EA6500 no selection TKIP or AES

Here, I'm a bit confused.  How is this router does not allow to choose TKIP or AES.

It allows only the personal WPA2 options.  So, my devices that connect to the router are all TKIP.

What happened to these choices on this router?

My extension that clones the router shows TKIP.

I got thoughtthe AES has been a much better security and performance selection than TKIP.



Most routers of generation more recent Linksys automatically manage modes of security on routers out there. So depending on your customer support HW and what they need, there may be one or two devices on your system that may be using TPIK and do not support AES that may cause the router to withdraw aid from TPIK. I don't know for sure if the router is running and can distiguish between what devices in need of each mode and let each device use the AES on TPIK mode and let the other AES used support facilities. You can turn off all wireless devices and test each device one at a time to see which devices use which mode.

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  • EA6500 manually select the speed and duplex to WAN port

    Is it possible (settings hidden?) to manually set speed or duplex in port WAN EA6500? I use EA6500 with Genexis HRG1044 (FTTH) and the latter has known issues with the download speed when local is connected to gigabit. It seems that the EA6500 and the HRG1044 Genexis do support auto-negotiation and who always results in gigabit which translates the poor in upload on the internet. Switch from 100 Mbps between EA6500 and Genexis HRG1044 does the trick, but I was wondering if it can be done without it. BTW, my internet speed is only 100 / 100 Mbit/s in any case.

    You can't adjust the WAN speed on the EA6500 with the Linksys firmware. The only solution is to put a switch 10/100 between the modem and the router.

  • [WRT160NL] Problem with the only AES encryption


    I have problems after changing the shape of TKIP or AES to AES encryption. After that everything works OK for a few minutes, then I'm 100% loss when ping anything (including the router). After waiting a few minutes connection starts to work again, and everything is repeated. All the time I'm connected. If I reconnect everything works for a few minutes and then I'm once again, this situation. Return to TKIP or AES does not change this behavior until the reboot of the router. I've got second laptop computer connected through wired interface and it work without problem. My card is: Intel WiFi Link 5100. Settings on the router:

    Firmware version: 1.00.01 B17 may 12, 2009

    Network mode: wireless - n only

    Channel width: wide angle: 40 MHz channel

    Scale channel: Auto

    Security mode: WPA2 Personal

    Does anyone have similar problems? Any ideas?

    Kind regards


    Try to re-flash the firmware on the router and re - configure the router from scratch. You can download the firmware from www.linksys.com/downloads.After re-flashing the firmware, reset the router for 30-35 seconds, power cycle the router and then re - configure from scratch.

  • What hp printers use wpa2-psk (aes)

    You will have to update my HP printer. New router wants to use the newer wpa - psk (aes), want to buy HP even. Don't see this info on any of the descriptions of the newer printers. Help.

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    WPA - psk (TKIP or AES) is pretty standard these days.  Looking at my years OfficeJet Pro 8600 he supports this method and easy is the way in which I connected to my home network.

    We just installed a more recent 8610 at the office, and he had no problem with the wpa/wpa2 encryption scheme either!

    I think that you will be safe with any current HP printer that offers wireless connectivity.


  • Network not found

    Printer: OfficeJet 4500 Wireless (CQ663A)

    OS: Windows 7

    Router: Netgear824v3

    Channel: 6

    Type: Infrastructure

    Mode: Automatic 108Mbps (selection automatic b/g)

    Security: WPA - PSK

    SSID broadcast: enabled

    Question: network not found.

    two week, Samsung laptop computer (Win7) is located on the network.

    5 months Dell desktop (Win 7) is on the network.

    1 # PS3 connects to the network

    2 # PS3 connects to the network

    Wii connects to the network

    OfficeJet will not find the network.  He finds my neighbors, but not a network for my SSID.

    I repositioned the OfficeJet 15 feet from the router, 6 inches between the router and into another room of the router.  I've moved or shut down wireless devices, speakers, etc., to identify/avoid interference.  I'm confused: why the printer will not detect my SSID broadcast.  It allows to identify the type of secutirty (WPA - PSK TKIP or AES), but can't find my network.  Ridiculous!

    I downloaded, installed a ran HP Network Diagnostic Utility.  He said that the network is fine.  It lists the printer on its own network "hpsetup" but the printer can't find my network to connect when I run USB setup or manual configuration or the wireless Assistant.

