In Streaming URL access problem

I'm developing an audio application for the Webkit browser HTML5-based streaming.

This application allows the user to select the URL about 500 each belonging to a different radio station.

The problem is that if everything works as expected in the simulators, audio streams don't come throug when a test is performed on a real blackberry. Of the app to different URLS external links to retrieve image of radio station logos, but audio external URLS do not work. I've had two users try on two different blackberries with the same result. They use the OS6 and OS7 so these are the two new phones. Can someone tell me what could go wrong?


Looks like I need set the permissions of the configuration file, after doing some research on this site.

It's something youdon t need to do this when you use the simulators.

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  • session state protection - no url access

    I use APEX 4.1.0 and Oracle 10 g.

    I started to apply the Protection of the State of Session on my APEX pages. The option "Arguments must have Checksum" works very well for the pages accessible by URL links. "No Arguments Allowed" option also works very well for those pages that have no arguments. But I did not get "No URL access" to work for one of my pages that are accessible from branches of page with arguments.

    Ideally, I would like to see an example of "No URL access" in action. I looked everywhere and have not found a good example.

    This is one of the branches in my app, I tried:

    The definition of the domestic Action section:
    Target type: Page in this application
    Page: 20 <-----------This is the page with "No URL Access" set.
    Clear Cache: 20,RIR
    Set these items: IR_ACOL,IR_BCOL
    With these values: &P10_AITEM.,&P10_BITEM.
    I don't think that there is something special here on the use of IR filters. It's the same problem with other types of pairs of point value. Let me know if you need more information.
    Thank you


    If you set "No access URL" you branch to the page.
    Branch type must be 'branch to the page.
    When you create the branch, second page of the wizard, clear 'branch of page redirection using'.

    In the branch of this type, you do not have options clear cache or set values of the element. You need to do that in the process before the branch.

    Kind regards
    My Blog:

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    I've been designing a site in Muse using Widgets (iFrames) of the Composition. Because the site that I create is quite large with updates and frequent changes, I won't be publish and download the entire site, whenever I have make a change or add content (like muse seems to force me to do, even when I change a single image). So as a work, within the iFrame, I insert HTML that links to a separate "mini site" Muse in another folder in my folder root (in a manner similar to adding a blog or Twitter feed into a Widget). This way I can make changes and don't have to publish and download small pieces of the larger site. These mini-sites conducted small, contents are incomplete in regard to corporate image and layout of Web site and I don't want people to access it directly, but I DON'T want the search engines to access information in their breast.

    So how can I block a public direct URL access to the "mini-sites" without blocking the site parent to access and display them in the iFrame? I want the user to be redirected to the site parent if a picks up more search engine "mini site" content, rather than being directed to the page itself.

    I know that I won't be able to this in the Muse, using Dreamweaver or any other editor is fine. I'm not fluent HTML, PHP, CSS, or any other language, but I can muddle my way through it, if I have the direction.

    I hesitate now to present a link to the test site I've created (even if I could do it on request), so I hope I have explained myself well enough.

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    This has nothing to do with the Muse or elsewhere in the HTML. You would have to put in place a whole bunch of rules server side to transfer users and extract content from specific referents, but in the end, there are a lot of mumbo jumbo for nothing. Search engines can pretend to be browsers browsers can pretend to be stupid to caterpillars and even obscured links can be followed in any way. You should just press F12 and cross browser debugging console. I'm afraid that it is something that you really can do it properly, using a dynamic system where you can use the ID session PHP, cookies, or personalised channels encoded in your URL. In your scenario current all you can do is to use .htaccess and robots.txt files to block search engines to dig in your records, but they still don't sign up under your main domain name and not necessarily pass. On the other hand, since the search engine still has the URL of the folder, little sleuths like me could pull off, stick it in a separate window and then apply the view of the folder for the site when possible or browse your files based on the URL in the iFrame code or their names. What you want is fundamentally mutually exclusive and goes against the work of sites HTML static how.


  • Streaming and URL redirection problem


    I have a problem with an application that I have developed, the application plays a remote mp3 file via the player class (player player = Manager.createPlayer (url); player.start ();) but to access the url of the file physical I follow two different redirects.

    Is there a way for the player to follow automatically the different redirects or I need to manipulate them manually

    Thank you

    Abdeslam Jakjoud

    Unfortunately, you face within your application. Please refer to this topic too.

