Causes of WMA Audio framedrops

Hi allMaybe someone has a solution for this:When I put in audio with a wma file and make the file - the video stream gets framedrops / framejumps.I got from audio wma to pips video stream no more than 33 seconds. 6 minutes 16 seconds I left audio wma

PE7-compatible 64-bit processor?

I just bought a new computer with a 64 bit processor and bought the first Elements 7 for making videos.  Now, I just discover that PE7 is only compatible with 32-bit processors.  Is there a software fix or upgrade who PE7 work correctly with a 64-bit

The AVCHD Lite in PE7 file manipulation

After a lot of research and trial and error, I thought I would share what I found on this topic. It seems to be two ways to handle these clips without PE7 fall every time, even if the first is very tedious. If anyone can find a better way, please let

"Visualize" music automatically

Hi when I play a music file in Windows Media Player, he draws and animates a Visual representation of music. Is there a way to do this (in a similar way) in Adobe Premiere Elements? and then save it as a video. Thank you

Premiere Pro 2.0 compatible video and audio formats

I'm working on a project that uses old clips newreel vintage and such of the 1950s and 60's, they are available for download in different formats.I downloaded many of them, but when I import into my calendar, there is no audio for these clips. They w

The JVC HD rendering settings screen using PE7

I use a HD model of JVC GZ - HD3U that downloads in the computer as an. TSD file.  I capture on the widescreen 1440 X full 108i.  They seem to load very well in the program.  My question is what I want as a parameter of rendering if I want to store t

Minor text problem

Hi, I made a text which I am hapy with my video. All text is black. On one of the text I did the text is surrounded by a white outline. I tried, but I can't work on how to remove the outline. Could someone please tell me how to do? I guess I must hav

How to copy color correction?

Does anyone know how to copy the settings of a .bmp to a clip color correction in Premiere Elements?  The .bmp is a still shot of the clip with one of my friends for me.

Why my exported movies are double size?

Hello everyone, I hope someone here can help me with this problem.What happens is the following; Say that my film the layer source is 750 MB. After I edited and he begins to export to my HARD drive, the finished film is still around double what was t

How to change the text, I have already done?

Hello. I added a text to my film, which I'm doing right now. I noticed today that he needs moving to the bottom of the screen a bit. However I don't know how to change the text that I have already created. Is it possible to do? Thank you.

First elements - rendering AVCHD

I tested a mix of stills and an AVCHD movie.  When rendering - program 'stuck' at 89.99% which I think is the result of the AVCHD movie.  Someone had it happen to them?  If so, cancel you rendering or perhaps convert the file in another format.  Look

Title 1 project to another copy

I'm working on a 70-minute school show at the present time. The children did a production of the wizard of Oz, and because the school was unable to choose between two Dorothea, there are two separate versions with a different lead interpreter.The chi

Cause green pixels in the clips "first elements.exe has stopped working error."

I have a PAL - jvc everio camcorder. I copied the files from the camcorder to my computer. My computer is running Vista SP1 with 2 GB of ram.The files appear to be imported into PElements 4 However when playing or rendered clips I get an error first

First step: changing video clips before using them in a longer video?

I'm an absolute beginner.  I bought the first Elements 7 and I bought the first Bible and read that.My question is, first appears to be software designed to help you create a video show by joining photos, audio clips and video clips.  Is there a step

Fatal error occurs at point 97% after encoding and during media copy!

I have the following: ASUS P5Q Deluxe/Intel C2Q9550 CPU/8 GB RAM DDR2/ATI HD4870 1 GB DDR5 VRAM - using APEv7 withProblem: I created a slide show film about 15 GB to burn on the BluRay. Twice now he went through the 1-1/2 hour long encoding process a

New improved

My login is said now that I have amt he new improved Chuck Engels.I can't wait to see what it actually meansHe still has my number of messages in a manner, but the join date is much closer

Move all of the markers of the stage with clips

My project is about half over, and I realized I want to add another element in its early days, before the start of the main band. I can easily select the soundtrack and all the clips on the video 1 track to move them all at once, but is it possible t

Display of media and the original files are not on the disk hard e

I loaded "stupidly" about 15 meg, a mixture of photo and film first files.(1) the exhibition of miniatures standard icons - no photos(2) I tried to delete these icons - the volume is so large the product freezes(3) I uninstalled and reinstalled the s

How to stop hundreds of emails that I receive?

It is a question on the U2U forum e-mail notifications. I started a thread in Adobe Premiere Elements and request e-mail notification (assuming that I will be only sent an email if someone replies to this topic.) No matter what I do, (check / uncheck

Clips added to timeline do not appear in the timeline

HelloCan someone please guide me to solve this problem. I imported videos a recording on HD camcorder AVCHD in my files and folders. Then I opened these files in the Organizer first elements, makes them slide on the timeline. A pop up appears asking
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