    Any help would be great.

    It is certainly strange.  Here are a few ideas:

    1. starting at the front of the printer: Setup > network > wireless network Test.  This will be the radio automatic test to make sure it's OK.

    2. open your Netgear router (type in a browser address bar).  Make sure it has the latest firmware.

    3. While you're here, change the channel to 11.

  • DMA2100 requires reinstallation after calving

    I have 2 DMA2100s connected via radio (using D - Link DIR-655) to my Vista MPC.  Any time either 2100 is turned off via the remote control and turned back on, the 2100 loses its ability to connect to the MPC.  I have to get a new 8-digit code and go through the procedure of installation of expansion again in Media Center.  Has anyone else seen elsewhere?  Thank you.

    After several days of banging your head, I found the solution to my problem and learned something draft N Wireless.  The short answer is that upgrading the firmware on my D - Link DIR-655 of 1.11 1.21 solved the constant problem of re-installation.  I can now put or either of these devices in standby and reconnect (after turning on the PC MC) without reinstalling.  But there is much more to this story, so read on if you are interested in the details.

    It turns out that many draft-N devices (not all) will not connect quick N unless the encryption algorithm is AES.  This causes a dilemma interesting with the 2100 because she don't support AES if you use WPA-2 (WPA TKIP is only).  In my case, if I select WPA-2/AES. all my devices show connect 270 - 300 Mbit/s, including the 2100 s.  Sounds good, but my 2100 s will simply not function using WPA-2 without constant disconnects and dropouts.  Track of MCE network test confirms that the data rate is completely unstable (it resembles random noise).  I suspect that 2100 equipment can not handle requests for decryption of WPA-2.  So, I had to fall back to WPA/TKIP on the 2100 s, which causes some draft-N devices to refuse to connect to something else that G (54 Mbps) speeds and others to connect to 130 Mbps (router and 2100 s).  However, the lower speed is more than compensated by the fact the flow is rock solid.  I kept the DIR-655 Router but eventually RMAing several other items advertised as "draft-N" which causes the 2100 s limitations, became very overvalued G devices.  Overall, a good glance frustrating in the world of technology "bleeding edge".

  • WRT54GS - wireless performance problem

    Dear someone

    I am currently having performance problems with my WRT54GSv1.1

    Just received my new internet connection to 30Mbit. Unfortunately, I am not able to download at that speed. If I connect via one of the linksys router's ethernet ports, I'm a happy person, but using the wireless makes me a little less happy.

    Wireless: 15Mbit/s

    Through the cable: 27Mbit/s

    Network information:

    The distance between the router and the computer laptop 3-4 meters

    Linksys WRT54GSv1.1 - Firmware Version: v4.71.4

    Network wireless - g only mode

    TV - 6 (because all the surrounding neighbor use 10-11, I noticed using Cain Abel & wireless discovered 4.9.29)

    Security: WPA2-Personal (TKIP + AES)

    All other settings are default (just reset to the factory settings).


    Windows Vista Business SP1 32-bit

    Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (installed the latest drivers from the website of intel, default settings)

    When you check the diagnostic of Intel tools, it tells me the link is 54 megabits and pushes meter packages of 54 megabits, while all lower speeds remain the same.

    More diagnostic information:

    Percent missed beacons: 0

    Percent transmit errors: 18

    Current Tx power: ~ 32 mW (100%)

    Supported power levels: 1.0 mW - 32.0 mW.

    Hope someone can help me here.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

    Ski Klesman

    Although wireless g "connects" to 54 Mbit/s, the maximum possible wireless "data rate" (in ideal laboratory conditions) is only about 20 to 25 Mbit/s.  Unfortunately, the phrase "in ideal laboratory conditions" generally excludes home intrusion!

    The aerial transmission for wireless connections is higher than for wired connections.   Thus, most individuals find that their Wi - Fi connection works at 50% to 70% of their speed of wired (LAN).  Your wired LAN being 27 Mbps connection speed, your 15 Mbps wireless speed is within normal limits.

    You might be able to tweak a bit more speed from your wireless network by optimizing all your wireless settings.  Here are a few suggestions:

    I guess you want actually to WPA2 encryption.  If so, set to AES only.   When you set the router to TKIP and AES, you actually tell the router to accept a WPA or WPA2 connection.

