question until for the binary file HPScan.exe incorrect compatibility settings.   This file is located either in your "program files (x 86) \hp\\bin" directory (for 64-bit systems), or "program files\hp\\bin" directory for 32-bit systems.   In the case of Paul, his EXE was created to ensure compatibility for XP, which caused the application to try to use WIA 1.0 on a 2.0 WIA (Windows 7) system support.    This caused the app to not to interview the drivers for supported resolutions/etc and so the drop-down list is empty in the implementation of the resolutions.

    If other people see empty resolution lists in our application, it might be useful to double check that your EXE is not set to XP compatibility.

    Thank you


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    1. do you have an error message?
    2. are you referring to the print scan hardware or software scan print that was supplied with the device?

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to update the software DigitalPersona from the link below

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    OfficeJet 8500 a 910 scan does not work with my Macbook Pro Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  I tried to reload of apple and HP.  My drivers and software are up to date.  I tried to scan from preview, Capture and print browser.

    It worked finally.

    Why doesn't HP have updated the drivers for a Macbook Pro 10.6.8 Snow Leopard?  I couldn't find one for 10.5 or 10.6 Leopard.  I tried everything I could find. I found a note on the edge of Disussion which suggested someone try a driver for another HP printer may be similar.  I found if I used the full program for Macbook Pro 10.6 Leopard I could scan.  The fax appeared to be installed via blue tooth.  I have not faxed anything, but it has been tested during the installation of the program.  Complete program of the HP I can't print.  I loaded via Apple an another whick of printer HP Officejet 8500 A910 allows me to print.  It is the only way that I could make use of my HP printer, scanner and fax.  Crazy, but I think it works and I can put some scans and, hopefully, fax to my Macbook Pro.  I appreciate the help.  Please encourage the HP programs and drivers for my Macbook Pro Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

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    * Scan to the computer and scanning to E-mail functions do not work

    * Try to run Windows scan "does not recognize the HP profile" and cannot scan using Windows 10


    * Initially received 'C4EBA230' message on the printer screen blue with flashing icons, but a hard reset solved error

    * Have completely uninstalled & reinstalled software base three or four times of HP and HP update disc once software has detected and installed

    * Ran HP, utility for troubleshooting several times before and after reinstalls for problems of scan - driver detected every time problem.   Ignore the results of audit of pilot and proceed to the verification of scan did not work

    * Performed four resets hard to return to the firmware with parameters.

    * Tried scanning HP and Capture app (Nope - message "Device is busy" - same device is not)

    * Voltage checked the cable power and the wall outlet (OK)

    * Checked ink levels (more than one half full)

    * Searched updates firmware (not available on HP support site for want 5530)

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    Machine firmware problem?  n ' any means to reinstall the current firmware via a download?

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    New driver development necessary to scan to computer compatibility with Windows 10? -C' you all of the problem

    Your diagnosis?

    Hi doktor,.
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    Hi people

    doew anyone know why Channel Volume does not appear in the Panel of the applied effects (first 12 elements trial version)?

    Thank you very much in advance



    I have the book, but this screenshot has been extremely help.

    The answer is...

    Like I said, the default Panel in the range of effects of applied effects/Applied / Motion and opacity.

    Once you apply fx effects Audio/Effects/Channel Volume effect to your audio clip, you will see the channel Volume Panel in the Palette of effects applied and the movement and opacity.

    I'll give you screenshots if necessary.

    Please try to prove guilt.

    Thank you.


  • printer works OK, photocopy works OK, fax is working OK, scanning does not work and will not start

    PSC950 HP printer all in one

    Operating system Windows Vista (32) and on a second computer, Windows 7 (64)

    Works fine as a printer, copier or fax, but refuse to work as a scanner. Whenever I try to scan via Photoshop (5) or ABBYY FineReader (9) he does not and gives the following message appears on the printer screen: 'warming' but never heats up to finally start scanning.

    Is there a possible solution on this one?

    Hello trianfill,

    Please complete the steps below...

    • Make sure the printer is ON and then unplug the power cable from the printer and then the USB cable.
    • Wait 30 seconds, then plug the power cable and then the USB cable.
    • Perform the steps in the document linked to Win 7... win7
    • Perform the steps in the document linked to Win Vista... Vista

    Kind regards

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    I work for HP

  • Microsoft Security Essentials - the planned-out scan does not work.

    In addition to the question about the scheduled scan output after upgrade to Windows 7 to McAfee.Microsoft Security Essentials series instead of McAfee. The scan-out plan does not work.

    Support McAfee tried to straighten my computer of conversation I understood the problem of the update disc. I want to ask a question to the update command:? many problems were very pushed us all after your update. How now to get out of this dung under the name Toshiba upgrades?

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest I don t know what you re talking about exactly. What has to do with Microsoft Security Essentials McAfee?

    As far as I know it s recommended using a security program only. You must use a Microsoft or McAfee, but not both!

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    Hi groberts619,

    Unfortunately the software, you get the update of the printer software does not include the application of scanning HP - only print and scan drivers.  I just checked out your product and it does not appear that he has plans to release a scanning HP Installer updated for this model.

    On the Mavericks seems, your best option will be to use the Apple's Image Capture scanning application.  You will find this application in the folder/Applications.  You also have the ability to scan using the preview.  Look in the file menu to make the command import from a scanner.

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