Motherboard in HP Slimline s3700y

What type of motherboard is my s3700y slimline with amd Athlon x 2 processor have?


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  • update graphics on slimline s3700y

    I can through my computer graphics / amd athlon x 2 5000 + 2.60 ghz / 320 Premium/Vista 3 GB hard


    I checked the desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y PC specification. There card mother acacia, which has integrated video. This motherboard has a PCI Ex 16 free location. You can install a PCI Ex 16 graphics card.

    This computer has power 160W. Please ensure that the graphics card you want to install will support maximum 160 W power supply. In this case, if you have a graphics card that needs to be able to provide more 160 w, you will need to upgrade the power supply as well. Ex: If the graphics card requires a power of 300 W, then move your computer's power supply to 300 w.

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  • Two monitors on hp pavilion slimline s3700y pc desktop?

    I have a hp pavilion slimline s3700y desktop pc. is it possible that it can support two monitors?

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y. According to the specifications, the power plant is only valued at 160 watts, and there is no card graphics PCIe x 16 on the market which help the power supply to your computer.

    Depending on what you plan on both monitors, there may be several different options.

    (1) Day trading, word documents, spreadsheets and other... buy an adapter USB-to-video as the EVGA UV plus + UV19 or UV39.

    (2) game... not recommended

    (3) source (expensive) a bigger power supply (220 watts) and new graphics card for HP

    (4) source, a power more than (up to 350-400 watts) and a PCIe x 16 graphics card 'low - profile' another source.

  • Graphics card on pavilion slimline s3700y can be improved

    I'm trying to find a way to upgrade this computer to play newer games.

    Marepbm, welcome to the forum.

    The truth is, Slimline models are not intended to be upgraded.  Their small business do not allow for good air circulation.  This will create too much heat.  Heat is your enemy.  A video card that would work with the power supply (PSU), would be much better than the integrated video.  Therefore, I do not make recommendations.  I know that's not what you wanted to hear.  However, I do not think that you would see enough performance win to justify the extra expense.

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  • HP Slimline s3700y how to remove the Pocket Media DriveBay?

    How the guides do not describe how to REMOVE the Pocket Media Drivebay, what I must do to remove the CD/DVD drive.  The drivebay completely blocks access to the screws that must be removed so that the CD/DVD drive to slide.   Thanks in advance for browsing and/or in response.

    Please see this guide HP titled 'hard drive replacement' for instruction on how to remove the Pocket Media Drive. Step 2 in the section "Removing the primary hard drive" show clearly how to remove Media Player.

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  • HP s3700y Slimline power button does not switch on contact.

    Granddaughter, pushed down a little too strong on the button works / stop when the screen froze - upward, even if the button is not jammed or blocked, but I think does not make contact, so cannot depend on cpu.  Green light is stable after trying various information provided here.  Is it possible to remove the cover to access the switch without having to remove the block power and/or other internal hardware?  Its a very tight to access this area fit.

    Here are the specifications of the desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y. Here is a link to 'How to' topics to your computer. And here is a specific guide on "removing the cover" on your computer.

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  • Battlefield 1942 and Viet Nam

    I have a hp pavilion slimline s3700y with windows vista Home premium, amd Athlon x 2 64 and a built-in 6100 graphics card nividia.

    Whenever I'm playing one of the games 'batlefield' after a while, they closed some and it says that it has stopped working. My old computer and my count friends (all of whom have two vista Home premium) for this too.

    A quick Internet search reveals that people suffer from the same problem. Min System reqs on list of Web EA XP - not Vista. Looks like it is related to a memory leak.

    EA has a general document of compatibility that allows you to set the main game in compatibility mode for XP exectuables (click on the EXE file and together on the Compatibility tab) runs. You should try this if you haven't done so already and report back - to let others in the community know if it works.

    I show the latest patch for 1942 to 1.6 - even more recent which is available for many years.

  • Update Bios of Windows 8 for m2n61-ar

    I need an update of the bios that works with windows 8 for m2n61-ar motherboard HP pavilion slimline gx615aa. All I can find is one that works with vista. I've updated this computer to windows 8, but it works always the 5.09 v of bios and I belive the most recent bios is v5.18. If someone can direct one that works with Windows 8 or a bootable update me please.

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s3300f. According to the specification, this model was presented for sale on or around November 26, 2007 and comes with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 - bit. HP supports only this computer in its original configuration and only provides updates of BIOS for use on the computer that is running Windows Vista. HP does not provide a version of the update of the BIOS for this computer that is compatible with Windows 8 or bootable.

