Missing database option

At school, they use education Multisim/Ultiboard 10.0.1.  I have install the eval education version, I have the option of database.  When I use student edition purchased, there is no option for the database.  I need this option for the class.  Is anyway back this option?

Thank you



Try this:

  1. Open Multisim
  2. Click Tools > Database > merge database, the database merge utility should appear
  3. Click Select a component database name and the company database open ythe file that you have been given
  4. In the target database box, select user database
  5. Click Start
  6. When the utility of treatment is complete, the components must be available in your user database

Hope that works for you.

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    In your fileglobal you have IncludeStepResult set to false.  That will have your limits and measurement in it.

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    Hope this helps,

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    Kind regards


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    To accomplish what you're trying to do, IE. the value of the message and the error code USE without updating the database schema, you would have to change the entry points for Single Pass and Test UUT for patterns that you use. You must add a step after the MainSequence called step that evaluates if the call to MainSequence failed and if that were the case, change the last result placed in the Locals.ResultList table. You must set the Locals.ResultList [x]. Error.Code and Locals.ResultList [0]. Error.Msg properties on this result for the global values you mentioned. If overall file values in the template file, then this is an easy task. If the global file value is in the customer file or another file, you will need succeed somehow to the entry point. Many options: store values in station model and global entry point will recover, have value assign customer at the local level in the point of entry using expression as RunState.Root.Locals... or create temporary properties on Execution.RunTimeVariables that contains the model entry point access determine if exists and pull values of. You will need to make sure that the previous values are disabled before the next USE. I hope this helps...

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    Kind regards


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    Tip: When you save the text in Notepad, the default file format is .txt. Replace all files.
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    In the Options of SmartView, removing NoData / missing / zero columns does not work. You refresh the worksheet and columns remain.

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    If it's Essbase, the columns option is not supported - see the data Options (table 23)

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    As far as I know, there is nothing which changed by OEMs like HP basic functionality.

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    the check boxes in the dialog box 'options' for pdf import/investment is missing;

    is there a work around that?

    I do not know if it's just a problem of indesign or if it is caused by the operating system. I saw the flash options once since the update; but I'm afraid I can't find a way around it.

    unless there is a change of import with options button?

    Help please!


    Yes, it is - if you hold the SHIFT key while clicking on OK your selected file, the import dialog box options should appear.

    Kind regards


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    I try inserting a rollover image. When I click on insert, I see the option for "Image Ctrl + Alt + I", but there is no arrow with a withdrawal menu where I can choose "Rollover Image". I watched the tutorials and they all indicate that there should be an arrow that leads to the image as a rollover image options. Am I missing something?

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