    Also, give your network a unique SSID. Do not use "linksys". If you use "linksys", you can try to connect the router to your neighbor. Also set 'SSID Broadcast' to 'active '. This will help your computer to find and lock on the signal from your router.

    Bad wireless connections are often caused by interference from other 2.4 GHz devices. This includes cordless phones, baby monitor wireless, microwave ovens, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless speakers and wireless network from your neighbor. In rare cases, Bluetooth devices can interfere. Even some 5 + GHz phones also use the 2.4 Ghz band. disconnect these devices and see if that solves your problem.

    In your router, try another channel. There are 11 channels in the band of 2.4 GHz channel 1, 6 or 11 generally works better. Discover your neighbors and see what channel they use. Because the channels overlap, try to stay at least + 5 or - 5 channels of your more powerful neighbors. For example, if you have a powerful neighbour on channel 9, try any channel 1 to 4.

    Also, try putting the router about 4 to 6 feet above the ground in an open area. Do not place behind your screen or other computer equipment or speakers. The antenna must be vertical.

    In addition, in the computer, go to your wireless software and go to 'Favorite networks' (sometimes called 'Profiles'). There are probably a few listed networks. Remove any network called "linksys". Also remove any network that you don't recognize or that you no longer use. If your current network is not listed, enter its information (SSID, encryption (if any) and key (if any)). Select your current network and make your network by default, then set it to auto login. You may need to go to 'settings' to do this, or you may need to right click on your network and select 'Properties' or 'settings '.

    If you continue to have problems, try the following:

    For wireless g routers, try setting the "baud rate" at 54 Mbps.

    If you still have problems, download and install the latest firmware for your router. After an update of the firmware, you must reset the default router, and then configure the router again from scratch. If you have saved a router configuration file, DO NOT use it.

    I hope this helps.

  • WPA2 with C4780

    The C4780 can work with a WPA2 network?

    If not, is it likely to be a driver of WPA2 for the C4780?

    Thanks for any help!

    Yes, the C4780 supports WPA2-PSK encryption with both TKIP and AES algorithms.  Default setting for the printer should automatically select the correct encryption (WPA - PSK or WPA2-PSK) and to select automatically the correct algorithm (TKIP or AES) then you will not be asked these questions during the installation.

  • Re: problem with 40RL958B with crash the Web browser?

    Hi I just bought a beautiful new 40RL958B him unpacked and put her top very simple and all went well.
    I hit menu and Toshiba places that I bought this TV for internet content, I wanted to check this immediately.
    It load and I decided to try the browser first. It was a bit of a task with the remote, but I coped okay.
    I managed to get to google and put in a search all ok and then chose a site that I used for the sport after a short period I have had about 4 or 5, the last one was for a betting site I remember some pop-up. Then the screen went black just nothing? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I thought. no response to the menu or other buttons, so I unplugged the TV and restarted. Everything is ok. Then I went to the menu places Tosh and he was Tan outside. Confused, I went into the service and did a TV reset and went through the Setup again. Everything went as usual, and the menu places of Toshiba has now been invaded again. I press it and it started to load and then gave an error, with an option to quit or try again just dosnt charge?
    Ive also tried a firmware update, but the connection online says there is no update at this time.
    My software version is 13 November 2012 MBoot Version: 00648822
    I didn't expect this from a very new Tosh as Ive had much before.
    Any help would be greatly received you can imagen im empty :-(
    At soon Sherb.

    It seems that no new firmware is available for this series.
    In the case that a firmware would be released, you might find it here:

    In your case, I also recommend replacing the TKIP of AES encryption Technique. I read that it can fix some WiFi related question

  • Toshiba 46TL938G loses the WLan configuration after stopping down


    46TL938G unpacked yesterday, updated the firmware on the Internet.

    Wireless set in place with WPS works, but configuration is lost after turning the TV market / back.
    I can't use assisted because of hidden SSID configuration.

    In manual mode, I always get a bad autorhization information and/or encryption not supported. Access point uses WPA2-PSK AES.

    Is it possible to Setup WPS paste?

    Any news?
    I recommend you try different configuration scenarios:

    -try password that are more than 8 to 10 characters.
    -Try different encryptions: WPE / WPA - PSK / WPA2-PSK (AES, TKIP or AES and TKIP)
    -try to connect with prior authentication ON and OFF
    -try to connect to the WLan using option hidden network - enabled or disabled

  • 32L4333DG TV - need help with configuring WLAN

    I bought a flat 32L4333DG of Toshiba, but cannot configure the wireless connection.
    Help me please.

