Satellite P500-1DZ starts only with remote control

Hi, I just bought a new laptop Satellite P500 after owning a P200-13Z and P300-160 years without ever having had a problem with one of them.

I have a problem with the P500-1DZ that I bought because it does not start the power button when he was arrested for a period of time, as for example the night.

If I stopped and immediately press the power button its fine and it starts as well with the remote control.

In the BIOS, I noticed that there is an option for remote start to the top of the control that is enabled, but Im a little worried about this deactivation in case I can't restart the laptop... everyone has ideas?

Also for other users of the P500 who are dissatisfied witht the audio output of the laptop, I fixed that uninstall the Audio drivers Connexant HD, then by restarting which allows Windows to install its own audio drivers... which has greatly improved the audio output of the laptop... even if its not as good as the old P300.

Thank you

Hi spidercpfc,

This question really strange s with this start of the issue and I think that it of difficult to say why it happens exactly, but as written Akuma you should try upgrading the BIOS. You can download it from the official page of Toshiba:

Last week I updated the BIOS of my P500 also and it worked, I t has not had any problems. I updated the BIOS to the version preinstalled Windows as an administrator. Also, I closed all programs running (AntiVirus, Firewall, browser, etc.) and disconnected from the network. After a few seconds the update was done.

After the update, you should also load default settings in the BIOS. So press F9 in BIOS setup and save these settings.

I hope this works. :)

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    Hi all.

    I bought satellite P500-1DZ - Model - Toshiba PSPGSE in July of last year. The first 2 months were great. Since then, my fan made stronger and stronger noises. It's to the point now where just create a Web site on wix, or using any piece of software that uses the power of remote processing, the computer begins to slow down. It's like im working on a pc from the stone age. To make things worse, I bought the product in England and now live in Poland.

    I don't think I can use my warranty, simply because I can't afford to be without my computer for 2 months, while he was expelled for repair. So I opted to buy a new fan and get this replaced myself. However... There is no information anywhere regarding
    (a) what fan (s), I need to buy.
    (b) where to buy them.

    Toshiba... could you please write me to my e-mail and explain a) your return policy for fixing through the manufacturer's warranty for people who have moved to a new country. and (b) tell me where I can buy replacement fan (s) and I would like to address this issue through your warranty or my own merit.

    I want my computer ultra-fast return :(


    > I bought the product in England and now live in Poland.
    This should t be a problem because you bought a European model for laptop in Europe and now you are still living in Europe. This would mean that you can contact the local authorized maintainer in Poland and seek redress. I m that guys can fix your laptop because an ASP can control all parts of Toshiba.

    Of course, you can try to fix this problem yourself but you need to know what you're doing because laptop disassembly is delicate and many parts must be removed.
    If you want to continue to do, get also in touch with an authorized service provider because they can order spares from Toshiba.

    Here is a list of the aspic: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

  • Lighting of keyboard on the Satellite P500-1DZ

    Hi recently bought a Satellite P500-1DZ.
    Can someone tell me if there is anyway to illuminate the keyboard as its really hard to see in the twilight of the writing on the keys is really boring?

    Hmm... Maybe it sounds silly now but I put t know what kind of answer you want to hear.
    I don t know where do you use your laptop and cannot give you a proper answer.

    I want to say usually computers laptops are used in the office or at home and in my opinion, there is enough light, isn't it?

  • Satellite P750 114 - how to start using the remote control


    Does anyone know how to start to use the remote that came with my makeup P750 114.
    When I press on simple volume keys + / doesn't seem to work.
    I have the batteries in it but do not know if I have to activate something on the laptop itself to start using the feature.


    A remote control that is included with some models allows you to perofom certain functions.
    Using the remote control, you can
    -Navigate and control the media center window
    -Check the video or live tv display
    -Place the computer in and out of fashion "Eve".

    There is a button on the remote control.
    It begins or ends the OS. The functions of this button as your computer's power button. By default, the "sleep mode" is equivalent to powering down of the State of your laptop. to change this click Start-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options.
    You will find options; do nothing, sleep, hibernate, shut down.

    Hope this helps

  • Satellite P500-12D - a problem with the cooling system has been detected.

    Hi there everyone,

    I bought a Satellite P500-12D, which was a return of retail. When I start it up it runs a few minutes and then it appears on the screen:
    WARNING: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please, turn off computer immediately and return it for service.

    Follow the health of toshiba CPU is less than 50% temp and if it goes much higher that the cooling fan turns on and it lowers down and the fan stops again, I noticed that only the fan works r/h to cool the cpu, both should come together? What is a software problem?

    TThe unit is new without even the plastic off the surround screen or webcam. Any help or even point me in the right direction would be much appreciated, gary


    Which program gives you this error message about the cooling system?

    Before contacting a service partner, as you can read in the error message, you must clean the cooling system using a jet of compressed air. Maybe dust blocking the fan or something else. Of more to clean up it of not necessary to disassemble.
    Here is an article on this topic: [how to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    If it doesn't help, contact the nearest service partner.

  • Satellite P500 PSPGSE - Start Power button problem

    Hello! Hi, I have a problem with my laptop!

    Power-start button on my usual (pspgse drivers) Toshiba p500 works, but when I use remote control work.
    A month AGO portable is in SERVICE of TOSHIBA in Serbia and they say that this is a problem in the bios and they Flash bios.
    But a mounting later same problem.