  • Streaming of Netflix problem with Airport Extreme

    Hello, I have netflix streaming problems, I have an Apple Airport Extreme that my main router, the problem is that I can access netflix app or website, I chose the title I want to watch that one and then an error message indicates

    Oops, something went wrong...

    Streaming error

    You seem to be using a proxy or a plunger. Please, turn off one of these services and try again. For more information, visit

    IM tried to plug my laptop directly into the ISP's modem and everything works normally on netflix, but when I go to the extreme of the airport something blocks streaming.

    I tried to reset to factory settings, but still the same error.

    Please a little help

    As you know, Netflix began to crack down on people who use proxy or VPN servers to access Netflix content that is meant to be seen in countries other than their own. I'm not accusing you of doing, but Netflix thinks you are.

    It happened always or just started happening recently? So recently, have you made changes to the network?

    I assume you are using an Apple AirPort base station that has been designed to operate in your country. Is this correct? If Yes, then the only thing at this point, I can think is to perform a 'factory' reset on your airport base station again and reconfigure your network see if this helps solve the problem. Otherwise, I would suggest that you contact support from Netflix directly to find out how you can get this resolved.

  • Add Exception pop up at the first time of a URL access


    I'm working on BB10 application which is built based on HTML5 and jquery.

    I need to load a url in my iframe applications, but when I try to load the url for the first time, then it shows exception popup adds first time. the subsequent access to url is fine.

    I have in the white list of the URLs in my config.xml file, then also this pop up appears on the first access to url in my application, why is this problem? and I'm missing something other that added tag for this url?

    Let me know.

    There was a problem of SSL certificate server side of the URL that is loaded into the iframe, after installation of the certificate, he started to work very well.

  • URL parameter problem


    I'm new to the development of blackberry applications. I try to access a Web service, I can access using the http connection. When passing a parameter in the URL includes only one word then it works fine and answers correctly, but when I pass the same variable with a different value that contains several words separated by space, then it generates an error. I tried to pass the same URL in the browser, but the browser gives me good performance.

    I believe strongly that there is a problem when the parameter is sent. Please help me

    Thanks in advance

    If you only want to add parameters using percent encoding:

  • ASA, blocking long URL access

    Hi Forum,

    I can't seem to find an answer to my ASA blocks access to long URL. below is the only http filtering configurations I can find on my firewall. What is the default settings? How can I activate it, y at - there a better way?

    I use ASA5500.

    Thank you very much


    http-map inbound_http

    content-length min 100 max 2000 action open

    content-type-checking match-req-rsp action open

    allow the action header-MaxLength request 100

    Open the max-uri-length 100 action

    You have any filter http commands and orders url server configured? If so, there is an option to truncate long URLS.

    In addition, bugs seem to exist in the http inspection engine in versions after 7.1 (2). Try to disable the http inspection and see if the problem goes away.


  • Pass values of the item to the page with 'No URL Access'

    I have a request of "high security" where I try to limit the information passed around in the URL so I have several pages with branches of the 'branch to the page' where the target page access protection is set to "no access URL".

    However, I still need to set multiple values page element in the target page (the one I am connexiona step).

    Thinking about how to do what I thought of two ways to get this data to the target page.
    First way:
    (a) set up several calculations in the source page that calculates the values of the element in the target page and subordinate these calculations on a button application.
    (b) set up my 'on page' management on the source with the same request conditional button.

    Second way:
    (a) put in place target with a process of pl/sql page that defines the page elements
    APEX_UTIL. SET_SESSION_STATE('P31_SSN',:P40_SSN); -P31 is the target page
    do the same for all elements on the page. The process of subjecting to press the button.
    (b) implemented the same 'page' branch on the source with the same conditional key.

    Pro or con either of these approaches? Is there a different approach? I'm IMPOSSIBLE in any case implement a branch to URL with the item values in the URL as I don't want sensitive data columns in newspapers. I know that set_session_state can have interesting interactions with variable bind where they may not be, but I see no problem with my test pages...

    It doesn't matter what technique lets you define the session state - do what is easier. Call for apex_util.set_session_state is the same as make an assignment, for example,.


    .. .is equivalent to

    : P31_SSN: =: P40_SSN;

    Calculations are the same thing.