    Message was edited: assignment has been translated

    What's the problem? Have you read the instructions in the manual how to connect WiFi TV?

    There are 3 different methods to configure the WLan configuration:

    _1) easy Setup (WPS) _
    + If the AP is WPS compatible, this method can be used. +
    + WPS is a standard of the industry, designed to facilitate the wireless LAN connection and security settings. WPS automatically configures all the wireless settings. +
    + NOTE: WEP encryption is perhaps not able to configure through easy implementation. +

    _2) assisted Setup (installation using notification s AP information) _
    + Name network, authentication and encryption are decided according to the information provided by the AP. You can manually set the security key. +
    + The security key must conform to these conditions: +.
    + TKIP/AES: ASCII 8-63 or 64 Hex characters +.
    + WEP: codes ASCII 13 5 or 10 or 26 Hex characters +.
    + There's a key ID to set for the WEP encryption. +

    _3 _) manual configuration (manual entry of all parameters)
    + Some types of encryption are only compatible with specific authentication types. +
    + When authentication is an open system, only WEP or none is compatible. +
    + When authentication is shared key, WEP is compatible. +
    + When authentication is WPA - PSK or WPA2-PSK, TKIP or AES is compatible. +

    + When the inconsistent authentication/encryption pairings are detected, a warning message will be displayed and no connection attempt will be until the conflict is resolved. +

    + There's a key ID to set for the WEP encryption. +

  • HP Envy 4500/Series: Cablelink (Austrian cable service) / installation HP Envy 4500 series problem

    Hi, I have a new HP Envy 4500, and it does not connect to my wireless network. He sees the correct SSID (using WPA - PSK / TKIP or AES), but he will not join the network after providing the WPA key. Printing test results shows a FAILURE on > parameters - without filtering. I don't know if I use MAC filtering on the network, because I don't know how to check this on this modem.

    I am also unable to join using the WPS procedure. I tried with and without a USB connection. I have 5 other wireless devices on the network, which all connect without any problems.

    In addition, I put static IP details on the Panel after reading the HP forum where this problem was stated by setting just the IP address and no subnets. Still no connection

    The printer works via USB ok.

    I got it connected to my neighbors A1s wi - fi network.

    I have a new wireless network to cable and modem put cable in the last week connected to Cablelink. I have a new router Cisco EPC3940. I tried to restart, connection to WPS and wireless USB connected. Reset the printer and modem and tried with and without using a static IP address.

    I tried to reconnect to my neighbors A1 connection - success.

    I tried with USB lead-success

    I tried direct to print without wire-success

    I tried to share wireless USB by using HP software-failure

    I tried the HP PC don't doctor too - no available solutions.

    I have read and tried several fixes on the HP forum-no success

    The fault is clearly my printer connect to my cable modem wireless (or my printer connect to my wi - fi of Cablelink) like all other connection works!

    I posted at the end of a similar position, but did not respond. Help please.


    I finally solved this problem after 2 weeks of trying everything! Based on the above comment from BH, I thought that I had to turn off my radio show from 5 Hz. My new router has prevented to me because of the way Cablelink run their software. However, I finally got access to change it. I disabled 5 Hz. I still have the invalid password! Then, I changed the predefined WPA WPA2. It worked. I turned on my 5 Hz back show, the printer is remained connected. I then changed back to WPA2 and immediately lost connection! I put it to WPA and it connected again! I did NOT change key wireless, he remained at 16 characters, just the level of security! It seems if I want my Envy NEW 4500 with UPDATE drivers on my wireless network, I have to REDUCE my password security, which comes by default with modems cable new with Cisco, and accept the WPA! The strange thing is my old Iphone 4 and my old Apple TV both connected without problem. Therefore more recent Iphone to my wife 5 c and our newest Samsung UHD TV. So why a NEW model of printer is sold in stores right now, not able to work on WPA2? I lost 2 weeks on this issue before the sort it! It works, but I'm not happy! Same HP UK failed to connect after 4 hours on their online chat and remote assistance online! I worked it out myself from the comment by BH! Thanks BH. HP POST PLEASE A REPLY ON THIS THREAD WHEN YOU FINALLY WRITE A SOFTWARE FOR YOUR PRINTER TO WORK ON WPA2. MAYBE YOU CAN EMAIL CISCO IN ORDER TO WORK OUT HOW TO DO THIS BETWEEN YOU.