    It is not Bios are now what is the problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    It might be the problem of equipment in my opinion, you should contact the ASP and should talk to the guys that this problem is not resolved.

  • Satellite A500 - 14L: utility supervisor password & remote control manager


    I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium * x 64 * on my A500 - 14 L (PSAM3E-02N008FR) and everything went smooth, even the PVAT and install flashcards. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the following utilities (most recent versions available on the Web from Toshiba site):

    -Supervisor password utility
    -Remote Control Manager

    I installed both of them, but I can't find them in my Start menu!
    There is no setup error, but it's as if they are not installed in all.

    Can someone help me please on this issue? Thanks in advance.



    I recommend the Toshiba Assist for supervisor password utility.
    Secure should appear in the supervisor password utility.

    Remote Control Manager improves the support for a remote control on your computer.
    I don't know if you can accede to this request, but if so then you should check it in the Panel of m.

  • Satellite M30x-154 works only with the battery in use

    I own a Satellite M30x 154 and did so for two years. Now the laptop is more fuel with just the battery in use.
    It feeds well with the power adapter and the power indicator shows the batterys is full of 74%.

    Any ideas?

    What to say? The battery is possibly defective. The fact is that M30 x is old enough laptop model. Everything is possible.

    What happens if you start Notepad with AC adapter, then remove the connector ca? Can you use Notepad on only battery power?

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    Hi guys,.

    I encountered a problem since I upgraded my HP Pavilion Elite m9651me from VISTA to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    the remote control has stopped working & I tried to look for a solution but no luck.

    Please can you help me with this problem

    Thank you.

    Published by looks on 02/11/2009 04:51

    Hi Jajomafa,

    My problem was resolved a few days ago.

    There was that an update of microsoft scored an important in the updates of windows, those I have installed my remote update started woking as if it were before.

    The name of the update was (AVerMedia AVerMedia - Streaming Media and broadcast devices - receiver consumer infrared)

    I suggest that you run the automatic update.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite A300/Y01 - Question on the remote control

    There is a remote that comes with the A300/Y01 (
    I want to know if I have a USB infrared for my A300/U01 Sat.

    And buy a Toshiba remote that's going to work?

    And where can I buy this remote control Toshiba?


    To be honest I don't think you can buy it separately. As much I know this remote control is not available as a separate option.

  • Satellite X 200 - after upgrading Vista remote control does not work


    I have upgrated my Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate and the remote control does not work. Well upgraded... I bought Vista ultimate and it installed.

    Is there a driver for my remote?

    You may need to install the infrared driver.
    This driver is required to activate the infrared port on your laptop.

    You can find it here in the X 200 section

  • Display does not work on Satellite P500-1DZ


    P500-1dz screen went black. No sign of anything whatsoever on the screen so haven't tried a new screen. Still no display.
    Equip new inverter. Still no display. Replaced the Ribbon to the back of the monitor cable.
    Still nothing.

    Hooked on the VGA port for external display. Works brilliantly so guess this is not not the graphics chip.
    Upside down Fn + F5. The external display is turned off, but nothing on the screen of the laptop. Switched to an external display to view perfect on this one.

    Having installed the latest driver for the nVidia chip.
    Still no display on laptop screen.

    Help please! Go gaga trying to find the problem.
    Did I miss something?


    As I know the LCD module is connected to the card system (connector CN11) cable LCD/FL.
    The jury of the inverter (entry) is also connected to the motherboard by a cable LCD/FL.
    The fluorescent lamp is also connected to FL inverter card (output HV) cable HT.

    So I recommend the output and the input to the inverter Board.
    Maybe you mixed the two connectors.

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  • Portable computer L500 satellite starts only with power supply

    Hi Please help me
    I brought my laptop say there are 3 or more weeks... I'm working on the battery and power, but just now I can only run in power.

    Its like the battery does not exsist. It indicates that the battery is charged to 100% but the computer does not light with the power of the battery...

    Any suggestions would be highly popular...


    When the operating system is loaded is recognized correctly battery?

    In any case, this behavior is not normal and maybe you should contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check the battery and the power supply electronic and see what's wrong here. The warranty is valid if new battery or repair will be free.

  • Satellite A500 - game starts only when you run fraps


    I have a Toshiba Satelite A500 with an i5, nvidia GT330M with 4 GB of RAM card, I only use drivers for toshiba and in dead rising 2 there are some significant slowdowns tried

    Patches as rename the dead rising2.exe etc., it did not work, I play my resolution 1366 x 768 and with shadows and zombies at the top with 16 AF, leaving the vertical sync, sampling and blur to the broad, the game is full of similar slowdowns trolling (character begins to run slowly).
    More funny thing is that when I recorded with fraps (lock the framerate on) I can play smoothly with no slowdowns at all, I even tested and set of 4 complete (AA) and turned on the vertical sync and the game was playable with no slowdowns on very large crowds of zombies, when I play normally without stil fraps recording, when the game slows down Press f9 for fraps to start recording and the game starts immediately

    Race "smooth", fraps makes very large files and in a short time it would fill my drive, the program limits setting I tried but delays were still present:-no opinion on this subject or

    possible correction for the game?

    Hi fiurion,

    Very strange what s... To be honest I never heard tell that it is only possible to start the game when you run fraps...

    You have installed an antivirus or firewall program that could block the start of the game?

    Also I recommend that you install the latest version of DirectX and display driver.

Maybe you are looking for

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