Dell Powerconnect 5448 a reference on the vlan by default


Just a question.  A Dell Powerconnect 5448 switch will act as a home if its interfaces are configured with 1 interface connection to a primary switch that has the interface is 'access to the interface mode' by default with a vlan?  It will work with all its switches on vlan interface of uplink or would you need to configure both as the trunks to allow access vlan to work and this switch uplink?

The 5448 is a layer 2 switch, which by default has a VLAN native of 1 with all interfaces in access mode for the native VLAN 1. On the VLAN native all frames are frames unmarked. So now that your uplink to the other switch port, all the info will be sent without label, which means the other switch will receive the unmarked data and then place it in the VLAN that is in access mode. Communication should work this way.

However, I think using a network connection between the switches. The trunk port is used to connect the devices up-to-date with the switches / VLAN together and allow several VLAN tagged fell on it. Looks like you already have several VLANs on the network, and having a network connection will allow you to expand on it. At the same time everything that is on the VLAN native is always through the trunk to the other switch and will stay on the VLAN native.

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  • Dead circuit 2 on Dell Powerconnect 5448

    13. 24 (circuit 2) ports on my Dell Powerconnect 5448 died without lamps regardless of the connection. Is it possible to have the unit repaired or replaced circuit?

    Thank you

    SE C.

    The switch has no easily replaceable parts on it. In this Youtube video, you get a glimpse of the inside of the switch and see that everything is everything on a single card.


    It sounds like a hardware problem, but you can try to reflash the firmware on the switch.

    If the switch will exhibit this behavior, then it should be replaced.

  • Dell Powerconnect 3548P - a reference not rattling, or allowing access to the web console


    I wonder why we are able to access our PoE switch through the web console http, I can connect via the serial port and the Dell Setup Wizard, we have all the information and our ip address for that switch to with a default gateway of

    So if trying to ping so still times out, and if you connect to it and change the pc ipv4 parameter to point to him, he will not allow access via browser.

    Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    I've reconfigured everything ManageEngine OpUtils connection to stack Dell via SNMP v2c and the issue seems to be fixed: stack of Dell was to be online from 4 pm and noting happened during the many analyses of OpUtils SNMP. I think that the problem is resolved.

    For your convenience, Dell battery of newspapers (RAM and file those with the maximum detail level) show not record SNMP loss or drop.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Marco Dodi

  • Dell PowerConnect 7048 P reference stack Questions


    I have two switches in L3 7048P I want the battery but I'm not sure how it works. The two switches have the same firmware.

    1 must. the two have the same configuration running on both to make it work?

    2. in addition, I created a VLAN (3) voice on the first switch with an IP address of I use the same IP address on the second switch in the VLAN 3 addresses or assign another?

    Thank you!

    There is a guide especially for stacking switch 7048 on the Dell page networking white papers:

    Just search "Dell PowerConnect 7000 Series Switches stacking".  Page 16 will tell you how to add a new Member to the battery with minimum interruptions. Both can present the same firmware in order to stack.  So the answer to question 1 is no, the configurations do not need correspond to stack them.  Once stacked, both will look like a single switch, and you use only the IP address of the master swtich to the whole stack.  Therefore, treat the two switches as a single switch during Setup.  The guide provides more information on how it works.

    Hope this has been helpful.


  • Dell C6100 HyperV Core reference and the Raid management

    I searched on the internet these days, trying to find and to shed light on certain issues, that we realized that we're not totally sure how to solve after the application of a C6100 Dell with HyperV on its blades.

    We have all the blades running with 4 drives, including two in a raid 1 configuration. We run HyperV based on all of its blades.

    What happens if one of those drives fails? 6100 raid configuration utility is in the BIOS, so it is obviously not an option. Since we use Core and have no GUI, other Dell RAID utilities are not going to work.

    How can you check the RAID health, other than just an orange flashing on a failed drive?

    Clrv salvation,

    The C6100 and the other cloud products are based on the IPMI 2.0 management standard and can have alerts sent using SNMP for drive failure or other errors.