  • Qosmio F20: wireless keep disconnecting


    I have a problem with my laptop. He always cut after 2-3 min for the wireless network. I don't know what's the problem with him.
    My laptop is Qosmio F20 with WINDOWS MCE
    My router is USR 9108 with security on the wireless network using WPA - TPK and TKIP and AES data encryption...

    Can someone help me please because it's really annoying me?


    Have you tried to update the driver WLan? If this is not the case, do it!
    Try to download the latest version of the driver. If the driver Toshiba page does not the latest one please check the card WLan manufacturing site; Perhaps Intel or Atheros.

    Another clue
    Have you tried to disable encryption and to test the performance? It and if anything does not work you can set it back again once!

  • Authentication problem when you try to connect

    I have a Linksys router. Connected WN2000RPT as described in the instructions of Netgear. Everything went through the lights very well, good, EXT appears on the scan available networks, etc. Tried to connect a Smart TV Vizio and burn TV Amazon tablet Asus. All 3 devices show... EXT with a strong signal. However, each device does not, connect with an error message 'Authentication problem' or simply 'cannot connect."

    My router is connected using personal safety ' WPA2/WPA mixed. " When you configure the wifi extender, I said to use the same SSID and the security that the router setting. Online reading on the settings available on the WN2000 and decided that the problem was perhaps a "lag" in the security implementation because WN2000 is not the same as available router setting. Do you have a factory reset on extension and returned to through the procedure, only not selected use the same level of security as a router, but manually selected WPA/PSK (AES) for the Extender. Same exact error of my devices as before.

    I thought that maybe by using the security settings of the router it was to spoil the Extender because they do not have the same settings available. But perhaps using different parameters (when the Extender receives the signal from the router, but perhaps on a "pass-through" only basis?) problems as well?

    So, can someone tell me if there is a way to get my devices to connect to the Extender, or this is always going to be a problem because the router has a security setting, and if I manually set the security OR say scope to use the same security settings, it will not work because the two units are not compatible? I'm doing something wrong? Any ideas? Thank you!

    Hello RealisticDave

    Did you have a different SSID on the router and not the same as routers SSID?


  • Satellite P100-160 refuses to connect to my router 3Com with WPA - PSK

    Help! My new laptop Toshiba refuses to connect to my router 3Com (f/w 2.06T13) model 3cWDR100A on WPA - PSK. The router only supports TKIP (no AES).

    The laptop, a Satellite P100-160 is under Vista Home Premium with the latest Intel 3945 driver and I tried the version of the site Web of Toshiba version mentioned in other threads (and a few other versions also).

    Either way, I don't like latest driver hit with content identical binary files and different date stamps or running of the anonymous installers that have not been digitally signed.

    The problem is that non-encrypted, or WEP works perfectly, but WPA - PSK is not. It fails with a diagnostic message 'timeout for secondary keys. The thing will be very occasionally connect to the network without a timeout (before I tried to improve things with the last pilot about 1 in 20 attempts after a reboot, now it comes rather from 1 to 100). If I can be sure that the password is correct. When it connects everything is fine and stable with excellent signal until the first suspended and then the connection is lost. It's more than a little irritating.

    I see several topics of doom similar networks to Vista support groups. They all seem to hinge around WPA - PSK TKIP and WiFi Intel chipset x 945 in combination with certain models of router. Please can anyone help solve this mess?

    I've seen other threads of networking in Vista by users with this specific Intel chipset and my router model having exactly the same problem and so far nobody has found a solution. I checked the basics of knowledge (MS & 3Com) and tried a few plausible fixes, but nothing helped. I'm out of ideas.

    It seems a little absurd to demote network security to make the latest PC works correctly. Dumping Vista (however tempting) is not an option.

    Thanks for any suggestions or diagnostics.

    Kind regards
    Martin Brown

    Hello Martin

    As you can see this is not Toshiba specific stuff and if there is no 'global solution' I don't really know what Toshiba should do about it. As you all know it should support hardware and software (driver), but if not I don't really see a solution for this.
    Who should offer a solution? Toshiba or Intel?  :|

Maybe you are looking for

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