    Application parts are not broader than the elements on the page regarding the scope of application; any point in the session state can be referenced by any element of the request. Application parts are no rendering/display properties or association of specific page.


  • Email access problem - Satellite A200-27R

    I bought a computer laptop toshiba A200-27R.
    It has Vista home edition. I use AOL as my homepage I always use aol as my main email, although I don't use them as my internet provider. (Virgin is my internet provider) Everything was fine, but now I can't seem to access my mail more. There is no problem accessing it on my desktop pc, just the laptop. I put in my login information and the following text is displayed

    The service error of
    There was a problem processing your request. An unspecified error has occurred.

    Try again

    Your comments | Help pages |

    The technical stuff:
    Error code: C0FE1700
    Report ID: 30077-webmail-20080929-141853

    I tried pages to help with anything not done, they want to charge me the aol software, but as I don't use them as my ISP I can't use the software. What gets me, is that I can access without any problem on the desktop. I use xp on the desktop computer. Please I appreciate any help or advice, please note that I am not very technical, so I need help in basic terms.


    Looks like you can connect to the internet properly
    So it s not a problem with an internet connection, but with your AOL account.

    I m not very well why you can't access the email account but I m sure that it s is not a problem of laptop.
    You said that you can access the email on another computer under Win XP.
    The A200 using Vista.

    In my opinion, there could be a problem with the AOL software probably it s not fully compatible with Vista

  • Blue 11-r050sa stream: Headphone Jack problem

    I bought two HP laptops stream

    HP Notebook flow blue 27 November 2015 11 r050sa S/N (deleted content) P/N POH72EA laptop #ABU HP flow 11-r0001na purple 4 January 2016 S/N (deleted content) P/N POH70EA #ABU

    There is a design problem with the audio output jack that I have the same problem on two different machines.

    I was given to understand your a previous post that the problem was known on at HP.

    Does anyone know if this problem has been resolved yet

    When taking is home to cut the speakers, that the level sound so hard to hear even if low down by using an external amplifier to power the headphones

    The only round work that I found is to just insert the plug until it connects to audio while the speakers are always connected. It is not good if you want to cut the sound from the speakers

    A good picture is worth a thousand words

    Hi @colin23erk,

    Thanks for the clarification.  As you adjust the volume on your headphones do you accept that your problem has been solved?

  • Access problem control panel loading Group on the 2 tabs

    I'm using LabWindows CVI 10.0. My intention is to programmatically disable a control array in a Panel.


    I am loading a panel with the control array in the pages of TabControl - Tab0 and Tab1.

    Error occurs when access programmatically through below functions.

    GetCtrlArrayFromResourceID (Tab0_panel, CTRLARRAY) - able to get the resource ID.

    GetCtrlArrayFromResourceID (Tab1_panel, CTRLARRAY) not able to get the resource ID.

    His error as the ID resource not found in UIR.

    Error image which I enclose below for reference.

    Please give some suggestions.

    Ah,... that you should have mentioned earlier...: no, it's not the same.

    In addition, EasyTab is outdated and replaced, so I suggest you move your user interface to true tab panels

  • Internet access problem no problems Out Of Range


    I have some problems with the computer at the laboratory of computer science at the school.
    I had fixed the elimination of the problems of the range with starting pc mode vga but how to solve this problem, so it can boot normally without pressing f8?
    After that I had signed, I can't access the internet even if the parameters are normal and the other computers connect to the internet.
    Please fix this!


    1 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    2. What is the full error message that you receive on out of range problems?

    Method 1:

    See the site:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    Run the fixit in normal mode and check.

    Method 2:

    Check if the problem persists in safe mode with network. If the problem does not persist in SafeMode with network check if the problem persists in the boot.

    Step 1: Safe Mode with networking

    Networking in safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs do not work in safe mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed.

    See the site:

    To start the computer in safe mode

    Step 2: Clean boot

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Note: To set the computer back to start normally, use the procedure How to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state in the same page.

    Note: If in case you are connected through a wireless connection and then when you start the System Configuration utility to perform the clean boot, click Startup and Services tab one time and check see topic wireless are turned on (Enabled).