  • Dell Powerconnect 6224 Default VLAN VLAN reference and management


    two questions-

    1. what exactly he wants to tell the VLAN by default is not routable or VLAN 1 is not routable? I can connect to my 6224 a different subnet and its got nothing configured except default values and an IP address to this VLAN

    2. I have a stack of 2 x 6224 s, 95% completed and all on the default VLAN 1. I won't use VLAN 1. So I create a VLAN 10 and "range Ethernet all interface ' followed ' switchport access vlan 10"»

    Now I can not connect on the network. That's happened? How can I move everything cleanly on VLAN 10 and it is possible via the network or must it be done with a cable from the console?

    Thank you

    Hello, by default, the management interface is in VLAN 1, if you want to she be changed to VLAN 10 please use the command 'ip address vlan 10' in the Setup mode and check the status of management interface using the command 'show ip interface '.

  • PowerConnect 5448 several VLANS between upstream and downstream server firewall

    I am struggling with what I thought, would be a simple task: route several subnets, each on one VLAN different, a firewall to a server.  In fact, I can't even pass the VLAN by default one still looking correct in the address tables and STP.

    Port 1 = firewall, VLAN 1 unidentified, 2 VLAN Tag, 1 PVID, tried the two trunk and general patterns

    17 = server NIC, VLAN 1 unidentified port, VLAN Tag, PVID 1 and 2 2, tried, tried both safe and general patterns

    VLAN 1 (firewall untagged), Interface IP and default gateway

    VLAN 2 (tag of firewall), IP Interface for 2 VLAN, firewall est.1

    The first thing I got was that something has not been properly marked by (Hyper-V, using SC VMM 2012 SP1) server or the firewall (Watchguard XTM 520).  Simple test: VPN Firewall, ping the switch to with the tag, and works, remove the label and it doesn't.  Dynamic address table shows the two-way firewall.  Line 18 below appears right after the ping as planned on VLAN 2 with the same MAC address in VLAN 1.  In addition, I ping the switch from the server and it works fine.  The table shows that VLAN 2 from the host (and 1 other VM), so it seems to me that everything is properly labeled.

    15 VLAN 1 00907f8f571b G1    
      16 VLAN 2 00155d1f1b07 G17    
      17 VLAN 2 001dd8b71c01 G17    
      18 VLAN 2 00907f8f571b G1    

    What I can't do, is ping through the switch to VLAN 2.  I can't ping my VPN server (, and I can not ping to the gateway ( from the server.  Note, it is not because of rules to firewall on each end.

    What Miss me?  I don't think I need a routing of layer 3 here, I don't have to go through VLAN, just have them several VLANS passes from one port to the other.

    Other things to note in case it is useful:

    -I have no connectivity not tag with everything else through the switch.

    -If I delete the Tags VLAN port 2 1 trunk, I suddenly can ping the bridge VLAN 2 ( from the server, although I suspect that it is because the same port is the default gateway for the switch.

    -For brevity, only 2 lines of the STP are listed below, but all ports are therefore based on the question of whether they are connected or not.

    G1 activated 128.1 Frw Desg P2P (STP) No. 4
    G2 activated 128.2 Dsbl Dsbl No. 100.

    -Latest firmware installed.

    -In addition, for people concerned about their security, I want to remove use VLAN by default in the future.

    Would it be possible for run you to stick your show output here in the forum.  In this way, we can take closer look at what you have configured.

    If you connect a desktop/laptop computer (with and intellectual property in the range) in a port with the mode of access switchport VLAN 2 are you able to ping IP Interface for 2 VLANS?  You could try to disconnect the firewall and the configurations for the port and work on getting through the switch with 2 terminals on a single VLAN.  Then, once this is confirmed as work connect the firewall back up with a trunk/general mode adding the VLAN necessary.

    You connect to the firewall on a layer 3 interface?  You need Layer 3 routing to reach the firewall correctly.

  • Change of address IP PowerConnect 5448

    Ive got 2 x Dell PowerConnect 5448 and set an ip address on VLAN1 [I think!], so that I can access the web interface. Im trying to change this ip address, now but cant seem to do this through the web interface, Ive also tried to use CLI but cannot find where it is configured. Ive looked in the settings of VLAN and ip settings in the CLI but cant for the life of change me the ip address. In the web interface, I tried assign another ip to the vlan1 but I get an error message means that you can define only a single ip address per vlan. Anyone know how change the ip address through the web interface or by using the CLI?

