LabView does not recognize my NXT.

LabView does not recognize my NXT. The small orange window in the lower part
left corner shows "NXT target not specified." I powered down and back up
(block the NXT and computer) again after connecting my USB at NXT. The computer is the little jingle when I connect or disconnect both ends of the USB cable.  I have
tried scanning via Tools/NXT terminal. Pushing scan causes simply one
image quick to appear and disappear; no 'name', 'connection type' or 'State' appears. They are empty. The help section says that it is 'straightforwrd' and it makes me feel
LabView will automatically recognize the NXT block that is connected, but this isn't the case. Is there a standard procedure to ensure
connection-aware in the NXT block by the LabVIEW program? How can I 'specify' my 'target' as it says in the small orange window? (My
laptop using XP and I tend to use Mozilla firefox...) Thank you!


Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) is another software that we provide. You should have on your computer since you have LabVIEW. If you who open and expand my network, and then expand devices and interfaces, a device USB shows in there? If not, then MAX does not recognize the device, and if this is the case you will not be able to use the device in LabVIEW. If the device is not recognized, make sure that you have the module and the driver for this product.

Once the unit displays in MAX, you will be able to use in LabVIEW. The module is located here.

David has.

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