EA6500 no selection TKIP or AES

Here, I'm a bit confused.  How is this router does not allow to choose TKIP or AES.

It allows only the personal WPA2 options.  So, my devices that connect to the router are all TKIP.

What happened to these choices on this router?

My extension that clones the router shows TKIP.

I got thoughtthe AES has been a much better security and performance selection than TKIP.


Most routers of generation more recent Linksys automatically manage modes of security on routers out there. So depending on your customer support HW and what they need, there may be one or two devices on your system that may be using TPIK and do not support AES that may cause the router to withdraw aid from TPIK. I don't know for sure if the router is running and can distiguish between what devices in need of each mode and let each device use the AES on TPIK mode and let the other AES used support facilities. You can turn off all wireless devices and test each device one at a time to see which devices use which mode.

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