    I also want to create a vlan port base to 1-5 on the switch ports. Am I right to assume that by default, all ports on the switch belong to the vlan1 and I would need to create a vlan2 for ports 1 to 5?

  • Definition of VLAN ACL blocks all traffic inside of the vlan


    I test a 7024 PowerConnect switch, do some VLAN and want to test the traffic between 2 PC connection to the vlan by default. So I put a PC on Port 1 and the other on Port 2.

    I am applying only a permit ICMP any any rule on this vlan. This implies a refusal rule everything.

    But now I can't ssh from one PC to another?

    the ACL is an ibound IP AC, but I thought that this does not affect traffic in the vlan? Or am I wrong thinking?

    We tested this installation type and got the same results as you. It seems to be normal behavior. If I get more specific information to this I will be sure to answer back with her.

  • Try to change from1 VLAN by default to 11issues with Force10s4810


    I'm changing the vlan1 by default to 11, since I need to work with vlan 1 and tagged interface inside

    When I am running the below command I get

    SRV-CPTS-CORE1 (conf) #default vlan id-11

    % Error: VLAN existing cannot be set on default VLAN Vl 11.

    No idea how to do this?

    Please advice

    Thank you

    Thanks for the additional info. After doing some research it turns out that you can not make an existing VLAN in the VLAN by default. We have to run these commands, and it should work.

    #no int vlan 11

    #default vlan id-11

    Keep us informed

  • Need help to configure the VLAN on a powerconnect 5448

    Hello world

    I am currently working on 2 switches PowerConnect 5448 but I'm completely lost in configuring VLAN.

    My bow:

    My needs are:

    -J' have 2 different networks that need to be isolated in different VLANS

    -I want to port 11-14 to use for network backup, all others must be used for the production network.

    -This 2 networks must pass through the port 48 (fiber)

    How can I configure this kind of network on the powerconnect interface (or via telnet)?

    My understood are the following, I have to create 2 different VLAN tag all ports, switch to safe mode all ports of the entitlement each port to the VLAN voted. Am I wrong?

    How the fiber port?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

    Since your 2 VLAN need not communicate with each other, you should be able to get this working.

    The easiest way to do this would be to have your production on VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 second network.

    Assign an IP address to the switch with the command IP #.

    Assign a default gateway with the # ip default-gateway command.

    Create a VLAN 2:

    Database console (config) # vlan

    Console (config - vlan) # vlan 2

    Set 11-14 ports to access the mode for VLAN 2

    Console # switchport mode access

    Console # switchport access vlan 2

    Set 48 on trunk or general mode ports.

    Console # switchport mode Trunk

    console # permit trunk switchport vlan add 2

    You should get pretty close to a work environment. You may encounter some problem with VLAN 2 contacting, maybe just need to put it up and test.

    Here are a few links to software packages and manuals that can help.



    Keep us on how will your configuration.

  • How to access the management of VLANs with a different virtual LAN (Dell powerconnect 6224)


    DELL powerconnect 6224 reference.

    I want to access the management of a different VIRTUAL LAN VLAN.

    The management of VLANS is 100 of VLAN. not the routing

    My computer is vlan 60 ( and I want to connect via ssh or http ( to manage my switch.

    Thank you for your help on the command line

    The management of VLANS on the 6224 is not routable. So, you will not be able to access VLAN 100 from any other VLAN. However, you can manage the switch from other VLAN IP addresses. So if VLAN 60 has an IP of you can http and ssh to it. And if the VLAN routing is enabled you have access to on the other VLAN.

    See you soon

  • Dell PowerConnect 2724 managed Mode reference works do not?

    I recently acquired a dell powerconnect 2724 from a friend, and I can't find the web interface. I tried the default IP addresses and I looked on an application to register all IP addresses on the network, and the thing only dell was my PowerEdge R710. I made sure it was in managed mode and I tried to reset it. Suggestions?

