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Operation of State activated a control?

Is there a way (how) to change the enabled state of a control programmatically? I would like to 'Gray out' controls that are inactive the user under certain conditions and make available when they are active.  This requires to dynamically change the

different pressure readings

Hi members of the community. I have recently implemented a program using LabView 8.0 that works on my Dell laptop. I'm always collecting data from four different channels - AI po, 100 Hz, 100 s/channel I'm collecting data: (1) linear encoder #1 (2) l

Search string and shorten

Hi all! I'm kinda new to labview, but I learn right. I get a response from a picoammeter in the form of a string that contains the current and then of junk that I subsequently. Every thing is separated by a comma if I want to search the string to the

A loop a flat structure

OK, so that's what doing,. on my front, I have a few pipes and IM trying to simulate flow threw, so I used small pipes online since the dsc module, put them in a flat structure with delays on them. And started the flat structure with a switch that re

How to make a shared variable, which is an update on the host channel?

Hi all I'm relatively new to LabVIEW, so I apologize in advance.  I'm working on a vision for research application and I'm trying to convey an image of the smart camera target to the host.  I flattened the IMAQ image to a string and pass the string t

Digital output of 6289 USB to the function generator

Hi ppl. I have a DAQ USB-6289 card I use M series to interface with a programmable frequency AD 5932 generator (hope it's not breaking all the rules) In the datasheet of the

Problem very easy propably

I use a updated the "TCP Communicator - active" in examples of Labview to communicate with an Ethernet device. Works fine but I want to use it as a Sub Vi since it will be a much larger part of a system. This is where my problem is. Chain control is

Run Vi at the end of another

Hey,. I programmed 2 vi of this perfect execution separately, but I try to run the 2nd Vi once one ends, I want the first Vi close out and automatically open + begin the next

drop-down list box choose several

Hello I try to make a drop-down list box, where it should be possible to choose multiple values at the same time. The list contains a lot of historical evidence, and I want to make a graph showing only the elect. Is it is it possible to define a bool

Leak memory in real time caused by VISA Read and timed loop of data nodes? Is not supposed.

In collaboration with LV 8.2.1 in real time to develop applications that monitor or emulate computers on bus RS-422.   The following screenshots have been taken an application that monitors a transmission of 200 Hz.  After a few hours, the PXI statio

Questions: call vi dynamically using vi Server

I have a few questions about the next vi. 1. is there a better way to determine at run time whether a vi is part of a generation or not? 2. is there a better way to pass values to a dynamic called vi.  Or, better yet, a better way to call a vi dynami

ActiveX control

Hi all! I tried to use ActiveX automation to control the CANalyzer/Vector tool. The big problem is I can't use some of its methods, and its properties, because generated errors. I would like to know why it is not implemented for all modes and all pro

average value

Hello everyone! I have a little problem. I need the average value of a signal. For example, the average value of a signal in 10 seconds or 5 seconds. So I put Te length sample 10 put my stuff in an if loop, set a timeout of 1000 ms. But in the end, I

How to program the temperature exceeds the set point (sp), it will be reduced below sp

I want to simulate a temperature between 15 and 30. When the temperature exceeds 26 it will slowly decrease until it reach below 26... I could only display in a different thermometer. How can I program it so that we can see the temp is reduced to a s

How to generate a field real-time tiara?

Hello I tried a lot of things, but it is not working properly. I logfiles with the data of one ore more test ports. All entries in log file has a time stamp.  Timestamps are not equidistant. I can read the log file and get a table 1 d (n long element

Error-200431, DAQmx create Channel .vi (I-voltage-Custom with excitement)

Where is past ".vi DAQmx Create Channel (I-voltage-Custom with excitement)? I tried to use this VI of force measurement with an NI PXI-4472. He responds with the 200431 error... You asked: more: voltage: Custom with excitement, you can select: sound

Two USB devices make Labview hen

Hello I have a system with two cards USB-6221 OEM, connected to the PC on a shared USB cable.  The PC has a Pentium 4 3 GHz with 2 GB Ram under Windows XP Pro SP3.  I build the software LabView 8.2.1. Each card USB-6221 is connected to two analog inp

Is it possible to save revenue by program to an excel file without overwriting the previous entry?

I want to record the revenue of every four hours in an excel file without overwriting the previous entry.  It would work like a button "save under", but instead enter a new name, the name of the recipe as well as the date and time is what the file wo
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