    You can update the BIOS installing Windows Vista on a disk replacement or using your recovery HP with a hot spare disks. By doing this, you will not have to reinstall Windows 8 after the update. You can also try the true correct BIOS since the BIOS HP softpaq and create media bootable with the BIOS and flash of routine. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED! You assume all risk of damage to your computer.

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  • want to update my video card

    I have HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y PC desktop and NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430.

    I want to get the best video card and video cards will be supported to my pc?

    Consider this one instead: 100291DP SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5450 512 MB 64-bit.  It has a design of profile form factor low form factor design as opposed to the ' low - profile loan "on the other.

  • Where is the firewire port?

    Hey everyone: I have a Slimline s3700y yesterday and I would find the firewire port.  Where is he?

    Thank you!

    Hi ccrfan1,

    Looks like you have a 1394 port (Apple calls FireWire, Sony callis it iLink, etc...) and it is located at the rear of the machine.  Find a photo of your plate at the bottom of this document.  You want to #4.

  • Noise when using computer

    Suddenly, when I use my computer to get on the internet, I hear a thud. It happened once before, but suddenly disappeared. I wonder if the fan may be bad. Any ideas on what is the cause? The only other time that I hear it is when my computer is near the end of the scan of Norton fuul. This was bought in 2009 is therefore an old computer.


    HP Slimline s3700y PC

    Windows Vista

    PS Now I don't hear the noise, but most of the time I hear the sound when you go to different Web sites.

    I tried your suggestion yesterday and by changing the diet plan of the balanced or recommended energy saving plan has worked. I don't hear any noise now.  The performance for power management is not as good as it takes more time to load web pages, but I prefer this to the noise. He said beside the plan of standby power energy savings is rated with a 5 and the performance is rated a 2, while balanced or recommended plan has energy savings, a 3 and performance 3.

    I've always kept it on the recommended plan, which I think is the plan by default as it was defined like this when I bought my computer.

    Out of curiosity, why is she become necessary now that I change for energy savings?  I have that noise when I got to my computer. Is this because the computer is older?

    The information that you sent me has also stated the following:

    Some parameters to cause fans to turn too fast for a typical home environment. If you use the computer in an environment quiet where temperatures remain mild and stable (up to and 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees fahrenheit), and then follow these steps to adjust the power settings in a more appropriate setting:

    Do you know why the environment calm and temperatures are a factor?

    I waited until today to answer that I wanted to test it for another day. I also put it to (balanced) recommended plan and the noise comes back then I then changed once again to the energy saver and it will keep on saving.

    Thanks for your help.


  • CD disc stuck in the player

    I have a desktop Slimline s3700y.  My CD slipped disc in the disc drive tray.  The drive will open and close and I can see the CD but I can't reach it to get out of the car.  Any suggestions on how to remove it from the car?


    Consider this HP posted the article and see if it helps.

  • Hardware diagnostic tools error pcdrsinfosystemboard.p5x has stopped working

    pcdrsinfosystemboard.p5x has stopped working message each time I have start hardware diagnostic tools in vista Home premium on hp Pavilion slimline s3700y pc

    My hardware diagnostic tools came pre-installed on my pc when I bought it. I didn't uninstall with revo uninstaller to get rid of all the remains and re-installed using the Recovery Manager. It has been fine since. I hope this helps someone in the future, which could run into this same problem. Thank you for asking. I always wanted to help out where I can in the field of computers, I get so much help from others.

  • Problem with my wireless printer and a PC.

    I don't know anything about computers so to speak to me like I'm a fool. Here's my problem I have a C4580 All in one printer and an HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y PC. It was a package deal with the upgrade of the wireless printer. Here's the problem "it seems every time I need to print something to the screen on the printer is black. I can not even put the printer off as the symbol of the power stays on. The only way for me to print something is to unplug the printer wait a few seconds, plug it in the screen lights up and back in and I can print. "It happens all the time. No idea of what the problem is? Please help before I throw this thing out the window. Thank you Richard a. Capano

    It is a common problem with the C4580. HP is working on a patch to fix it, and it should be out in mid-March. Hang in there.

  • Pavilion Slimline S-1554: what motherboard would buy to replace HP slimline S5-1554

    I have to buy a new motherboard for my desktop computer.  I think that I can install and connection to the top, I just don't know what to buy.

    @mbkinzey, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a page on ebay with some of your motherboards.  You must make sure that the part number for the one you choose matches your.  The reason why I recommend to replace it in kind, it is HP motherboards belong to someone who makes it possible that some of the connectors and the spreaders case will not match.

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