    From the factory, the PowerConnect 2708/2716/2724 units have a default IP assigned. This IP address is assigned to the management VLAN 1. Be sure not to delete the VLAN 1 management or you will not be able to manage the switch. If the switch is unmanageable, and then change the transition to unmanaged and return to managed mode to reset the default settings.

    Remember that the client attempts to access the switch is also in the subnet. If the customer is not in the same subnet, it will be able to access the IP address. Check and make sure that nothing else on the network also has assigned.

    Keep us informed.

  • Dell PowerConnect 6248 10 GB ports reference works do not


    We have recently installed a module SFP + (part # c107d) in our Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch. The switch does not seem to see the module because before install us the plug-in, it showed a port xg3 xg4, and after the addition of the module, it shows that these ports.

    So I have a few questions:

    Is the SFP + above compatible with this model of switch?

    If so, how can verify us that the ports are active?

    Here is the result of the port details:

    #show interface ethernet 1/xg3 in detail

    Port Type Duplex speed Neg Admin link

    A State

    -----  ------------------------------  ------  -------  ----  -----  -----

    1/xg3 10G - level s/o unknown Auto Up Down

    Port description

    ----  --------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Flow control: enabled

    Port: 1/xg3

    Belonging to a VLAN: access mode Mode

    Operating parameters:

    PVID: 1

    Capture filtering: enabled

    Acceptable frame type: no label

    Default priority: 0

    GVRP status: Disabled

    Protected: disabled

    -Other - or ITU (q)

    Port 1/xg3 is a member of:

    Rule of VLAN name evacuation Type

    ----    --------------------------------- -----------   --------

    1 by default not marked by default

    Static configuration:

    PVID: 1

    Capture filtering: enabled

    Acceptable frame type: no label

    Port 1/xg3 is configured statically:

    Output name rule of VLAN

    ----    --------------------------------- -----------

    Prohibition of VLAN:

    Name of VLAN

    ----    ---------------------------------

    Port 1/xg3 Enabled

    Status: Disabled role: disabled

    -Other - or ITU (q)

    Identification of the port: 128.51 shipping cost: 0

    Fast port: No. (configured: no) root Protection: No.

    Designated the bridge priority: 32768 address: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C

    Identification of the designated port: 0.0 cost of access road designated: 0

    Root regional CSE: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C CSE Port cost: 0

    BPDU: 0 sent, received 0

    Yes, this module is listed as compatible with the switch. It seems that you install in Bay 2? He may have listed these ports but they probably do not appear as active. Have you tried to make a connection with ports?

  • Reference Dell 2824 / Ubiquiti UniFI / label Guest WIFI VLAN


    I have a PowerConnect 2824 and two Ubiquiti UniFI APs which each is connected to a port on the 2824.

    UniFi access points create wireless networks and share among all radio configuration. These two APs publish two SSID, a protégé of personnel, another network wireless wireless network not protected for the guests. I have the ability to mark every wireless network that I want to.

    I want to use a VLAN to push traffic via the Dell switch on a DMZ port in our firewall.

    My original idea was to:

    1 tag the comments with 11 wireless network VLAN.

    2. let the unlabeled personal wireless network.

    3. set the trunks on the two ports that puts an end to the APs to allow marked and 11.

    4. Add an additional port on the 2824 11 membership only.

    5 connect the 11 only port to port my firewall DMZ.

    Here are my questions:

    1. a trunk port enable both unlabeled and package ID?

    2. If so, can I specify a port DROP packets not marked? (I want to prevent things not tagged to reach the DMZ port on the firewall).

    3 - does anyone see a flaw in my game to the top?

    Thank you


    Yes, they should be able to achieve anything on the vlan 1. The personal wireless packets should come in unmarked and vlan 1 being without a label, that is where the packages will remain.

    2 comments wireless packages will come in VLAN tagged on 11 and be able to access what in the VLAN 11, g16, could probably leave g16 tagged VLAN 11 If your firewall can read tags VLAN

    Your installer should work fine. VLAN 11 only have access to the dmz on the firewall port.

Maybe you are looking for

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