Time Machine has decided to completely replace the four years of TC backups

I had four full backups Time Machine of my iMac to my Time Capsule. A couple of weeks ago, I replaced my iMac with a new. Transfer backups has been flawless, worked fine and regular backup recovery continued as before. Then yesterday... My iMac gave

Airport extreme router

I want Airport extreme as a router to the Internet service provider. I get the signal via a radio antenna on the roof of the antenna, I was at the Office of Ethernet cabling. The problem: Internet provider has reduced the MTU to 1446. I received the

My iMac will not backup on Airport utility accomplish

I have an Airport extreme and my Mac will not perform the back-up. It just says: waiting to finish the first backup. Please can you advise what to do. I tried turning standard works and also reset the Airport base station. Thank you!

How to use time capsule to back up two separate Macsh

I have a Mac book pro 2010 and 2015 iMac. How can I add a back separated up to my existing iMac TC back up?

With a binding high-speed small (1.3 MB) and living in a multi storage House, is it a lot to win add a device from the airport to the BT router?

We have a high link flow modest (1 to 3 Mbit/s) and a several-storey house. My iMac will work faster Safari if I add a device from the airport to the BT router?

Migrate from Time Machine retains former name

I bought a new iMac and migrated from Time Machine. He kept the name of my old computer. How can I change the name? Rename the hard drive does not help.

Synchronization Airport Express

I have several Air Port Express base stations around the House to listen to music. They are managed by the supporting surface. They are not synchronized between them. Is there a way to do this?

How is "Guest network" differs from the main network?

I just purchased and installed a refurbished Airport Express. Everything works fine. In the installation program, it gave me the opportunity to create a network of comments, which I did and it works. My question: How is this different guest network f

Time capsule will not recognize the backup from another mac

Time machine will not recognize the backup from another mac

PC and time capsule

You can back up by a PC on the Time Capsule? Or can only retrieve you information from the TC to a PC?

How to use Time Capsule with Time Machine and no Wifi

Situation.  Late 2009 iMac with OSX 10.7.5.  Used Airport Extreme since purchase in early 2010.  Use a modem cable from Arris SB 6141.  Decided to upgrade to 2 TB Time Capsule.  And the problems started.  I put TC in place... Finally, with the help o

Lost on Time Machine files

I'm looking to recover a file that was originally on backup TM historically. Older files disappear for good, or can they be recovered? Thank you

TC and Telia router

I have a Telia router connected to the mediabox where the fibers are coming in. Can I connect the TC to the Telia router and use the TC as a router as well?

Can I use an AirPort Extreme to add wifi to wired devices?

Essentially, I would use an AirPort Extreme as a wifi adapter WITHOUT using it as wireless access point. I really just want to access my wireless internet and distribute the connection via Ethernet. For more context, I have a time capsule airport con

AEBS with you watching TV

Hello I currently have a 5th gen AirPort Extreme as my router, attached to a modem in Bridge mode talk talk. Really satisfied with this set upward, up to discover you receive it (IPTV) boost channels cannot be read. After searching for solutions, it

two different backups of a machine on a Time Capsule

I've updated to El Capitan a couple of days. I don't know yet how it will. I am having some problems that I am trying to solve before trying to return to Yosemite, if that's even possible. Just before the update, I made sure that my Time Capsule of m

Data recovery is possible on Time Machine disk?

My 1 TB Seagate Expansion hard drive had accidental erasure and all backups are gone. This drive has the most recent backup of my Mac. Can I still retrieve its content?

I have an AirPort Express 802.11n (I just got 1st generation) who does not appear in Airport utility? The Express flashes an orange light.

I have an AirPort Express 802.11n (I just got 1st generation) who does not appear in Airport utility? The Express flashes an orange light. I tried to reset to factory by using a paperclip for a little more than 10 seconds (green LED flashes). The Exp

I have a question where I listed two wifi networks. It is not in use and Im trying to find out how to remove parameters from the airport.

I used routers of the airport for a few years now. I upgraded my main router at a Time capsule and my old Airport Extreme and Airport Express works online as sub routers to keep the good signal throughout my home. All work well, but I always have wha

not enough space for restore

How to solve the message that there is not enough room to restore? I'm trying to restore my iTunes from a backup from 2 days ago.  I have less on my machine now that I did then again then.