Urgent ideas if it rains?

Hi allGot a little an urgent request for ideas for this weekend. Asked me to record and edit a DVD of wedding for friends and so far have had any experience with recording on Nice bright and sunny. I recently checked the weather forecast and it seems

How to sort files by DATE taken in the view Edition?

It seems lost. I thought of that day (produced two films on DVD with success already) I do not stumble upon this question. To organize, I put more "old first" and it of all good, but when I look to change the files can be found in every sense. I righ

Reducing the light in a scene

I would like to reduce the light in a scene so that the room appears much more Sun that, indeed, it was when we shot - is - best done by using only the cover for the video brightness controls, or are there other places I should look?Thank you!

Video choppy when editing

I'm new to video editing. I have a Canon VIXIA HF100 and had no problems to import my video files from my camera to my computer using Adobe first Elements 7. The problem is when I play videos, they are really rough. The sound is ok, but really, the v

How do you propose I have better import and modify many portions of old VHS?

I read the recent postings to the digitization of the multiple DVD and found it to be very interesting and informative. I searched in the archives, but did not run in an ad with exactly my question and I apologize because I know there must be others

How to REALLY change the standart for JPEG images?

HelloI'm new here and I know... it's a bit rough to start with a question, but well, that's what led me here.If I change the standart of stills duration that it simply does not change... For example, if it is set to 1 and I want it to be 3 for a coup

the files display offline when it is on the external drive (4 items)

-I was moving my files to create space, so now in my organizer show the offline files-When I click on them, the "where is the file" box-When I navigate to the location (K :) my external hard drive)-"not supported format or corrupted file / one of the

Unable to capture video PE 3.0

I use Prime Elements 3.0 and am unable to capture video from my DV camcorder. I've gone through all of the instructions that might relate to the problem and have re installed the program. When I go to capture a video, at the top left of the screen in

Missing file error message

I'm new to PE7, I hope you can help.Just made an instant film of some clips of softball big girls game. Recorded the movie and came back later to edit it, but it gave error message 'where is human file crowd Cheer 04.mp3.'  The theme I used was Star

Imported video for a few seconds, audio playback continues, help!

As many can imagine, so this is very frustrating for me. When I drag the video imported into the timeline in EP 7.0, if I try to play the video and audio, that both start as planned, but after 2-3 seconds the video freezes while the sound continues.

Best way to make a film of many DVDs?

I have a select scenes montage of 20 + raw images using first Elements 7 DVD.  I can not import all of these DVDs in space, what i've got available on my hard drives.  I would appreciate any recommendations for the best way to select scenes extracted

First elements hangs when burning a DVD

I'm trying to burn a slideshow I created.  It's a mix of photoshop elements slideshow and video editing, long about 30 minutes.But every time I try and burn it to DVD, first accidents of elements.  It usually happens about 30% through the scene media

Attach a file to your message? Please see

If you attach a file to your message, you might want to consider three ways to do it.1.) if it is a file use image (JPEG, etc.) small "camera" icon in the toolbar above the Edit screen. This will place the image in the post, and a user can click on i

PE 2 video not playing anymore.

2 PE stopped accepting video clips from my Canon PowerShot S5, only audio playback.  This is the case for the recorded clips tht and newly uploaded clips used to play.  The video shows only black glitter.  The clips will play fine in QuickTime.  In a

Image in Premiere Pro format

I use Premiere Pro, updated since 6.5 he did for years I have been active, but a friend gave me 200 gross JPG from the Nikon D50 to use in a project. When I import into Pro, only 20% of the image is displayed. The choice of 'Let you Footage' is not h

Import AVI, 3.02 PE

It is just that.I leave my computer in EP 3 AVI import, but it reads that it as an audio file, it plays like an audio file, and it plays the sound for the video.Furthermore, I played the video separately from the EP and the present/see the video and

MOD or TOD files? A Conversion method

Ann Bens on CS4 forum, posted this LINK for a possible solution to work with MOD and TOD files. Could be useful, if you have a JVC (could work with others, some similar devices) and you want to use these files in any flavor first. As I don't shoot MO

6.5 camera Support Raw

A friend just took a few photos for me via Nikon D50, first plant whenever I try to import the photos. Anyone know how can I get the latest update for 6.5? I downloaded 5.3 who, if a newer version and I couldn't make it work.Thank you!

SImple question. A passage to another track?

Hello. I just started a new video. I did drag the video in the box on the sceneline view. I then went to the view of the timeline and video in video 4. I wanted her to be in video 1 - because I would like to see the soundtrack nearby. I can't move it

Photoshop image is get hidden in black or something

I have a file that I flattened in Photoshop. It seems. I have lot flattened a group of the bridge and is the only one with this very strange problem. It is a document with a lot of layers and seen in Photoshop or any other way, it seems. The central