  • Malware & memory access problem

    I have a problem I have the thing about security scam "Smart Antivirus Protection" that appears on and outside. I ran a scan that tells me I have a problem to access memory at address Ox1FC408, with a note saying that if I see this error, operational information may be lost. Also this Trojan:Win32 / Sinada.R and Trojan: Win64 / Sinada have been detected but not deleted. How can I fix the memory access and to get rid of these problems of Trojan. Thank you.

    Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide:
    It contains instructions which will remove most malware infections. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope this helps you.
  • Wired Internet access problem

    Sorry for the long post, but I want to give you all the information possible to help me.

    I play for my father guy remote tech support, but my credentials in the field of networking are rather weak, so I need help.

    My father recently interrupted an update of Windows on his laptop computer. (He thought the computer was off, but instead the screen had just blanked, and when he thought he was turning on the computer, it is in fact the computer off during the update).

    Since this event, his cell phone was not able to connect to the internet with a wired or wireless connection.

    When it is connected directly to the DSL modem and it brings up the internet browser, it get an error "cannot display web page". In response to the offer of the IE to diagnose the connection problem, he diagnosed the problem and it is usually said that it only is not an IP address. Another time, he suggested that he 'cycle' his modem and router.

    It would be the right information to take at face value except... the wired connection was taken directly from his desktop... that connects successfully to the internet. For example, it can surf the internet from her desktop computer, but when he takes the ethernet cable from the desktop computer and plug it on the laptop, it cannot access the internet.

    So - at least seems to me-there is really no problem with the modem or the ISP he uses (the modem is an ACTIONTEC, which also has wireless capability).

    I think that there is a problem with his laptop, perhaps with network components. Maybe they need to be replaced? But I'm not an expert and I do not know how to try this.

    I asked him to do an IPCONFIG/all in a command window, and it is (approximately) that he comes back (he read the results for me on the phone):

    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...: MY_LAPTOP
    Primary Dns suffix...:
    Node... type: hybrid
    Active... IP routing: Yes
    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Ethernet wireless network adapter:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Intel® wireless Wifi Link 4965AGN
    Physical address.... : 00-1F-3B-30-55-91
    DHCP active...: No.
    ... The IP address:
    ... Subnet mask:
    ... Default gateway. :

    Ethernet card: Local 2 network connection

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Broadcom 440 x 10/100 Integrated Controller
    Physical address.... : 00-1D-09-D8-2E-CE
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled yes
    Autoconfiguration IP
    ... Subnet mask:
    ... Default gateway. :

    Looks like he gets an IP address... so what could be the problem?

    Can someone help me fix his laptop computer connection, either by telling me how to reinstall the network components or even helping me diagnose the connection problem?

    My father lives miles away from me, if it's a little hard to do it remotely.

    Thanks for any help.

    Problems caused by a Windows Update break are probably better asked in the Windows Update forum, but I can suggest a few things, account required to the information you provided.

    Error messages are received? If so, give them in its entirety, without paraphrasing.
    Check the event viewer (start > run > eventvwr > OK) for the recent error messages (no need to go far back in time).  Double-click any line in the observer of events that shows and error to open the 'Properties' window for more details

    Event Viewer messages can be copied to the Clipboard (and then pasted into a response by email or forum) by clicking on the copy icon (below arrows up/down) on the property page.

    What version of Windows (right click on my computer > properties)?

    According to the reported data, the computer seems to have a wireless connection with success, but the lack of a default gateway is suspect, as is the 'no' beside "DHCP enabled".  I suspect, as Saurabh Joshi apparently already done, that the wireless card has been configured manually (for example, a static IP address).  In any case, you don't even mention the existence of a wireless network.

    Information for the Ethernet (wired) connection certainly shows a failure to get an IP address from the router.

    Try to deal with network problems 3rd hand is really shooting in the dark, but while you wait for an answer on the forum of Windows Update, the following steps should not hurt and may in fact make things.

    1 reset TCP/IP (see

    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    In the black command prompt window, type the following line and press enter
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
    Then close the command prompt window

    2 reset Winsock (see

    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    In the black command prompt window, type the following line and press enter
    netsh winsock reset
    Then close the command prompt window

    3. restart the computer and see if connection has changed.

    You can also check the network by Hans - Georg Michna MVP MS Windows problem solver: you'll probably fill on your computer with your father on the phone in front of his computer.

Maybe you are looking for